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A few days go by and Chanel is distraught. A friend back home tells her he is cheating on her. She sends her a link to that account and her eyes widen. Photos of Renault and different women kissing and hugging all over his family home and in the streets. The night she tried to call him he was eating with another woman. She wanted to be hurt and angry, but she knew she was going to do the same and break up with him when she got back. "Thank you. You made my decision easier. I am not mad and enjoy yourself. Hopefully, we can be friends after this." She exited out the app and got ready for work. Now, she can really go after Sam without any guilt.

"Man, I don't understand how you have smashed that little French pussy yet? She's short of pulling you dick out and inserting it herself."

"Chris, after the bullshit you pulled that is the reason why Mr. Poli put that rule in. Remember?"

"Hey, I didn't know she was a screamer. She bet me $100 she could handle it and couldn't take three minutes. The she started rolling her eyes back and I couldn't deal after that."

"She almost burned down the restaurant because you didn't marry her. Next time any woman bets you to fuck, make sure the restaurant isn't involved. Some of us still like our jobs."

Chris and Sam didn't notice that Chanel came in to start her shift. Dinah was throwing knives with her eyes at Chanel when she walked in. She doesn't know why she dislikes her so much. Is she really jealous of her? Does she feel threatened? Why? She knows the type of women Sam likes. But why doesn't he take notice like he does with that tiny thing that thinks she's hot shit. She pushes it out her mind and gets her section ready for the lunch rush.

Chanel is also thinking the same thing looking at Dinah. She notices how Sam looks at her and she wants another man to look at her the same way. With the truth finally out and she's no longer with Renault, she's craving for the touch of another man. She's sees why he is attracted to her. Long brunette hair, big firm breast, and thick ass. Hell, she wants to taste that pussy also. But she has this feeling that she is trampling on her territory. She decides to ask Sam tonight and see what's going on between the two of them. But now, she puts on her apron and greets her first table.

Chris decides to close the restaurant early due to no customers coming in for a couple of hours. Servers and cooks started breaking down and cleaning. Chanel focused on her tables and behaved cause Chris and Dinah were eyeing her like she was a thief. She finishes her cleaning assignments and walks into the office.

"I'm sorry, your probable talking about something important."

"Is there a problem?"

"I have something to ask Sam in private, if that's ok with you Mr. Boxen?"

"So, you're on a first name basis.... That's my cue to leave. I'll check on the minions and see how they are doing. Remember Sam, stretch so you don't pull a muscle like last time."

Sam flips off Chris before he walks out and shuts the door. She finally has Sam alone and images of his thick lips sucking on her nipples while he puts two fingers inside her tight wet pussy made her sprung a leak. Her nipples perked up, but she was wearing a jacket so Sam couldn't see them. Sam was glad he was behind the desk. He's imaging her sitting on his shoulder with that fat pussy staring at him. He pulls on her piercing and she starts leaking. He licks it up with his fat tongue and she starts grinding on his face. He grabs her hips and pushes her closer. He slides his tongue inside of her wet, tight pussy and she grinds on his tongue. She somehow flips over to his hard dick and lets gravity slides it into her throat. He was about to cum when the door opened, and it was Dinah.

"I'm sorry, I thought Chris was still in here with you."

She knew she passed Chris along the way. Mind your business. Chanel was staring down Dinah until she left the office. She locked the door so nobody else would interrupt.

"I see that you're getting better. I didn't have to rescue you once. Good job."

"So, what kind of reward do I get? Is it thick, black and can fit into tight places?"

Sam was about to respond but decided to not say so he won't get into trouble.

"What was it that you needed to speak to me about?"

"I wanted to ask you a private question. What is the relationship between Dinah and you?"

"I have been knowing Dinah since I first started working here. Why? Did something happen between the two of you?"

She wanted to say that she's being a cunt and cunt blocking her since she's been here, but she digresses.

"No nothing like that. I was wondering if you have feelings for her. I see it whenever you look at her. And to be honest, I have been trying to sleep with you since I got here, and you've turned me down. I wanted to know if I am not your type, or the both of you are in a relationship."

Sam sat back in his chair and thought about it. If she notices it, does anybody else? If Dinah notices also? Does the whole restaurant notice? Oh God, does Mr. Poli notice? Chanel notices he starts breathing fast and quickly changes the subject.

"Hey, it's alright. I just ended my relationship with my boyfriend thru text. I realize that life is too short, so I am going to make the best of my situation. I would like how you say, "hook up" with you, but if I'm interfering with anything, I'll stop."

After a minute, Chanel decides to get up. She got her answer. As she unlocked the door, she felt his hand on her shoulder. Electricity shoots down her spine and exits out of her nipples and her pussy. He turns her around and lifts her up while she was spinning. She wraps her legs around his waist and looks at him. He starts kissing her passionately. Their tongues dip in and out of their mouths causing saliva to drip out of the sides of their mouths. Sam moves over to the desk and sits her on top. Somehow, they take their shirts off and Sam sucks on her breast feverishly. He sucks on one nipple and pinches the other. Then suddenly he switches. Chanel gasps and moans loudly. Her eyes roll back with every wave of pain and pleasure that engulfs her body. He reaches a hand up her skirt and feels her fat tight pussy was soaking her panties. With one swoop of his hands, he removes them and tosses them on the floor. The rush of cool air between her thighs sent a shiver up her spine. She unbuckles his belt and pants and pushes them down with her feet. She looks down and it's as thick as she imagines. She looks deep into Sam's eyes and nods. She puts her legs around his waist to pull herself towards him. He wraps his arm around her waist and guides her unto him with his other hand. He misses entry on the first try, so Chanel grind up and down on his thick hard dick to lube it up. He grabs himself and guides it in slowly. Chanel gasps as each inch spreads her tight fat wet pussy wider and wider. She wraps her arms around his neck and bits into his shoulder, so she won't scream. She slowly grinds up and down to adjust to all that meat stuffed inside her. Each stroke sent waves, and waves of pain and pleasure through her body. She couldn't say words, just made sounds of joy. Sam places her against the wall and starts pumping away. Between the sloshing sounds her pussy was making and the loud moans from each thrust, her head was spinning because the orgasms were earth shattering. Sam started pumping faster. Faster. Faster. She felt him get harder. He was about to cum. She tried to squeeze to send him over, but it was too much. She feels the explosion......

"Sam, hey Sam. Did you hear anything I said?"

He was still reeling from her question and zoned out. He wiped the drool from his mouth and sat up. He sees Chanel is already at the door, so he had to say something.

"Chanel, please, sit back down so I can answer your questions. First, I do care deeply about all my employees esp. Dinah. I have been knowing her since she was wearing pig tails and braces. Don't tell her that. I am single and a manager. Mr. Poli has rules due to an incident that has happened. I don't enforce it or Mr. Boxen but I must be careful. Again, as for Dinah, we don't have a romantic relationship."

There was a crash outside the door that startled both of them. They looked at each other.

"I think it's time for me to go home."

"Did that answer your question?"

"Yes and no, but we will see. J'obtiens toujours ce que je veux. Ce que je veux, c'est cette viande gonflée au fond de moi. (I always get what I want. What I want is this swollen meat inside of me) Good night. »

« And what does that mean? »

« You gonna have to translate that. »



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