We are in the shower, washing the massage oil off. I pull my best friend's face closer and kiss him softly. Soy boy steps even closer, his legs inside mine, we moan softly as our small cocks rub together. I am amazed at how turned on we are, our young tired cocks already growing again.

We soap each other up, making sure to wash every nook and cranny.

Soy boy takes us both into his soft hand, he moans, and says "I can't believe how hard we are."

"I know, I reply, but we should take a break, my cock kinda hurts."

Soy boy giggles, and says, "yeah mine too." He reluctantly lets go of our tired dicks, adding, "I guess three orgasms in 12 hours will have to do."

We giggle and kiss a few more minutes and then dry off.

We are in Soy boys bedroom, laying facing each other, chatting and kissing. Between kisses, Soy boy inquires, "does anyone else know you like to practice?" "No," I reply, "you are the only one who knows I like small cocks." He giggles and we start to kiss again.

"Does anyone else know you like small cocks?" I mirror his question smiling naughtily.

He pauses, "um Dean kinda figured it out" he answers bashfully.

"Dean your roommate?" I ask as my interest perks. Soy boy is blushing, not quite looking at me.

"Have you practiced with him?" I try to keep the envy out of my voice as I ask. "No no," he reassures me quickly, "but he did kinda help with this weekend." I turn his face toward me and kiss him softly, "I will have to thank him then," I say while looking into his green eyes.

Soy boy relaxes, we cuddle and kiss for a bit, just enjoying each other's caress, our young dicks at half mast. "So how did Dean help?" I ask a few minutes later. "Well as you know, he is aware we are jerk off buds."

Soy boy begins explaining, as he toys with my hair, "you might not know he is bi," he continues.

I shake my head, confirming I did not know. "Last week he caught me jerking off to gay porn, I thought he was at work" he adds smiling softly.

"So, I was in the living room," he continues, "watching two hot guys fuck on the big screen, and just happily tugging away, when he walked out of his room."

I giggle, imagining my friends predicament.

"What happened? I say, between giggles. Soy boy smirks and says, "well long story short you are not the only little guy I have jerked off with"

"He is small like us?" I ask, feeling my sore little dick getting harder. Soy boy nods, smiling, as he sees my hand move to my growing cock. "He is s bit bigger than me, maybe 5 and a half like you" he adds. "It was a lot of fun," he is smiling still as he reflects.

"He loves to edge too," Soy boy smiles at me, adding, "he wanted to try stuff, but I told him I wanted your cock to be my first"

My friend is blushing again, as I pull him close for a sensual kiss.

"Thanks I am glad you waited," I reply. We moan softly as we make out for a few minutes. Our hands finding each other's hard little cocks, as our lips lock together. We stroke each other slowly, unable to keep our hands off each other's cock for more than a minute or two.

Soy boy explains that kissing practice was Deans suggestion. "Dean told me, if Ramman will make out with you, he will also suck your cock, and he was right." My best friend smiles brightly as he explains.

"so you have been planning on seducing me for a week or so then?" I look at my friend as he grins and replies, "way longer."

I laugh nodding, "me too bud, me too" I say, as we begin laughing harder. Our lips meet as our laughter subsides. We kiss and stroke for a while, silent except for our low moans and ragged breathing.

We cuddle and caress for a while longer. Between kisses, Soy boy fills in the details of his and Deans edging session. Our tired cocks providing a mix of pain and pleasure as we throb. Soy boy turns me and we spoon as we continue to chat. His hard cock is pressed against my ass cheek as we drift off to sleep.

We awaken around noon, and after taking turns in the bathroom we return to his bed. Holding hands, we stand at the foot of his bed kissing as our cocks grow again. Soy boy breaks off our kiss and drops to his knees.

He looks at my small hard pole, smiling as he admires me. "You have a gorgeous dick" he purrs, inching closer he begins licking my cock head.

Soy boy's eyes meet mine as he slides his mouth onto my five and a half inch pole, I moan meeting my friends gaze while I gently hold his head. Soy boy's tongue feels amazing and I am soon leaking pre cum again. His tongue swirls my shaft as he slides his mouth up and down my engorged cock.

Soy boy slides his hand under my balls and begins teasing my hole. I moan steadily while my best friend teases my ass and cock. He increases his pressure on my dick as he slides a finger into me. I press my cock further into his mouth as he slides his finger over my prostate. He fingers me gently while his mouth worships my twitchy little pole. When I am just about to cum, he quickly slides my cock out, making a popping sound. He removes his finger and pushes me onto the bed.

I pull him down and flip us, now on top, I kiss my way down to my friends glistening cock. Soy boy watches intently as I lovingly suck his five inch dick.

Taking my time to make sure I lick and kiss every inch of him. Reminding myself how long I have wanted this, as I savor his delicious young cock. I turn on my side so soy boy can stroke me while I suck him.

Soy boy is trying his best to stroke me, but he is too distracted. "Wow are you sure you have never practiced before?" He pulls me off him, not wanting to cum yet. I pout as he denies me my new favorite toy.

Soon enough he is back in my mouth, his pre cum dripping onto my tongue as I slide his cock in and out of my mouth, his moans intensifying, my own cock fully hard. I continue adoring his pole, slapping his cock on my tongue, rubbing him all over my face. I sensually suck him for a few minutes until I hear, "No" he moans softly and pulls me off again.

We lay still for a moment, hand in hand, as we catch our breath. "When is Dean due back?" I ask, suddenly realizing I have no idea. Soy boy turns to me smiling. "Late tomorrow night," he kisses me adding, "we have lots of time to practice." We cuddle a few more minutes until Soy boy gently rolls me onto my tummy.

My best friend is laying on me, his soft kisses peppering my neck while his hard cock rests between my ass cheeks. He reaches around and strokes my hard pole, while scooping up my pre for a taste. I feel his finger slide into me as he grips me firmly. "Your little dick is throbbing," he moans into my ear.

Soy boy fingers me gently, still stroking my cock he slides a second finger into me. As he begins to finger me harder he lets go of my cock. He takes his own cock into his hand and begins to slap it on my ass. I am moaning thrusting myself into his fingers, my hand now on my wet dick, stroking slowly.

Soy boy removes his fingers and adds a generous amount of oil to my crack. I moan as I feel the liquid on my hole.

He lifts my ass up so I am in doggy position.

My best friend is sliding his small hard cock in my ass crack, pressing it against my hole as I moan wildly. I feel his cock head enter my virgin hole, almost cumming as my ass stretches out for him. Soy boy is gentle, "relax he whispers" he kisses my neck as he gives me time to adjust.

Soy boy starts fucking me very gently, working more and more of his beautiful cock in until he fills me. I am moaning steadily as the pleasure starts to overwhelm the diminishing pain.

He turns my head and kisses me again, "Are you okay?' he whispers as his five inches fill me. "Yeah" I moan back looking into his eyes before lowering my head again.

Soy boy picks up his pace fucking me harder and harder. He reaches around, "Mmm you are nice and hard" he says, as his hands find my throbbing cock. "Your cock feels so good" I moan and turn my head for a kiss, he kisses me and then takes my head in his hand. My friend gently pushes me back down as he continues to fuck me.

"I knew fucking you would be amazing," he moans as I whimper. His cock is pounding into me, stretching my virgin hole. It hurts but it feels so good. "Can you be a bit more gentle?" I ask, not sure how much more i can take. "Shit sorry," he replies in obvious anguish, "I just got carried away," he adds as he slows down. "That's better" I moan contentedly.

Soy boy fucks me nice and slow for a few minutes. allowing my ass time to stretch out for him. "How is it now?" he asks. "Fuck your cock is amazing" I moan happily, adding "We are going to fuck a lot." "you mean practice" he replies, we giggle through our moans.

"Did you ever think You would be taking my little cock?" he inquires, as he continues his gentle fucking. "I had hopes and dreams" I reply, moaning and giggling at the same time. I can feel how hard his cock is inside of me. The sensations, as his cock head slides over my prostate, are sending steady pulses through my own dripping cock. "do you wanna turn over?" he asks. I nod.

Soy boy is on top of me, my legs are in the air as he slides every inch of his cock in and out of me, slowly, so I can watch. I am stroking myself as I watch my friend fuck me. He leans down and kisses me, still fucking me while we make out. I am in ecstasy, amazed at how good this feels, wondering why we ever waited so long. "You should have fucked me sooner" I moan as he again increases his pace. "Don't worry we will make up for it" he replies.

Soy boy again starts to fuck me harder still, "Are you okay?" he asks between moans. I nod in reply as he pounds his five beautiful inches into me. Soy boy is quiet except for his moans. I know he is close so I push back as much as I can. My ass now meeting his cock on every thrust, my little cock bouncing around while my friend gets closer and closer.

"Oh fuck yes" he moans, I feel his cock harden, and then he starts to fill me with his warm cum.

His hips buck as he thrusts into me wildly, releasing all of his remaining seed into my tight little hole.

He holds my ass on his cock as he twitches inside of me.

Leaning in for a kiss, he says, "Give me 10 minutes and then you can have my cherry bro." I moan as we kiss and collapse into a heap.









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