He could hear his Mistress walking down the hallway to the bedroom. He was prepared for her. Forty minutes earlier, She called and told him he was to be punished and to ready himself. He gulped and his mind raced, searching for the transgression he committed to deserve what would be coming. Before he could ask, She hung up.

His heart racing, he walked up stairs to her bedroom and prepared the room. The duvet cover and flat sheet were removed from the king size bed and folded neatly and put away in the closet. The pillows were also removed and with the same care, put on top of the duvet and sheet. The leather cuff restraints, always attached to bed, were moved from underneath to on top.

He opened the bedside drawers on both sides. The first contained a small arrangement of dildos and harness for Her pleasure at the expense of his pain, as well as anal plugs to keep him loose enough for his punishments. There was also a large container of lube for the times She felt kind. The second drawer contained a collection of whips, ropes, paddles, collars, and silk sashes that were alternately used as blindfolds and shackles.

He took a large red sash and walked into the bathroom. Placing it on the counter, looked at himself in the mirror. He could not think for the life of him, what he did wrong that would incur the wrath to come. The fear of the pain and humiliation in store made his heart race faster and the hairs on his arms raised by goosepimples. But he felt the blood rush to his member, which started to tremble in anticipation.

He examined his face and noted some stubble, his hair disheveled from working out and going in and out of the cold, windy weather. He shaved quick without making a nick; a talent he developed to please Mistress, or rather avoid displeasing Her. He stepped into the shower and let the hot water rush over him. He scrubbed himself clean as per Her desires when She found him wanting of correction. He massaged his body with the sudsy sponge, lingering on his above average penis. He felt the swelling from the blood rushing, and it grew harder in his hand. Quickly, he turned the water cold and rinsed off. He shivered as he got out and thankfully his manhood was only slightly engorged, not yet limp. If Mistress saw his excitement, She would be more displeased and would punish him in a worse way. After a long day, he was hoping for mercy tonight.

Drying off while looking at himself in the mirror, he noted his muscles were toned enough that if he flexed only a bit, he could hide the body fat he had. He always had a high metabolism, but he was older now. He worked out every other day, targeting different muscle groups, ran daily, and ate a balanced diet to keep up with what his body was as a teenager, but it was slowly getting away from him as he aged. Still, he noted to himself that he had a well-built slender frame of a seasoned runner. His hair had grey hairs on the fringes of his temples and sometimes in his beard if Mistress told him to grow it out. He looked much younger than a man in his forties despite that.

He put on lotion to keep his skin soft and supple. He never could grow much hair on his chest but there was an abundance light brown hair on his forearms and lower legs that got lighter as they travelled up to his arms and thighs to almost peach fuzz. Mistress had him waxed a few times but grew dissatisfied and ordered him to keep his hair as is. He rather missed the feeling of hairlessness, especially being a runner, but he obeyed Mistress always.

Finally, it was thirty-five minutes since the phone call. He took the red sash and walked into the bedroom. He knelt in front of the bed, sitting on his feet, facing the door. He tied the red sash in a blindfold across his eyes, tightly enough to cover his vision but not enough to give him a headache after a while. This was a lesson he learned a long time ago; sometimes Mistress played with him too long with the blindfold on.

After kneeling, he waited. It seemed like an eternity before he heard Her walking down the hallway, Her six-inch LV stilettos clacking on the floor. He heard the door open and his whole body quivered in fear and anticipation. He still had not thought of why he was being punished!

Mindful of his posturing, he straightened his back. He heard Her voice, cruel and smooth, called to him, "Well, here is my bad boy, all ready for his punishment." He shivered and his mind went blank. His body became a vessel, a tool, and a machine that he no longer had control over.

He heard Her come close to him and smelled Her perfume, a flowery musk that made him slightly hard. A finger pressed his lips, but he did not flinch. A hand cupped his chin and move his head upwards.

"I bet you are wondering what you did to deserve this."

He felt Her next to his ear, her hair gently caressing the side of his face; he felt the air move as She inhaled then spoke softly next to him:


He felt Her hand grab a handful of his hair and he was violently brought to his feet. He felt Her hands on him, clawing into his skin as She guided him to the side of the bed. He felt her hands push his back down and bend him over the bed. His arms were forcefully splayed towards the corners of the beds and in a flash, he was restrained. Terror seized him but the rush was exciting. He became engorged and was grateful that it was hidden because She would be most displeased if he showed any pleasure before She got hers.

His vision robbed of him, he paid closer attention to the sound around him. He heard her rummaging in the drawer next to his sculpted ass. There were clinks of metal and slaps of leather as he guessed She was dressing into a harness with a dildo attachment. He could not think of anything else; could not guess the size, or texture or if she was applying any lube yet. Or at all. His anus alternated between clenching and relaxing and his penis grew even stiffer. He heard her move to the other drawer and then a jingling of chains with a crack of a riding whip.

"Don't think this will be very fun for you. I'm very angry and I want to punish you."

His blood went cold. She was not going to be nice tonight. He felt a hand grab the blindfold tails and lift his head up and he heard a jingle from beneath him. The same hand shoved his face into the mattress and let go. He felt the cold metal of a chain around his throat and neck and he quivered. The chain tightened and he heard it fastening. It tightened around his throat again and it forced him to pull his head up. He groaned loudly as he clenched the muscles around his neck to protect his airway in an instinctual response.

"Oh, did that hurt a little?" he heard Her callously coo at him.

Clenching his teeth, he replied, "Yes, ma'am."

Thwack! He felt a sharp pain on his ass cheek.

"I haven't given you permission to speak, slave!"

He clenched his teeth harder, moaning as he felt the spark of life. He felt terror all over his body but at the same time a great lust that made every muscle and his manhood tingle with delight. The second slap came harsher than the first, nearly in the same place so that the pain on top of pain was exquisitely intense.

"I do believe you're enjoying this. I know you are because you're nothing but a filthy slut. You crave this. But" he heard Her pause, hitting the right beat to begin again, "You will not enjoy this until I say so or I will heap pain upon pain onto you until you have bled for me or cried for me to stop, slave."

His breath was heaving as he struggled to keep his airway open and his head and back was arched painfully backwards. The third slap caught him off guard; it hit him on the right calf muscle. He cried out in pain before he pushed his own face into the mattress to bite at it and muffle the noise. He felt the pressure of the chain release and he was able to rest for a few glorious moments as he felt the pain ripple through his leg up to the cheek and throughout the rest of his body.

He was barely cognizant of the noises around him as he tried to catch his breath and he began to move his hips a little, grinding as his manhood filled with hot blood despite the severe pain and terror he suffered. She must not have noticed as he corrected himself when he heard the sound of a bottle opening and a liquid pouring. He froze.

He noted a squishing and slurping sound and he prayed it was lube for whichever implement She was going to use to take out Her rage. As his butthole clenched and unclenched, he felt a fourth slap to the other ass cheek, and he felt it stimulate every pain nerve in his body. He shivered and let out a small moan then sucked in air.

"No, my dear slut. This isn't your time."

He felt two hands claw the top of his back and raked slowly down to his hips. He felt Her dig Her nails into his hipbone as She moved him into position. He felt the restraints tug mercilessly on his wrists. Then his ass cheeks were spread apart, and he felt the tip of something slimy touch his asshole. He sucked in his breath.

"Don't expect any pleasure from this. You will not cum. I barely used any lube. My dear slut, you will hate this as much as I hate you."

The plunge came a beat after the last word She spoke. He felt the slippery thing enter him so dreadfully fast and deep that he choked and felt nauseated. He heard the chain jingle, and his neck was pulled back and he choked and gurgled some more. He felt it stay in him for what seemed like a minute before it came all the way out! And again, it plunged into him and felt the depth to be farther than any other time he had been violated before.

He sensed it pulled out but not all the way and then back and forth, going just a little bit deeper each time. Each time, he felt the choking sensation from both the penetration and the chain. He felt like he would explode in cum but if She turned him over and saw the mess, She would be furious and there would be even worse pain in store. She kept hitting the spot over and over and he gasped each time.

He distracted himself as best as he could. He would not allow himself to be satisfied until She told him to do so. He gasped and choked and focused on his breathing until finally he felt one last shove that lingered a few moments and then it was out. The pressure of the chain released, and he put his face into the mattress, spit pouring from his mouth and he breathed heavily. He was so close, but he commended himself for not cumming all over himself.

He heard the sound of something dropping to the floor and Her undressing.

"My, my. What a bloody mess I've made in you."

He could feel some secretions draining from his asshole. He was quite certain it was the lube and possibly blood. He felt the wrist restraints unfastened and the blindfold removed.

"Get up."

He moved his sore arms down to push himself up and he stood in front of Her. He made no other move.

"Turn around."

He turned around and a woman a half foot shorter than him looking up at him. He noted Her steely blue eyes were glaring at him, slightly narrowed. Her wavy brown locks fell around Her shoulders and down Her back. He dared not look elsewhere but Her eyes. He saw Her hands instantly shoot up to his shoulders and push him backwards. He fell onto the mattress with his penis so swollen and erect, it was much bigger than he's ever seen it before.

He felt Her climb on top of him. She sat on his chest. As he moved his gaze towards Her eyes, he saw Her breasts, nipples taut and pointing outwards. The skin looked so supple he wanted to cup them and fuck her tits then cum over Her face. If She had heard that thought, She would have punished him again. He moved his eyes up to Hers as she cleared Her throat. He realized he had lingered too long.

"I don't believe I said you could you look."

Her hand raised back behind her and came rushing full force to the side of his face. He winced and groaned in pain. He returned his gaze to Her hate-filled eyes; the stinging pain making his eyes well with tears.

"I'm going to face fuck you. You better do a good job getting me wet. That will determine the next stage of your punishment."

Like lightning, Her cunt was on his face and he felt her grinding hard. A few moments and he found her rhythm. Sticking out his tongue, he started feeling for Her clit. He knew he hit it when she gasped ever so slightly. He, keeping with rhythm, began massaging Her clit with his tongue, and every two beats, he stuck his tongue inside Her. She would moan and gasp softly but the rhythm stayed the same. Every fifth beat, he swirled his tongue around Her clit after moving his tongue out of her cunt. He rocked his head to the rhythm, and She began to squeeze her legs tighter and her moaning became louder. He tasted very little of Her juices at first, but after a few minutes he could almost take gulps every ten beats. Her juices began dripping down his face and She began to grind faster. He almost lost the rhythm but was saved by Her grace.

"That's a good slut. You know how to make me wet. I guess I'll give you a treat instead."

She moved herself off his face and slid down his chest towards his hips. He looked down and saw Her move herself over his erection to sit on his thighs. In her right hand was the chain leading to the collar.

"I will tell you when to cum if I let you cum. You will definitely not cum before me. You will do as I say. Correct?"

He nodded to her. He saw her raise her hips and slowly her cunt descended unto his penis. He felt the wet insides slide down his shaft and he began to tremble. He was so engorged and ready; he did not believe he could hold on much longer. His body still ached and shook from the pain. As she slid down onto him, he heard her say, "Oh my God! I've never felt you this huge before!"

Her pussy felt tight around him and he felt Her engage her muscles. He heard her gasp and moan, and he bit his lip so hard so he could focus on not cumming right then. He tasted blood. She moved slowly up and down his shaft. Her head was tilted backwards and the hand pulled the collar tighter. He gasped and clenched his teethed, bracing himself for all the sensations that were about to come.

She sat down on him and began gyrating her hips. She pulled the leash tighter. He again choked and gurgled; fearful she would pull too hard and too long. But his groin was on fire! Every grind, he was so close to blasting the hot white cum waiting inside. She began moving faster, harder. His head was on fire! He breathed heavily through clenched teeth. For what seemed like an eternity he finally heard Her voice: "Oh yes."

"Yes, oh my god, yes."

She grinded harder.

"Oooooooh God, yes."

Every utterance from Her drove him wild. He wanted to grab Her by the hips and ram Her until he came so hard inside.

"Oh I'm going to cum."

The collar lost its slack as She let go and she continued to ride him.

"Don't you dare cum yet. I'm going to cum first. I'm starting to cum."

She kept grinding, gasping, moaning.

With a shriek she said, "CUM NOW!"

He felt her pussy shudder and then very rapidly the muscles clenched and unclenched for nearly a minute. At the same time, he felt himself explode inside Her. He felt his penis twitch every time her cunt clenched. He sucked in air as he shoved his hips upwards into her.

With a roar she yelled, "YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!"

They stopped moving at the same time. For a few moments they caught their breaths. She looked down at him and in a flash, She slapped him.

"Look at you, you're filthy. Go clean up."

He felt her get up and flop down onto the bed. It took him a minute to gather the energy to stand himself up and hobble to the bathroom. He closed the door and went to the toilet. Using tissue paper, he wiped himself and inspected the contents. Lube and a little bit of blood and a tiny bit of shit. He wiped a couple more times and noted nothing else on the tissue. He stepped into the shower and washed himself up. It took maybe 20 minutes before he felt clean.

His anus was still sore but the pain from the riding crops and slaps were dull memories. The hot water soothed his muscles. He got out of the shower and dried himself. He looked at himself in the mirror. The slaps were fading. He looked at his ass cheeks and his calf. The redness was still bright, but he couldn't really feel them anymore. From the closet, he dressed in just boxer briefs and went into the bedroom.

He saw the bed was made up with new sheets and pillows put back. Next to his side of the bed was cup of herbal tea, a glass of water, and a bottle of Motrin. She was no where in sight. He sat down on his side of the bed and took two pills and swallowed them with a full glass of water. He sat there for a few minutes thinking of the amazing orgasm he just had at the expense of his pain and terror. He felt himself harden a little bit but he calmed himself down. He was very tired.

He heard the door open and he turned to see his Wife enter the room. Her kind blue eyes met his and she smiled at him. He smiled back. Quickly she moved across the room sat next to him.

"Are you okay?" she asks.

"I'm fine," he replies.

"Was She mean to you?"

"The worst. But I loved every minute of it."











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