Sarah was woken early on Sunday morning, by the loud ringing of the bedside telephone. She answers:

"Oh...mummy! Yes, we're both OK. Struggling to keep ourselves entertained in the lockdown, but yes, both fit and healthy. A funeral? Oh, I see, that is very close to us. It's a long way for you to travel...were you really that close? Stay over? But the Covid restrictions? Well, no, we don't have anyone else in our safety 'bubble'. Yes, yes, of course we'd love to see you, but...oh, I see, you are there now. Yes, yes, we'll see you for lunch then."

Sarah sprang out of bed and ran down the stairs to unlock the hall cupboard. Adam was lying on his duvet dog bed and shielding his eyes from the sudden light.

"Quickly, Adam, mummy is coming for lunch. Don't ask! I'll fill you in later. Just get up, get showered and into some normal clothes!"

Adam's heart sank. He had never got on well with his mother in law, who always managed somehow to belittle him. Still, needs must, and he quickly got changed.

Downstairs in the kitchen, he worked with Sarah to prepare a suitably impressive lunch for her mother.

At 1.30 PM a taxi arrived to drop off the visiting parent and her two large cases.

Ms Cordelia Edwards gracefully exited the vehicle and paid the driver, with a large tip.

She smiled broadly as her daughter rushed forward to greet her, as best as she could manage, surprisingly wearing her new tight leather skirt and Louboutin high heels. Adam stood back slightly and allowed himself a moment to discretely observe his Mother-in-law's undoubted mature attractiveness.

Ms Edwards was a divorcee, in her early 50's. You could see immediately from her wonderful figure and long legs, where Sarah had inherited her good looks. However, Sarah would be the first to admit that she had not, unfortunately inherited her mother's stunningly attractive facial features. A former model, she attracted admiring glances wherever she went.

Adam took in her outfit: A beautifully tailored black suit; the jacket pinched at her slim waist by a wide black leather belt; black fur collar and cuffs; a matching tight knee-length skirt, with a rather flirty black fur trim to the hem. Elbow length black, calf leather gloves, with matching designer handbag. The hint of a white chiffon blouse, 'barely black' nylon stockings, high, shiny black heels, a very wide brimmed black hat covered in black ostrich feathers and a black lace veil, partially obscuring her immaculately made-up face and red lips...quite an ensemble!

As he stepped forward to plant a chaste kiss on her veiled cheek, he could already feel the stirrings of disturbing arousal, which this woman always seemed to stimulate in him.

After lunch, (accompanied by copious amounts of wine, Sarah and her mother retired to the lounge with a bottle of gin, leaving Adam to clear away in the kitchen. He was relieved to be on his own for a short while, though he could not help hearing the occasional burst of giggles coming from the room next door. The two women had a strong bond, and had always been open and frank about their relationships. Adam cringed, as he imagined their topics of conversation...

Finishing off the dirty dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor, curiosity got the better of him. Silently, he pressed his ear against the lounge door. Cordelia was speaking in a whisper:

"No! really? You wicked girl! A dog costume? Really, Sarah, that is simply too hilarious! In the hall cupboard? My you have been busy! No, surely he didn't agree to that. In the garden against a tree!"

Adam jumped as he heard his wife shout to him:

"Darling, can you bring us some coffee?"

He took a pot of freshly made coffee on a tray, with cups and 'petit fours'.

"I've been telling mummy about your fancy dress outfit, darling. You know, the doggy costume you tried on yesterday...why don't you put it on again...let mummy see you in it. It's such fun!"

"I'd rather not Sarah, really, I haven't finished in the kitchen..."

"Just leave that, Adam. We ladies need some entertainment!"

Of course, Adam was also feeling a little drunk after lunch. If he had been sober, he would have refused...but, emboldened by the alcohol, (and if he was honest, having a slight streak of exhibitionism), he agreed to his wife's bold request.

He retrieved the dog outfit and dressed himself, complete with all the accessories, including his collar and lead! Returning to the lounge, and summoning all of his courage, he got down on all-fours and presented himself to the ladies.

Sarah got him to crawl around for several minutes, while she and her mother laughed at his predicament. Then Cordelia spoke to Sarah:

"I thought you said that his 'bits' were on show?"

(Adam had zipped up the groin area.)

"Oh yes mummy! Come here Adam...Beg!"

He couldn't quite believe what was happening, but almost in a trance he adopted the submissive position, in front of his wife. She reached forward, unzipped him and tugged out his genitals. From behind, she produced the rubber bone and threw it to the side of the room.


He brought the dog-toy back to Sarah, who handed it to her mother.

"He's such a good boy for us, isn't he Sarah? Here doggy...fetch!"

It was Cordelia who was now in charge of the bone. A cruel amused smile formed around her mouth as she clearly reveled in her son-in-law's humiliation. Despite the alarming course of events, Adam could not help peeking at the sexy high heels and nylon stockings worn by his two tormentors. He was becoming aroused.

"Oh look Sarah, the doggy is on heat!"

Both women laughed out loud at his bobbing erection.

"I noticed him peeking at my legs and bottom, from the very moment I arrived. I always warned you that he was a filthy pervert. Look at him now...that horrible fluid, dripping from his stiff little thing. How do you put up with him Sarah?"

"I apologise, mummy. He has really let me down. You should not be subjected to displays of voyeurism and blatant uncontrolled arousal."

"If he was my husband, I'd make sure that such behavior was severely punished!"

"You are quite right, as usual mummy. I think he should receive a sound spanking. Aren't you ashamed, Adam?"

Poor Adam can barely believe this turn of events and can only utter a pathetic response:


"It seems to me, mummy that as the injured party, you should administer his discipline. Would you mind?"

"I have brought several men of his type to learn their lessons, Sarah. It will be my pleasure."

Cordelia stands and removed her skirt, revealing her long, nyloned legs in all their sleek, sensuous, erotic glory. Resuming her seat, she fixes Adam with a severe, icy stare, and beckons him forward to assume the position, across her soft, feminine lap.

Carefully, she adjusts his position, so that his genitals are locked between her thighs, then unzips the rear of his costume, to expose his hairless buttocks.

"You have needed this for some time Adam. I will recommend to Sarah, that in future, she follows my example, and keeps you very firmly in line."

With that, she began to bring her beautifully manicured hand across his waiting naked bottom. Gradually, her spanks increase in intensity, until he begins threshing about in pain and embarrassment. He receives over one hundred blows, before she is satisfied and pushes him off her lap.

Sarah is amazed at the calm authority and strong, unrelenting punishment her mother has demonstrated. She also notes that despite his ordeal, Adam's penis is now even more erect...and dripping. The spanking has also stimulated a strong sexual response in her own loins.

She reached out and cradles his head gently in her hands:

"You deserved that, Adam. I hope you have learned a lesson apologise to mummy and thank her...properly!"

"I'm very very sorry, Mrs Edwards. Thank you for correcting my perverted behaviour."

"Thank you Adam. I think you now need a period of reflection. Why don't you lock him in the hall cupboard again Sarah. Until bed-time, I think..."

Sarah stands and sharply tugs his lead.


At 10.00PM, the cupboard is unlocked and he is led upstairs to bed by his wife. He is instructed to carry his now rather stinky duvet doggy bed with him. (During his most recent confinement, he has ejaculated copious amounts of filthy sperm, whilst feverishly obsessing over his mother-in-law).

As Sarah prepares for her beauty sleep, she points to the floor at the end of the bed.

"I am only letting you sleep with me out of the goodness of my heart, Adam. You have disgraced yourself today, in front of my mother and myself. You will sleep at the foot of the bed, on the floor, on your doggy blanket. Good night!"

As he lies restlessly awake on the hard floor, he can hear small moans of ecstasy from the bed, as his wife friggs her hot wet pouting pussy to yet another climax. Where would this be leading him?

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