They advertised the parties in the Village Voice. You had to call to get on the entrance list, then when you arrived at the building, they checked the list before you could go up the elevator. Then at the party site, I signed a sign-in sheet (I didn't write down my real name). You had to remove all your clothes and put them in a plastic bag they gave you that they stored behind the check-in counter. It was a big open space with plywood walls built to separate it into several areas.

On the right, after the entrance, was a room with 3 long black leather couches and 4 TVs showing gay porn. Guys were sitting around with their pants and underwear down, knees spread and stroking their huge, uncut cocks. I got on my knees between the knees of the first one. He said, "No, hot Cock Slave, roll this condom down on my huge cock and sit on it while I fuck your tight ass and he fucks your tight throat (pointing to the guy next to him).

He groaned as I went all the way down on his thick 11" cock, then stood up and sat down on it. The guy next to him stood up, I opened my mouth and looked up at him. He slid his 10" uncut cock down my throat and with one hand on the back of my head and the other under my chin, piston-fucked my throat. They both groaned and moaned as they used my tight holes. I felt their huge cocks throb and their spurts of semen up my ass inot the condom and down my throat.

The guy next to the throat guy handed me a condom, which I rolled down his cock and sat on it. The first guy, the ass fucker, poured his semen down my throat and throat fucked me hard. They both came at the same time. I loved having all 12 use both my ass and my throat.

In the main room there was a stage, an area with open booths, barber chairs, and an area with a long urinal where guys who liked golden showers would hang out. I sucked a few guys right out in the open, including a hot black boy with a 9" x 5" uncut cock who, who over the course of the evening, sucked and swallowed 4 times, once up on the stage and 3 more times in different rooms so that more guys would see it. Then, I gave him my ass on the stage as a hot, 11" x 5" uncut Latino took my throat. They then switched. 4 more guys used my throat and ass on the stage. I loved knowing that over 50 men were watching!

In between the main room and the hallway were small enclosed booths with 3 glory holes. I sat on a small stool in one booth while countless guys stuck their cocks through the gloryholes and I sucked them off. There was a back room with private booths where I sucked a few guys off.

Between the back booth room and the TV room was a room with a sling where I sucked off a few guys sitting in the sling. I then got into the sling as 10 men took my ass. They saved up the condom semen and a 12" black man took me back on the stage, told me to get on my knees, head back, mouth open and tongue out. He poured all that semen down my throat, then slid his huge black python down my throat and aggressively throat fucked me. His cock throbbed so hard I thought it might burst out of my throat.

I then stood up, bent over with my hands on the back of a chair and spread my legs. The black guy got on his knees, spread my ass cheeks and ate my asshole. He stood up, lubed my ass and fingered it. He slid his python up my ass and holding my shoulders piston-fucked my ass. Again, his cock throbbed so hard I thought he might split me in two.

I got back on my knees and he poured his huge load of semen down my throat. He invited other guys to come up and shoot on my face and mouth. Over 20 guys did that, all hot, hung and uncut. My face and tongue were covered in hot semen. The black guy wiped it all into my mouth and throat fucked it all down adding more to the huge amount of semen in my belly.

I saw that one of the guys was the Italian guy whose cock I sat on first in the TV room. He came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to a hot, Italian men sex club in Little Italy some night. I said, "Fuck yes! Will they all be as hot as you?"

"Yes. Give me your number and I'll call you when we have the next sex party. There are platforms, slings and glory holes. Some of the guys were here tonight, so you will get to service them again and again. My name is Luigi."

"My name is Mike. Michele."

He called the next Tuesday and gave me the address down on Mulberry Street. He said to ring the bell and, when the buzzer rings, go to the 4th floor and knock. I did and someone let me in and led me to a room where I took off my clothes and put them in a bag, then into a cubby in a shelf unit. Luigi came in and grabbed my hand. He took me into the main room where there were so many hot, naked, uncut Italian men I couldn't count them all.

He told me to get in a sling. He shackled my legs up and tilted it back. I could see men lining up for my ass and throat. I saw a small table with a bowl of condoms and lube and a large glass. I spent a glorious hour servicing those hot, Italian studs with my ass and throat. Luigi let me out of the sling and walked me over to a stage. He led me up and told me to get on my knees. He poured all the semen down my throat and very hot older guy with a thick 12" uncut cock throat fucked me hard adding more hot Italian semen to the huge amount in my belly.

Then, Luigi pulled me to my feet, got on his knees and sucked a load out of me. He asked who I wanted to fuck. I pointed to the 12" man. Luigi said, "Good choice. Dad, bend over! Mike, this is Giovanni." I got on my knees, spread his ass cheeks and ate his ass, then using my pointer and middle fingers, opened his anus and stuck my tongue in it.

I stood up, put on a condom, lubed and fingered his ass, then slid my cock up it and, holding his hips, piston fucked him for about a minute, pulling him all the way down on me as I grunted, my cock throbbed and filled the condom up his ass with the load I'd been saving all night.

Another hot guy with a huge cock got on his knees. I dripped my semen down his throat and throat fucked him and shot. I then told Luigi I needed to go and asked if there were showers. He led me to the showers where I sucked another 10 guys and got my ass fucked a few more times before dressing, catching a cab home, vomiting up all that semen and falling fast asleep in a cum-induced coma.

I did this at least once a week for 4 months. I never went back to the loft party.

The last time I went, I told Luigi and Giovanni that I was moving to Chicago for graduate school and invited them to come stay the night. It was amazing getting spit roasted repeatedly by almost 2 feet of hot, Italian sausage. Before they left, I French kissed Luigi while Giovanni sucked my cock. Then, I French kissed Giovanni while Luigi sucked my cock.

I got on my knees in front of the mirror in the hallway as they jerked their skinned back foreskins, grunting as they looked down at me. They slapped my tongue then shot on it and my face. I licked it all up and swallowed with a huge smile on my face. They left and I never saw them again. & act=details & poem_id=37320

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