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Tori screamed out a moo as the pain rippled through her stomach. She was held in place by a load around her head, but her body was relatively free. She stomped her hooves and tried to get a deep breath in preparations for more pain.

The other females stood by and watched, giving their support. Tori had watched Mena go through the process a few weeks ago and had worried about her own calf. Now that the delivery time was upon her she was more concerned about the pain than the calf.

Another contraction washed over Tori and she heard someone come into her stall. A hand on her rump was reassuring.

"It's ok, heifer. You are doing well. Push for me." a voice comforted her. Tori bore down on her stomach, trying to comply with her directions.

Three hours later a cry broke the silence of the barn. It was that of a healthy baby boy. Tori mooed in response and heard noise telling her the calf was being taken away. Once the calf was removed and the rest of the females chased off, Tori was released.

She was shaky on her feet, worn out from the exertion of child birth. For a moment she thought about the calf she had just had, wanting to see it, but knew that her handler had whisked him away just as they had Mena's. They would not allow her to keep her calf.

As if he knew what she was thinking, Isiah met her and led her back to her stall. Once there he took out some lotion and pumped some onto his hands and started massaging her sore muscles.

"You did fabulously, Tori. I am so proud of you." Isiah continued speaking as his hands ran over the heifer's legs. "And what you don't know, some of the best is to come." Tori looked up, feeling relaxed from the attention her handler was giving her. "Oh yes. Now that you have had a calf, you can be milked."

Tori looked up, confused and then down to her hanging breasts. She mooed in confusion.

"Yes, milked. We will collect it and either sell it or use it for other calves. I hear from some other places I have seen, that milking is an amazing feeling. I think you will enjoy it. But right now, you have a few days to recover on the pregnant food before going back to the normal feed." Isiah moved from her legs to her body, the lotion disappearing as soon as it touched her skin. His strokes were long and almost sensual. Tori found herself relaxing into his actions.

When his hands found her cunt her eyes came open in shock, which he shushed down and continued to massage. Pleasure built and she was panting until Isiah tipped her over it and her body shook in a completely different feeling that being fucked to climax, more intense.

"Now rest, my prized heifer. You start something new tomorrow." Isiah told her as she settled down on her straw and closed her eyes.

* * * * * * *

"All right, Tori. It is time for you to see what is next." Isiah told her as he opened the door to her stall. She got to her four feet and moved toward him. Once she was leashed he led her down another hallway she had never been down.

It led to a larger section with a group of six rooms, noise of a heifer coming from one. Once that door was open, Tori saw Mena on a different looking contraption. She was locked into place but had clear plastic cups on tubes running to her nipples. Every time the machine would make noise white liquid would spill into the tubes.

"This is milking, Tori. It's a natural function after giving birth to a calf." Isiah said as he led Tori to a identical machine next to Mena who was beyond hearing anyone else in the room. Her eyes were closed and she was panting.

A bar came down to stop her from backing out of the machine and two leads snapped into her collar to keep her in place. Next Isiah's hands came to her left breast and massaged it, his fingers pinching her nipple. She moaned in response as he placed the plastic cup onto her breast. It felt strange but she didn't protest as he repeated the process with her right.

"Ok Tori, this might feel strange at first, but give it a chance." Isiah told her and she nodded. Once she agreed he tapped a button on the part of the machine he was standing in front of.

At first the cups on her breasts tingled, hardening her nipples even more. For a good five minutes there was just the tingling, making sure they were as sensitive as they could be. Tori moaned at the sensation but yelped when the suction began.

It was gentle at first, barely any pressure but with her sensitive nipples it felt good. After ten minutes of light sucking the machine returned to tingling. Back and forth it went, frustrating the heifer who was starting to enjoy the treatment.

After thirty minutes Tori saw the slightest amount of white liquid come into the cup during a sucking cycle. Once the machine registered the liquid the regime changed, stopping the tingling and when the sucking started it was with more pressure, coaxing out more of the desired liquid.

When the suction increased Tori moaned feeling the pleasure on her nipples and running straight to her cunt. The machine continued, left, right, left, right, getting more and more milk each time.

Beside her Mena cried out, most sound muffled by the same gag, but the moan lasted a good three minutes. Tori moved closer to her own climax seeing from her companion that it was bound to be intense.

Ten minutes later Tori was creeping up the peak to pleasure, it's pace feeling painstakingly slow. She moaned and panted more the closer it came. As she tipped over she screamed like Mena had, the sensation unlike anything she had felt to date. For once she was grateful for the stand holding her in place or she might have fallen.

The rest of the milking took anther fifteen minutes, ending in another powerful release. When she thought it could not get another thing from her, Isiah came back and shut the machine off. Second later Mena's handler released her as well.

The two heifers looked at each other, their eyes glazed from the immense pleasure they had been given. They exchanged moos as they were led to their stalls.

"Did you like that, Tori?" Isiah asked as he stood at the door of her stall. She mooed strongly, trying to show how much. "I'm glad. You are going to have to do that once a day from now on. We will work it out with all the calves coming." he asked. "I know you have been through alot, but do you want to be a good girl?"

Tori knew when he asked her, he wanted her to service him for a piece of delicious chocolate. Mooing her agreement, she moved before him and waited. Quickly he released his cock and she took it in her mouth. Focusing on her experience that evening, she tried to put that feeling into pleasing her handler.

Minutes later she was settled on her straw, the piece of chocolate melting under her gag. & uid=4634013


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