"Excuse me ma'am, how much is this?"

Natasha stopped folding the clothes on her counter to look up. She had been busying herself for the last thirty minutes in taking care of her store, rearranging everything, put clothes back on their hooks. She was the assistant manager to the shop, a little lingerie store hidden away in the shopping center, that didn't get too much traffic. Most of their clothes was tailored to a woman in her thirties or forties, a woman looking to spice up her love life with their husband. There weren't many small sizes in the store.

As Natasha looked up at the only customer in her corner of the world, she guessed she wasn't looking for smaller sizes either. Looking at her belly ballooning out of her shirt, she guessed she was nine months pregnant at the very least. She looked about to pop! Her shit was too many sizes to small, and probably had fit her before her pregnancy, but now it didn't fit over her bulging abdomen in the slightest. She looked like she had swollen a beach ball! Maybe she was pregnant with twins, or even triplets?

The woman was holding a maternity bra, a black lacey number, that was still see through around the cups. Along with the woman's gravid belly, she was also sporting a matching pair of melons, larger than a single pair of hands would have been able to deal with. Natasha felt a slight twinge of jealously looking at them. They had to be EE at least. She was only a C cup.

"Those are thirty dollars." She told the woman. She seemed pleased by that.

"May I be able to give them a try on? I've been struggling with sizes lately." Her breasts jiggled ever so slightly under her shirt.

"You may, but they have to go over your existing bra, for hygiene reasons."

"Sure, I can do that." The woman gave a smile, her voice sultry and a littler deeper than Natasha had expected. The pregnant woman looked over to the racking by her right. "I might try these on too." They were a matching set of briefs, black and lacey as well, see through at the front and back.

"Take your time." Natasha shrugged, indicating the emptiness of the store. "Changing room is in the corner. Will you need any help?"

The woman gave a little chuckle. "I'll let you know. Hopefully not." She rubbed her belly for emphasis, indicating what Natasha had been alluding too. "I won't be too long!"

Off she walked, lingerie in her hand, hips swaying as she walked over to the change room. She was tall, taller than Natasha by a few inches, with wide shoulders. Her walk was more of a waddle than a strut, the huge belly of hers making her balance a little precarious. But she seemed to be doing ok. She had a skirt on down to her knees, swishing around her legs as she made it to the change room, blonde hair down to her lower back, before she pulled the curtain shut and disappeared behind it.

"What a lucky man." Natasha thought to herself. The woman was undeniably beautiful, confident in herself, and clearly proud of her body to be showing it off like that. And the lingerie she was buying looked like it was meant for someone. Natasha was surprised the woman was so sexually active still. She could have given birth the next minute with the size she was!

For the next few minutes, Natasha carried on, humming to herself, as she folded the clothes, the thoughts of the woman in the change room at the back of her mind. When the latest batch was done, she wandered off around the store, putting them back where they were meant to be, hanging them up and once again running out of things to keep her occupied. The woman had been in there for a good ten minutes now, and with nothing else to do, it was probably worth checking in on her.

Natasha really needed another job, thinking to herself out loud, as she walked around the clothes racks to the back corner. She was too bored for this whole thing. She was getting close to her late twenties now, and she didn't want to be this uninterested with her job for the rest of her life. She was single as well, thought of herself as fairly attractive, a nice body that occasionally worked out at the gym, long raven black hair, but she had not had a date in over six months. She was stagnating here. She was going to have to find something to mentally stimulate her. Anything else. Nothing exciting ever happened at the lingerie store.

"Hi!" Natasha called out from outside the curtain. "How are you going?"

"Good!" The woman called out, that deep voice ringing over the top of the barrier. "Just struggling a little with the bra." There seemed to be a bit of a grunt from her.

"Would you like some help? Or another size up?"

"Yes please!" She called out.

Now in hindsight it was easy to see the mistake. Natasha thought she had said yes to needing help. For our customer, struggling to fit the bra over their breasts, they had thought that Natasha was off to find a larger size of bra. They had not wanted anyone to come in and see them. But unfortunately, miscommunication resulted in an unlikely series of events...

With the woman giving her the go ahead to come in, and with no one else in the store or anyone outside who could peek in, Natasha opened the curtain to the changing room.

"Wait! Stop!" The woman wrapped her arms around her chest, covering herself, as Natasha now saw her. "Don't look!"

But it was too late.

Natasha took a minute, struggling to realize what she was looking at, but the realization suddenly came to her.

"You're... a man!" She couldn't believe it.

Standing before her, still nine months pregnant with a belly of titanic size, was undoubtedly a man. He had taken his wig off, the blonde hair hanging up on a hook within the change room, revealing shortly cropped dark curls. She saw it instantly now, looking at his features, as he stared right back at her. The masculine chin, the wide shoulders. He had taken his pants off as well, pulling on the pair of underwear, where I surprisingly plump cock was tucked within it, bulging out, hidden away under his stomach.

He was completely shaven. Not a hair on his arms, legs, pubic area, belly. All to help with the illusion of what he was trying to pull off. But it was his chest that really made Natasha's eyes bulge. The tits were real! They were massive, the size of a full cantelope each, with gloriously thick nipples on each one poking right out. He had tried to hide them from Natasha, but it was pointless. The bra was wrapped around his breasts, but the catch at the back obviously couldn't be reached because of his condition, so it swung free behind him. The pair of bountiful mammaries were just to big, even as he crossed both his arms around them, to keep them a secret. His areola's were dark and chocolate brown, and she saw lines of blue veins crossing along the pair of them. His milk had come in.

"I told you not to come in!" He said, still shocked and trying to hide himself.

"I'm sorry! I thought you said come in!" Natasha still had not turned away, but continued to stare at him.

"I said get another larger size!"

Natasha was just speechless. "You're dressed as a woman..."

"Get out!" He grabbed the curtain, and forcibly slammed it shut between them, and Natasha lost all sight of him.


Natasha waited by her counter, the shock of what happened wearing off, leaving her now more curious and inquisitive. She'd never seen a pregnant man before, though it certainly wasn't a strange thing as it had been decades ago. Medical science and procedures had come along way since before she was born, with the advancement of gene therapy trials and DNA alteration research. Human bodies were now able to be transformed and molded to whatever they wished at these new GT clinics. It was a new age.

So a pregnant man by themselves wasn't so much a shock. But it was the drag! Natasha had not even clocked the fact that he was actually a man, he had looked so convincing. Sure his voice was slightly deeper, and his shoulders were a tad wider than hers, but otherwise his body was so feminine. Especially with that huge pregnant belly and pair of great tits!

She wondered why he had chosen to dress himself up like that? Was it easier in public to appear as a woman, especially if he got away with it? Was it a kink for him?

As all these thoughts went through her head, she finally heard the curtain being pulled back. Natasha turned around, not knowing what to expect.

He was back in full drag, blonde wig back on, long curls down to his shoulders. He was dressed exactly as Natasha had first seen him, and once again she was almost stunned by how convincing it all was. Without knowing what she knew, he would have continued to fool her.

Ignoring what had just happened, not addressing the elephant in the room, he placed the pair of lingerie on the counter, not looking her in the eyes. As he stood there, Natasha swore she saw his belly move. The child, or children, within him, kicking and moving about. His popped navel seemed to shudder and twitch.

"I won't be buying these." He said, giving her a quick glance, before he turned to waddle off back out of the store, slinging his handbag over his shoulder.

He took two steps before Natasha stopped him.

"Wait!" She said. He stopped. He gave her glance.


Natasha thought quickly. "When you wore these," She held up the lacey underwear. "You didn't put them over your own underwear. Or the bra."

He gave her a frown. "So?"

"So... you can't do that. It's not hygenic."

His eyes blinked. "Well... they don't fit me anyway..."

"I know. Buy me dinner."

"What?" He look surprised.

"Buy me dinner. As an apology."

He shook his head. "Hey listen, you walked in on me..."

"So we both fucked up." Natasha shrugged. "Alright, we pay our own way. But I want dinner. You owe me that. I'm... curious."


"Nothing exciting has ever happened here before. You're the first thing in living memory that's actually ever been exciting." She smiled. "I'm curious."

He took a moment, before he smiled. "Ok. We can do dinner." He nodded. "There's a place on Pico, called Cest La Vie. You know it?"

Natasha nodded. "Yeah, I've been there before."

"Meet me there tonight. At seven." He gave her one last curious look, all anger and tension now gone from his body, and once again he went and walked out of the store and out into the mall, the most convincing nine-month pregnant woman Natasha had ever seen.


Later that night, Natasha found herself sitting in the restaurant, sipping on a glass of wine, as her dinner guest slowly slid herself in the chair opposite her. Or himself rather. Natasha was still a little confused by the whole thing.

"Thankyou." He said to the waiter, tucking the chair in for him, flashing him a smile as he walked off. He was wearing a bright red wig this time, large silver hoop earings, and matching lipstick. His dress was beautiful, a strapless deep red number that wrapped around his body, hugging his huge curves. His breasts were barely contained by it, threatening to forever spill out at a moment's notice, though it never seemed to quite happen.

His belly as well stretched the whole fabric around his abdomen right out, keeping it tight around his mid-section, and a very obvious lump could be seen where his belly button protruded out. He'd complimented that with a pair of nude heels, risky for a man in his current condition, but he seemed unfazed by it. He seemed well adapted to walking in them.

"I'm glad you came." Natasha said.

"I wasn't sure if you were going to turn up either." He rested his hands on his belly, taking a big sigh. "I thought this might be some type of horrible game."

"Not at all! I'm Natasha by the way." She put down her glass, and extended her hand out to him. He reached out across the table, wincing a little at stretching himself, as he took it.

"Brad." He said, shaking. "But to everyone else, I'm Bridgette."

"Would you like me to call you Bridgette?"

He shrugged. "Cat's out of the bag now. Brad is fine."

The waiter returned, pouring water into Brad's glass, the pregnant man smiling and thanking him. Both of them said nothing while he was there, waiting for him to leave, before they continued.

"So." Natasha started.


"Why the outfit?"

Brad gave a tired smile. "You know, I've gotten away with it for so many years, it's been so long since I've had to explain any of this." He went back to rubbing that huge stomach of his, caressing his belly, seeming to soothe himself.

"I had to admit, it was shocking to see you as you were. You had me fully convinced!"

He gave a bigger smile. "Thank you. I'll take that as a compliment."

"You should! How many months along are you, by the way?"

"Seven months."

"Seven!? You're huge."

He gave a little shrug. "It's twins. Not my first set either. These ones tend to be fairly quiet most of the time. The first time I had twins, they were like a pair of bouncy balls in my stomach!" He laughed.

Natasha was surprised by this revelation. "So this isn't your first pregnancy?"

Brad shook his head. "It's actually my sixth."

Natasha sat quiet, her surprise once again stopping her from being able to talk. Brad gave her a second. "You go quiet quite often there Natasha."

"I'm sorry... I just... you really have to start explaining these things to me."

He giggled. "Ok. Well, I'm a professional surrogate. I have been for nearly a decade, since my early twenties. This is my job." He pointed at his belly, and the babies inside gave a little kick as if on cue.

"Really? I never heard of men being surrogates..." Natasha thought for a moment. "But I guess, if men can get pregnant now, I can't see why not."

"Exactly. Actually, men are suited just as well for pregnancy as women, in some cases better off. We've got even more room in here, plus our pregnancies are not as volatile sometimes. I myself have always had a pleasant experience. Women tend to be all over the shot when it comes to how they go."

"So people pay you to get pregnant?"

"I work for a company. Even in today's world, not everything is a feasible possibility for some couples. So I carry their children, birth them, and then when my body is ready, I go again."

"Birth them... so you..."

"Babies come out of me one way or another." He laughed.

"Then what about... this?" Natasha pointed to his dress, the wig, the makeup.

Brad blushed a little. "Well, this is a little different than just being a surrogate, I guess. It happened around my second pregnancy. Obviously, meeting a partner who is OK with what I do is a little difficult. But I was dating a woman at the time. She was really into me, loving my belly, and all the things that came along with it. If you can believe it, I was only a B cup back then." He laughed again, his tits bouncing up and down, the fat melons wobbling, always threatening to fall out. "She was quite dominate though. Suggested I perhaps put on some women's clothes while we fucked. She had a bigger pregnancy kink than I did, end of the day. We didn't last. But..."

"But you kept dressing up?"

Brad nodded. "Yes. It was strange. Before then, I was just Brad the pregnant guy. I loved everything about it. I had always wanted to do it. But people would smile and walk off. And I could tell they didn't understand. When I wore drag, and I went out in public the first time, showing off my bump, suddenly I felt everyone's eyes on me. Everyone wanted to feel my belly, talk to me, everyone became so kind and nurturing. I couldn't help but love it. So I just kept doing it."

"I get it." It made a lot of sense to Natasha. "Suddenly it was like, you found who you truly were."

Brad nodded. "Exactly! And I mean, who doesn't love wearing a g-string?" He gave a wink.

Natasha smiled. "You know, I'm glad you came in my store. I had no idea there were cool people like yourself out there. I feel so sheltered."

Brad gave a little snort and smile. "Well, looks like things turned out for the best I guess." Letting go of rubbing his belly for the moment, he reached over to the menu before him, and picked it up. "Now let's see what the specials are. I'm starving!"

"I couldn't agree more. I'm famished." She took another sip of her wine, as her and Brad began to idly chit chat, the ice breaker over and done with, and both of them found themselves starting to warm up to the other.


Brad flicked on the lights, stepping over the threshold. "Sorry about the mess." He said. The apartment was small but cozy, nicely furnished. It was actually pretty neat, everything in it's spot, except for a pile of clothes on the couch, yet to be put away. "I hadn't planned on having visitors."

Natasha came in behind him. "Well, good thing my whole job entails me putting away clothes. I can help you out there." She giggled. She was just ever so slightly tipsy. But she was having fun and in a great mood. And it seemed Brad was also.

He was still fully dressed in his drag, wig on, makeup, and he turned around to Natasha as she closed the front door behind her. "Sorry to put you to work then. Do I need to pay you for your time?"

Natasha giggled again, wrapping her arms around Brad's shoulders. She couldn't even get that close to him, the belly completely blocking any chance of that. Instead she just leaned over it, putting her face right up to his. He smelled sweet of perfume, his lips cherry red. She found her heart fluttering when she looked into his blue eyes. "I can think of one way you could pay me..."

She kissed him, moaning into him, as Brad kissed her back. It had been months for her since she had even kissed anybody else. For Brad it had been years. Both of them were hot, filled with passion, their lips forming a tight seal as they sunk into another. Brad grasped Natasha by the waist, the best he could, bringing her right into his belly, as they kissed.

She could feel the life within him, through both of their dresses, as they made out in his living room of his apartment. The babies in his belly moved about, pressing up against his womb, like they wanted to feel Natasha themselves. Natasha had never felt a pregnant belly before, let alone a man's, and was unsure what to expect. It was softer than what she thought somehow. Like she had imagined a pregnant belly being tight with how big it was, firm an unmoving, but it surprisingly wasn't. It was softer, more pliable, at the same time offering a safe place for Brad's young to grow within him.

"We should move this to the couch." Natasha whispered, breaking their kiss for a moment, their hot breath blasting onto each other's necks.

Brad took her hand, leading her over to the couch. But Natasha stopped him, turning him around, and made him sit down first.

"Do you want me to take this off?" Brad asked. He was motioning to his outfit.

Natasha thought for a moment. He still looked exactly like a woman. A perfectly fecund, fertile woman. She was looking down at him, growling, finding herself getting so hot. She could feel her juices between her legs dripping out, soaked through her panties.

"No. Stay as you are for now." She said, getting down onto her knees. She spread Brad's legs, moving them wide apart, so she had full access to him. He was looking down at her over his big belly, moaning and quivering, as he watched Natasha.

She took the hem of his dress and began to roll it up, up his smooth thighs, pulling it higher, all the way to the underside of his belly. And she found what she was looking for.

"I remember seeing you before..." She bit her lip, eyes widening, as his cock now was right before her. It was trapped behind a lace pair of panties, red in color like Brad's current wig, but his cock was too big to barely be contained. It had started to grow, becoming erect, and it was trapped underneath the fabric, wanting to be set free. The tip of his cock was poking into his belly, just underneath it, where a slimy patch of pre cum was now coating that particular patch of stomach. "You're leaking cum." She smiled, looking up to him.

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