"She said we would...understand each other better."

"That chant... Was it Romanian?"

He saw his head nod, and tried to ignore the feel of his body's hairy chest against his nipples, and noticed they stiffened and became even more sensitive. He wanted to fuck her hard, then looked down again, and realized she would have to fuck him. Instead of revulsion, he felt excited at the thought of a hard-on penetrating his pussy.

Oana was having similar thoughts, and paused before answering. "It was." She laughed, a deep chuckle that sounded more nervous than anything. "So strange. I have your dick, and you look very lovely."

Chet laughed too, a bubbly, feminine sound, and brought himself up short at the weirdness of it. "It's how you look every morning, my gorgeous girl. And I have to admit my cock looks...ready."

"Baby, this is so odd. I'm in your body, and it feels so...wonderful and different. Your pulă is so hard, so eager..." She ran her hand over her erection, and sipped in air at the sensation, then she tentatively patted Chet at the crotch, and he felt one of her fingers linger over his slit, sliding in between his pussy lips. He was wet, ready for Oana to...what? "And your...my...pizdă is so warm and moist."

Chet grabbed Oana's hand, and guided it inside him. Feeling the parting of his pussy lips, he tried to groan, but gave a high-pitched cry instead. It felt divine and sexy, and he gave in, not caring for the moment that he had the wet and waiting cunt, and his wife had the stiff cock to service him. He just wanted to give himself over to sheer lust, and did. "Oana, I want you to finger my pussy. Make me cum, baby."

Oana stuck her middle finger all the way in experimentally, then pulled it out, before plunging it in again, deeper. Soon, Chet felt her middle finger, then two fingers, thrusting in and out of his pussy. He felt the sensation deeper, in the center of his belly, and reached down to his clit. Massaging it, he knew he was cumming very soon, but it felt different from his own orgasms when he put his cock inside her pussy or her mouth.

Chet gave up trying to figure it out, and just lay back. "Finger fuck me, Oana!"

Oana started working his pussy faster, a smooth in-and-out motion that drove him wild. The nub at the top of his pussy started to throb, and he knew this was an orgasm, one of Oana's orgasms, and he was about to feel it instead of her. He arched his back, and his moan grew to a veritable shriek as the orgasm tore through him, sending waves of pleasure through the body he was wearing, radiating from the hole Oana's fingers roamed inside, stretching and rubbing.

"Don't...stop...Oana." He gasped as a second, then a third orgasm washed over him, and he felt incredible. The smell of his pussy juices filled the air, and it made him even hotter. He knew what he needed, and what Oana needed more than anything. Instead of drowsy, Chet felt almost energized, and ready for whatever happened next.

Gently touching Oana's fingers, he kissed her for the first time. Their tongues met and danced in their mouths, the most normal feeling until he opened his eyes and looked into his own. "Oana, you need to cum, baby." He lay back and spread his legs for her. "Put it in me. Fuck my pussy, Oana, cum inside me."

Oana pulled her fingers out, lingering at his pussy lips and stroking them gently. "Are you sure, Chet?" She was hesitant, obviously, even with the lingering effects of the wine. Chet thought she should have been able to do as he had, just ignore the oddness and fuck him.

"So sure. I just came, and you need it too." He pulled her over on top of him, and felt her take his usual position between his legs. He reached down, and felt the hard-on for the first time, almost demurring and just jacking Oana off instead. At the same time, he felt a deep ache inside, an empty feeling that yearned to be filled with a cock. "Do it, Oana. Fuck me, baby."

Apprehensively, she pulled back, and Chet felt the rigid flesh against, between his lips. Without any further word, he guided the head into the right spot, and whispered, "Push, Oana. Fill my pizdă with your cum..." He felt her cock enter, and gasped as he felt it penetrate and fill him, very gratifying and literally fulfilling. He felt Oana's bush press against his, then pull back and crush itself against him again.

Oana needed no coaching to know how to fuck. She had always been on the receiving end, and, incredible as that felt, being inside a pussy was something she had never done. She let Chet's body take over, and felt herself starting to pump her cock in and out of him. The feel of the hot and moist aperture around her cock was so different, surrounded instead of surrounding, covering the length of her cock, the slight cooling at the base of her shaft as she pulled out, and feeling of warmth as she pushed it back inside. Oana waited for the slow build-up she was accustomed to, but instead she felt a more rapid escalation, and knew she couldn't hold it back, didn't want to.

She pounded Chet's pussy frantically, not wanting to finish so soon, but wanting to cum so much it robbed her of her self-control. Remembering the first time she and Chet made love, years ago, it made sense to her now that he hadn't lasted, couldn't have lasted inside her. Oana felt her hips speed up, and marveled at how incredibly sexy her body was, and no wonder Chet had been so eager to make love to her, and no wonder he hadn't lasted long enough the first time, and no wonder he loved to have his cock inside her, and no wonder...

She thrust inside him as far as she could go, feeling herself flooding him with her semen. A long, anguished and joyful scream split the air, dissolving into a frenzied panting in time to her cum filling his pussy anew with each thrust. It was still pulsing, jetting hot cum into Chet, when she collapsed onto him. Chet held her, and felt her pull her cock out slowly.

"Oh, Chet, it was so...so different, my darling." She sounded tired and invigorated at the same time, her hairy chest heaving against his tits.

"Me, too. When I came it was so...different," he finished lamely, wishing he'd had another word for it.

"Darling, it was so intense. I never knew how fucking my pussy felt. How do you keep yourself from cumming too fast?"

"Practice, baby. Not easy, though. You are so fucking hot, and feeling what you feel is so weird compared to my orgasms. It just flowed all through me, everywhere. I wanted to feel you inside me, in my, um, your cunt. That was incredible."

Oana rolled off Chet, and they snuggled for a while before Oana felt herself begin to stiffen, and Chet started stroking the burgeoning erection, still moist with his pussy juices. He laughed, actually giggled, when Oana's cock twitched at his touch. Then he realized something that put him completely out of the mood, at least for the moment.

He climbed out of bed, wobbling at the unusual distribution of weight as he stood. "Oana, I, uh, I need to pee..." He tottered to the bathroom and shut the door. A couple of minutes later, he stepped out of the bathroom, and suggested Oana follow suit. She had a couple of questions, to which Chet just told her to aim carefully.

When Oana joined him back in bed, he snuggled in to her. Oana stroked his breasts and rear end and he stroked her ass too.

"Oana, what the Hell?"

"I already said that, but in Romanian."

"Okay, still. Why are we in each other's bodies? And why are we so calm about it? It seems to me we should both be at least a little alarmed, and I would have assumed at least some discussion before we made love, before I let you put your cock in my cunt, or my cock in your cunt. Right?"

Oana shook her head, his head. "It was my bunica's, well, spell, I suppose. She said we would understand each other after doing all this." She moved her arm to encompass the whole bed. "It was wonderful, darling, but I didn't know what would happen, that this would happen."

"At least you knew something would happen, baby." He shifted his breasts, which were squished and uncomfortable beneath Oana's arm.

"Not this, my darling Chet! I swear to you, she just wanted to help us understand each other!"

He kissed her softly on the lips. "I believe you, but I'm a little concerned. How long does this last? Am I going to have wear a dress to work on Monday morning? Or telecommute?" He hadn't even considered long-term effects, not while they were fucking, and it still seemed a little distant and unreal, even now, even after their session of lovemaking.

Oana shook her head. "No. She said 'Răsărit până la apus'. It means 'sunrise to sunset', and it will end when the sun goes down, or as soon as we sleep after sundown. One or the other."

"And the rest?"

"Ah, Plimbați-vă unul în pantofii celuilalt. Walk in each other's shoes."

"So, we get to spend the day in each other's skin, then. Sounds like effective therapy."

She laughed. "We need to shower and start our day, darling. We smell like sex." With that, she stood up, bracing her male body against the bed for balance. "Very odd how we take walking for granted so much. Do you want me to take the first shower?"

Chet got out of bed. "Let's do this together. Also, I don't suggest shaving. I'll take care of that in the morning."

Oana chuckled again.


"I guess it's good I don't shave my pussy. That's harder than doing your face the first time, and I hear it's more painful if you nick yourself."

Chet thought a moment. "Yeah, you'd look good with a shaved pussy, actually." He opened the door for Oana, who arched an eyebrow at his chivalric impulse, and went in first.

Their shower was roomy enough for four, and had plenty of space for the two of them, whether they wanted to be next to each other or not. Oana started the water, and once the temperature was comfortable for both of them, stepped into the shower, extending a hand for Chet.

Chet soaped Oana's back, using the hairs on her back, his back, to work up a satisfying lather, and started in on her front. Facing her, he gave into the overwhelming urge to kiss her. They stood there for several minutes, kissing and fondling one another, and he felt her erection returning. He still felt this was a bit surreal, and supposed Oana felt the same way. Either way, he felt no trepidation about the two of them being each other. He should have felt more uncomfortable, he knew, but it was probably an effect of the powder, or spell, or whatever.

He reached down between Oana's legs, and started massaging her dick, and marveled at how it felt getting hard in his hands. He'd masturbated for many years, but the orientation, the viewpoint, was so new, and that made it very erotic. He felt a quiver that started at his clit and made his heart skip a beat, and he told Oana, who nodded to confirm that was something she felt often.

"Babe, does it feel like this when you jack me off?"

"Excited? Yes, very much." She closed her eyes, leaning back as Chet soaped her up, and began working the head of her cock. "That feels so good, darling." This time the soft 'k' was blurred with the awareness that her husband was masturbating her impossible erection.

"Well, you already came once. Inside me. In my pussy." Chet felt like he needed to remind them both of that fact, and felt deliciously naughty saying it. "Do you want to cum again, babe?"

"How will you make me cum, darling? Let me cum inside you again, or you jack me off here in the shower?" She was the taller one, still only by inches, and looked down into his eyes, favoring him with a lust-filled grin.

"I have another idea, babe. I love it when you suck my cock." He grinned back at her. "How do you say blowjob in Romanian?"

"Roughly muistă, but it's rude. It means cocksucker, like a whore." She stopped, considering for a moment. "But I admit I like it, darling, even if whores do it. Maybe especially since whores do it. I love to feel sinful sometimes when we're naked together."

Chet stroked just the swollen purple head of her erection with his fingertips, and kissed her again. "Baby, I'm going to suck your cock, be your own little muistă for this morning. Do you like the thought of taking my cock in your mouth? Or vice versa?" Chet's tits quivered a little at the prospect.

Oana nodded. "Yes, please by my little muistă , darling. Hmmm. So what will you ask for in exchange? When we're done. Something special, perhaps?"

"I'll think of something. Or you will, Oana." Chet knelt, and realized how uncomfortable the tile was on his borrowed knees, so he changed to a squat, opening his legs and exposing his lush pubic thatch to his wife. "I'm sure whatever it is I will like it."

Chet looked at Oana's cock, really his, from an angle he'd never seen it before. If I were me, in my body, I'm not sure I'd like this. But Oana does, or maybe tolerates it for my sake. He wondered whether he was taking her for granted, and opted at that instant not to take her for granted, and to show Oana exactly how much he loved her.

He leaned forward and took her hard-on in his mouth. Careful not to graze it with his teeth, an unpleasant experience he'd had before with another woman in college, he settled the underside of her thickening shaft onto his tongue, and took it all the way in. Like everything else that morning, it was new and exhilarating. The cock swelled further, and he worried that he might finish her off too quickly, even though he was looking forward to it.

A little bit of soap from Oana's chest washed down onto her cock, and the taste of it, a sharp chemical and floral taste, made Chet wince, and turned towards the shower spray, opening his mouth to rinse it away, then renewed his efforts after rinsing her erection clear of the soap. He felt Oana begin to sway in and out of his mouth, rocking her hips and pushing her pole into his mouth, still gently. He grasped her ass, and started guiding her timing and depth of her thrusts. Oana's thighs rubbed against Chet's nipples, and he stifled a moan around the loaned cock in his mouth.

Oana's breathing came more raggedly, and Chet knew she was close. He wondered how it would feel when she came in his mouth, whether she really enjoyed, or just endured, it. She caressed the top of his head, and the sides of his face, moaning louder as she got closer. Chet looked up, and saw tears coming from her eyes, and it looked like tears of joy. He'd felt this way with her, and wondered if she was overwhelmed with the feeling of his cocksucking, or just overwhelmed with joy at his loving attention.

He felt her stomach tense and quiver, and reached for her balls, cradling and kneading the sac gently, just like he liked her to do, and felt the first shudder that he knew foretold a huge orgasm. "Oh, darling!" Oana's voice was caught between his vocal register and hers, and Chet felt his own pussy and clit pulsate in sympathy.

Her first spurt jetted out into his mouth, and he fought against the sudden gag reflex, turning his face downward to let the next spurts dribble out, instead of barging down his throat. It was thick and hot, and he didn't care for the taste, but swallowed some of it anyway, because that's what Oana always did, and he wanted to demonstrate he loved her just as much.

At the same time, he let his fingers drift down to his pussy, playing with his clit, which was now swollen with desire, and trembled to his own touch. He rubbed it gently, quickly, and felt himself cum, even as Oana's orgasm began to subside. Chet swallowed the last of her cum, and turned his face to the spray from the shower, rinsing his mouth and face.

Oana held him close, before saying, "Same as I do, Chet. You don't like my cum in your mouth, do you?"

He kissed her. "It's not so bad. Your goulash is much better, but you enjoyed it, right?" Oana nodded. "Then it was worth it, babe."

Oana held him to her chest before kissing him. "So you know why I do it, why I love to do it for you?"

"Yes, baby." He kissed her back, and rubbed her flaccid penis with one hand.

They finished their shower, and toweled off before heading to the kitchen for breakfast. Oana cooked bacon and eggs, with one English muffin apiece, and while those were cooking, they grabbed their robes from the floor, each helping the other don it. Oana loved the heavy, thick feel of Chet's robe, and Chet felt her silken one caress every inch of his body, especially his nipples, which stood erect and easily discernible through the diaphanous fabric.

"Oana, I don't know how you can stand this. Just putting this on makes me feel so...sensuous and naughty. It's almost sexier than being naked."

"That's why I wore it last night, darling. I wanted to want you, wanted to feel like I had to have you. That robe, I didn't wear it the last three months. And now you're wearing it, and I think you wear it very well, my husband." She put her hands on his hips from behind, and nestled up against him, kissing the nape of his neck. He felt her cock, already semi-hard, between his buttocks through the two robes. "You also excite me."

They ate quickly, and decided to stay in for the day, for several reasons. The debate, such as it was, ended quickly in agreement. First, they didn't want to slip up in front of anyone else, nor field questions they dared not answer honestly. Second, the spell had a specific purpose, and both felt they needed to fulfill that purpose by staying together at home, since this wasn't a minor issue, either the spell or their marriage. Third, both of them had denied their sexual urges for three months, and wanted to be available for each other the minute the opportunity arose to work some of their friskiness off.

With the curtains closed firmly, they dispensed with the robes soon after, and sat on the couch, making out and fondling each other. Oana played with his pussy some more, going more slowly now, and Chet savored the orgasms, almost a continuous string of them, for nearly an hour, before begging off any more.

"Baby, that was so nice. I never really get that patient with you. You just went so slowly," he arched his back and wriggled with pleasure. "Do you like that? I mean when I do that slowly?"

"Yes, Chet, iubitul meu. We don't always have to be slow and deliberate, but an occasional low and patient simmer can feel better than a rolling boil."

Chet was feeling much more amorous, and was amazed that, with all the orgasms he was having today, he wasn't exhausted. Oana was showing some of the diminished energy from cumming in the shower and in Chet's pussy, but he noted that she was once again getting ready for him. The thick, fleshy rod attracted him, and he wanted it inside again. Oana sat on the couch, her cock sticking almost straight up. Chet got up and straddled her, feeling her cock between his labia, before settling upon it, letting it slide up into his vagina.

"Oh, Oana, baby. Cum inside me again." She answered by starting to suck on one of his tits, a magnificent feeling that made him shiver up and down his whole body. "Fuck me, baby."

Oana gripped his hips, and started rocking him on her erection. He rode her blissfully, feeling her erection against his walls, and knew why she liked the position when their roles, their bodies were reversed. Oana started nibbling and sucking on his breasts, each one in turn, igniting a line directly to Chet's clit, which responded each time to his tits being sucked. Oana's hands kept gripping his hips and ass, and he knew he was going to cum again, and the Oana would eventually cum, but three times in one day used to be Chet's limit. Did that limit count for Oana?

He realized that his pussy didn't feel sore or tender from the repeated poundings he had taken from her fingers and cock all morning. Another side effect of the powder, he decided just as another climax reached out for him.











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