When I was much younger, I think about the time I was around nineteen, I traveled to Germany on a break from my education. I stayed in a less popular three star hotel in Berlin but I hung out at the Sheraton hotel in the evenings. One night I was at the bar enjoying a drink when I was approached by this stranger in his forties who started a conversation.

He asked where I was from, how old I was, etc. as he offered to buy me a drink. He seemed quite friendly so I joined him and his wife at his invitation at their table. She was quite impressive. I would judge her in her early thirties with black hair, a slim body and quite hot. He and I continued our conversation as before until he suggested we retire for drinks in their suite.

I went along with that and we went upstairs. His wife reminded me of a mystery lady because she had said nothing to that point nor had he introduced her. We had a drink and my host declared he was going out to obtain some of his favorite cigars. He wasn't sure if he could get them downstairs or might have to go out to get them but said he would be back shortly.

He left and soon after his wife stood up and went to her bedroom leaving the door ajar. I was left by myself but I could see her getting undressed. It made me hot and my cock got hard. I watched as she lay down on the bed in a short see through black nightie. I gulped my drink and studied her profile. She was so tempting just laying there and then she moved. She was touching herself all over her body in a sensual manner.

I couldn't resist standing to get a better view then moving closer to her door. I entered and stood by her bed. She writhed moaning in her need and pleasure. Somehow I got up the nerve to touch her and my hands smoothly traveled all over her body. Now when she moaned and groaned I felt encouraged to join her and go all the way. I sat beside her on the bed.

My hand slipped up under the hem of her garment and I touched her wet, juicy pussy. She gave a low throaty moan as she smiled my way. I dared to slip a finger inside her and rub her clit and mound. She definitely moaned in pleasure this time. I couldn't help myself. My head dropped between her thighs.

Her aroma was intoxicating as I kissed then licked her vaginal lips. I licked up both lips then broadly licked both before I went exploring for her clit. Time I found it she had already come once and when I licked it she came again. I fumbled my hard dick out of my pants and slid up her frame to slide it into her. I drove in deep and just held it there feeling the smooth wet flesh surrounding me. She was so hot and alive and moved her hips to better accommodate me that I slowly began to thrust deeply inside her.

Suddenly something warned me to check my surroundings and I looked around. I saw her husband sitting on a chair behind me watching me fuck his wife. I felt my cock slacken off and grow softer as I slowed down but he nodded and made motions for me to continue what I was doing. I found it was difficult to concentrate on what I was doing with the man behind me watching everything I did but it didn't take long for her charms and what I was doing to her to make me forget all about him. I started to fuck her again with enthusiasm and soon came deep inside her.

I rolled away from her and sat up to confront the husband pushing my wayward wand into my trousers. He held up his hand to stop me and told me the bitch really liked to be fucked up the ass then asked me to do that. I grinned at him and nodded. I looked at her bare bottom and decided I sure could fuck her again as I felt my cock getting stiff again.

I flipped her over on her stomach, ran my cock in her cunt again to gain some lubricant then stuffed my cock into her tight ass hard, fast and deep. She loved it so much she came three times before I filled her body with my hot juices again. She soaked the bed with our combined juices.

It was so weird I was happy to get out of there and return to my hotel. It was the first time for me to fuck an asshole and the first time I ever had anyone looking over my shoulder when I did it let alone a husband. Also another weird thing was I had fucked the woman and we had never said a word to each other.

So many weird surprises.











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