This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18 years of age. There is no graphic sex in this story, so if that's what your looking for, sorry to disappoint. If you like it, please give it five stars. Thanks for reading.


The Kiss

I strode through the hallway full of righteous purpose. My satchel swayed on my hip while I swung my lunch bag in my other hand. Her door was on the left. She was almost always in her room before I arrived, and today was no exception. What was different, however, was my intention. Her door was closed, as it usually was before students began arriving. She was on her computer, probably finalizing her lesson plans for the day. Her blond hair hung in loose curls around her angular face. Her full lips were pressed together in concentration as she worked. She looked up when I opened her door and walked up to her desk. It wasn't unusual for me to stop by to say hi first thing in the morning, but this time, I walked around her desk and into her personal space.

"Dan, good morning," she said.

"Good morning, Fallon," I answered, trying to sound as confident as I hoped I looked. I sucked in a deep breath, angled my body toward her, and held out my hand.

She blinked in confusion as she tentatively took my hand and stood. "What's this?"

"Just this," I said as my hand cupped her face and I leaned in pressing my lips to hers. She pulled back, but I followed keeping our lips joined. Her hands came up to my chest as I kissed her more deeply, at first trying to push me away, but then relaxing. I softened the tension in my lips as I moved them against hers, slightly opening mine. My other hand came up and ran my fingers through her hair, caressing her scalp at the top of her neck. Her resistance slipped away as her fingers began gripping my shirt and her mouth opened to allow my tongue to seek out hers. Her breath deepened as we kissed, and my heart jackhammered in my chest.

After a timeless moment, I pulled back, watching her eyes flutter open before gazing into her azure pools. Her cheeks glowed and her lips glistened, and she'd never looked more beautiful. I couldn't help myself and kissed her again before stepping back. She looked at me with a mix of confusion and wonder. "What...what...what was this? What does this mean?"

"It's just something for you to think about. I'll be in my room." And I picked up my lunch bag, which I had dropped when I kissed her, and strode out of her room the same way I walked in, not stopping until I reached my door.

I had been fantasizing about this moment for months. It could have gone so many different ways. I half-expected her to slap me or shove me when I went in for the kiss, but she didn't. She didn't. A smile curled my lips as I tossed my lunch back onto the cabinet. She didn't slap me. That was a good sign.

Of course, she could be in the principal's office right now filling out a sexual harassment complaint, or calling the cops for sexual assault, since touching her technically counts as assault. I knew of these possibilities before I made up my mind to kiss her. I realized I was putting my career on the line. I realized my future was at risk. Somethings, however, require bold action and risk.

I had been single for four years since my ex decided she had milked enough money from me to pay off her loans, and she could trade up. I married her because I had tired of the dating scene. At my age at that time, going through the 'get to know you' phase of a relationship was tiresome, especially when "getting to know" someone revealed they were only looking for someone with a stable job to save them from debt, or perhaps looking for someone to be a daddy for their kids. At least some of the younger women on dating sites were upfront with their desire to find a sugar daddy, and I could immediately swipe left on those. I thought I found someone who wanted me for me. I was wrong.

My ex and I split just before our tenth anniversary, which coincidentally was six months after I paid off her student loan and had almost paid off her last credit card. This meant I hadn't dated in 14 years, and my thoughts on the matter hadn't changed much since I got married, other than to strengthen my resolve not to be a sugar daddy, no matter how hot she was.

I teach business technology and personal finance at a non-traditional high school. Most of the faculty were not romantic possibilities, since they were either in their sixties or married. I swore I would never get involved with a married woman again. I made that mistake once, and once was enough. It was fine, though, since I had convinced myself that dating was unnecessary. Until Fallon joined the faculty.

She was younger than I, but older than some of the other teachers. She carried herself with confidence, and didn't take any guff from our students, which is one of the challenges with our demographic. She had more experience and it showed in the way she talked and taught. The fact that she was beautiful was also a big factor in my infatuation. The best part was that she was not wearing a wedding ring. That facet faded when she revealed during conversation that she did have a boyfriend. They were not living together or engaged, however, despite having been "together" for more than two years. In my mind, if you haven't discussed marriage after two years of dating, then there is something fundamentally wrong with the relationship. At least that's how I rationalized my feelings for her. She would often say that she preferred having her own space and didn't want to remarry, especially after her first marriage ended badly.

I spent as much time at lunch with her as I could. Engaged her in conversations at every opportunity. Friended her on social media. I even bought her a gift for her beloved dog. After trying to worm my way into her affections, however, I was pretty solidly ensconced in the dreaded friend zone and remained that way for a full year. Every day I spent near her only served to aggravate my longing. I thought of her often. When she walked by my room, my eyes followed her every step. When we had lunch together, I hung on her every word. I committed every detail of her face to memory. I could draw her portrait blindfolded in a darkened room. I recognized the sound of her heels on the floor. I tried often to break out of the friend zone, but she seemed oblivious to my affection and never gave me any sign that she was interested.

I waited for what I assumed was the inevitable breakup of her relationship, so I could be the one she turned to. I could show her the depth of my feelings for her, and she would see that living alone was not the best way to live. In my mind, she would come to me, realizing the depth of her affection for me, and we would meet in a simmering kiss boiling with passion. Her lips would taste like raspberries and slide over mine in a dance of heat and moisture that would inflame our lust. She would tug and pull my shirt until her hands found my naked skin. Her touch would leave burn marks as she ran her hands across my body. Then she would break our kiss, eyes afire with desire as she ripped her blouse, sending the buttons flying. Her bra-encased breasts would heave with each deep breath as she pushed her skirt over flared hips, baring muscular naked thighs, shiny with excitement.


I blinked as I was pulled from my fantasy and looked up to see Gary, the principal leaning into my doorway. Panic rose in my throat and I thought I might throw up. Fallon reported me! I was toast. Worse, I was wrong about her. I misread her entirely. In my mind I began a packing list so I wouldn't forget anything when they booted me.

"Did you submit your grade data yet? Brenda is compiling the pass-fail report for the quarter and she can't find yours."

"Oh!" A wave of relief washed over me. "Right," I said when I could breathe again. "I have that done. I'll email her right now."

"Great. Thanks." And he vanished.

The first bell rang, and students filed into my room and took their seats. I was thankful I had a full class to keep my mind off Fallon and how she might have reacted to my kiss. When I'm teaching, I devote my entire mental focus to the lesson and the students.

During second period, while I was discussing the creation of the Federal Reserve and its implications for the free market, I saw two police officers walking down the hall with Gary, approaching my door. Once again, my heart jumped.

Gary stuck his head in and looked around. When he saw me, he motioned me over. My God! Fallon reported me to the police for assault! I was going to be put on the sex offenders' list! I was guilty. I did it. I kissed her. My life was over. My feet were encased in concrete and moving them almost took more strength than I could muster. When I entered the hallway, the police stood on either side of me and Gary leaned in to whisper.

"Is Jamar Quinn in your class this morning?"

I blinked. What did he say? "J...J...Jamar? Quinn? Uhm...Yeah...yeah, he's here. Why? What's up?"

"These officers are here to take him into custody. Seems he's been dealing on school property."

Thankfully, Jamar didn't put up any resistance to being taken away, and I could return to my lessons, although I found it difficult to focus as my heart was still pounding. It hit me, then, that I fucked up. It didn't really occur to me that she would react negatively to my kissing her. I had convinced myself that she wanted me to; that she found me attractive, and that she would welcome the possibility of a relationship with me. I don't think I ever really considered that she would be offended by it. At least not so offended as to file a complaint against me. The worst thing I really thought would happen was getting slapped.

My fight or flight response was in full gear now. I desperately wanted to leave the school--to be anywhere but here. Third period began, and I had to try to concentrate on the lesson. It was difficult, especially keeping an eye on the hallway, certain someone was coming to either fire me or arrest me. I managed to get through the class without sounding too much like an idiot, but that also meant it was lunch time. The faculty usually ate together in the teacher lunchroom, unless we had cafeteria duty. I briefly considered volunteering for it to avoid seeing Fallon.

Why did I decide to just go up and kiss her? Such a stupid move! I should have known better, but I had watched a stupid movie with a stupid plot line that mirrored my stupid life. A guy with a crush can't get the attention of the hot girl, so his best friend talks him into just kissing her. Damn it. That's Hollywood, you fool. It always works out in Hollywood.

I grabbed my lunch bag and turned toward the door. I just hoped that either she was on lunch duty, or maybe she would just ignore me. I didn't get a foot out of the room before she was in front of me. She raised her hand and stepped into me, pushing me back into the classroom before kicking the door closed and walking me back to the wall. The cold cinder blocks chilled my back as she looked up into my eyes, hers a mix of fire and confusion. Whether that fire was passion or anger was also confusion.

"Why did you kiss me?" There was no anger in her voice as she pressed her hand over my heart, the heat of her palm raising my temperature. "You can't just go up to someone and kiss them like that," the words came tumbling out of her mouth. "Why did you kiss me? I can't even think straight right now. Do you know I almost forgot my lesson plans for the day? Why did you kiss me?"

I grabbed her shoulders and kissed her again. She tilted her head into mine and kissed me back, her hand gripping the front of my shirt. When I came up for air, her eyes were closed, and her lips still parted. She drew a deep breath and opened her eyes again.


"Because I couldn't live another day without kissing you or I would go mad."

"But what about..."

Before she could complete the sentence, I kissed her again, this time wrapping my arms around her and grabbing her head as we tried to devour each other. When I stopped, I looked at her. "I don't want to kiss anyone else, so there is no one else to worry about."

Her eyes flickered back and forth as she looked at my face. Her expression was one of indecision, but her hand still gripped my shirt. She wasn't saying anything, and that worried me.

"What are you go..." I started to say, but before I could finish my sentence, she kissed me. The world became nothing but her raspberry lips on mine, her tongue against mine, her heartbeat in time with mine. She was hot in my arms, her body melting into mine as we kissed.

The bell rang to end lunch before we stopped, and even then, it wasn't immediate. "I've got homeroom." She said, her breath hot on my face.

"Me, too." I sighed. "What happens now?"

Her lips, red and swollen from our kissing, curled into a smile. "Dinner tonight?"

I smiled back. & course=1

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