I woke up on the couch at Jimmy's around noon wearing nothing but my tank top. I quickly surveyed the room and found my shorts under the coffee table; however, there was no sign of my bra or panties. I slid my shorts on and walked to the bathroom to get a glimpse of myself. My hair was a tangled mess. There were black bags beneath both of my eyes. My tank top was stretched, so much so that you could see just about all of my left tit with only half of the nipple remaining hidden.

I left Jimmy's apartment and walked a short distance to my car, thankfully passing no one in my disheveled state. As I drive home I replayed the details of my first real threesome in my head. There was a time I would have felt embarrassed or ashamed of what occurred, but I currently found myself indifferent. It was sex, it felt good, we were friends. That's what mattered.

I arrived back home and walked through the door. Three sets of eyes turned around in surprise and focused on me as I tiredly wandered in. Fuck! I had forgotten Courtney's mother and brother were visiting. I first looked at Courtney who was trying to hold back her laugh. I then looked at her brother Jason whose grin was ear to ear. Finally, I looked at Courtney's mother, a short blond haired lady in her late 40's.

"Hun, your tit is hanging out," she said matter of factly. Just like Courtney she had no filter or shame.

I flashed the best smile I could muster, pulled up my tattered tank top over my left tit, and quickly headed upstairs to shower and change.

I went into my room and shut the door. If West Palm had a scent, I imagine it would be what I smelled like right now - sweat, sex, and alcohol.

The two upstairs bedrooms shared a bathroom. I turned on the shower to allow the water to warm up, locked the bathroom door leading to Courtney's mother's room, and walked back into my room. My body and mind were craving a nice, long, relaxing, hot shower. I took off my tank top and tossed it in the trash can near the door. It was ruined. No use keeping it.

While waiting for the water to heat up I looked out my bedroom window. Jason and his mother were getting in their car which was parked in front of our place. Even from here he looked young. His clothes draped on his skinny nineteen year old body. His feet always in slip-on flip flops. His bushy hair always a mess. It was kinda cute.

I organized an outfit for work and looked at myself, topless, in the bedroom mirror. I looked tired. I felt tired. My nipples were sore. So was my vagina. I could smell and taste my own breath - the remnants of tequila and cum.

There was a knock at the door. I wondered what Courtney wanted. I opened the door.

"I don't want to hear it," I snipped.

"Umm, Ok."

It was Jason.

Shocked, I used my arms and hands to cover my exposed breasts.

"Where's Courtney?! And I thought you left?" I asked Jason, confused.

"They went to grab some lunch. I told them I wasn't feeling good. I thought maybe we could hang out. Maybe have sex again?"

"Jason, no. That's not how this works. Leave and shut the door!"

"Please???" Jason pled.

His pleas were neither attractive or effective.

"Leave!" I shouted, using one hand to point toward the door. At this point I didn't care that it exposed my tit.

"So I was just a one night stand for you. Courtney is going to love hearing that is how I lost my virginity."

He wouldn't dare, but I couldn't risk it. I grabbed his hand before he could walk out the door.

Standing there topless I broke down the ground rules.

"We're going to hop in the shower. We are going to have sex real quick. You are to never bring up sex with me to anyone. Not to Courtney. Not to your mother. Not to your friends."

"But my friends loved hearing about it!" Jason blurted.

Yet another man who couldn't keep sex gossip to himself.

"You got it?!"

"I understand," he returned.

We walked into the bathroom and began to undress. I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the floor. Jason looked at them and smiled his goofy grin once again.

"You don't wear panties?!" Jason giggled.

"I do. I just lost them."

"Lost them?! Where? How do you lose underwear?!"

"Shut the door and get in the shower if you want to do this."

I was in no mood for playing games. I was tired and cranky and sore. Luckily Jason was already rock hard. This wouldn't take long at all.

Jason hopped in first and his body shielded most of the water from the rest of the tub. I climbed in after and pulled the curtain shut. I bent over at the waist and waited for him to enter me. I felt him attempting to push into me but kept missing the hole. His inexperience was evident. I reached back between my legs and grabbed his dick. I guided it between my pussy lips and right up to the entry. I could feel his weight lean forward and he pushed into me. He slid his dick in and out extremely slowly. I figured he was doing his best not to cum. Normally I would not have enjoyed that but I was sore and the last thing I needed was another dick pounding my vagina.

There was a knock at the bathroom door.


It was Courtney.

I looked back at Jason, who was still in me, and brought my finger to my lips in a "shhhh" motion.


"Have you seen Jason? He has my mother's credit card so we had to circle back."

"I haven't seen him. Maybe he went on a walk."

I looked back at Jason who had a look of absolute fear on his face.

He leaned over at the waist as well, pushing into me and which illicted a slight gasp from my lips.

"On the kitchen counter," he whispered in my ear.

"I thought I saw a wallet on the kitchen counter Court," I said.

"Ok then. Keep an eye out for Jason please."

"Will do Court."

And with that she was gone, but also gone was Jason's hardness. His cock had begun to soften and had fallen out of me. He was shocked and shaking. I felt bad. I also realized there was no way he'd ever tell Courtney about us. He had shown his hand. He was so naive and new to sex. I decided he deserved more.

I dropped to my knees. Jason's body was still blocking the shower stream but there were still a few droplets which made their way through, splashing onto my face and chest. I didn't mind it. It was slightly cold standing naked in a shower with no water, even if you were having sex.

His dick was now a semi hard three inches. I took it in my mouth, easily taking it to the base, and slid my tongue out and licked his balls simultaneously. His breathing picked up and his dick stretched itself back out to its five inch capacity in short order.

I deep throated him again and again, all while maintaining constant eye contact with him. His eyes looked at me with what I can only describe as the uncontrolled list of a nineteen year old. I slid my mouth over the full length of his cock hands-free as my hands were now groping my tits, putting on a visual show for him.

Without warning a strong stream of cum shot against the back of my throat. I gagged slightly as it dripped down my throat and gagged again when three more strong steams followed. I managed to swallow it all. If I wasn't the West Pam blow job queen yet, I was coming for the crown.

"Holy shit," Jason muttered breathlessly. "That was better than I could have imagined!"

"Don't tell me that was your first blow job."

"Yup!" Jason states excitedly.

"Lovely," I whispered. "Now get out of here before we get caught."

He hopped out of the shower and dried off. His dick was so small soft. He was so skinny. He had the cutest butt. He got dressed and left the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Finally, I could take a shower. I was a dirty girl in more ways than one.











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