I typed 'Yes Sir', tucked my phone away, closed the excel sheet I was working on, and hurried down to the first floor. Dianne greeted me with a smile as she saw me coming down the hallway.

"Hello Johnny, how are you today?" I gave her a brief wave and scurried back to knock on the president's office door. "Come in!" I heard from the other side. I entered. President May was standing by one of the cushioned chairs in the lounge area with two shirts in his hand. He turned his wrist over to check his watch when I walked in.

"Damn son, that was quick! Did you run down here?"

"Well Sir, you said you needed me 'pronto'. So here I am." He laughed, told me to close the door and lock it. He motioned me towards him.

"That's a good boy." He said placing both his hands on my hips and bringing me in close to give me a kiss. He pulled away and whispered, "I like a boy who follows orders well."

"Yes Daddy." I whispered back. His eyes brightened a bit. He gave me one more quick kiss and ten released my hips.

"I called you down here, John, because I wanted to get your opinion. Which shirt do you like best?" He held up two shirts.

"They both look good, Sir. But I like this one best." I pointed at a dark blue shirt with tiny faded white diamonds checkered throughout.

"The blue one it is then. I want to look my best for my boy tonight."

"Oh, what is happening tonight? I asked.

"I'm taking you out tonight - to a nice restaurant. Are you going to be okay with that?" He knew I would have some hesitation about going out with him in public on a date. I was comfortable spending time with him in a romantic sort of way in the privacy of his home, but what would it be like in public? With other people around?

"No one will know we are on a date, Johnny. I'm not going to be holding your hand or kissing you at the table. Although, it shouldn't matter if we did. But relax! You have nothing to worry about. We are not going to run into anyone you know. None of your friends can afford the place I'm taking you."

My ears perked up a bit. "Where are you taking me?"

"I'll let that be a surprise. It's a nice place downtown, not overly fancy but more so than a bar and grill. Trust me, you'll like it. Wear your nicest pair of dark jeans and a button up shirt." He stepped in close, again taking hold of my hips. "Plus, I have a gift I want to give you tonight."

"Is that right, Sir?" I smiled mischievously. My eyes glazed over thinking about all the fun times we had in his bed.

"No, not that kind of gift, boy. Although, yes, that will probably happen too. I'm talking about an actual gift - a special one, one you get to open."

"What is it?" I asked, now very intrigued.

"You'll have to come tonight and find out." I rolled my eyes and put on a pouting smile. He enjoyed teasing me. I could tell. "So then, is that a 'yes'? Can I take you out tonight?"

"Yes." I said half reluctantly.

"Try that again. Yes what?" His grip on my hips tightened but only enough to grab my attention. It wasn't painful.

"Yes Sir." I said and this time with more deference.

"That's a good boy." He gave me one more short peck on the lips and then let go of me. I moved to pace around the room, but he blocked me with an outstretched hand. He said nothing. I gave him a puzzled look. What did he want? He flicked his eyes downward. Either he was directing me towards his crotch or to the floor. Both communicated the same command. Did he want me to get on my knees and blow him, here? In his office? Surely not. The puzzled look on my face remained. Again, he flicked his eyes downward adding a nod of the head with it. Very tentatively I sank to the floor. I had fantasized about this many times. I definitely wanted to service the president in his office, but I worried about getting caught. The door was locked, I reminded myself. It should be safe as long as we are quiet. I reached for his belt buckle. However, as soon as my hands began to pull out the tail of his belt, he stopped me. I looked up at him. He admired my willing form down on my knees on the hardwood floor.

"Oh Johnny! Where did I ever find such an obedient boy like you? You are definitely going to like your gift tonight." He put extra emphasis on the word 'definitely.' "That was a test of your obedience. You passed with flying colors. Congratulations!" He patted my head twice and began to rub my cheek. "You will suck me in this office one day, but not today."

He continued to stroke my cheek and run his hand through my hair. I could sense his mind was working, probably imagining that day when I did provide presidential service in this very room.

"But...since you're already down there," he began to turn around, "and since Daddy is going to be treating you to a nice dinner - how about you get a head start and show him some gratitude." He faced away from me now and put his ass to my face. His hands rested on his hips. "Kiss my ass, Johnny boy."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I leaned forward and gave him a long kiss on his right butt cheek albeit through the fabric of his dress pants. I made sure to press hard enough so my nose could make contact and get a pure sniff. After he heard the smack of my lips and sensed my face move away, the president turned back around. He grabbed my chin and tilted my head up to look at him.

"Good boy. I need to make you do that more often. Remind you of your place!"

"Yes Sir!" I said with enthusiasm.

"C'mon now, up off your knees." He helped me to my feet. "Alright now, you run along and get back to work. I'll pick you up around 7:15. Our reservation is at 8:00." And with that he gave me a couple quick spanks on the ass and sent me back to the third floor. It was not a very productive day to say the least. I couldn't get the thought out of my mind. What kind of special gift was he going to give me?











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