This story deals with a ftm man and his mistress. I chose to use cunt, pussy, dick and cock to reference the transman's genitalia. While it is not a non-con story, there are elements of coercion or reluctance. If this terminology or subject matter upsets you, this story may not be for you.


"So, are you a boy or a girl?"

This party was boring. These questions were boring. The exec asking me was boring - fat, ugly, and old. I could see the way he was looking me up and down, and knew where this was going. I also could clearly see the wedding ring on his finger. "A little of both, I guess."

He leered. I leaned on the snack table and crunched a celery stick. "Come on, sweetie. What's between those legs of yours?"

"I don't really see how that's any of your -"

A hand on my shoulder froze my words in mid air.

"Sorry, Robert. It forgets it's place sometimes." A cold shiver ran down my spine. Her presence was commanding behind me, making me stand up straight and drop my hands to my sides. My eyes to the floor. How had I forgotten she would be here?

"Tell Mr. Adams what you are."

I swallowed. Her presence allowed only one answer. "I'm an object for others pleasure."

"Very good." Her approval sent warm tingles through my body. It hit the cold anticipation that had been building with force - there were storms brewing within me. "Now answer his question. Correctly, this time."

"Between my legs are holes for you to use, sir." I didn't have to be looking directly at him to see the lecherous smile growing on the executive's face. My stomach was twisting, turning, brewing.

"Good." The grip on my shoulder tightened. "Now show him."

I glanced back in shock, only to have manicured nails return my eyes to the ground with force. "Are you disobeying me, little toy?"

She had shared me before, yes, but this was not that kind of party. No one else was naked.

Everyone else was a person. I was a toy.

That thought was the only thing in my mind as I slowly unbuckled my belt, then unfastened my pants. I had taken great pride in the clothes I had chosen to wear. I should have known better. When I dropped my pants to the floor, the executive began to rub his crotch excitedly. My face was burning in shame.

"Look how wet you are, little toy," my mistress whispered in my ear. Her fingers wrapped around my hard little cock, already soaked with the juices flowing from my cunt. When had I gotten so turned on? I hated this, hated that she had more control over my body than my mind did. "Your holes know their place, even if your mouth doesn't." She drew her hand up my body until her fingers rested on my lips. I could taste my own cum. "We're going to have to fix that."

She pushed me over the snack table, spreading my legs and pulling my hands behind my back. I could hear murmuring and knew that a small crowd had begun to gather to watch. They would be able to see my holes perfectly from where they stood. They could see how turned it I was to have them all looking at me. My face was bright red, my stomach twisting. My cock and cunt pulsing with need. A voice shouted out, "I like this new catering company!" And everyone laughed. I closed my eyes tight.

"Ma'am." I opened my eyes to find one of the catering staff had come over. He looked slightly unsettled seeing a person humiliated in this way. With his cock at my eye level, I could tell he was more than a little turned on to be presented with a toy like me. I found myself unable to look away from the proof that this stranger liked seeing me held down and exposed.

"Plastic wrap, please."

"Ma'am?" He was less sure this time.

"How else am I going to keep my toy spread out on your table?"

He looked down at me. I know he saw the fear in my eyes. He went to get the plastic wrap anyway. When he got back, he stood close enough that I could smell the precum staining the inside of this uniform.

"You're in charge of this toy, now," she told the server as she secured me. "If it tries to say anything but please may I have a drink or thank you, fill its mouth."

"Uh. With what, ma'am." Another server arrived to stand next to him, his cock hard and leaking as well.

She laughed as she yanked the wrap tighter around my wrists. "I think you can get creative."

"You mean... I can... he'll give me a blow job?"

The other caterer shook his head. "That's a girl. See the pussy?"

I couldn't move at all. I felt my mistress's hand land on the small of my back. "It's a toy," she said dispassionately. "And you can use it however you want. Gentlemen." She turned back to the executives. "Who's first?"

The caterers raced to get their cocks out. I pleaded them with my eyes to slow down but the one who was closer grabbed my hair and slammed his cock down my throat, choking me. The other began to watch, slowly stroking.

"Little mouthy thing," I heard behind me. The old exec from earlier was behind me. I felt his cock - hot, warm, shockingly large - rub against mine. The thought of that fat, ugly man able to do anything to me made me even wetter, even as tears began to leak from my eyes.

"You going in or what, Robert?" someone shouted.

"Just lubing up." He shifted his cock up. I felt it press against my ass and tried to shout against the cock in my throat. The server moaned in pleasure. "You know I'm an ass guy."

His barely lubed cock struggled to enter me. I screamed when it popped in, and the server grabbed my head, suffocating me against the fabric of his uniform as he dumped his cum down my throat. I sob-choked cum and spit from my mouth as the executive forced his cock deeper into my ass. I looked up to find the other server moving forward, hard cock in hand. Ready to use me.

I heard laughter as my legs began to shake. As the fat executive began to pump into my ass, and the server slipped his cock into my mouth, I knew I was where I belonged. And I came harder than I'd ever cum before.;u=64122

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