Best friends Mom

The characters in this story are all over the age of 18.

Chapter 1

Ryan stormed up the stairs to his room with his left hand carefully holding his right. His councillor had only just reminded him a few hours before to take deep breaths when faced with situations that arise anger within him and not continue to punch holes in walls. Katy, his older nineteen year old girlfriend had just slept with another guy. Heck he didn't even know the guys name but what did it matter.

She had slept with someone else, and he knew that it was over. His first real relationship and it had ended in disaster. He burst into his room ignoring the calls from his Mother downstairs. Ryan grabbed at the photo frame of them both and shoved it away inside his bedside drawer.

With finals coming up and everything that went with it. The basketball league and his job. Everything was piling down on top of him. He'd been so mad at her all night he'd forgotten to do his homework yet again. He lay there with his homework in mind now intent on not getting it done. The anger within him told him to screw it.

His phone buzzed irritatingly in his Jeans pocket. He reluctantly pulled it out to see he'd missed 12 calls from Katy, 5 calls from his Mom and 1 call from his best friend Joe. Knowing Joe was his neighbour, he would have most likely heard from his mother asking where about's he was. He thought he better give him a call and fill him in on the situation.

Ryan rolled up his blinds to look over at Joe's window that was exactly opposite his own. Sure enough he could see Joe sitting inside his room hunched over the tv undoubtably playing video games. He watched as he rang his cell. The way his head spun to his phone on the bed behind him. Without hesitation he picked up.

After 10 minutes of talking he eventually came out with.

"Dang... are you sure it wasn't just the one time?" Asked Joe.

"Who knows. I don't care anymore anyways."

He lied. In truth it wasn't really a lie. He did care but not as much as he thought he did. Initially he was furious. The rage had overcome him again but now he'd had time to chat about it and he felt better. Besides he was starting to wonder if he really liked Katy all that much anyway.

"So what you gonna do now?" Joe asked as he sat up against his window sill.

"I'm done with girls. They're so immature and caught up in drama. You know I don't care for any of that stuff." He said.

"Sounds to me as though you need a woman."

"Older woman don't excite me." He lied again.

For a while now ever since he was around fifteen, older woman had Intrigued him. They were more mature, competent, experienced. It was also the feeling of a no go. Like he could not go their or they would never think of him in that way. It was wrong for a young eighteen year old boy to be with an older mature woman. Eighteen is just scraping manhood, barely even. Where as a woman in her forties has been mature for far longer and has experienced far more. It wasn't right which made it so exciting to him.

After a about 20 more minutes of chatting Ryan heard a familiar voice in the background.

"Get off that phone Joe it's getting late, you have school tomorrow!" Called the familiar voice in the distance.

"Anyways dude I gotta go. Moms nagging me to get some sleep." Joe said after a long sigh.

"Okay dude I'll get you before school tomorrow. Oh, and say hi to your Mom for me."

"Will do, see ya!"

Joe hung up the phone and left Ryan in the silence of his room once more. He lay on his back with his eyes staring into the darkness of his ceiling. Trying to picture Joe's Mom. He knew she was rather pretty but he'd never made a comment about it or even thought about it for that matter.

An image stayed in his head from when they were younger. He went round to play with Joe in the pool. They were playing some sort of silly game in the water while Nancy sunbathed in a full bathing suit.

He remembered staring at her breasts. How big and round they looked. Her bikini bra hiding her nipples from his desperate view. Her tummy was slim and hair waist wide. Her legs were long and golden brown form the sun. Despite being in her forties she had the look of someone just breaching thirty.

She gave them ice cream and even gave him a hug when he'd stubbed his toe against the wall. He remembered how it felt for her to hold him. He thought about opening up his laptop and jacking off but it was well past time for him to be asleep. In the end he fought the urge and turned over to face the wall.

Chapter 2

The morning came quickly. His phone vibrated and he scrabbled his hand to find the button. Forgetting it was sore he winced at the pain. It had gone all blue from the impact against the brick wall. He regretted it every-time he did it. It would take weeks for him to shoot a ball right whenever he did it. That was the most frustrating part.

Ryan had forgotten all about Katy when he'd woke. It had only been when his mother reminded him of her at the breakfast table had he thought of her.

"It's about Katy isn't it?" She asked.

"I don't wanna talk about it Mom." Ryan replied.

"Well why else would you storm up the stairs like that?" She acted as though she did not hear him.

"She slept with someone else okay, can we drop it now?"

"If you want to but I'd like for you to talk to me about these things." She said.

"And I'd like to forget it ever happened and move on." Ryan stabbed at his bacon with his fork.

"He's right honey. Guys... they tend to never look back in a stubborn kind of way. He gets that from me." Ryan's dad gave him a heavy pat on the back as he left for work.

"Well alright, but I worry about you Ryan." His Mother continued.

"I can handle myself Mom. I'm okay, really." He gave her a weak smile.

After breakfast he waited at Joes front porch as he always did. They walked to school together everyday since they were old enough to go alone. It seemed like for once Ryan was the one who was on time. It was always the case of Joe hanging about downstairs while Ryan rushed to get dressed having slept in yet again.

As he stood there leaning against the letterbox he accidentally slipped and opened it by the lever. A few letters flopped out on to the grass. As he bent down to pick them up he noticed the company writing on the front.

Ryan had been doing a school project on how to legally get divorced in Ohio. He'd barely started it but he recognised the company. As he picked up the letter sure enough it was addressed to Joe's Mother.

Nancy Brown

214 jubilee Street

"Was Joe's parents getting a divorce?" Ryan thought to himself.

His eyes averted to their front porch. Joe was no where to be seen but Nancy had just come outside to water her plants when she noticed him staring. She tucked her hair behind her right ear as her eyes came up to meet his.

"Oh hey Ryan, I didn't see you there!" She said with a bright smile.

Suddenly he noticed he'd been staring too long and he still held her mail in his hands.

"Oh, uh... sorry Mrs Brown I dropped your mail."

After an awkward silence Ryan stepped forwards towards her to hand her the mail.

"Well thank you Ryan, I haven't checked that darned mailbox in a few days actually, it must have been over flowing." She chuckled.

He handed her the letters carefully in a slow and deliberate manner. He wanted to feel some kind of connection. Maybe she would touch his hand briefly as she took the letter from his hand, but nothing happened. She simply took them from him and shuffled through them, Acknowledging each one.

Now standing awkwardly next to her he did not know what to say. Nancy noticed his shy demeanour and took him by the shoulder.

"Come sit down, Joe will only be a moment. Besides I think his Aunt Tina has sent the family photos I have been after. Would you like to see them?" She asked.

He knew it wasn't really a question when she began tipping them out from inside the envelope. He sat next to her on the bench in front of the kitchen window.

"Oh my wedding photos, we don't need to look at them." She said as she lay them next to her.

"I wouldn't mind Mrs Brown." Ryan said, eager to see her in her younger days.

"I suppose so it's good to reminisce sometimes." She picked them back up and began shuffling through them.

"This was his uncle Nick, he passed somewhat five years ago now." She pointed to the tall bearded man in the picture.

"Oh and this is his older sister Grace you know her she went off to med school last August." her finger darted to the young blonde girl in a pink fluffy dress about his age.

"Wow Mrs Brown, you look beautiful." Ryan blurted out.

He'd not even realised he'd said it. It was unmistakably inappropriate, but to his surprise Nancy did not seem to mind. Sure she shot him a sort of unsure look. It was very quick but he did notice. Though Ryan was sure he had got off with it.

"Well thank you Ryan but I must say those where my younger days, I've aged somewhat since that day."

His first thought was to reassure her that although older she'd gotten still beautiful she was.

"Like a fine wine." Would have been his words

It was clear to him now she had always been a looker. It was obvious as to why Joe's father had married her. What wasn't so obvious was why he was divorcing her.

"This was Joe's first day at preschool. You'll remember that one won't you." She held the picture up to him.

She handed him the picture of himself and Joe with arms around each other's shoulders smiling into the camera. They really had been best friends forever.

"I remember you and him became friends from the very first day. Ever since you have been inseparable. I remember your first sleepover together too. I made you hot chocolate that night after the baseball game. You were scared of the dark back then, you had to sleep with the light on, and I sat with you until you slept." She teased.

Ryan went red. He could feel his cheeks flushing.

"Oh don't be embarrassed!" She playfully slapped his leg.

"We were all children at some point, we were all scared of the dark once. Hey, look at you now. A big strapping young man, probably not scared of anything!"

"Oh I'm not so sure, my room can get pretty dark at night time." They both laughed at his joke.

At this point Joe emerged from the house interrupting their laughter.

"Ryan... Mom.... What you guys doing?"

"We're just looking through some old photographs together, do you want to see them?" She teased.

"No, I do not. Ryan we better get going..." Joe insinuated it was time to leave.

With that he stood and thanked Mrs Brown for showing him her photographs.

"It was my pleasure, I'm sure you'll be around another time to see the rest of them." She smiled.

"No he won't." Joe interrupted.

"See you two later!" She saw them off as they set off for school.

The walk didn't take long, ten minutes or so. Joe neglected to tell him about his parents divorce. Perhaps he had been ashamed of it, or maybe he did not know at all. If that was the case Ryan thought it better to give him a heads up about what he'd seen in her mail.

"Hey Joe, I don't mean to sound rude or anything. I noticed your Mom and Dad are getting a divorce." Ryan was hesitant.

"How did you find out about that?" He questioned.

"I saw it on one of your Mom's letters, I know the company." He admitted.

"So you were looking through our mail?" Joe shot him a curious look.

"No... I mean I was but it wasn't like that. I accidentally knocked open your letterbox and they all fell out. It was harder not to notice really. How come you didn't tell me?" Ryan asked.

"Well it's not something you just come out with is it? I suppose I could have mentioned it, but I guess I never really knew what to say. My dads been sleeping on the couch for a fortnight. I can't decide who's decision it was to get a divorce in the first place."

"Jeez dude that's heavy. Maybe it was mutual. For the best?..." Said Ryan.

"It doesn't matter, I'm off to camp this summer anyways as usual and when I get back I'll be off to college." Said Joe as he opened up his locker.

"Speaking of an escape looks like you'll be needing one." Joe nodded towards the girls bathroom. Where Katy and here friends were chittering and looking over in their direction.

Ryan wanted to disappear that was for sure. He hadn't even thought about college or what he planned to do this summer. He had a thought of working full time to pay off his car. But that didn't seem too exciting.

On the other hand he could head to camp with Joe but he hadn't done that since he was fourteen and he never really enjoyed it as much as Joe did. He no longer had a girlfriend now either so sex was going to be hard to come by.

It had been in his mind since his split with Katy. They had great sex together, she had an unreal body. In truth, it was probably all he was going to miss about Katy. He knew there was no good in going back there.

"I'll figure something out, I plan on making bank this summer. Trying to start my own business or something, ya know selling stuff."

"Speaking of making bank. You know who won't be making bank this summer. Miss Hudson, that's who. Rumour has it she slept with a students parent. She got the sack yesterday I heard." Joe told him.

"No way! I wonder who it was?"

"I'm not sure who but how bizarre huh? Anyway I think you should really hop on that clothing thing you were trying to set up. The stuff looked dope, and you might make some extra cash out with the delivery driving." Said Joe.

The sudden sound of the school bell dismissed them to their classes. Kids rushed in all directions holding books to their chests and chatting as they went.

"I'll see you at lunch." Said Joe.

"Yeah I'll see ya." He replied before heading to gym.

Chapter 3

Ryan hopped out the Bob's Pizza delivery car and headed towards the apartment complex. With the loud music and occasional screams he guessed he was delivering to some kind of party. When he knocked on the door nobody answered at first. It took three tries for someone to come to the door.

A slim guy with badly receding hair opened the door.

"Hey Derrick your Pizza is here!"

The man who Ryan supposed was Derrick squeezed through some dancers to get to him. The name hadn't rung a bell until he saw Katy following close behind him, his stomach churned.

"That'll be $32.65 please?" He said professionally.

Derrick looked him up and down. Trying to identify where he'd seen him before. It was only when Katy had said his name in surprise had he caught on.

"Ryan?" Derrick said.

Ryan did not answer.

"This is the guy you were with?" Derrick laughed now looking him up and down.

A few of the others laughed with him. He could tell Katy was a little uncomfortable with the situation.

"Just pay him Derrick, please?" She asked quietly now looking slightly embarrassed.

"Wait a second... this is the guy you were fucking before me?" The laughs continued.

Ryan started to feel the familiar rage build up inside of him. Though he remained still and did not say what he wanted to say.

"A delivery dude wearing dirty uniform in a dead-end job? seriously? I'm surprised Katy I'd have thought she'd maybe been with someone a little more respectable."

"Could be worse, she could be with a unemployed drug addict." Ryan could not help himself. He saw his dilated eyes the minute he opened the door.

"What did you say to me you little wimp?" Derrick was now coming forward towards him.

Ryan did not step back. He allowed Derrick to come into contact with the pizzas he held in his hands against his waist.

"You sure you want to waste these pizzas?" He smirked.

"I'll waste you! You little rat!" He continued.

"Get him Derrick" Ryan heard a guy shout from the back.

With that Derrick threw a punch. Dropping the pizzas he managed to dodge the blow.

"STOP DERRICK STOP IT!" Katy screamed.

It was no use he did not hear her at all it seemed. The second punch collided with his head and sent him back a few paces. He managed to regain his feet in time to return a punch of his own to Derrick's out-stretched chin.

The punch sent him side ways and Ryan in a rage dived on top of him. He rained down on him with punches until his goons got involved. They kicked at him until they got him off of Derrick. Soon they all surrounded him. Kicking from all sides as he curled into a ball with his hands up to protect his face.

He could still hear Katy's screams. The kicks seemed to just keep coming. Until he caught one between his hands on the chin. His view was fuzzy and he hardly knew where he was.

"Don't ever call me that again you little shit and stay away from my girl!." He heard derricks voice from above before receiving one last kick to the stomach.

The footsteps trailed away from him and he knew now he was alone on the grass. He did his best to to make it back to the car without falling over. It was very difficult to do. His legs would not hold still. They felt like spaghetti underneath him.

Somehow he managed to get into the car and drive off. He questioned his ability to drive but it seemed as though he could manage. The roads where empty and he made it back to his place.

He'd totally forgot about his parents leaving for the weekend of their anniversary. He only remembered when he pulled up at the side of the road to find no lights on inside.

Ryan got out of the car leaning against the side of it to hold his weight. He had left his key at work. Where he should be right now delivering pizzas.

He took a few steps forward and dropped to the floor. The adrenaline was wearing off and the pain was now building everywhere. His legs hurt. His head hurt his arms, hands, fingers. He could tell he'd been bleeding. His hands were a brownish red from the dried blood.

"Ryan!" He heard from across the lawn.

Mrs brown watched from her porch as he fell over again. As soon as he fell she ran towards him.

"My god Ryan what happened!?" She cried.

"Come on let me get you inside you can't be alone like this." Mrs Brown wrapped his arm around her as she held his waist. She helped Ryan limp from his drive to her front door.

They barged through the door into the dark living room. Mrs Brown flicked on a light and lay him down on the couch. With the light now on him she was shocked at how bloody he was.

"My god Ryan who did this to you?" She moaned.

With the light now on above him he felt even more dizzy. Mrs Brown fetched a basin and a wet cloth to dab at the cut on his forehead. Ryan winced at the pain.

"Sorry Dear but it needs to be cleaned."

"Where's Joe?" He muttered.

"Joe? He's at the baseball game. Why?" She asked.

"Just I don't want him to see me like this. He will want to get him back." Ryan moaned as he tried to move upwards on the couch.

"Ryan don't move you might have broken something. You should tell the principle! Whoever did this can't get away with something like that!" Mrs Brown almost shouted.

"Look, I'll be fine" Ryan said pushing her arm aside and forcing himself to stand.

Moments later he wobbled and sat back down.

"You aren't going anywhere, I'll phone your work they will need to be informed, also your mother needs to know about this I'll phone her too."

Mrs Brown rushed off to the kitchen and dialled the telephone. He could hear her talking with his boss as he lay back trying to stop the room from spinning. A few minutes later she returned helping him to his feet.

"Your boss wishes you a speedy recovery." She said.

"And Mom?" He asked.

"She is worried, as you might have expected. Not to worry I told her you'll stay with us tonight. Now come on better get you out these bloody clothes. I'm sure Joe won't mind sharing some of his until morning."

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