Fiona had to pause at that. Despite the uncertainty, doubt and fear circling her mind, she had to admit that she couldn't stop thinking about the utterly overpowering rush that came over her, or the way it sapped everything but pure bliss from her mind, or the orgasm that was so strong it made her faint. Smiling wryly, she agreed. 'Yeah, I guess it was alright.'

Turning in her seat to face Wes, Hermione asked, 'What about you? Was yours good too? There was only one guy with us on the trip and he didn't talk about what the plant did to him.'

'I'm guessing that's because the plant searches for female reproductive systems, mostly,' Wes said. 'It's not exactly built for men. It was you who told me you could push the petals open and, you know, get amongst those.'

'Did I?' Hermione asked genuinely. 'Man I don't even remember that, but yeah I did read about men who'd fucked it by pushing into the tube.'

'Well I did that, and it sure worked,' Wes said, feeling himself twinging as he remembered the pleasure of the long petals sucking up to his length. 'But one of them also found another place, and I was so out of it I sort of let it in.'

'You mean Butt-Stuff Central?' Fiona asked.

'Yeah. That.' Wes responded. 'It was, honestly kind of amazing, feeling both at once. But I'd say that's what happened to your man on the trip, and unlike me, he probably wasn't used to that method of entry.' Hermione giggled at that.

'He was a book keeper with one kid in a twenty-year marriage, I'm pretty sure his wife doesn't even know she can put a finger in it,' she said. Fiona smirked into her drink.

'Anyway mine came out again, so I guess the pleasure was all in the act for me.'

'As per usual with men, one and done,' Fiona joked good-naturedly. They laughed. Shortly after, they retired for the night, Hermione sleeping on the couch. No one woke up before the afternoon the next day, and everyone had some pretty intense dreams.


Speeding through a stale amber, Hermione drove Wes's car as hard as was legal towards the parklands. Beside her, Fiona was clenching her legs tightly. Wes looked pretty energised in the back seat.

It had been a little over a week since they'd copulated with the plant and both Hermione and Fiona were ready to release their loads. Hermione had rushed around to their apartment only to find them both grabbing their keys and jackets at the door, and she'd offered to drive. Now they were just a few minutes away from the park, and their first release.

Crashing through the woods to reach the less-populated spot where the plant had been, the girls wasted no time in throwing their pants down and releasing a long, clear stream with loud sighs. Scratching himself absently, Wes looked at the spot where the plant had been, and where now only a tiny shrivelled brown lump remained.

'They fully die after they pass on their seeds,' he said as the girls stood up and lifted their pants up again.

'Don't get comfortable,' Hermione said to Fiona. 'Once we're like this, they aren't far away.' Fiona looked nervous, and Hermione tried to comfort her. 'Trust me, this is the best thing you're ever going to feel,' she said with a grin.

'You said that about the plant,' Fiona replied.

'And was I wrong?'

Gasping, Hermione's face changed instantly. 'It's time,' she breathed, staggering back to her spot on one side of the small spot between the trees and hurriedly crouching down. She pressed her back up against the trunk of a tree and put her legs out wide, feet flat on the grass.

'Merry Christmas,' she gasped to Fiona, smiling at her in anticipation as the others stared wide-eyed at her. A second later, Hermione tensed up all over and her eyes went wide. Her mouth fell open and she froze, utterly taut from toe to scalp. A thick, creamy-clear gel dribbled thickly from her bared cunt, and a moment later, a few tiny white seeds like puffy grains of rice fell from her body and into the dirt. When they had passed, she fell flat on her ass and groaned throatily as a spontaneous orgasm ripped through her. Laughing in joy, she squinted at Fiona through tears in her eyes and shouted "YES, oh FUCK that's the shit, baby FUUCKK!"

Eyeing Wes, Fiona had enough time to wonder what exactly Hermione was feeling when something deep inside her seemed to drop. Instantly she felt wet and knew it was coming. Her eyes locked onto Wes's.

'Let's go,' he said simply, and helped her to squat by a tree, kneeling in front of her as she wiggled her pants down. Reaching in and giving her a gentle rub -- why he didn't know, but all the arousal in the air drove him to try to be a part of it and perhaps heighten Fiona's -- Wes wasn't sure if he was coaxing the seeds to come out or just fuelling Fiona's arousal -- but she didn't stop him, only stared up into his eyes with a mixture of fear and anticipation. Behind them, Hermione tensed up again and more seeds dribbled wetly from her body.

As if on queue, Fiona's body went taut all over and her back pressed into the tree behind her. She gasped before her throat closed, and Wes could feel the way her groin went rock hard. A thick wetness fell from her past his fingers and he watched her pussy from point-blank as it parted to unload her own collection of tiny seeds. A stream of them fell from her body, and when the last one had hit the dirt, she collapsed, clutching him hard as she shivered in what was apparently a full-on orgasm. She shook, teeth clenched, staring at him as she came, and when it was finished, she gasped and panted, swearing profusely.

This continued for a while, and Wes was getting more and more aroused. Eventually, unable to resist it, he dipped his hand into his pants and withdrew his manhood, beginning to gently stroke as he watched Fiona's intense releases. After a few more, he felt natural orgasm coming to him, and in time with one of Fiona's, he released.

Fiona's orgasm subsided and she writhed against the tree, gasping for air. Wes's kept going. Fiona tensed up again and more seeds tumbled from her slick cunt. Wes kept cumming. Fiona rocked violently in reward and Wes's orgasm kept going. Stunned, he looked down at himself from the hot mess that was his girlfriend to see a thick stream of creamy-clear fluid gushing from his cock. Shocked, as he watched, he began to feel another orgasm building while he was still cumming, and in that instant he knew that somehow he was carrying seeds of his own.

Collapsing forwards onto his free hand, Wes rubbed furiously as his length streamed the plant's gel mixed with his own semen, and then, just as he'd seen the other girls do, his muscles locked up, leaving only his vibrating hand gripping himself hard. His cock pulsed stronger than he'd ever been able to do alone, and he felt the tiny lumps that were the seeds sliding effortlessly along and out of him. When they finished, he gasped and nearly fell face-first into the dirt as a more powerful orgasm hit him. With the girls both cumming their seeds out on loop on either side of him, surrounded by the plant's orgasmic power, Wes clenched up again, and knew that he was in for the same treatment that the others were experiencing. Cock in one hand, a fistful of leaves and dirt in the other, he went as stiff as a board and blew a load all over the earth.


By the time the three friends were done, there was only three patches of damp earth left to mark their places. Exhausted beyond belief they simply curled up together there on the spot and slept soundly until the heat of the sun woke them some hours later. Then, dirty, smelling of sex and strained beyond that of even an intense workout, they trudged back to the car to head home to wait for the next release, spent but ecstatic.

A month later, the group of friends arrived at Wes's parents' holiday home after they'd asked if they could stay there for a few weeks. Agreeing eagerly, his parents had let them, and so they'd set off with plenty of time to prepare and settle in. They'd slept on it overnight and spent the afternoon playing on the beach that was only steps out the front door. But that was all just the encore for the real reason they were here.

Behind the property, a vast unkept forest occupied much of the land. Along a thin and distant part of the coast this area was left mostly untouched by man even today, and it was exactly what the group wanted. They set out early, and by the time the busting bladders came, they were already in the perfect spot. A tiny old hunting cabin sat some way away from the house, at the foot of a small but fairly steep hill. It was ringed by trees and fruiting bushes and was the perfect getaway for three youngsters.

Only a few feet away from the tiny cabin, a small fire taking in the hearth and their lunch bags sitting on the table inside, the friends dropped their pants and sat in a triangle facing each other, half naked and completely comfortable. They let their preceding urine go without concern, and Wes was already firmly erect.

'Herm, I have got to thank you for this. This last month has been the most incredible one I've ever experienced.' Fiona said sincerely.

'Yeah Herm. I had no idea I could be a apart of this, but not only can I, it's the best thing I've ever felt. Thanks.' Wes chipped in.

'I didn't believe you when you first told me, but I shouldn't have doubted you.' Fiona added.

'Oh c'mon, it's not like it's the easiest thing in the world,' Hermione said, smiling. 'If a random stranger told you "I fucked a plant that made me cum out seeds" you'd probably punch them.' They laughed. 'Thank you for both for coming on this journey with me. It was amazing to feel this again, and to share it with you both.' She gasped, and grinned. 'It's time.'

They held each other's hands for a moment -- until Hermione's were ripped away to stabilise her on the ground as she went as hard as a rock. After having it happen so many times, she had developed a little tone on her stomach, and her arms bore muscle to them. Watching in awe despite having seen -- and felt -- it happen themselves, Fiona and Wes watched her body pass the first of her final load of seeds. A moment later, Fiona locked up, her eyes rolling into her head as her natural response to cum the seeds out took over. Already stroking, Wes watched his girlfriend until he felt his own ejaculation surging forward. Ready, he positioned himself, took one last look at his two most intimate of friends, and weirdly, wondered if this whole ordeal with them both made them lovers. Was this a threesome? Fuck, he didn't know, and in ten seconds, he wouldn't care. He stroked harder and felt it coming as the girls gasped and moaned on either side of him.

Then, he erupted, and everything became meaningless as ecstasy tore his body to shreds.

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