Chapter 4

Keri Makes Mick An Offer

Skimming or floating. I was just a few feet above the ground. Scanning the area of the city I was gliding through, I saw a spot and softly settled onto the ground and woke up. The awakening was soft and slow. There was no sudden sunlight in the eyes. There was no blaring alarm. I had just slept until I woke up. The clock said 9:18 AM

I walked into the bathroom and relieved myself and then stepped into the shower. The rain shower of warm water was soothing and as my brain woke up, I began to think about the previous day and where I was going. The great night's sleep had obviously set things in order in my thought process, and as I stood naked under the soft gentle rain, my options seemed to spread out quite smoothly.

I pulled on my pants and my polo and grabbing my shoes I walked out into the hallway. The house was quiet, but the smell of coffee and bacon was in the air. I walked to the staircase and looked out the window at a beautiful morning. Walking down the stairs I could not hear Keri or Sarah.

The two women were sitting at the breakfast bar quietly drinking coffee. Each was wearing a t-shirt and slippers and, apparently, nothing else, I guessed. The smell of bacon and coffee was very strong and as I approached both women smiled shyly and rose. Sarah headed for the stove and Keri headed for me.

"Good morning, Mick. Did you sleep well?"

"Good morning, Keri. Yeah, it was a great sleep. That bed is wonderful and that shower! I could live in that shower!"

Sarah took me by the shoulders and gave me a nice kiss on the cheek, which I politely returned.

"Good morning, Mick. Are you hungry?"

"Good morning, Sarah. I am actually very hungry."

"Well, we have bacon and I can cook up eggs or pancakes or waffles or any combination you would like. Coffee?"

"I don't coffee, but I would like some scrambled eggs, not too wet and bacon."

Sarah smiled and reached up to take some plates down from the cabinet, flashing a bit of bare butt from the bottom of her t-shirt. My attention was drawn back to Keri as she spoke.

"I was up most of the night thinking about yesterday. I am sorry for pushing myself onto you. I really have never done anything like that before. I have picked up guys in bars or at concerts, but I have never done anything like I did yesterday. I feel like a stalker. But everything I said yesterday about my feelings for you, and how long they have been going on, was all true."

"Keri, before you go any farther, I gotta get something off of my chest too. I am not angry about yesterday. I feel a little guilty that I may have taken advantage of the situation just to get laid a couple of times. My brain must have really had a workout last night because this morning I feel very settled."

Keri rose from her seat and pulled her t-shirt down to cover her bush. (Yup, t-shirt and nothing else.) She walked to me and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. It was a long kiss and I held her as tight as I could. Was this a welcome, or a goodbye or an apology or what? As we broke the kiss, I slid my hands down to her ass and squeezed it under the fabric before I spoke.

"I never thought I would feel so close to someone ever again. I think that if you had approached me and offered yourself to me after one of the jams, I would have turned you down and been flattered. 'Pushing yourself' on me like you did was the only way you were ever going to get my attention. I would have spent the rest of my life admiring your smile and your talent and your body, but I would have never done anything about it. Keri, when I get right down to it, I am so thankful to you for doing what you did. I didn't know that I needed you. I didn't know I needed anything."

"Oh, Mick, I love you. I knew I loved you the first time we jammed together and right now, feeling your hands on my ass feels just so natural and normal. It feels like it should always be this way. Would you please stay in my life? I need you. I love you."

Keri kissed me again. It was a long tender kiss and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and wiggled as I squeezed her ass a little harder. My cock stiffened in my pants and she pressed her hips against it.

"Did you want me to keep the eggs warm while you finish up?" Sarah asked quietly.

"Uh, I don't know."

I looked at Sarah and then back to Keri.

"Mick, you go ahead and eat....after you take off those pants and get 'comfortable' like the rest of us."

I laughed and undid my pants and slid them off, placing them over the chair back. Keri smiled and took hold of my erection as I sat down on one of the towel-covered seats at the counter. Sarah set down the plate that was piled high with eggs and bacon. She pushed the salt and pepper over to me.

"Do you need anything else?" she said grinning as Keri began to give me a hand job.

"Do you have any of sauce?"

It was hard to speak coherently with Keri's hand stroking my cock.

"Yep, I'll get it."

Sarah turned and walked to the pantry, her little ass bouncing around the bottom of her t-shirt. Keri released my shaft and got out of her chair. She walked around the counter and disappeared as she ducked underneath it. I felt her warm breath on my thighs, then kisses on my inner thigh and then on my balls and then her mouth swallowed my cock. She began to slide her warm wet mouth up and down on it for a few minutes. Then Keri released my cock and peeked from under the counter.

"Let's see who can finish first."

She ducked back under the counter. Her lips wrapped around my dick and she continued with her blowjob. I took a moment to enjoy the sensation and then I grabbed the Tabasco and dashed it on my eggs and began to eat. Sarah returned with a plate of toast and butter.

"If you don't need anything else, I have something I need to do."

", I think I have everything I ever could want."

My eyes rolled back in my head and I slowly chewed a mouthful of eggs. When I opened my eyes, Sarah was gone, and a great sensation was overwhelming my groin. Lips, hands, breathing, squeezing; there was suddenly a tightness and a long low groan and cum shooting out of my cock. Spurt after spurt shot out before Keri's lips returned to my shaft; then the feeling of lips and a tongue cleaning off my shrinking erection. Then a cool breeze as Keri's mouth set me free. Keri popped up on her side of the bar and had a glob of cum on her forehead, running down the bridge of her nose, causing me to laugh.

Wiping the glob off with her finger, she licked her finger clean, then repeated the move until her face was clean. Keri had sperm in her hair and a big smile on her face. My cock was shrinking and hanging down again, my balls loosened and hung down to touch the chair. The cool air began to chill my organ and the sensation brought me back to my senses. Over my shoulder I heard Sarah's soft voice.

"Mick, I'm sorry for fooling you last night and I will never do anything like that again, even if Keri wants me to. Keri and I talked about it this morning. I like you, not as much as Keri, she is just crazy in love with you, so please let me welcome you to our home and, hopefully, our family. Is that ok with you?"

"You know what? Friday night I went to bed really tired and a little miffed that I was going to have to get up early on my day off, even if it was for a walk with Keri. I was hoping for a way out of it. I liked her as a friend, as far as I knew her, but I was just going to go for a walk with a friend and then go back to bed, but that plan pretty much went to hell."

"Now I am sitting at a breakfast counter eating a wonderful meal, in a beautiful home, being given a blowjob by the same woman I was annoyed with. What's more, her talented bodyguard is apologizing for trying to screw me and hopes that I will forgive her. Yesterday I would have never even beat off to a fantasy like this. It is just so far off my radar."

"Right now, if you two do not mind, I would like to finish my breakfast, and then can we all have a long talk about the future?"

The women smiled. Keri left the room; the bottomless Sarah began cleaning up the kitchen. I finished eating, my mind racing trying to take everything in. Sarah returned to me with a glass of orange juice, her nipples screaming for release from her t-shirt, she just gave me a knowing look and a smile. She cleaned up the counter when I was done and disappeared into another part of the house.

My mind was so occupied I barely noticed her breasts stretching and bouncing in rhythm with her ass cheeks as she moved around the kitchen. She put plates up in an overhead cabinet right in front of me. As she recovered from the stretch, she caught my eye and again flashed a grin.

Keri reappeared in her shirt and UGGs just as I finished the OJ and led me to the couch. We sat and looked out the window at her beautiful scenery for several minutes before she put her hand on my cock and spoke.

"I love your cock. I love the size and shape, not too long or short; and not too skinny or fat, and of course, the taste. Even more, I love that it is attached to you. So, let's talk about the future."

Since I had rehearsed all that I wanted to say during my long shower, I began.

"I was settled into my life here before all of this. I do love my job and the work I do and if my teams' families ever found out that I was living with two fabulous sexy women, I think I would find myself on the wrong end of a morals clause violation and unemployed."

"Keri, I cannot tell you how much I love what I have been doing for the past forty plus years. I really need to keep that part of my life as it is, but I would like to keep you in it. I would like to continue our walks and I would love to keep playing music with you at the jams. I don't know about the sex thing. I like my apartment and having a space of my own."

"So, I have to work out a few issues. First, how do I keep your hand on my cock and keep my job?"

"Well, I am not going to remove my hand!"

"Good, because it feels good. Second, oh fuck second! I care for you a lot. Do I love you? I don't know yet, but I want to keep you in my life. Although, I really need my personal time and so I want to keep my apartment. Will it piss you off if I do not live here?"

"No! I need my alone girl time too. Mick, I pulled down $1.7 million last year, after taxes. I am going to make more this year. If you want to be a part of that I would welcome, it. I don't mind being the breadwinner if you don't mind being a kept man."

She smiled and returned to kneading my cock.

$1.7 million!?!?!? Oh my God!

"Stop that! I am trying to make a point here. I love my work, you picked up on the fact that it's my passion. I wake up every day loving what I do, even though I might not have loved anything else in my life. So, until I can figure if I can do my job at a high level and have a relationship with you, I want to take it easy. I don't want to tear either of our hearts out."

"Play with my pussy."

"Keri, we need to work this out."

"You need to work out my pussy!"

"Keri, life is about more than playing with your pussy."

"No, it is not! Life is about finding and following your passion. You told me that a number of times. Right now, your passion is your work and you think that is your entire life. I want you to see that your work can still be your passion, but my life can be your life, this house can be your life, and sharing my pussy can be your life."

"I get all of that, but I don't want to compromise my work. If I can keep my work at the proper level and still have enough passion for you that would be perfect for both of us."

"Play with my pussy. I think better when my pussy is played with. I have come up with some of my best ideas after getting myself off. So, get to work and fire up my mind!"

Who am I to argue with a beautiful, half naked woman? I grabbed her around the waist and steered her to sit on top of the back of the couch. My hand found its way up Keri's thigh and onto the thick black patch of fur between her legs. I ran my hands in circles around her pubic patch and my fingers began to play with the nub I found buried in it. Keri scooted her hips forward and spread her legs wide. Her clit grew larger until it was large enough to pinch between my finger and thumb.

"Mick," she moaned my name softly and humped her pussy up toward my pinching hand.

My hand moved down along her slit, parting the thick curly hair and finding a very moist and slippery opening. The puffy outer pussy was warm and wet and the lips protruding out from it were wet as well. My first and third fingers parted the lips and my middle finger pressed into the wet depths of her vagina.

Reaching in as far as I could, I felt the little rough patch on the inner wall of the pussy that was her G spot; and what I thought was wet, became wetter. Her juices flowed and soaked my finger. I slid my ring finger in next to my middle finger and stroked her g-spot with both fingers, then alternating one finger then the other with my thumb strumming her clit.

Keri started bucking her hips and I slipped off the couch and buried my face in her wonderful fur patch. With two fingers working from the inside, my lips moved to her clit. As I bit her clit, she moaned and squirmed, I guess she really like being eaten, literally! I sucked her engorged clit into my mouth and nibbled and bit down hard and sucked on it. After a few minutes of getting into the right rhythm, Keri exploded.

"Oh shit! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh."

Keri rolled her eyes back in her head, arched her back and screamed. Keri is not a squirter, but she is a soaker and when she cums there is a lot of juice. I smeared her wetness all over my face and continued to finger fuck her and lick the juice off of my hand as she flowed and humped my hand.

Finally, Keri finished her orgasms and went limp and I think she passed out for a few seconds. I grabbed my cock as it was coming back to life. Keri's lube was enough to make sliding my gradually stiffening shaft up and down the outside of her pussy easy. I pumped myself several times and positioning my erection at Keri's gaping pussy, I pushed myself in to the balls.

Keri was still dazed as I started fucking her sloppy wet pussy. With my balls slapping against her ass I pounded faster and faster, and as she came around, her hips began pumping in time with me. Her tits were jumping around and shaking, and her huge nipples seemed like they were trying to drill holes in her t-shirt.

Lifting up her shirt I grabbed one of the wonderful mounds of flesh with both hands and pulled my mouth to it. The finger thick nipple was hard and easy to wrap my tongue around as my thrusts shook her. My tongue played with her nipple like it was a large gumball. I licked it and flicked it and fondled it and nibbled it.

Her moaning and grunts were involuntary as she gave herself to the feeling of my cock plunging into her repeatedly. Initially she was so wet and loose that my cock felt no sensation as it moved in and out of her. That sensation changed as her conscious state improved and the walls of her vagina tightened and squeezed my erection.

My balls began to tighten, and I grabbed both tits as hard as I could and used them to pull myself deeply into her. The head of my cock felt like it pressed into her cervix like it was a spaceship docking, and I let go a massive shot of sperm. Spurt after spurt felt like it shot right into her womb. Her vagina collapsed and clamped down on my shaft. As soon as I shot my last shot, Keri pulled me out of her and dropping to sit on the couch she brought my cock to her lips.

Sucking the softening organ into her mouth, she nursed the last drops of semen out of it. Her lips quickly moved back and forth as she filled her mouth with my testicles and then my cock, cleaning the remainder of her juices off of them. Her hands grabbed my ass and steadied my hips while she completed her clean up, until, finishing, she reached up and pulled me down on top of her. Wrapping her arms around me we lay on the living room floor, she held on tight and began to cry.

After quite a long time she composed herself and rolled me off of her. She raised herself up on one elbow and leaned so her left tit was resting on my chest. Her left leg slid up and rested just under my nuts. She wiped the tears off of her face with her left hand, placed the wet hand on my chest and looked me in the eyes.

"Mick, I love you. I have never felt so complete. When I am around you my inner puppy comes out, followed very quickly by my inner slut. I have never had such a wide range of emotions all wrapped up in one package before."

"Ok, here is my offer. First, I want you in my life. So, if you don't mind, I would like you to consider my home as our home. Keep your apartment as your sort of man cave but please live here with me. But either way, I insist that you let me provide for you. I know that you don't have much money. I talked with Wes (the bartender at the jams) and he told me that on several occasions you did not buy drinks because you were broke. He told me that on several occasions you actually apologized because you could not tip him better."

"He did what!?"

"Don't be mad. He really likes you a lot. He used to hit on me all the time and seemed to be seriously trying to pursue me until he figured out that I had special feelings for you. Did you know that he threw a guy out of the bar on one of the jam nights when you were out of town? The guy was being rude to me. He told me that you and I were the nicest couple he knows and that no one was going to disrespect either of us and get away with it."

"Any way, second. I want to take over your bills. You can dump that old car of yours and use one of mine. Start saving as much money as you can, and I will invest it for you. If the day ever comes when we have to go our own way, I want you to be financially on solid ground and have a great nest egg growing for your retirement."

"And third, in return, all I ask is that you let me love you with all of my heart and if you want to love me back, that would be wonderful. I do not want you to do this if you feel uncomfortable. I do not want you to feel like you are being bought. I want you to feel that you are becoming my life partner. I will be the breadwinner if you will be the reason for my being."

"So, I live here most of the time and you will take care of me as long as I fuck you on command?"

"NO! That is not what I mean."

She started tearing up again.

"I will sell this house and move in with you in an instant if that is what it takes to keep you in my life. I am just being practical. I feel like you have all of the things that I want. You have the daily passion and you have the life where you get to wake up loving what you do. You walk through your life living your passion and all I want to do is learn to do the same and along the way, to reward your years of dedication with some years of love and attention and being cared for."

She continued, "Listen, if you were an old man and someone who loved you, like your son or daughter, wanted to take care of you and had the means, would it be an issue?"

I had tweaked Keri on purpose to test her; like she had tweaked me with a sexy and horny acting Sarah. I had to know that her motive was not to buy a boy toy. She was right, I worked at my passion. My first wife never understood that she had my heart and soul, but my work had my life. Keri seemed to get that. My heart began to swell.

Placing my right hand on her soft left breast, I took a few moments to ponder things and then I returned her gaze and said, "Keri, let's go for a walk."

"Sure dear, where do you want to walk?"

"Let's meet next Saturday, same place as yesterday, at Noon."

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