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Chapter 3

Bast got her milk after Dan raced to the kitchen to get some. When he returned, the cat-headed goddess smirked again.

"Finally. It took you long enough." She took the glass Dan offered and began by taking a long hearty drink of the white liquid, swallowing until it was halfway gone. She pulled back, licking her maw with her cat's tongue and put the glass on a nearby table.

"Well, since that's taken care of, I have a question for you, Bast," Dan said, taking a deep breath. Bast nodded at him, signaling him to go on, though Dan thought she wasn't giving him her full attention.

"What are you doing at my apartment?" Not that it seemed like "my apartment" at this point. The interior was nearly unrecognizable, to the point that it seemed like a maze.

"I wanted to check up on Annabelle. I heard she had gotten married, but she didn't invite me to the wedding. So I wanted to see who she was hitched to. Then I find out it's a mortal." She looked over to Annabelle, who blushed slightly, maybeeven having a twinge of guilt.

"I'm sorry, Bastet. It just happened. I'm so sorry, and, Bast, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" Annabelle suddenly ran towards the cat goddess, giving her a great big hug. Bast looked shocked, her tail straightening, her ears popping forward, and a wild expression on her face.

"It's fine, but please stop! You're overloading me with lust magic!" She gasped hard, her tongue sticking out as she moaned and groaned. Annabelle pulled back suddenly from that as she cupped her hands to her face.

"Oh, dear, again, so sorry, Bast, just got a little excited, and you know how lust magic is. It's unpredictable." She laughed at that, while Dan looked confused. He shook his head. He didn't bother asking. His head was already hurting slightly from the whole situation.

"It's fine, Annabelle, relax," said Bast. "I just wanted to make sure you're all right. You know how goddesses can end up when they marry a mortal." She patted her friend's head. It was clear that Bast's mood had changed from "confident queen" to "relaxed friend."

"It's fine. It's not like what's happened with those other gods. I agreed of my own free will." She smiled. Dan raised an eyebrow again. This just raised more questions.

"Well, good, I can get home. I have to get back to my host family. Those children, I swear, if I'm not around, would somehow set a lake on fire." With that, Bast transformed back into her full cat form before walking over towards Dan.

"Listen here, boy, just because you managed to seduce and get married to my friend, it means nothing. If you hurt her, I will play with you like a ball of string. If you make her cry, I will turn you into that ball." With that, the front door opened, and the cat goddess strutted out, her tail swishing as she rubbed onto the door for a second. Then she vanished without a trace.

"Well, that was something," Dan grunted. A cat goddess had just threatened him. That would be in the top ten of weirdness for his life. He'd have to give it another twenty minutes to see what happens, though.

"Yeah, Bast can be a little... much, but she means well. She has been a great friend, but sadly she's not one of the lucky gods."

"Lucky gods? What does that mean."

"Gods need worship, It's how we sustain our powers. You mortals might not realize we need you as much as you need us. Bast was the goddess of cats and guardian of the children, though when they stopped worshipping her, she had to improvise in a way that people give her attention to remember her. It's easier for a death god or even a lust goddess to gain worshippers or followers. But for others like her, it can be troublesome." Annabelle looked sad for a minute, and Dan felt a small pang in his heart.

"I guess it's difficult to be a god."

"It can be, but as I said, I'm one of the more lucky ones. My duality lets me be worshipped without them realizing it. Just performing an action, and being admired by those who watch me, can give me strength." She smiled as she leaned against the wall.

"Well, that's something. Though how does Bast get her worshippers?"

"From what she's told me, and I quote, 'By the gods, I'm surviving 'cause of them damn furries jacking off to pictures of big-boobed anthro cats! I've fallen so far! In olden times, I was given spices and gold. Cats were treated like kings! Now the only ones who admire me, or watch over me, are middle-aged women who collect my subjects like toys and horny people who want to fuck me. Oh, me! Oh, sweet kitten me!'" Dan snorted as he imagined Bast being a drama queen, her body flailing around to try to get all eyes on her.

He wasn't the only one. Even Annabelle was giggling at the idea. She held her sides as she seemed to be fighting off the urge to laugh. Dan smiled as he looked at her.

"So, what kind of changes did you do to my apartment?" Dan asked.

"You mean our apartment, my hubby," Annabelle reminded him.

"Please just call me Dan, or, hell, even Danny." Dan laughed nervously.

"Okay, Dan. Well, not too much. Just a few extra rooms, really. Changed the kitchen. Made our bedroom a little bit larger. Added my own study. Added a sex dungeon."

"Wait, what was that?""My own study?"

"No, after that. You added a sex dungeon?" Dan's eyes twitched. He wasn't sure how to even react to something like that. He could barely imagine what he would do with a sex dungeon, besides... well, sex.

"Oh, yeah, in case we ever decide to have some extra fun or bring in a third party, we can have a room just for that." She smirked as she caressed his cheek. Dan was not sure how to react, since the idea had never struck him before.

"So you don't mind adding another person in for fun?" Dan tiptoed around the subject, not sure how his ife might react. She responded by kissing his neck.

"Hmm, I do not mind. I am the goddess of lust, after all, as long as you follow one simple rule." She licked his neck, then raised her mouth to his ear,blowing into it gently.

Dan felt his cock stirring as he mumbled, "What would that be?"

"I don't mind if you fuck another woman, or even goddess, as long as you tell me... and as long as I can be in the room. I like to watch. As long as you are loyal to me, I will be loyal to you, my darling Dan. Remember that." She reached down, caressing his side.

Dan's body was roaring with excitement as he wrapped his arms around her. His primal instincts wanted her. He desperately wanted to fuck her, but first he said, "I'll keep that promise. I— I'm still shocked by all this, but I'm willing to give this a try. I do want to get to know you more."

"Mm-hmm, it's all I can ever ask, my dear," Annabelle moaned as she squeezed his ass.

"Maybe we should head to the bedroom and talk. I might have some more questions."

"Ask away. We do have some things to talk about, including the blessings I have for you." Annabelle moaned as she took him by the hand, leading them off to his — no, their bedroom. Dan discovered that it had completely transformed. It had been fairly large before, , but now it was more like the grand bedchamber of a king, complete with a glittering chandelier. Polished wood flooring had replaced the wall-to-wall carpet.

The bed was now shaped like a heart and covered with red linens. Dan idly wondered what happened to the artwork he'd had on the walls, but that would be a question for a later time. Annabelle kissed his neck and moaned as she rubbed against him. Dan groaned as he grabbed her bubbly ass.

With that, she ripped his shirt off and tossed the remains to one side, where they seemed to turn to ash and disappear. Dan walked backward toward the bed as Annabelle kept removing pieces of clothing from him. He finally began grabbing onto her clothes.

He grabbed her top, and ripped it down the seams with great ease. Her breasts bounced as they experienced freedom. Dan wondered if she hadn't been wearing a bra all along or if she'd made it vanish. He found himself falling down onto the bed with Annabelle watching him hungrily. Her eyes seemed to turn black as she climbed on top of him.

"Hmm, so handsome, my darling. I could just eat you up." She licked her lips, then leaned forward to suck on his neck. Her ass was shaking as Dan reached up to cup it.

"So these blessings, Annabelle?" he asked. His fingers sank a bit into her rump as he massaged it. Annabelle moaned again as she rubbed against him. She snapped her fingers and he could feel his underwear vanish.

"As my husband, I am able to give you certain blessings within my abilities. I shall be giving you enhanced strength and stamina. Not too much, just about double what you're use to. Your body will feel younger and stronger." Her hips were grinding against him, but then she began lifting herself, floating up into the air as she turned around. She slowly lowered her ass down on Dan's face.

"As long as we're together, your life has been extended. You're not immortal, but you'll live longer than normal humans. Unless an outside force takes you away." She moaned as she rubbed her rear on him. Dan'sDans lips pressed against her pussy's lips.So I'll be stronger and have more stamina? That explains today. But a longer life — how wil that work? He grabbed her hips, caressing them as he kissed her puffy pussy lips. Annabelle moaned as he opened his mouth. His wet tongue came out as it found her clit, giving it a light lick, then flicking it while he wedged a couple fingers of his left hand underneath to massage her outer labia.

"Hmm, good, Dan, please keep going." She suddenly shifted position, and now he had to reach out to touch her pussy. His eyes widened as he realized she was sucking his cock, and oh, boy, did it feel good, the way she sucked on the head alone. Her tongue swirled as she kept jacking him off...

- - -

Vanessa sat at the bar drinking, neon lights illuminating the room as the jukebox played. Vanessa wasn't really sure what the song was, but she didn't care. She drank her whiskey, then took a long drag on the cigarette in her other hand. She hadn't smoked in a year, but after the last few days, she needed one.

She had done something she regretted. She didn't know why — it was as if some force had taken over her. She shuddered and sniffed as she blew out a puff of smoke.

"Why, why did I do it? Fuck! It was so stupid!" She shook her head as she tried to reassure herself she was okay. Through tears pouring down her face, she took another drink. She couldn't help but wonder what Dan was doing right now. Vanessa imagined him in his home depressed and sad, maybe even angry at her. She knew that sooner or later she'd have to go over there. She had stuff there. She remembered leaving her grandmother's bracelet. She hated that she forgot it, but it had slipped her mind. She knew going there would be awkward.

She never wanted to end her relationship with Dan, but something about it had seemed off. She loved him — but she'd felt bored, as if she needed more excitement. It wasn't entirely that, though. She'd felt as though something had pulled her away, and she didn't know what it was. She bit onto the filter of her cigarette, making her shiver as she pushed it out.

"Need another one, miss?" the bartender asked. His leather vest glittered under the neon lights.

"I'm good. I should really be heading out. Could you call me a cab?" She pushed her bushy auburn hair out of her eyes.

"No problem," the bartender said before walking away. Vanessa sighed as she grabbed her purse. She was tempted to take out another cigarette, but pushed that feeling away. She didn't want to overdo it. The sweet feeling of addiction could land her, like her momma, six feet in the ground after fighting cancer off for a year. It was why she'd quit before the sight of her mother on her deathbed ruined the desire to take another puff.

She was close to leaving, when a stranger moved in, a simple smirk on the man's face. "Hi there, I'm Joe Liesmith. Do you come here often?" He said, showing off his pearly white teeth, his fingers twiddling his cufflinks.

Vanessa immediately noticed his good looks. She wasn't sure what hit her as she smiled back at the stranger.

"How do you do, Mr. Liesmith? Do I come here often? Well, not really. I've had a bad week." She felt as if something were coming over her. This Liesmith was very handsome, and almost reminded her of an old friend.

"Well, do you want to talk about it? A drink's on me... at a better place."

Sure, I think a drink would be okay." Vanessa took the man's hand. Nothing too bad, right? He seemed a little otherworldly. She couldn't put her finger on it. He led her off, away from the bar.

The bartender returned from the other end of the bar and called out,"Hey, lady your cab should ar— " But she was gone, and the bar was now empty. The bartender sighed. Maybe he didn't want to know where she went. Girls like that either were trouble or in trouble, and from how she was crying, it might have been the latter, and he didn't want to get involved. He cleaned the bar and emptied the ashtray where she'd been sitting. It would be closing time soon. If he was lucky, he wouldn't hear anything. He'd seen it time and time again — women could be trouble, but an upset woman could be even worse.

This was something only the good lord knew, really.

- - -

"Yes, Yes... YES!" Annabelle screamed at the top of her lungs as the headboard slammed into the wall, leaving dents in it. Dan thrusted harder by the moment. It seemed as though they were at the edge of blissful orgasm, as Annabelle moaned louder. Dan was surprised. He'd never gone this long before. But his orgasm seemed close to hitting as he pulled Annabelle back against the base of his cock.

Her moaning was turning him on even more as they fucked doggy-style. His hips felt like jelly as they moved. Soon it was all over as Annabelle screamed once more for him.

"Fuck, I'm cumming, Dan!" she moaned. Dan knew this was true, the way her hot cunt sucked him in, pulling him deeper in her as it milked him for everything he had. He was about to unload also, so he quit fighting it — there was no use. he pulled out, And as he did, ropes of cum shot out from the tip of his cock, landing on her back. Dan's body turned from a feather into a brick of lead as he collapsed on the bed, his heart racing as he felt the soft sheets consume him.

He lay on the heart-shaped bed and breathed deeply. Even with the enhanced stamina, Annabelle had given him, he still could have fallen asleep right there. He felt his body picked up and rolled around till his head laid down on the pillow.

"That was... amazing," he muttered, huffing between breaths as he looked over towards the goddess and she pulled a red blanket to cover them.

"There's more where that comes from, honey buns, though I hope you can keep up." She moved in closer as the blanket settled atop them, her finger rubbing circles on his chest.

"I think I can try, though, fuck, I never expected this to happen." He found himself wrapping his arms around her as she snuggled closer.

"No one ever does, though, hey, at least it's fun. Mortals like you make a god's life more interesting. Never know what might happen." She giggled. Dan happened to notice, in his peripheral vision, a scythe leaning against the wall. He shuddered, imagining what could happen if he made her mad. Another thought seemed more important, though.

"So, I have to ask..."

"Always with the questions. I swear, you mortals always need to know something." Annabelle giggled as she raised herself up on one arm, almost on top of him, passion still in her eyes.

"Why were you there that night?" he asked. "In all the strip clubs in America— in the world, why at the one where I happened to be?"

Annabelle smiled, cupping his cheek.

"I don't know. I was really there to be worshipped As I said earlier, we gods need worshippers, and being lusted over can empower me. So I was there to gain energy. It just happened that you were there at the time. Maybe it was just fate."

Dan nodded, though he still wondered if there was more to it. He quickly felt himself distracted as Annabelle leaned in, giving him another kiss. Dan found himself kissing her back. She rolled on top of him, her body grinding against him.

"I better get some sleep, work and all," Dan said when the kiss finally ended. Annabelle rolled back off of him, and then she whispered one thing to him.

"I love you."

Dan looked back at her for a second as his heart stopped. He wasn't sure what to say, though he knew what he couldn't say. He turned around and found a switch that turned off the lights in the room. He wrapped what he could of the blanket around him, and he soon fell asleep.

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