My life is different than other people's.

Don't believe me? I dance in the Corps de ballet at the Chandler Theatre. Nari, my gay boyfriend also dances in the Corps de ballet, when I'm not on stage or rehearsals, I'm also Nari's naked sex slave.

Not different enough yet?

Christopher also dances in the Corps de ballet and he's my boyfriend's master. So, even though Nari is Christopher's slave, I'm a slave to both of them.

And if that's not different enough, let me tell you about last Saturday.

It was around 8:00 in the morning and I was alone in the apartment. According to Nari's rules I'm to be always naked when I'm at home, even if he's not there to admire my naked body.

One morning, there was a knock at the door. I knew it couldn't be Nari as he has a key to the apartment. Christopher also has a key to the apartment, so I knew it wasn't him.

I assumed it must be somebody from apartment maintenance doing an inspection, or possibly Ms. Rider from the 1st floor. She sometimes comes knocking if there's something heavy in her apartment that she needs help moving.

It would have been awkward and uncomfortable for either of them to see me naked, so I put on a pair of blue jeans before answering the door.

I then opened the door and saw that it was one of my fellow dancers.

"Hello, Scott," Meng said as she stood there in my doorway, "May I come in?"

Meng is one of the soloists in the Chandler Theatre. I was just a dancer in the corps de ballet. Soloists are ballet royalty, so it's unusual for them to associate with dancers of my low standing. As such, I was surprised to see her paying me a visit.

"Of course," I said, standing aside and gesturing for her to enter.

"Can I get you anything?" I asked as I led her into the kitchen, attempting to be a good host. It's not often that I get ballet royalty paying me a social visit at my home, so I attempted to make a good impression.

Meng looked me over from head to toe before answering. Then she raised one elegant eyebrow and said, "Scott, aren't you supposed to be naked? I'd heard from some of the other dancers that you and Nari entered into some sort of...arrangement."

I felt my face blush hot. I hadn't realized that my status with Nari had become a topic of conversation for the other dancers. I had assumed that my status as Nari's sex slave was a private matter.

"Um," I replied awkwardly, "Well, when I heard somebody knocking on the door, I threw on some pants. I mean...that could have been anybody out in the hallway knocking on my door."

Meng flashed me a wicked smile and said, "Well, isn't that part of the thrill of what Nari is doing to you? The potential for embarrassment and humiliation? Shouldn't your naked body be available for just anyone to ogle?"

I felt my face heat up even hotter as I attempted to come up with an answer to that question.

After a few seconds of waiting, Meng closed the distance between us, grabbed me, unsnapped the front of my jeans and unzipped them.

"Meng!" I exclaimed, protesting loudly.

"Quiet, Scott," she admonished me, "You're supposed to be naked."

Then she roughly pulled my jeans down to my ankles, exposing my already rigid cock and she ordered me to step out of my pants so she could finish undressing me.

Meng tossed my pants aside and then looked me up and down, admiring the view. She normally looked so innocent and wholesome, but as she examined my naked body and assessed my every curve, she looked predatory and slightly dangerous.

"Oh, yes, very nice," she said as she studied my naked body with rapt interest.

After several minutes of assessing my naked body and making me blush, she said, "Turn around and place your hands up against the wall."

"What?" I asked, surprised at her words.

"The police frisk position," she elaborated, "hands against the wall and spread your legs apart. I want to examine you."

Meng wasn't my master, however, something about the tone of her voice made me feel subservient to her. I briefly considered telling her that she didn't have the authority to give me orders, but I found myself feeling excited at the prospect of being her naked plaything, so in the end I placed my hands flat against the kitchen wall and spread my legs wide, making myself vulnerable and open to whatever Meng chose to do to me.

"This is a unique opportunity to me," Meng said, "It'd be crazy not to take advantage of it."

I attempted to remain still as Meng touched me all over. Her hands traced leisurely paths along my skin from beneath my shaved armpits down to my knees, lingering between my widespread thighs and then pulling my buttocks apart. Then I felt her fingertips gently touching my anus and I shuddered.

"Aaahhh," I gasped inarticulately as a feminine finger pushed gently but insistently into my anal cleft.

"Oh, come now," Meng said, "certainly you can't be that sensitive, you're not a virgin. Nari must have fucked you back there by now."

I nodded in agreement and said, "I'm not a virgin, it's just...a man's anus is extremely sensitive. There's lots of responsive nerve endings down there."

"Oh, that sounds like fun," Meng replied, her voice mischievous, "Do you think Nari would let me fuck you with a strap on?"

"Meng!" I protested loudly, but I remained in position with my legs spread pornographically wide, while she playfully stroked the delicate, pink flesh of my anus.

"I bet he'd let me," Meng continued as she played with my asshole, "In a slave/master relationship, letting a woman peg your male slave is usually considered a big turn-on for the master."

Meng stopped playing with my asshole, however, she continued to fondle my buttocks, my thighs and she even pinched the head of my cock and ran one fingertip up and down the shaft.

"And you're so hard," Meng commented as she played with my cock, "Your length and girth are both impressive. What's the exact size of your cock at full erection?"

"It's 8.3 inches long," I replied as Meg continued to fondle me, "and 2.1 inches thick at the thickest point. When wearing a cock harness, it can get even larger."

I'm not the sort of guy who's obsessed with size, however, at one time I had been sold at a slave auction and the auction organizers examined me thoroughly and recorded all of my physical attributes. They paid special attention to cock size and published the results of their examinations so people would know what they were bidding on. Of course, my anus was examined and measured as well so people would know how much I could handle when they decided to spear my asshole and shove things inside of me.

"That's impressive," Meng commented as she cupped my balls and lifted them as if weighing them, "I've never had a boyfriend with a cock that size."

Meng then pinched the soft flesh of my scrotum and the stretched foreskin of my cock simultaneously. I gasped at the unexpected, sharp pain to such delicate parts of my anatomy and Nari chose that exact moment to return to the apartment.

"Scott, you okay?" Nari called out. Apparently, he had heard my gasps of pain and was concerned.

"In here," I called back from the kitchen.

"I was just examining your slave," Meng added, "I hope I wasn't too rough."

Nari popped his head into the kitchen and he saw Meng playing with my cock and balls while I was exposed and vulnerable with my legs spread suggestively far apart.

"Meng?" Nari inquired, raising one eyebrow inquisitively, "What are you doing here? You've never come to visit before."

"Purely selfish reasons," Meng said, "I heard that you force Scott to be naked all the time and I had to come down and see it for myself. This was too good an opportunity to pass up."

"Wait," Nari exclaimed, "who told you that I force Scott to be constantly be naked?"

"I heard Sebastian and Yulia talking about it."

"What? Who told Sebastian and Yulia?"

It turned out that all the dancers and choreographers in the Chandler Ballet knew that I was Nari's sex slave and that I was required to be naked at all times when at home. It was supposed to be just a few select people who knew, but there was a leak and once one person leaned about my status as Nari's naked sex slave, the news spread like wildfire and soon the whole dance company knew.

"He's even more gorgeous naked than he is in a dance belt and tights," Meng commented, "He's a treasure."

"He looks delicious," Nari agreed, "Something about him being naked just makes him look more vulnerable and fetching."

"I adore him naked," Meng commented, "But you know what I'd really like? I'd like to fuck him with a strap-on. I've heard that men get this really frightened, helpless look on their face when they get pegged by a woman with a thick, silicone cock."

"Do you have a thick, silicone cock?" Nari asked.

"No," Meng admitted, and then I let out a breath I hadn't realized that I'd been holding.

Just the thought of Nari watching while Meng impaled my ass with a massive, fake phallus made me feel overwhelmed with horror and embarrassment, so when she admitted that she didn't own such a phallus, I was overcome with relief.

"But I could go shopping for one," Meng added quickly, "There's a sex shop on Kwan Drive. They sell everything."

So, Meng and Nari spent several minutes discussing what sort of dildo would be best suited for violating my tender asshole and what sort of lube would get her the best results. Nari explained the sorts of things that had been shoved up my ass in the past and gave her an idea what I could reasonably be expected to handle in the future. Nari then agreed to go shopping with her when she bought the dildo that would be used to abuse my anus.

"It's nothing personal, Scott," Meng said as she pulled me into a sisterly hug, "but this is just too good of an opportunity to pass up. I've never pegged a guy before. And you're super-cute. There's no way I'm going to let this slip through my fingers!"

"Hey, if you like seeing a super-cute guy humiliated," Nari said, "maybe you'd like to see Scott get spanked."

I gasped. It was bad enough that Nari was accommodating Meng with her kinky request to rape my poor, defenseless asshole, but for him to suggest additional ways for her to humiliate me was just cruel.

"Oh, my God," Meng excitedly exclaimed, "seriously?"

"I usually spank him every morning, even if he's been good," Nari explained, "It helps to keep him feeling owned and subjugated."

Meng got a wicked smile on her face as she looked right at me and purred, "Oooh, I'd like to see that."

"Nari," I whined, "You never said anything about involving Meng in our spanking games. I thought that was something private and personal just between the two of us."

"And Christopher," Nari responded, "and of course, Meng is ballet royalty. She's a soloist. If a soloist or a principal dancer or someone high ranking like that wants to become a part of our spanking games, I pretty much have to let them join in."

"Why, thank you, Nari," Meng said and she smiled so brightly she seemed to light up the whole room.

It's true, soloists are a big deal in the world of ballet. They're superstars. And in the insular world of ballet, it would make sense to stay in the good graces of the soloists. It could only help improve our social status.

"Okay," I said, surrendering without a fight, "I suppose you want to do this right now?"

"Pretty much," Nari replied, radiating boyish charm, and smiling a mischievous smile, "Let's do it in the living room."

Nari stood behind me and sort of prodded me forward until we were in the center of the living room. As an abused and subjugated slave, I felt an obligation to complain about the way Nari treated me, however, silently I got a dark, erotic thrill out of being humiliated in front of Meng. Having an audience for my demeaning punishment made my cock throb and made my whole body feverish with libidinous excitement.

Nari sat down on a leather upholstered ottoman. Then he looked up at me and patted his lap. Meng stood behind me while Nari sat in front of me. Both eyed me intently, eagerly waiting for me to crawl over Nari's lao so that I could be humiliated even further. The room thrummed with anticipation, Meng stared at my taut, naked ass, knowing that once I slid across Nari's lap it wouldn't be long before it was blushing red with Nari's handprints.

I bent over and slid across Nari's lap until I was face down and my ass was raised up, shamelessly on display for both Meng and Nari to ogle. My erect cock was trapped underneath the weight of my hips and pressed against the rough denim of Nari's blue jeans. As Nari's hand rested on my naked bottom I felt degraded, uncomfortable, and sexually excited all at the same time. I was being buffeted in a hurricane of competing emotions and my heart pounded madly in my chest as I waited for Nari to humiliate me further.

"He has such an adorable bottom," Meng commented as I lay across Nari's lap, awaiting my spanking, "I've been admiring it for months. It's so exciting to finally see it naked and on display like this."

"And soon, you'll see it all red," Nari replied, "Scott's firm, little bottom is always adorable, but it's even more breathtaking and thrilling after it's been spanked.

"So, does he squirm around and make cute little sobbing sounds when you spank him?" Meng asked, enjoying my predicament far too much for my comfort.

"Why don't you judge that for yourself?" Nari replied and then he smacked my upturned ass three times in rapid succession. The sudden explosion of stinging sensations was a shock to my system and I reflexively twisted and squirmed across Nari's lap.

"Oooooh," Meng exclaimed, "That was beautiful. You are so lucky to have a boyfriend with such a perfect body and such captivating responses to be spanked."

"Oh, he's very responsive," Nari replied, "Would you like to see more?"

Of course, Meng said yes. Was there ever any doubt she would want to see more?

Nari smacked my bottom again. I bit my lower lip and managed not to scream, but I jerked across his lap at the sudden stinging sensation.

"His bottom is really cute, but it will be even cuter when it's red," Nari commented proudly before he brought his hand down across my naked buttocks again and again.

I writhed across Nari's lap as my poor, innocent buttocks were abused. My upraised bottom became a riot of red-hot pain as Nari mercilessly left stinging handprints all over my perfectly shaped buttocks. Meng was enjoying the show as I squirmed and twisted across Nari's lap and I made involuntary yelping noises.

Unbeknownst to Meng, my swollen cock rubbed against the rough, denim fabric of Nari's jeans as I writhed across his lap. My bottom hurt terribly, and my cries of pain were real, however, my cock throbbed as I desperately twisted. The more I writhed and twisted in pain, the more my aching cock rubbed against Nari's thighs.

Stinging pain and feverish sexual arousal swept through me like partners in a spirited, awe inspiring pas de deux. I yelped and cried out as Nari swatted my buttocks and the backs of my thighs, however, the pain became delicious as red-hot pain was mixed elegantly with urgent sexual need.

My long legs kicked, and I bounced so violently across Nari's lap that I almost fell to the floor. Nari laughed, grabbed me tighter around my slender waist and then delivered six more harsh slaps across my backside, concentrating on the deliciously tender spots were the lower curve of my buttocks met up with the backs of my thighs.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Aaarrrggghhh!" I screamed as Nari landed six stinging blows on my bare skin and I squirmed uncontrollably as I fought to keep tears from spilling out of my eyes.

"That was beautiful," Meng commented, her voice filled with awe, "Are you going to spank him like that tomorrow?"

"It's a morning tradition," Nari replied, "Would you like to come over to watch when he gets his morning spanking?"

As Nari discussed future arrangements with Meng, I remained across Nari's lap. My ass was quite tender, and as Nari lovingly ran his hands across my abused buttocks, I bit my lower lips and struggled not to cry out in pain.

I gasped and shuddered. His fondling of my abused, tender flesh created a sensation of stinging pleasure. I savored the sweet pain as I sighed and wriggled across his lap. Meng said that my reactions were adorable and asked Nari if it was okay for her to fondle my reddened ass.

"Of course," Nari replied cheerfully, "You're a guest in my home. I want you to feel welcome here."

Meng's fingertips brushed across my curves of my buttocks. Meng was gentle in the way that she fondled me; however, my ass was so sore, even gentle touches triggered explosions of red-hot pain. I gasped and trembled as Meng felt up my ass and the backs of my thighs. And when I gasped, Meng said things like, "Ooh, he's still in a lot of pain, isn't he?"

Meng enjoyed my gasps. I had no idea she had such a propensity for sadism, but she immensely enjoyed my gasps and sounds of pain. At one point she even squeezed my buttocks roughly and I let out a boyish yelp of agony.

"Oh, he is so adorable when he reacts to the pain like that," Meng enthused, "I can see why you're in love with him."

"He's captured my heart," Nari admitted, "I've never loved anybody like I love Scott."

Eventually, I was allowed to get up off Nari's lap. My ass was still throbbing with scalding agony and I gently rubbed my ass in an attempt to sooth away some of the stinging pain, but Nari admonished me, saying, "Scott, did I say you could touch yourself?"

I immediately removed my hands from my reddened buttocks, however, Nari continued to frown at me and said, "You were so obedient and well-behaved when you were on Mistress Wellington's estate. Did you forget everything that you learned about slave etiquette after I brought you back home?"

I tried to apologize, but Nari was having none of it. He got some leather wrist cuffs, bound my wrists behind my back and then buckled a leather slave collar around my throat. A short chain was used to join my bound wrists to the back of my collar and thus making it impossible for me to touch my wounded bottom.

I silently pouted, but I was secretly enjoining being naked and helpless. My heart pounded happily within my chest as Nari treated me like a slave. I felt feverish and my cock twitched as Meng looked me up and down and enjoyed the eroticism of my plight.

"He looks so yummy like that," Meng gushed.

"He always looks cuter when he's in bondage," Nari explained, "We should think of a cute way to bind him for when you impale his ass with your strap-on."

"What about on his hands and knees?" Meng suggested.

Nari nodded his head and said, "We could strap him down onto a bondage bench, on his hands and knees."

"Do they sell bondage benches at the place on Kwan Drive?"

"I'll bet they do," Nari replied, "We should go check. We can turn it into a whole shopping experience, bondage bench, strap-on harness, dildos."

Of course, I was left at the apartment. Nari's plan was to keep me naked and bound while he and Meng went shopping.

Nari had surprised me. Once upon a time, he was a submissive, masochistic twink. Over the course of the past several weeks he went from a cute, submissive slave-boy to a cute, dominant master. I wouldn't have believed that it was possible for a person to transform themselves so dramatically like that, but Nari had done it.

Nari hadn't bound my ankles, thus leaving me with enough freedom to wander from one room to another, but without my hands that sort of freedom was frustrating and almost useless. I walked from one room to another. It wasn't a large apartment, so exploring the limits of my freedom didn't take long.

And when I lingered in the bedroom, I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror. Fascinated by my own reflection, I went back and spent a few minutes examining my reflection in detail.

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