CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The Five Trans Doras and the Great Bondage Mix-Up Trainbang Heist

There was an entire regiment of Doras looking at me with eager curiosity. They were all apparently grenadiers, which I think was Napoleonic for "butch lesbian." The three that had found me in the closet were all doing a little version of that most elegant game of rock, paper, scissors. Except instead of rocks, papers or scissors, it was Officer, Dora and Autowar. Patches threw Autowar, Tee threw Dora, and Theodora "Boxie" Fusilier (so named, I think, cause she was fresh out of the box), threw Officer.

"I win!" Boxie said. "Officer orders Dora!" She pointed at Tee.

"No, I win," Tee said, frowning. "Dora conquers Autowar."

"But Autowar glasses officer," Patches said, reaching up and tugging her eyepatch back into place with a furrowing of her brow. " out of three?"

"We could just draw lots," another Dora said, nodding as she scratched at her chin. "Like, we can all cut sticks, then draw them short."

"Why don't we all just fuck her at once? I mean, it's not every day you have your very own human toy to play with," another Dora said.

"Because the contract said one at a time. That was her limit, right baby?" Tee looked at me, while Patches and Boxie started to throw their hands. Patches looked distraught as her officer was gunned down by an Autowar three times in a row. I blushed, then shook my head. " wasn't? So, we can...all do you at once?" she asked.

"We can't all fit in a human at once!" one of the Dora's called out.

"Or in the train, this train isn't that thick..."

"Maybe if we threw the seats out?"

"Humans are going to use those seats later, though!"

"I won! I won!" Boxie exclaimed.

"Huh?" Tee asked.

"I beat Patches -- and since you stepped out of the game, you forfitted, so that means I go first," Boxie said.

"No way, we're not letting some fresh out of the box Dora get to plow a human first!"

More argument started, while I probed at my linguistic problems...and tried to figure out how, exactly I had gotten into this situation. I think what had happened was that Albert, lovely, wonderful, gone through his isekai redemption arc and was now a cool dude Albert, had realized I was in a dire straight and tried to get me out the only way he could, with the curio. It could copy itself, there was no reason to say it could only just make a single copy at a time. He didn't need to target it good, he just had to dump enough of them into the room for me to get my hands on one, then bam. Teleport me away. The fact Mary hadn't arrived here too meant she hadn't gotten one...

I knew that it took Albert time to target again, and he had to target on me. Meaning that even if he was trying valiantly to rescue Mary, he couldn't -- he'd only be able to connect to me.

Which meant my maid's life was entirely in my hands.

And, like, it was just Mary, too. Like, I was pretty sure that Ned's plan was full of more stupid ideas and bad executions that it was possible to get. The dude sounded like a dipshit who had never had to work for anything in his life and still wanted more shit. Like...god, what an asshole. Those kinds of people rarely thought anything through, let alone their hare brained ideas on how to take over the world. Like, we loved to think of the Nazis as big bad mofos who could do all sorts of crazy shit, but I had it on good authority that the Nazis were the densest motherfuckers in the galaxy. You could have used their brains for paving stones, I swear...

But the problem was, I needed to communicate with them.

"Hey..." Boxie said, her cheeks burning as she stepped over, the other Doras crowding in to watch. Patches had even taken off her eyepatch, to reveal a perfectly functional, normal eye underneath. My cheeks burned as Boxie undid the buttons on the top of her uniform, revealing her just absolutely spectacular rack, her nipples hardening as she stammered. "S-So, uh, what's your name?"

"Lucy," I said, and found I could say that.

"Wait, I thought it was Amy Morelle," Patches said.

One of the other Doras hissed her quiet as I watched Boxie slowly, shyly, tugging her pants down. How is it possible for a huge as hell, muscular sexy as fuck warrior robot lady to be shy? And...holy shit. Her cock sprang free, massive and throbbing and very, very, very eager. Like. Jesus Christ, was every robot that was built to carry a gun hung like a horse? Because if so, I was now a full fledged supporter of the military-industrial complex. My throat worked as I gulped and Boxie blushed even more, her fans whirring. " like it?" she asked, quietly, while the other Boxies watched eagerly. I licked my lips, slowly, and nodded.

Boxie stepped up and thanks to her height and me still being tired to a chair, her dick was right at my lips. I wanted to cup her. Caress her. Touch her. Nuzzle her. Instead, all I could do was mumble happily as I kissed the tip of her dick and hear the way that even that most gentle, simple contact sent an excited vrrrRRRR through her fans. The virginial Dora whimpered, then tentatively petted my head as I licked and kissed the tip of her cock, each momentary connection between my lips and her dick causing it to bob faintly.

"Wow, she's good..." one Dora whispered. I drew my mouth back, grinning.

"I get a lot of practice," I said -- the words coming out with only a tiny slurring. Okay, good! Cool, my brain was rebraining itself. I figured that the damage caused by the evil virus thingy that I had been injected with had to be limited, or else it'd murder virus and not a mute-be virus. Also, serious damage would lead to serious inspections. Wait, shit. Did that mean I'd need to, like, try and force the virus to go absolutely naners on my gray matter to try and get these Doras to get me to a doctor? Except that sounded both ludicrously dangerous and like it'd distract me from sucking this really nice dick, so...

I leaned in close, closing my mouth around the head of Boxie's cock, my eyes closing as my hands clenched behind me. Her hands tentatively caressed my head and, slowly, she slid her cock into my mouth, her gasp making it clear she was not expecting me to take dick this easily. But I was an expert at this shit! Boxie's balls bounced against my chin and my eyes closed, tightly, and I focused purely on the delicious firmness of her dick in my mouth and my throat. Her hands gripped my hair and she moaned huskily -- and then Tee called out.

"Go to fucking town on her!"

And while Boxie may have been an adorable virgin...

She could follow orders.

She grabbed my head and she started to fuck my throat. She slammed her dick into me like a jackhammer, and my jaw began to ache and I started to make wet, eager choking noises, my hands tightening into fists...and I loved it, even as tears streamed down my cheeks and my thighs pressed together. My sex went from wet to soaked and I swore, I almost came myself as Boxie threw her head back, moaned, and filled my tummy with her cum. Then she drew back and filled my mouth. Then, in the same movement, she pulled back and hot, thick cum started to splash my face and my neck. My eyes closed and I groaned. "Ohh wow that was good..." I said, my voice hoarse.

"You liked that...her name was Lucy, r-right?" Boxie asked.

"Boxie, outta the way!"

The next girl up was Patches, and the one eyed Dora was already naked. Save, of course, for her patch. She grabbed my head, then pushed my mouth down on her cock. But this wasn't a full throat fucking like Boxie. Instead, she was just getting her dick nice and wet with my spittle. When she jerked my head back and gently smacked my cheek with her robotic cock, she crooned. "Nice and wet..." She sounded like she was grinning.

"How do you feel about anal, my cutie?"

"Uhh, yes?" I asked, laughing. "Fuck yes."

She yanked me off the chair, undid the ties around my wrists, then pushed me over one of the seats in the train car. As I swayed a bit, one of the other Doras scrambled to sit in the seat I was bent over, then lashed my arms back together, so that I was tied to the seat, my bindings looped around one of the headrests. I could escape if I tried...but I wasn't super interested in trying. Instead, I thrust my ass up as cool lube -- since, like, spit was a hot way to lube up, but it wasn't going to actually lube my butt properly -- rubbed into my puckered anus. My eyes closed and I grunted as Patches stuck her thumb in, working the lube into me. Then her thumb popped free and I groaned. "Ah, this is so fucking good..." I whispered. "It's almost as good as the last time I got royally fucked in the ass." I grinned over my shoulder at her -- her dick slapping against mine.

"Oh? Who fucked you last time?" Patches murmured, then pushed the fat tip of her dick into me. My eyes fluttered half shut as my ass tightened around her, and her hands cupped and played with my breasts, using my body utterly casually. Guuhh. It felt so good.

"Mmm, some asshole named Ned..." I said. "He fucked me hard. And not even in the fun way."




The linguistic retrovirus didn't block me off there.

"What a fucking dick..." Patches growled, then thrust deep into me, grunting hard. The soft slap of her balls against my soaking cunt made my eyes roll back into my head. I groaned and soaked her as I came. My toes curled in the warm red carpeting of the train and I tried to...think...but, uh...I couldn't do anything but feel the delicious cascade of pleasure that was a girl orgasm. I'd had a bunch of girl orgasms so far, way more than I could easily count. That's a total humble brag, but, like, I was just getting a lot of mind blowing sex from robot girls here.

But I still wasn't fucking tired of it.

You just have no idea how much better girl orgasms were than boy orgasms...

And, even better, Patches had just begun.

She gripped my hips, puffed a tiny bit of steam from her noses (or at least, it sounded like she did, and I imagined she did) and then she started to destroy me. Her cock slammed into my ass and her balls clapped against my thighs and I groaned, throwing my head back and moaning as my restraints tugged against the headrest, my breasts swaying as my pale, lithe body took her cock like a champ. I groaned. "Yes! Yes! Uhh! Yes! Fucking rape me, ah, holy shit! Yes! God!" I gasped out.

"Heh, better than this Ned fucker?" Patches growled.

"Way better!" I gasped out. "You didn't...kidnap anyone!" I moaned, throwing my head back, moaning in bliss as she fucked me harder and faster. Patches's fans whirred...and she cried out, cumming inside of me before I hit another plateau and peak. Her cock slurped from my anus, leaving me dripping with a thick load of her girlcum, and I sagged against the seat, panting heavily, trying to get my brain working right -- it had felt like the virus in my brain had almost woken up at the sound of my voice..

"...wait, kid-" Patches started.

But then another Dora, one I didn't even recognize, stepped up. She grabbed the back of my thigh with a meaty thump of palm on skin, the edges of her fingers digging into my skin, then roughly lifted and spread my body before her, my cunt dripping with need. She didn't speak, didn't ask anything, didn't even tease me. Instead, she just thrust into me. Her dick plunged into my cunt and she started to fuck me with a ferocious wildness, the chair creaking and groaning as my weight was thrown against it. I wailed my pleasure -- and it was pleasure, nothing but pleasure as her dick fucked into me.

She was even faster than Patches. She thrust, thrust, thrust, then came inside of me, leaving my cunt stuffed to the brim with girlcum. Her thick, creamy, entirely unrealistically white (real girlcum, as you should all know by now, is thin and translucent) girlcum dripped along my thighs and pattered onto the carpeted floor and by now, the Dora's had gotten into a good, steady pattern, because I had barely enough time to mewl a happy little 'ohyes' before another stepped up.

Tee chose my ass.

Her dick thrust into me slowly, inch by inch as her hand gripped my hair, tugging my head back as she started to roughly rape me -- her hips slamming into me. Okay, it wasn't actual rape cause I was consent, but...shut up, I wanted to get train raped by a load of buff butch trans lesbian robots. Is that a crime, now!? Huh!? I thought not.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my slutty human ass! Ah! Fuck me!" I moaned, gasping. "I need medical attention!" I groaned. "Fuck me so hard that I need a doctor to check my brain out!" I gasped.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Tee laughed. "Damn, your dirty talk is weird...but I kinda like it!"

"Ahhh, I'm not kidding!" I moaned, then trembled as my toes curled again. Ah. There it was. Another cascade of flashing white lights blazing through my eyes as pleasure crested, peaked, then washed through my body, oozing through me like a tsunami. It also meant that my gloriously stupid plan of confusing an injected retrovirus with dirty horny talk was put on hold for a bit because I couldn't string words together, let alone long term plans as Tee slid from me and Boxie was pushed up.

"W-Wait, I...I already had a round," Boxie stammered.

"Listen, Boxie," Patches was saying. "Oral doesn't count as losing your virginity. So, you gotta fuck her cunt and her ass now. At the same time."

"How?" Boxie asked.

"This!" Patches said and I managed to get my head to roll back enough that I could just barely peer over my shoulder and see that they had slung a kind of hip rig around Boxie's cute hips. That was one of them strap-ons that I'd heard so much about, but there were tiny lead wires that ran from the leather harness to her hips, and there was a slot for her actual dick -- and that mean that she now had two dicks, one of them being her normal, regular dick...and the other one being the slightly longer strapon dick. As I watched, one of the kneeling Doras beside Boxie hooked up a wire and Boxie squeaked, jerking, her eyes widening.

"I can feel it!" she exclaimed.

"Of course you can feel it," Tee said, sounding annoyed. "It's a strap on. Now, lets get her nice and full."

"Oh holy shit yes..." I crooned -- then risked it. "I want you to invade me like I want you to bust down the manor house of Lord Thompson Benedict Garland, who kidnapped my maid and injected me with a retrovirus that makes me have to disguise this as dirty talk...mmm, I bet you can fuck me that hard, right?" I crooned.

"Yeah!" Boxie said, nodding. "...wait, what?"

The other Doras exchanged a glance, the whole lot of them looking deeply confused. They all then looked at Tee, who was looking the most confused as well.

"Uh, she's your hooker," Patches said.

"Hey, don't ask me!" Patches said, then walked over. Her hand caressed my well fucked ass and she leaned in close, whispering. " the hooker I hired?"

I bit my lip, panting quietly, feeling a buzzing in my brain. "Uh...mmhmm!" I said, while shaking my head -- and felt the buzzing get a bit slacker, since I had said mmmhmm. Patches blinked, her eyes widening a bit, her fans whirring.

"You consented, right?!" she asked, nervously as Boxie blinked.

I nodded. "Mmhmmmhmm!" I nodded even more, my head jackhammering up and down so hard that I swore that I almost ripped it off my head. I did bonk my forehead against the headrest, so, you know. Good thing it was very soft.

"Oh, Stars, good," Patches said. "Anyone ever hear of a...retrovirus that mucks know...the...talky stuff?"

"Linguistic structures of the brain, you mean?" Boxie asked.

I nodded. "Nope! That's wrong!" I said, aloud.

The virus didn't melt brain like a whisker jammed into my ear and set to kill, so, you know, that was good. The Doras exchanged their glances, and Tee nodded. "I'll go and get Lieutenant Rudy -- you guys keep fucking her." She said, slapping Boxie's shoulder. "Boxie still has to lose her V-card before she goes into battle." She turned and headed off. Boxie laughed, nervously.

"T-Tee was, uh, joke-Hhnn!" She groaned as two other Doras shoved her forward and I grunted, my back arching, my head rolling up as I clenched my jaw, my eyes closing tightly. My whole body quivered, from my head to my toes, and my fingers clung onto the seat as Boxie started to fuck me, her eyes closing, her face going slack as her hands gripped my hips.

But it wasn't just the delicious feeling of her dick filling my ass, and her strapon cock filling my cunt, that led to my orgasms.

It was the knowledge that maybe, just maybe, I had found a way to save Mary...

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Napoleonic Terminators

Lt. Rudolph was, sadly, a dude. He had the most ridiculous sideburns and a round, fleshy nose, and looked as if he had been left out in the sun for a few extra hours, turning his very pale pink skin into very pink pale skin that was peeling. He was joined by Ensign Pavitra and Ensign Blackrook, who were both looking as if they had lucked out on the multi-cosmic melanin wheel and had both been born in a place and time where having extra melanin wasn't a huge disadvantage and had been exposed to the sun often enough that they had clearly gotten their mileage out of it.

But the one who I was really concerned about was Dr. Regina Steel.

She was not a robot.

And she was rooting around the inside of my brain with a narrow metal probe. I didn't feel anything thanks to the analgesic cream she had applied to my ear, but it was still deeply unsettling to be awake and aware for this, but apparently, I needed to be. "Y-You don't have a Hope that can do this?" I asked.

"Lady Fitzland, I have no idea what you are implying," Dr. Steel said, her voice prim and tight. "Do you want to trust this kind of procedure to a nurse?"

"...oh, right..." I had been given so many treatments by my robot nurse that I had forgotten that human beans were mostly the for real doctors. Which did explain why there were two cute robot maids hanging around in the background. I blushed and waved at one of them with my free hand, while Lt. Rudolph nodded slowly.

"Is she...actually Lady Fitzland?" he asked. "No offense, m'lady, but-"

"None taken!" I said.

"Her genescan checks out," Dr. Steel said, then drew the probe out of my ear with a brisk sigh. A faint whir and pop returned hearing to my ear and I rubbed my palm against my head, wincing as I felt the numbness beginning to fade. "And her story checks out as well. Her brain is riddled with Aphasianta -- just having a sample of Aphasianta without a medical research commission is so illegal they still throw you into Newgate."

"Good heavens!" Ensign Pavitra exclaimed.

I nodded. "Can you flushy flushy with the retrojerk?"

"!" Dr. Steel exclaimed. "It's a virus, and a bloody vicious one -- trying to flush it will cause it to stroke you out even worse than you trying to tell us whatever it was coded for! But if we can find who injected her, then..." She shook her head. "Well, we can throw the book at the blighters."

"That does leave us with a bit of a conundrum...does it work with the written word?" Lt. Rudy asked.

"No, no, that's too direct," Dr. Steel said.

"Ummmm..." My cheeks burned. "Ask Boxie."

"Boxie?" Lt. Rudy asked. "You mean our newest Theodora? How would she know?" He shook his head. "Blackrock, get Boxie."

"Yes sir!" Blackrock turned and rushed out of the room.r"

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