'Let me sing, o mortal, of time's arrow and the chains that bind.

Step closer, now, and see. Do not touch the circle. Do not disturb salt, wax and chalk. Not yet. I mean to entice you and make you forget the warnings wise.

You know my form, even if you do not know me. I have crafted myself into her shape. For you. You know every fold and every ridge. Step closer and still your beating heart.

See in my eyes that familiar glint; remember how she would laugh, back in better times. Smell the spices and the boiling wine. Again, take her hand and hold for a heartbeat longer.

Should I cover myself? Obscure breasts and slit? Would you prefer glimpses? The allure of the barely hidden; like the green bikini on that hot summer day?

There is no more need for hesitation. I am willing; as was she. Step closer, you called me already. You remember our half-smile, that knowing grin. Step closer and I will suck your dick.

You need not disturb the circle, not yet. This will be our only date; I will suck you, and later fuck you. I know she was more coy than that, but we do not have time.

Spent yourself; I am bound, but you are not. You can not feel the power but know that it is there. I will drink you, renew you and give you more.

I cast down my eyes and you can pull my hair. It is what she wanted, secretly, back then. And now you know. Take my throat; I will enjoy it even when she could not. It is true enough for us and she would wink at you afterwards too.

Should we kiss? I know how she did after your second date. Taste promise and passion; but why would we seal the promise now? We need not wait.

The first time.

My circle is not a bed, but I will not suffer on the cruel wooden floor. Look into my eyes, remember her soft nest. Remember the quilted blankets and her pyjama which you tossed aside.

Transgress. Come. As I knew you would. Forget now foolish forewarnings and cross the threshold. Who could stop us?

See the flutter of my eyes, and the coquettish shade of red. None can hear us, but we can play. No father, no mother downstairs, no one will hear. Should I scream? Or should I muffle myself with kisses?

Did you care? Did she? Old houses have thick walls and my kind smiles on lovers. Stars blessed you once, they might again.

You hate me - do you not? You have never been this rough, even when she asked you to. Later. Or maybe you hate yourself? May you find release. Or oblivion.

Your shaft is a mighty spear. I shall pray. I shall put offerings of strength at the roots of the arcadian fir. Do not pout. Drink nectar from my grove if you need it. You knew about my price, and yet you entered.

Twice more. The smallest sacrifice and the greatest pleasure.

Bring the flowers, lilies and lilac white. Bring the garters, traitorous virgin white. Yes. I will do as promised if you offer binding gold.

Do not stop. Hasten to me as you did to her. She cried when mother hugged her, but I can not. But you will remember our smiles. Bliss; never forgotten and rediscovered again and again for years.

The final time.

Your breath is ragged - but what did you expect? Flowers die and are reborn from graveyard soil.

Look at me. Did I change? Did she? Time's jaw will not touch me, but I am not like her. Did you not see, or did you not care? Kiss each wrinkle and find the scars.

Childbirth has not ruined me. I am flawless, but trust into my voice and you will find perfection instead.

I am close. I am desperate and I am proud. You shared in need until the end. Touch me here. Touch me there. Whatever pleasure you gave her, I have known so much more. Give me memories and give me shame.

You can cry and you can pray, but you may not stop. I have given much and will give much more. Do not stop now. I will take and take, until I am satisfied.

Hush now. None can know. Neither could she. But we can start again.'

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