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12th Apr 2019

15th May 2018

Barcelona Strip Clubs

Looking for Barcelona strip clubs? Well, we hope that the information that you find on this web page is going to come in useful! Now, we are not going to walk you through the best Barcelona strip clubs on this page. We will leave that to the other pages on our website. However, we do want to talk you through what you should think about when you are searching for some awesome strip clubs in the city!


When you are considering heading to a Barcelona strip club, we suggest that you try to stuck into as many reviews as you can. One problem that you may face when you are looking for Barcelona strip club (  reviews online is the fact that most people only really tend to talk about the negative experiences they have of a place. Just because a strip club has a ton of negative reviews does not necessarily mean that it is a bad place to go. We suggest that you read them in depth to find out what the actual complaint is.


Many strip clubs in Barcelona will have an entrance fee. Some may ask you to sign up as a member before going. Sure, there are some free strip clubs in Barcelona that you can visit, but some people do note that the experience at these places is not necessarily the best in the world as they do not have the funds needed to fund the best experiences. So, we suggest that you opt for a strip club that has an entrance fee. It does not need to be drastically high, but still!

In some cases, particularly if you are bringing a larger group along, you may find that the strip clubs in Barcelona will give you a discount on the entrance costs. In fact, we have seen some strip clubs which are more than happy to waive the entrance fee. Remember; they want to get you through the door and spending money on drinks and on the women that are performing. If they get your group through the door, they may end up making much more than the entrance fee they have lost out on!

Free Transportation

This is another perk which is limited to those larger groups. If you have a larger group then, once again, the strip club in Barcelona is going to want to get you through their doors. In fact, they are going to do everything in their power to make this possible. So, you may find that many of the best strip clubs are willing to offer free transportation to and from the venue. Yes, they will even be able to pick you up from your hotel in some cases!

If you are looking for recommendations for some of the best strip clubs in Barcelona, then we suggest that you take a look at some of the guides that we have put together on this website. In fact, we even walk you through what the best strip clubs are. This information is incredibly useful!

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