Jim and Betty had lived next door for six years. A year ago Jim had found out Betty was fucking a guy she worked with. He had told no one but me. And when he told me I have never seen him as excited.

"Dave. I was told last week, Betty is fucking Todd Fields at work."

"Oh Shit Jim, I can't tell you how sorry I am."

"No, No, don't be sorry, I have wanted her to do something for a couple years now.'

"What do you mean wanted something to happen?"

"Haven't you ever thought about some one fucking Denny? You know having her naked and fucking her lots? You know how sexy that would be?"

"So you wanted Betty to fuck someone else?"

"You have seen Betty naked. And she is nearly as Sexy as Denny."

A couple month earlier we'd been over to their house drinking and we teased the girls about getting in their hot tub naked. To our surprise they had. But even more they had each gone into the house to pee and had paraded by us totally naked. Betty on her return had stopped and chatted with us for several minutes. When she returned to the tub we heard her telling Denny to give Jim a really good look and do it right in front of me. And sure enough here she came to the bathroom. When she returned she stopped next to Jim. She grinned at me.

"Betty wants me to let Jim fuck me. Dave can I let him fuck your wife?"

I grinned back at my wife.

"Jim, get your cock out so Denise can sit on it."

We could hear Betty yelling for her to do it from the tub. Jim leaned back his big cock hard and ready for my wife. She flipped me off and turned back toward the tub. Jim grinned over at me.

"Dam, I thought for a minute she was going to do it."

"She thought about it. Maybe one more drink she would have."

"Would you have let her do it?"

"And set right here and watched her do it. And she knew it."

So we had seen each others wives naked.

"And you are happy Todd is fucking her?"

"I wanted to get it done the other night at our house, you and Betty , me and Denny. But come to find out I think Todd's been fucking her for several months."

"So what happens now?"

"I am much closer to where I want this to go?"

"And where exactly is that?"

"Betty dated a black guy before we got engaged and I saw her with him a couple times. She dated him maybe six months and I know he was fucking her. But she claims he didn't."

"So do you really want to know? And why do you need to?"

"It turns me on like crazy if she was. So was she? You and I know she told Denny and She nearly got my cock in your wife the other night. Betty had pushed her and wanted her to do it. Betty says she wanted to do it."

"So why didn't she?"

"She was afraid it might cause trouble between us."

"Shit. Jim if she put her pussy down over your cock why would I be pissed at you?And if I knew they were playing I would now be good friends with Betty and you with Denny!"

"You'd have let us fuck?"

"I'd have watched as you pushed your cock right up in my wife."

"I wish she would have done it."

"Well Buddy be turned on then cause he fucked her for over six months. And she has told Denny she'd love to do him more."

"Shit Dave I have a friend I work with and they have a group of guys who do white wives. And he tells me they ran into the girls at the Row Boat club about 2 weeks ago. You remember the night they went out with Carl's wife?"

"Carl's the black guy who works with Betty?"

"Yep and Carlie is the built little blonde he's married to. You remember he had her tits out at the party at Maggie's Bar."

"Yes, and fine titties they are too."

"Any way part of this group of these guys were at the Row Boat that night and Carlie being married to black flirted with them and all three got to dancing with them. And of coarse they got Carlies titties out right off and played with them. A few dances later they got Betties out and worked on her big titties too. Betty and Carlie worked on Denny then and finally they got hers out too."

"Denny's tits were out for them?"

"YES, and she gave them up for them good. They sucked them, handled them, kissed them and openly displayed them. And they talked to them about maybe a party with them."

"When and what kind of party?"

"A Party where the group gang bangs them all."

"Did they all agree to do it?"

"Am not sure but I think so."

"When are they to do it?"

"This week some time?"

"They are to go out tomorrow night, Jim. And You want Betty done by them?"

"Oh, Yes I do! I am why they were at the Row Boat the other night. But I hadn't expected them to get Denny's tits out too. She is going to help protect Betty you know. Will you let them have her too?"

"They won't rape her and she is a big girl so nothing she doesn't want will happen will it?"

"So we let them have them? Once done they have told me they do it more and more. And in two months they will do them at the Row Boat for the crowd there. So far Jay they have done 14 wives publicly there. I want to see them do Betty there for all to see. I would love to see them do Denny too. If she does it this week? Will you let her do it there too?"

"Yes if Denny does it tomorrow night, We will let them have her too. In public for all to watch her become a BBC whore too."

"Oh Dave I want them to have her too. I want to watch the blacks fuck your wife!"

The next few days passed. and I was very busy at work. I didn't see Jim and Betty nor did I see Denny as I was gone to work the morning after their night out and the next two to follow.

Finally on Friday night we met at the Row Boat for drinks. Jim sat at the Bar and our wives had not arrived yet. I sat next to Jim. We sat quietly for several minutes. I finally spoke.

" So was Betty Blacked by them?"

"I am more than slightly pleased to say she has been. Eight of them did her. They said she loved it. I wonder what holds the girls up tonight?"

The girls finally showed up and we all chatted the next few hours. As they were getting ready to go to his car and we to ours. Jim turned to me. "Oh and Dave we will watch Denny soon on the stage as they black her publicly! Five of them have had their black bare cocks up inside her. They tell me she was fantastic!"

"You are shitting me they blacked Denny too?"

"After they did Betty, they worked on Denny, Betty says it took them several more drinks and some time but she finally gave in and some of them got her in the back bedroom. Betty was fucking when they took Denny back there and she thinks they taped it. But Denny told her on the way home she fucked five different guys. And that she agreed to do it live at the Club next month on stage."

"Is she going to tell me?"

"Betty says she is yes."

"You and Betty stop over and let's talk about this?"

"I will see what Betty says?"

The girls had gone on to our cars and we followed. When I got in our car Denny brought it up.

"I saw you and Jim talking back there. And he told you didn't he?"

"About what you girls did the other night?"

"I only went to help protect Betty and no way I was doing anything. But once they got her naked and she was screaming how good it felt and how great she looked. And they pulled me into the back bedroom and they got my tits out and them my panties off and I suddenly had a Big black cock going up into me. Oh God Dave I have never felt so sexy. as they watched him doing me and I knew I was going to let them all do it. Dave I let five black men fuck me. Are you Mad at me?"

I finally spoke.

"Jim and Betty are going to stop by. I want you to go out and get in with Jim and send Betty in to me."

"So you want to talk to Betty?"

" I want you to go home with Jim and fuck him every way you can think of."

We pulled up at our house and they pulled in behind us. Denny never said a word, she just got out and went back to their car. She and Betty talked a few minutes and when Betty got out she got in. Jim backed out and drove away with Denny.

Betty got in and she kissed me open mouthed tong wet and hungry. Her hands on my hard cock.

"Oh, Dave my Jimmy is going to be up in your Denny in a few minutes. I have wanted him in her since the first time I met you guys."

"You have wanted Jim in my wife?"

"You bet once you have given her to my Jim, he will do her from now on. And he will let me fuck anyone I want now. Come on I want your cock in me.. She pulled me from our car and had her big tits out half way to our house.

Our wives didn't return to their own homes til late evening the next day. Denny carried her dress in her hand and walked back home completely naked. She walked in proudly and looked at me.

"I did my best with Jim. I lost count of how many times he fucked me. I am more than pleased to have our friend as my lover. Betty has wanted us to do this for months."

"So has Jim. Betty wants the freedom."

"His fucking me gives her more freedom?"

"Honey, you are much much better in bed than Betty."

"I am sorry, You didn't enjoy the time with Betty?"

"She is okay, but she is all about Betty. She thinks her big tits make her something special, It doesn't. Jim knows that more much more than ever now he has been with you. He doesn't really care who is with Betty. He knows they will always send her back home to him. He hopes the more she fucks it will make her better at it. It won't, She thinks she is good at it now so she likely will never be better."

"Jim ask if I could come over tomorrow night? Betty is going out with a friend."

"Do you want to go over?"

"Ya, it will be fun. To be able to just go over."

"And just fuck Jim?"

"Yes Dear, and just fuck Jim."

I grinned at her and she grinned back.

I learned the girls were to be on stage in two weeks and were to be gang banged publicly by a large group of negro men to officially become BBC whores. Jim told me about it. He and Denny had talked about her doing it. She was a little timid about it still. But Jim was encouraging her to do it and telling her I wanted her to do it too.

Did I really? I was excited about her maybe doing it. Did I really want her to do it so friends would see it and talk about it? I really wasn't sure? As time go closer I spent lots of time thinking about it. I finally did decide that it was going to be decided by whether Denny wanted to be on that stage that night.

The night finally came. Jim and I went together. I was still not sure if Denny was going to do it or not? I ask Jim on the way to the club that night. She had spent the night before with his cock up inside her.

"Dave I did everything I could to get her up on stage nude for them tonight. I told her how proud we are going to be when she displays herself and offers her self for them to enjoy tonight."

"You think she'll come out for them tonight?"

"Betty is going first and I know she'll do it. She is going to do ten black cocks and she'll show the crowd every one bare up inside her for all to see. I am not sure Denny was going to do it. Our sex was great last night and in the good part of her climax I told her I need to see her do it tonight. She screamed out OK! She wouldn't say anymore."

We sat up near the edge of the stage.

"So what do you think she'll do?"

Betty was on stage and fucking fully displayed. As she finished with the last guy and the stage cleared the spot centered on the door she had entered from and we waited to view my naked wife's entrance.

"Denny's beautiful tits are coming out I just know it."

We waited.

The door finely opened and my beautiful naked wife stepped out onto the lighted stage. She was followed by twelve naked negro men. And I knew she was about to go on display becoming a BBC whore publicly. And I couldn't wait to watch her do it.

And I was soon watching her doing it.


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