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While Delilah and Luke worked on the paperwork, word circulated around the whole gang about Luke's behavior. Michael heard what was happening, and he knew he had to tell Luke. Michael hurriedly rushed to Luke's office. He knocked on the door and waited for Luke to acknowledge him. He made sure that there was a calm look on his face.

Walking in Michael said, "Sir, can I talk to you out in the hallway for a second?"

Luke looked up at Michael. He nodded to Michael then looked at Delilah.

"Stay here. I'll be back."


He stood and walked out with Michael following him.

He looked at Michael. "What's the problem?"

"Sir, men have called an emergency meeting with concerns about your attachments to Delilah."

"So, they're questioning my leadership?"

"Yes, sir."

"Okay, but before the meeting I need to make sure Delilah gets to my room safely."

"I can escort her, sir. After I do, I'll come back down."

They both walked into his office again. Luke looked over at Michael.

"Michael, escort Delilah to my room."

She looked up at Luke.

"Why? What's going on?" She crossed her arms across her chest defiantly.

"Delilah, this is not negotiable."

"But Luke—"

Cutting her off, "I need you safe. Go with Michael now."

Sensing the urgency in his voice, she sighed and nodded. She walked over to Michael and they made their way to the elevator. When they were inside the elevator, she looked over at him.

"Can you tell me what's happening? I've never seen Luke like that."

"I'm sorry. I can't say."

She exhaled sharply and the elevator came to a stop. Michael walked with Delilah to the room. He made sure that she went inside.

Before she closed the door, he said, "Don't come out until Luke gets you."

She agreed and closed the door. She walked over to the bed and sat down. She wondered what was wrong for Luke to act so defensive. She didn't understand, but she did what Luke wanted. She stayed put in the room until he came to get her.

Michael came back down from Luke's room. Luke called everyone to the middle of the room on the first floor. Michael joined the group, and Luke started the meeting.

"So, I heard you wanted to call this meeting. Someone tell me what this is about." Luke rolled his sleeves up carefully then shoved his hands in his pockets.

There were a few minutes of awkward silence. Everyone looked at one another not wanting to be the one to confront Luke. Luke softly scoffed.

"You guys wanted this meeting, but you're quiet when I'm listening. If I have to force someone to come forward, it's not going to end good for any of you." Luke sternly said. "If you have concerns about me or my authority then speak up now. Isn't that why you called this meeting?"

Annoyed, Jake spoke up, "We called this meeting because we think you're going soft because of that bitch."

Luke was pissed as soon as the word "bitch" left Jake's mouth. He moved his tongue along the inside of his cheek impatiently waiting for him to continue.

Jake continued, "Ever since she got here, you've been acting different. We can all tell that you've changed because of some bitch. You're losing your touch Luke. I think you should either kick her out, or you should wake up and act like a man."

When he called Luke by name, everyone looked at him surprised. No one ever dared to call Luke by name. They knew to call him sir to show him respect. Luke was even more pissed by this point. He stepped forward.

"Jake, come forward." He calmly said. What Jake didn't realize was that Luke was always his most dangerous when he keep his tone calm.

Jake cockily approached and smirked at him. Luke looked him dead in the eyes.

"You were the one that touched Delilah without my permission after I specifically said not to, right?"

"Yes, but why does that matter?"

"Do you remember my order concerning Delilah?"

"You said you would kick us out, but you were just joking. I know you were. Plus, what man changes just because of some whore he picked up from the streets."

"Are you finished?"

"Maybe. Maybe not." Jake smiled and patted Luke on his shoulder.

Luke looked at Jake's hand on his shoulder. He stood still for a second reeling in his fury. He had an urge to tear him into a million pieces. After a few seconds of silence, Luke chuckled, flabbergasted by Jake's actions. Luke looked back into Jake's eyes. Jake wondered why Luke chuckled. Luke removed his hand from his pocket and he forcefully hit Jake's cheek.

Jake stumbled backwards was taken aback from Luke's hit. Luke punched him again as Jake fell to the ground. Luke hovered over him and picked him up by his collar. He punched him over and over until Michael intervened fearing that Luke would not be able to stop.

"Sir, I think he's learned his lesson."

Luke stopped punching as Jake spat up blood. Luke lifted him up off the ground and walked him over to the door. He opened it and threw Jake out the door.

"Don't ever come here again. If I catch you here, you're fucking dead." He slammed the door then rejoined the meeting.

"If anyone else has a problem with how I run things here," He pointed at the door. "There's the fucking door. Leave. You can go back to the streets I found you on. If you have any questions about how I do things around here, ask me. And for the last time, if you dare touch a single hair on Delilah's head, I will end you. I will not just toss you out like Jake. Am I going fucking soft now? Huh?" He yelled, as his veins in his neck popped out.

"No, sir." His men said in unison.

"Good. Now go back to work."

They dismissed themselves spreading to different rooms. Luke ran his fingers through his hair and sighed loudly. He was beyond pissed. He didn't know how his men came up with the idea of him becoming soft. Even if he was changing because of Delilah, what did it have to do with how he ran things? He looked over at Michael.

"Thank you for telling me." Michael was one person Luke knew he could always count on.

"Of course, sir. I'm sorry that Jake caused so much mess. If I'd known he was going to be this difficult, I wouldn't have recruited him."

"It's not your fault. I made the final decision. I just wanted to give people who are struggling a better life."

"Sir, it's not your fault either. You're just trying to do what's best and give people another chance at life."

"I know but sometimes I can't help and think it's my fault. Especially when some of them turn out like Jake."

"I understand. Oh, and Delilah is waiting for you in your room."

"Thank you, Michael! I'll see you tomorrow."

Luke rushed up to his room. He shut the door behind me, and Delilah was startled by the sudden noise. She looked over to see Luke had entered the room, and she rushed over to him. She embraced him into a tight hug. He held her close to him and cradled her head.

"It's okay. I'm sorry." He spoke soothingly.

"You're fine. You're here now, that's all that matters."

They stood there holding onto each other for a few minutes. Luke ran his fingers through her hair while the other arm held her close. Ever since Delilah came here, she felt safe, especially in Luke's arms. She stared into his beautiful eyes.

"You don't have to tell me what happened. I understand that you had to do your job."

"I should tell you, so no one will get hurt because of you. I made a promise to you that I wouldn't hurt anyone because of you unless it was severe."

"Okay... What happened then?"

"They called an emergency meeting questioning my authority. Rumors spread about me acting differently since you've been here. Well, they thought I have gone soft because of you. Jake was the one that started it. He kept provoking me and wouldn't stop talking shit about me and he brought you into it. Also, he kept disrespecting me which upset me even more." He paused to try and calm his breathing.

"Take a second to calm down then continue." She softly spoke.

She felt him tense up against her. She rubbed his back softly to try and calm him. He softly sighed relaxing at her touch. He moved his hands to cup her cheeks, and he softly rubbed his thumb across them. After a few seconds, she calmed him down.

"I punched him a few times until Michael stopped me. I picked him up by his shirt and threw him out. They know now what will happened if they try to talk or touch you without my permission. If they can't follow my orders, then they don't deserve my help."

"Does that include Michael?"

"Why? Do you like talking with Michael?" Jealousy was hinted in his voice.

"Yeah. He's like a big brother, but if he counts too then I won't talk with him anymore."

"Michael is the only exception. Other than me, of course."

"Thank you for letting him be an exception. I promise to keep my distance from your men, so they won't accidently talk to me. One, to make your job easier, and two, so no one gets seriously injured because of me."

"That's why I told you what happened. I still have some things to deal with, but you should get some rest."

"I will. Don't worry about me, focus on working."

He kissed her head softly and held her close for a little bit longer. She smiled happily and held onto him tighter. She tip toed and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled back at her and leaned down kissing her on the lips. She kissed back and smiled into the kiss. She pulled away and stared into is eyes smiling.

"I'll let you get back to work."

"Okay, I'll come in to check on you when I'm done."

"Just join me in the bed when you're done. We've slept in the same bed together now anyways."

"If that's what want, then I'll join you."

"I wouldn't have brought it up if I didn't." She softly giggled.

She made her way over to the bed and laid down. He followed her and sat on the edge of the bed. He ran his fingers through her hair a few times.

"I'll be okay. You go get things done."

"I will. I wanted to make sure you're comfortable before I leave."

"I'm comfortable." She smiled.

He smiled back and rubbed her head one more time before leaving. She watched him leave the room. After a few minutes, she fell asleep. Luke went to his office, and he started working on the rest of his paperwork.

There were only a few men still working, one of the men guarded the front door. He answered his phone thinking it was Luke, but it turned out to be Jake.

"Jake, what happened to you?"

"I found another gang. This gang is better than Luke's. Noah, you should come join."

"How do I even know that they will accept me?"

"They will pay you $50,000 to take out Delilah."

"Again, how do I know that they will accept me? Plus, I'm not going to kill anyone."

"Jeez, Noah. I thought you were smarter and braver than this. You know how Luke will treat you in the future. You saw what he did to me. He won't hesitate to do the same thing to you. I'm telling you this place is safer."

Noah sighed he wasn't going to kill anyone, but that was a lot of money. He pondered the thought of accepting Jake's offer. He came to a decision even though he knew Luke would probably kill him.

"Fine, I won't kill her, but I'll come up with a way to get her out and someone else can take care of her. We're going to need to get out of here quickly though. You know there's security everywhere around this place."

"I knew I could trust you with this. Let's do this tonight. The quicker she's gone the better. If you can get her out of the building, then I'll come with a van on dock 3. The men watching over dock 3 are usually slow when bad things happen."

"Okay, I'll come up with a plan to get her, and you find a way to get to dock 3 without being caught."

"Will do. See you shortly, Noah."

"See ya, Jake."

Noah hung up and started to think of ways to get Delilah out. As he thought it over, an idea popped in his head. He would use Luke's words against him. He knew that would be the only way Delilah would be likely to go with him.

As soon as his shift was over, he made his way to the elevator to go to Luke's room. He approached the room and knocked on the door. Delilah was startled when she heard the knock. She tossed the covers off her then stood up.

She walked over to the door opening it. "I told you—" She stopped herself surprised to see someone other than Luke or Michael.

She tried to shut the door because she didn't want to go against what she told Luke earlier, but he stopped her from closing it.

"Luke told me to come get you. He wanted me to bring you to him."

"Why didn't he send Michael?"

"Michael is busy checking the equipment, so Luke trusted me with this instead."

"Oh, okay. Is Luke wanting me to go to his office? If so, I can go there alone."

Noah started to get annoyed with her coming up with different ideas and asking questions. He tried to stay calm.

"No, he wanted to meet you at dock 3. He didn't think you knew where that was, so he wanted me to show you the way. I think he said he wanted to surprise you with something."

"Okay. Let me get my shoes on then I'll be out."

She closed the door then walked over to the bed. She sat down on the bed as she slipped her shoes on.

As she got up, Luke's voice came through the walkie-talkie. "Delilah, you up?"

She smiled and picked it up. She clicked the button to answer.

"Yes, I'm about to head down to see you."

"Okay. See you in a few minutes."


She didn't think he would be romantic like this. She wondered what the surprise he had for her was. She sat the walkie-talkie down then moved towards the door. She opened it up and stepped out closing the door behind her.

"Ready?" Noah softly asked.

"Yes, let's go."

They took the elevator down, and he led her outside to the dock. She looked around trying to see Luke. She didn't see him but followed Noah. A plain white van was backed up to the dock. As soon as they approached it, the doors flew open.

The men in the control room saw that Delilah was with Noah. One of them called Michael.

"Hello?" Michael answered on the third ring.

"Michael, did Luke have Noah take Delilah to the dock?"

"I don't believe so. Why? What's wrong?"

"Noah is walking around the dock with Delilah. It just looks suspicious."

"Okay. Thanks for telling me. I'll let Luke know." Michael hung up.

Michael rushed to Luke and busted into his office. He panted softly as he looked at Luke with slight panic in his eyes.

"Sir, we have a problem. Noah is on the dock with Delilah."

Luke immediately rose to his feet.


"They're at dock 3. You didn't give him an order, did you?"

"No, I didn't! Let's go. Now!"

They rushed out of his office and busted through the doors leading to the dock. They ran toward dock 3. They were too late; Delilah was already being stuffed into the van. She fought against them to get free. She screamed loudly trying to get someone's attention. Hearing her scream, Luke ran faster. Michael matched his pace. As Luke and Michael arrived at dock 3, the van sped off with Delilah.

They chased after the van, but the van was too fast. Luke yelled out in frustration and fell to his knees. He was furious and heartbroken at the same time. How could he let Delilah out of his grip? How could he let someone take her away? For the first time, Michael noticed tears in Luke's eyes. Tears slowly fell down Luke's cheeks. He leaned down and slammed his fist down on the ground beside him. He yelled out in frustration once again. Michael helped him stand to his feet. Luke was in shock. As tears streamed down Luke's face, he couldn't help but think about how he was going to get his revenge. He had to get Delilah back at all costs. He clenched his jaw tightly as he looked over at Michael.

"I'm going to kill them. Hold on Delilah, I'm coming."красивые-девч00нки-18/?page=330

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