I was crying crocodile tears as I could feel Mona smacking me with her sharp nails when she started swatting my vulnerable lower cheeks. She was definitely making a point that if I ever disobeyed I would be across her lap again. Finally she stopped spanking, leaving me out of breath and sobbing begging forgiveness, she pushed me off her lap to the floor opened her legs and told me to get to work. I quickly obeyed worshiping her pussy with my mouth on my knees Tongue fucking her pussy just the way she liked it she grabbed the back of my head with her right hand guiding my mouth to make sure I was licking in the right place. Complementing me on my oral style she was still demeaning me for having a small dick and a short fuse cursing that she was going to have to use me as her lesbian lover rather than a good cock fuck. Guiding my head to her clitoris she told me to start sucking hard and when I made her come she started gushing more vaginal fluids into my mouth covering my entire face. She ended up ravenously licking my face French kissing me to get a taste of her vaginal fluids.

Ordering me to stand up with my hands on my head she started sucking my cock and balls until I was completely erect. I looked down to see her swallow my entire cock pushing my balls all the way into her mouth closing her lips completely around my genitals. Without choking she started batting my balls with her tongue holding her breath the entire time. Spitting out my cock and balls she suck my balls back into her mouth and bit down on the cords behind them and started punishing me with her tongue batting them around like punching bags making me cry out. Her arms were around me so she could dig her nails into my freshly spanked sore ass causing even more pain. I couldn't even stand up she was causing so much pain to my balls. Finally she spit my balls out telling me that its contents belong to her and that she was about to empty them into her belly.

She grabbed my cock with her right hand and reached underneath me with her left hand and pushed her middle finger up my ass finding my prostate. While fingering my prostate from behind Mona was busy sucking my cock with her vacuum like mouth. I can come more than once in a day and she was determined to empty my balls. Her tongue was working the underside of my shaft while her lips pressed tightly around my entire cock bobbing her head up and down while she stimulated my prostate. I could tell she was like a goddess fellatrix and loved her craft. Sensing I was about to come she swallowed my cock balls deep because I was just long enough to ejaculate directly into her belly. I counted a good 12 squirts as she held her breath tightening her lips around the base of my cock feeling each ejaculation. Finally she pulled my cock out far enough so she could take a breath and squeezed down on my entire shaft sucking the rest of my come down her throat.

Keeping a hold of my cock she finally pulled it out and began rubbing her lips against the head squeezing and coating them with extra come. Staring up at me smiling with semen covered lips she told me to take a good look bend over then give her lips a kiss wiggling with my own sperm. I bowed down to kiss her and she grabbed the back of my head pulling my lips to hers as I fought the sensory thoughts of both of us devouring wiggling sperm. Mona pushed her sperm covered tongue into my mouth forcing me to suck it like a cock. Her tongue was so sensitive the longer I sucked I actually gave her a tongue orgasm. Pulling her tongue out of my mouth she began biting my bottom lip until it bled sucking on my blood like a real vampiress. Patiently I had to hold still or lose my lip.

Finally she let go showing me her bloody tongue then slapped me across the face promising me she won't be doing that all the time. Opening a dresser drawer she handed me a pair of scratchy red flowered lace panties telling me to put them on. This furthered my humiliation as I eased myself into them barely fitting my genitals into the front of the panties. Mona's eyes lit up and she fondled my well spanked ass cheeks through the scratchy panties. Mona slapped both my cheeks hard telling me that she wasn't done spanking me yet telling me she learned a trick from her lesbian friend that spanking over scratchy panties hurts like hell. Opening another drawer in her dresser she pulled out thick leather paddle that was about 12 inches long and 4 inches wide with a wooden handle on the end. My stomach sickened wondering if I could even endure another paddling.

Ordering me back over her lap, this time Mona promised the real spanking was about to begin because the other one was just a warm-up. She promised that getting spanked after an orgasm makes it hurt even worse. I had butterflies in my belly and the hair on the back of my neck raised at the thought of another spanking. I settled down over her lusciously thick naked thighs. Mona told me that this paddling is definitely going to hurt me more than that's going to hurt her! She powerfully cracked the paddle across both my cheeks making me cry out already begging her to stop. I always thought bare bottom spanking's were worse but Mona proved me wrong smacking me with her thick leather paddle over the prickly flowered panties. It felt like the pattern on the panties were getting burned right into my flesh as every smack felt like it was going all the way up my back bone to my brain. This definitely hurt way more than getting smacked with her bare hand. I was constantly begging Mona to stop, squirming all over her lap fighting the spanking. Reprimanding me in a loud voice she told me to shut the fuck up and take it like a good boy then started spanking me even harder.

When she finally stopped I was hoarse from crying out and she literally shoved me off her lap to the floor leaving me crying like a baby. Nastily laughing Mona told me that my semen that she sucked out of my balls re-energize her for the paddling. Reaching down she pulled down my panties finding two perfect roses on each of my cheeks burned in from the paddle. Rolling over on her back on the bed opening her legs showing off her large luscious curves, huge breasts, and tasty pussy, Mona invited me to 69. Even though I had already come twice the intense painful paddling actually got me excited and I was already getting another erection.

Getting up from the floor Mona was pushing her huge breasts together told me to worship them with my mouth. It was hot to get a carte blanche reward for taking such a hard paddling and feast on her huge boobs. I didn't want to lick them like a dog trying to be as sensual as I could; starting at the sensitive underside of her breasts licking where they meet her chest, tickling the sensitive flesh of each breast with the tip of my tongue all over, until I finally concentrated on her huge aureoles, sucking her nipples causing so much excitement she actually had an orgasm each time I sucked one of her nipples.

Ordering me to get my cock in her mouth I quickly straddled her head Mona grabbed my sore ass cheeks pulling me downwards so she could suck my cock. From below I could hear her curse telling me to get my tongue to work. Leaning forward I started essentially licking and kissing her "mons veneris" or "Venus mound" which was completely shaved for me to delicately kiss and lick. As I started making love to her entire pussy she stopped sucking my cock long enough to praise me for the reason why she wanted my tongue more than my cock. Moving further down into her crotch I just gave her excited clitoris which was already sticking out of the hood a gentle kiss knowing I would get back to her clit later. Lapping my way into her wet vagina finding that she must've come while giving me the paddling I was able to ingest her just spent vaginal juices once again. Soon I was tongue fucking her wet vagina straining until every ligament in my tongue could not stretch another millimeter. Mona was going wild lustfully squirming all over while she voraciously sucked my cock.

To keep me hard I could feel Mona push her middle finger back into my ass to massage my prostate. This smart lady had my ball sack in her hands squeezing behind my balls pulling them away from my body to keep me from prematurely ejaculating down her throat. Sucking me with her vacuum-like mouth and licking my cock my entire body was rigidly electrified by the way she was performing fellatio. Later I would call her the cocksucking queen because any erection within her reach Mona would suck the guy off so hard his balls would be sucked inside out. I knew I was going to have to eat more sperm producing food if I was going to be her slave.

Mona started having a vaginal orgasm splashing come all over my face. She maneuvered my mouth back over her excited clitoris wiggling her hips motioning me to start sucking. It was like sucking a cock almost being 1 inch long by half-inch thick as I pursed my lips sucking and tickling it with the tip of my tongue. Mona went wild coming all over the place. Spitting me out before I could ejaculating she pushed me off of her ordering me to go open a bottle of champagne that was in the fridge and pour us two glasses. Her suck got me so excited I never lost my erection while I brought in our champagne. Mona told me to stand in front of her and she took her glass and started jacking me off until I came right into her champagne. This seemed to really get her excited watching me ejaculate directly into her glass as white pearly come drifted to the bottom.

Making me hold her come filled glass she took mine and held it at her crotch and filled it the rest of the way to the top with fresh golden champagne. I had already tasted her golden champagne in the shower already so I didn't care if I drank some more. She made in the kneel before her and handed me my glass and I handed her hers and we clicked to our relationship and drank.

Mona then got serious telling me what she expected of me. Not believing in cock cages or keeping me on the edge she preferred constant milking so there was no way I could escape and fuck somebody else. I was going to be her milkman and she was going to keep my balls empty at all times. Ever since she started sucking cock she became addicted to semen and could never get enough. She believes that having a guys sperm wiggling in her belly gives her the right to own him. Not believing that I'm an anal virgin she promised that she was already looking for a hung stud to have me properly bred while she watched. She will be whipping and fucking my ass with her strap on's on a regular schedule to keep my ass athletically charged so I could accommodate a stud whenever she wished. She promised she was going to get me back into sucking cock like I did in college to get me addicted to semen as well. I didn't want to call her a liar but I knew she would make me live up to her fantasy. We finished our champagne and wildly French kissed then finally went to sleep.

(Signing up to be a semen milkman cunnilingus slave for Mona would be tough duty but more adventures await.)











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