I was on a blind date set up on a secretive new dating-app that had sprung up because of the Coronavirus, that set up guys and girls in the close vicinity who were desperate for sex because of all the social restrictions, and wanted to try out a new type of secretive sex. The kicker to this one was that we were unable to see each other's faces until after we'd fucked! Faces were hidden by Rona masks, hair often hidden by hats and eyes by some other face covering.

Everyone I knew was doing it and it was the wildest craze ever. The really exciting part was the reveal at the end when we finally found out who we'd just fucked. It could be the girl that sat next to you at school, it could even turn out to be your hot school teacher - although as of yet, nobody had got that lucky and hit that jackpot. One of my bros had fucked the shit out of a hot girl only to realise after coming inside her, that she was, in fact, his girlfriend's sister. Imagine the shock of that and the shit that was about to hit the fan afterwards.

My cock buried in the cunt of a much older woman, banging her from behind like crazy, my hands holding on to her huge tits as they bounced forwards and backwards in unison with my wild youthful fucking. She sure as hell, was a real screamer. I'd never been with a girl this noisy before. She was absolutely gagging for my huge young meat.

We were out in the car park of the local supermarket in the dead of night. So fingers crossed, no one would hear us as I banged her like a dog on heat, and she screamed out like a wild banshee. I hadn't expected an older woman to make so much noise. I figured as she'd had a lifetime of experience with guys, she'd eat a young nineteen-year-old guy like me, for breakfast. Yet here I was, banging her with all my strength as if she'd never had a guy fuck her in her entire life.

Getting ready to shoot my cum in her cunt, her panties rolled down around her ankles, skirt hitched up around her waist, I bulldozed her like she was eighteen again instead of the forty-two that was written in her profile.

Fucking deep inside her, my huge horse-sized swollen cock wild and ready to cum inside her mature MILF twat, I rammed her again and again. She'd already fallen over a couple of times as her legs buckled as my pussy pounding proved way too deep and hard for this older lady. Back in my school days, I was known as Red Cum, which was of course a play on words of the famous racing horse Red Rum. I became a legend after the guys got the shock of their lives seeing my horse-cock in the shower after Physical Ed, and then, when I fucked my first girl, it spread like wildfire, and the next day every perfect pretty princess at school wanted to be my hoe.

Releasing my youthful white sperm into this needy older woman, banging on her as hard as I could, she fell over again. Her hands keeping her head off of the floor, I delivered my gold deep inside her cunt, her ass still reared up and eager for my glorious teenage cum.

Now my mind switched to the big reveal.

Playing by the rules of the app, now that we'd fucked, we were allowed to reveal our faces to each other and that would also act as an authenticator for our accounts. Some of my bros who had been on the app for a while had raked up a ton of points already. Girls and guys built up a ranking and rating based on looks, fuck-score, and on the other things they were eager to do. For a first fuck on a clean sheet, the max score was 1,000 points.

Entering the code into each other's app to signify that each of us had fucked the other, our accounts were authenticated and then the score started raking up. Watching the score closing in on the 1,000 mark, we were shocked to see it go straight past the supposed max. Shit! I thought, somehow the app must have known that I was the best fuck ever.

Heading into 5 figures the numbers didn't even stop there. What the fuck, surely this was impossible, how could both of us be amassing such a huge score on our first fuck? Maybe there were extra points for the hot age-gap. I knew all my friends were banging girls their own age. I was the only guy I knew who had gone MILF hunting. And then, finally, the numbers stopped dead for both of us at a massive 100,000. Shit, that was 1,000 times the max. Surely we'd got the benefit of a good virus and a computer one this time.

Pulling off our head coverings, our eyes locking on each other for the first time, we were almost crippled with shock as we realised who we'd just fucked. As if out of some crazy black comedy, I couldn't help but look down at her super sexy pussy as my cum slowly started to trail out of her cunt and down the inside of her leg.

Her cunt juices still glistening on my hot wet cock, cum still collecting on its end, I was transfixed.

What the hell was I going to do now?

What could I do?

Yet before I had a chance to do anything it seemed she simply accepted the card the app had dealt us both and got down on her knees and sucked the remaining cum off of my still rock hard cock. Realising there was nothing I could do either, I took her head in my hands and helped her out as she gobbled me off by ramming her head on and off of my think wet shaft like a hoe on the go.

My only hope now was that no one would ever find out that I'd fucked my smoking hot MILF mom - the object of every High School fantasy, of every guy I knew. But more than that, I hoped they wouldn't find out that I'd enjoyed every moment of it. And when I fucked her the second time, fully knowing that she was my mom, it was a million times hotter and wilder than the first!











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