What's new

Notepin has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and we are excited to introduce you to its new features.

Create a blog with your notebook

Attach a custom domain

Beautiful themes

New ambient sounds

Text to speech

Create a pinned note

Speed reader

Night mode for all themes

Add tables to your notes

Import your blog from Ghost

Add a subheading to your notebook

Retrieve content from articles

Google Analytics

Create private blog posts

SEO friendly blogs

Notepin is also more lightweight and has faster load times than before.

New - V3 coming soon 👀

Extremely simple note-taking.

Notepin lets you create your own notebook or blog without any signup required.

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Store unlimited notes, write without distractions and customize your notebook.

Create unlimited posts, add a custom domain and customize your light-weight blog

NotepinSimple note-taking + blogging

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