As Laurent towered over me, enough time elapsed that I realized that he wasn't going to harm me physically. I was relieved that Chad had already left, as I knew that peer pressure could incite violence, particularly as Chad had been drinking. As embarrassing as it was to be discovered hiding under my bed with my girlfriend's panties in my pocket, it would have been way worse to get my ass kicked in front of the twins and my future wife.

As the threat of violence dissipated, Laurent asked me if I had enjoyed watching him with the girls. I nodded my head in shame, my embarrassment rendering me unable to form the words.

"I like having you here too," he said condescendingly. "I am going to enjoy taking all of your girlfriend's firsts from you. Making you watch is a bonus. You don't need to hide under the bed like a pussy, though."

Irene shot me a furtive glance, and mouthed the words, "I love you, Oscar."

She was smiling at me signaling her forgiveness for me having watched her while I hid. She was also looking for my consent, as Laurent was already moving on to the next part of my humiliation.

"Erica, make our swim coach comfortable," he ordered. "He looks like he is going to bust out of his jeans."

Erica moved swiftly towards me and extended her feminine hand to the button on my jeans. With a quick admonishment to me not to fight her, she undid my top button and pulled my zipper down. A quick tug on the legs of my jeans and moments later she had me stripped down to my briefs, the wet-spot very visible in the front of them.

"Where do you want Oscar to sit, Laurent?" she asked.

"I don't," he answered. "I want him to kneel. Right by the bed."

I felt very self-conscious as I knelt naked except for my briefs, about two feet from the four of them. I was tenting in my underwear, leaking profusely, and desperately in need of release.

"Have you ever eaten pussy before, Irene?" Laurent asked.

I watched as my girlfriend went bright red, lowered her head with embarrassment, and said no.

"Well, there is a first time for everything," Laurent responded cheerfully. "Erica get your ass over here."

I could see Irene stiffen up, the anxiety palpable on her face as she was preparing herself for another new sexual experience. Erica walked over to my girlfriend and took her by the hand. The two of them moved over to the makeshift bed, and looked at Laurent for direction.

"I want you guys to get to know each other better first," he said calmly. "Kneel down and kiss."

I watched on intently as my principal tormentor and my future wife started to make out. It was very tender and gentle, the way it often is when two women kiss. Without the pressure to move swiftly on to sex, which is normally the case when a man is involved, the two girls took their time, increasing their desire for each other by their sensual movements. I could see Irene's arousal increase as Erica planted soft kisses all over her face. It was very sexy watching these two beauties caress and make out, and my cock throbbed under the visual stimulation. It was very clear that the two of them were forging a deep connection, and a little disconcerting as Erica was the person primarily responsible for controlling my orgasm schedule. The last thing I needed was for my main tormentor and my girlfriend to be on the same page, conspiring together to limit my releases.

After several minutes both girls were breathing heavily, and showing overt signs of arousal. Laurent had seen enough foreplay and took control of the room.

"Irene, lay on your back," he ordered.

After Irene was in Laurent's desired position, he instructed Erica to squat above my girlfriend, in the 69 position. It wasn't lost on me that Chad had just fucked the young blonde, and I prayed that he had used a condom. Irene seemed a little nervous that I was watching, particularly as the inference was that Laurent was about to enjoy some of the "firsts" that I had always assumed would be mine. I did notice that Irene was still wet, her juices more noticeable thanks to her freshly shaved pussy.

Under Laurent's direction, Erica lowered her pussy slowly onto Irene's face, my girlfriend tentatively extending her tongue until it brushed against her clitoris. Evidently, Irene felt compelled to reciprocate Erica's previous attentions, and even though it was her first time eating pussy, she slowly brought Erica to the boil.

Any questions about Chad's use of a prophylactic were answered when Erica reached her first climax. As the young blonde threw back her head and cried out in delight, she expelled a large glob of semen that landed on Irene's upper lip. My girlfriend turned her head to the side reflexively, which resulted in Chad's ejaculate sliding across her lip, down the side of her neck, and pooling in her beautiful red hair.

"Reminds me of when I titty-fucked your girlfriend," Laurent said with a chuckle, looking directly at me. "I came in her hair and all over your pillow."

If Irene was pissed, she didn't show it. In fact, she raised her head slightly to brush her lips against Erica's labia, extending her tongue in an attempt to let the beautiful young Czech girl know that she could enjoy another orgasm. Erica enjoyed two more orgasms on my girlfriend's face, leaking Chad's semen in a steady flow onto Irene.

Laurent had evidently decided that it was his turn to come again, because he knelt behind Erica, and lined his cock up with her tight young pussy. He certainly wasn't in need of any lubrication, Erica's vagina having been made moist by Chad's earlier deposit. After he was balls-deep inside Erica, Laurent purposely spread his knees further apart, which lowered his nut-sack onto Irene's face. I watched jealously as she adjusted her position slightly, so that she could take his balls between her lips.

As Laurent began to fuck Erica doggy-style, Irene sucked and nibbled his nuts. The French stud got into a rhythm, getting balls-deep into the petite blonde with each inward stroke. Jessica knelt down by Laurent's head and began to kiss him. After a few moments of tenderly making out, Laurent pulled away from her and spoke.

"Show Irene what I like, Jessica," he told her firmly.

Jessica obediently scooted around Laurent's body until she was next to Irene.

"Scoot back slightly," she ordered my girlfriend. "Maybe three inches."

I watched as Irene dug her heels into the carpet for some leverage, and slid her entire body back a couple of inches, so that her lips were positioned directly under Laurent's taint.

"Perfect," Jessica said softly, "he likes to have his taint nibbled. Use your lips not your teeth."

I wasn't sure where my girlfriend's new-found compliance was coming from, but she raised her head slightly, and began to tenderly nibble Laurent's taint. In retrospect, I should have left the room right then. After my embarrassment of being discovered hiding under the bed, Laurent had invited me to watch him dominate the three women, but he hadn't ordered me to stay. I felt like I was free to leave, and this would have been the opportune moment to do so. However, as Laurent ran Irene through a series of progressively depraved sexual activities, some of which were life-long fantasies of mine, I just couldn't leave.

Ever since I met Irene, I had hoped to one day be married to her. Expecting her to be my life-long sexual partner, encouraged me to fantasize about our love life down the road. My first goal was to see her naked, primarily to answer the question I had about how her pussy was groomed. I also had fantasies of her giving me a blow-job, although the way I envisioned it was very loving and sensual. We would lay together, and after a protracted session of foreplay, I imagined her moving slowly down my chest and stomach, taking the tip of my cock between her lips, before softly sucking me. I had even thought about asking her to lick my balls one day, although in my fantasies this would happen on our anniversary or my birthday, a special treat for a special day.

In my wildest dreams, I guess I imagined taking her in the doggy-style position, although once again, this fantasy was conducted in a loving, respectful way, after Irene was completely satisfied. In fact, her total satisfaction had been my favorite fantasy, as it seemed just about the least likely to occur. I had already demonstrated my lack of control in my three previous attempts at sexual intercourse. On each occasion, I came prematurely, leaving a disappointed woman high and dry, rather than a satisfied and contented sexual partner.

Some of the more perverse sexual acts, such as fucking Irene's breasts, or squatting on her head so that my testicles hit her face, never even crossed my mind, prior to meeting Laurent. And, for the love of God, I never even knew that women would consider licking a man's nether regions, let alone sticking their tongue inside his ass, the way Jessica had.

In the space of two hours, Laurent had not only expanded Irene's sexual horizons, but he had opened my eyes to the depraved acts that women would do, under the right sexual provocation. He had taken care of Irene's needs first, causing her to cry out that she was completely satisfied. Then, using the importance of reciprocation as a tool to manipulate her, he got my girlfriend naked first, something that I had never done. He got her to crawl over to him, kneel before him, suck his thumb while mirroring Erica's blow-job techniques. He had shaved her pussy, forced her to go down on Erica shortly after another guy had come inside the petite blonde, made her suck his nuts and nibble his taint. In short, in two hours he had accomplished more with my girlfriend than I had in all of the years that I had known her. More, in fact, than I ever expected to in my whole life.

That encapsulated the difference between Alpha males, like Chad and Laurent, and Betas, like me. In the way a bulimic craves food, and gorges it at every available opportunity, so was I with sex. I was so consumed with it, or rather my lack of access to it, that I ended up being led around by my cock, taking it whenever the chance arose, but ending each and every failed sexual encounter in abject ignominy, the way a bulimic retreats in shame to the bathroom.

Laurent had sufficient confidence in his love-making skills to regale a dozen of his friends with tales of his exploits, captivating them as they hung onto every word, wishing it was them. By contrast, I was ashamed of my every sexual encounter, and the mere mention of the specifics, was highly embarrassing. Between the pre-mature ejaculations, and my unfamiliarity with the female anatomy, my conquests read like a comedy script, replete with fuckups and laughable moments.

Now, as the Alpha fucked Erica from behind, while Irene nibbled his taint, using her lips just the way he liked it, I knew he was about to come, and who knows what that would entail.

To my surprise, Erica came first, which was astonishing considering the amount of sexual stimulation that Laurent was being subjected to. The young Czech girl threw her head back, let out a squeal of delight and came all over Laurent's cock. The last remnants of Chad's load were forced out of her pussy, dripping onto Irene's chin, and running down the front of her neck. Laurent kept up his impressive pace, and Erica came twice more in quick succession, before looking over her shoulder and seductively inviting him to blow his load.

"Your turn, Papa," the beautiful young blonde whispered, her blues eyes twinkling in expectation of his cum-shot. "I am completely satisfied."

Laurent seemed happy with her revelation and began to pick up his pace. Jessica whispered her next set of instructions to Irene, and unfortunately it way exceeded my worst expectations.

"Scoot back a little further," the beautiful blonde told Irene. "It's time for your first rim-job."

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