This is a story a little different from other fantasy stories. Most stories are placed in the medieval times or future. Why not place a story in ancient times of Rome or Greece? This story is inspired by the history of Rome about 300BC, so long before Gaius Julius Caesar, when Rome was still a republic and no empire. Enjoy...

Note: All characters are over 18 in the story


Since the early childhood my father sent me to military training. He is a man of the Legion and I was very proud when he was promoted to be a praetorian of the senate.

The praetorians are the elite guard of the senate's officials like the consuls or legates. It was a high honor for us plebeians to reach such a position. With this promotion my father was able to send me to the arcane military academy.

I was arcane gifted, but usually only patricians are allowed to enter the academy. I got arcane affinity from my mother's blood. She was a Celtic witch that met my father during his time in the Gaul territory of the Venetians.

The story of their first meeting was always very inspiring for me and I cannot think about this story often enough. My father the legionary Lucius Marcius Censorius was already some years in the army when he was assigned to the third legion.

The Centurion sent his team out scouting for the Etruscan troops in the mountain passes east of the Etruscan capitol Arretium. After days of watching they found an Etruscan slaves transport with four slaves and seven guards on the way to Arretium.

His Decurion decided to attack the guards, because they were low in numbers if the slaves are not fighting for them. They set a quick ambush and according to the memory he was killing two of the guards. When they killed the guards the slaves used the incoming chaos to escape into the woods.

The Decurion decided to not follow the escaped slaves, because there is no way to keep slaves on a scouting mission. While they started to remove the dead bodies from the pass street the enemy's backup showed up.

For the Decurion it was known that this is the end of his complete squad if he is not sacrificing some men that the other can retreat. He chooses Lucius and another man to keep the enemies busy while the rest of the squad is escaping and reporting to the garrison.

The enemies came to them and the two legionaries fought. The incoming arrows were blocked by the legion shields so the enemy was coming for melee. Lucius could kill three of them before he got a critical hit in the chest area. When he was down the other man was running into the woods. The enemies were chasing the man and they left the legionary to die on the street.

With her witch magic the escaping witch could use a spell that made her not relevant in others minds if the enemy was looking at her. So after the enemy left for chasing the other legionary she pulled the wounded body of Lucius into the bushes.

The witch was aware of the situation she was in. Her spell is only for some minutes working or maybe half an hour if she concentrates on her fear.

This man was her only way to get out of the Etruscan territory without being enslaved once more. The magic of witches is based on emotions so the more she likes somebody the more the healing spell will be effective. The opposite is for spells which harm the target. To heal she needed to put some of her power in a body liquid which needs to go directly into the wound.

The woman spit on the legionary's chest and there was a small effect that the wound was closed on the surface. This was a progress, because it meant that the blood loss was getting slower. She checked him and was sure that he had internal bleeding wounds.

Next she opened his mouth and kissed him in order to give him her body fluids internally. After some minutes of kissing her mouth went nearly dry but the effect was still too low. It was clear that more body fluids were needed. She removed her underwear and put her pussy directly at his opened mouth.

The witch concentrated on his muscular body to get more aroused and released her stream of piss into his mouth. After swallowing the first drops Lucius came back to his senses. He was not sure if he was dead but all he could see was a pussy in front of him pissing in his mouth. He swallowed once more but then he lifted his head and started to lick that pussy.

He thought if this is Elysium why not starting with licking the pussy. The witch was very surprised by this move. She was focused on liking this wounded soldier so that she was very aroused in the beginning.

When he started to lick her she came in a magical orgasm, due to her concentration. The witch squirted a very powerful healing spell in my father's mouth that made her unconscious. After her breakdown my father got up as he would have never been insured.

He realized where he was and that this woman somehow saved his life. He lifted her and carried her deeper into the woods to the south. After about one hour he found a hideout where they could stay for the night. He out her down and watched the woman.

She was beautiful and had a slim and good shaped body. He felt a very strong attraction to this woman only when seeing her. He wanted to know who this woman is. After waiting for about an hour in the hideout the unknown woman finally woke up.

The two tried to communicate but due to the language barrier they could not understand each other. The witch was currently not in the mood to try to learn a new language in the moment. She was still too aroused for any conversation, so she stopped the legionary and kissed him directly.

She met no resistance and when she did it and a short hand on his dick showed her that she was right. The witch removed her dress and laid back spreading her legs. Even without any words Lucius was sure what she wanted. He touched her gently before he got to her wet pussy with his tongue.

But she wanted the dick, so she pulled him up and pushed his body to her. The legionary teased her while touching her pussies outside lips with the tip of his penis. The witch used her hands to pull him near which made him slip inside. She needed him not now for her satisfaction and she also is able to recover more magical power when having strong emotions like this.

When Lucius finally entered her the fluids of her body had gone wild. When he started to slowly move her fluids sounded very loudly all over the hideout. Then the legionary started to move faster. The witch came when he started to penetrate her more violently.

Than shortly after Lucius pumped his seed into my mother and my memory by heredity ends. I got the last day of both of their memories before my creation, but my mother is still not sure why.

According to her theory there was something going wrong when she used her healing spell on him, but she does not know for sure. The fact is that this spell had many side effects, like a magical bond between my parents.

They are very much in love with each other since this spell and I already have three siblings.

When my father returned home he brought her with him officially as a slave because from political reasons my father needed to marry another woman, who he was now only minor interested of. & size=20

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