CW: over the top, far-fetched smutty work of fantasy. As always, lots of humiliation and taboo sexual contact between a man and his father-in-law, as well as some semi-public exposure. Lots and lots of SPH. Skip it if it's not your thing. Otherwise, enjoy.

Around 1:00 pm Roy led us to the shower and quickly cleaned both of us up. I stood there meekly, letting him rub soap all over my body, into my pits and where the sun doesn't shine. He moved me around under the stream, then stepped me out of the bath and vigorously toweled me off.

He dressed me in clothes of his choosing, which gave me a sort of dweeby J-crew look. Khakis over a pair of white fruit of the loom briefs, a sweater vest. He even parted my hair down the center. I was grateful that his choices were not as blatantly emasculating me as what he had picked last night, when he dolled me up for our date with form-fitting clothes and gaudy jewelry. But still, having my clothes selected and my hair styled by another man was strangely disempowering - it made me feel like being a little kid, passively letting himself get dressed by Daddy.

Out on the street, I felt the eyes of every man upon me. Roy kept his hand around my shoulder or on the small of my back, and it felt like all the men who saw us knew what his gesture meant. As if they knew I wasn't just a man out for a walk with his father-in-law, but that we were lovers. That I was his bottom boy, that he had made a pussy between my legs for him.

Luckily our destination was only a few blocks from his place - Roy's athletic club. It was in a grand old building, a historic men's club that had been built in the early 20th century. The facilities boasted an indoor track, basketball and racquetball courts, weight lifting equipment and an enormous indoor pool. I had of course heard of the club before - its membership was elite, titans of industry. Heads of banks and partners of white shoe law firms. Roy had invited me many times before but prior to our golf outing I had never taken him up on the offer- now it went without saying that I didn't have a choice.

Roy led me into a soaring lobby of pink marble and gold leaf. He checked me in as his guest while II admired the large, ornately decorated oak beams framing a sitting area. An elaborate trophy case boasted silver cups and awards presumably from interclub competitions, and a white-haired man in a gray suit about Roy's age sat by a marble fireplace, reading the newspaper. He had his left leg crossed over his right knee, and I found my eyes drawn to the sizable basket in his crotch. I couldn't help myself - I openly gawked as Roy chatted with the man at the front desk. I admired his impressive size, the telltale indent that delineated his cockhead from his shaft. When I looked up I felt his eyes upon me - the old goat gave me a cheeky wink and I blushed, mortified.

As we walked down the staircase to the changing rooms, Roy explained that the club had been able to remain exclusive to men due to its designation as a social club and not a health facility. He said that the lower level housed the locker room and swim area, which included a large pool, along with steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs.

"You know, back when I was growing up, they never had us wear bathing suits. Partly it was because the fibers in the older style of suits would clog up the filter." He recounted as we headed downstairs.

"But it was more than that, my boy. We were taught that men should be men, free of modesty. That no man should be ashamed of what hung between their legs, no matter how large, or how small." He winked as he opened the door to the locker room for me.

"A lesson that your prissy little generation is sorely in need of learning." He crowed smugly. I breathed in the strong smell of bleach, chlorine and male sweat as we passed through.

We were in a large changing room of white wood, with spotless windows looking out onto the enormous pool and a row of hot tubs.The changing room was packed with men, and quickly realized that all of the patrons were Roy's age. The youngest looked well into his 50s. They ranged in and out of the locker room completely naked and entirely at ease. Going from the pool, to the saunas and steam rooms, the showers, sinks and toilets, not one man had a towel wrapped around their waist. Towels were slung over their shoulders or in their hands, if they had one at all. The front of their bodies, their big bellies and their hairy chests, and of course their bountiful crotches, it all shook with each step they took, and I couldn't look away at the confidence of their masculinity on display.

I felt my heart race at the sight of all these naked male bodies. I knew this was Roy's influence- three months prior to our fateful round of golf and I would not have been so overwhelmed by other men, I would have barely noticed them. But now I could still see them ever after I drew my gaze away. I could still visualize their heavy hang when I closed my eyes. Some tall, some short, some slender, some overweight, hairy or smooth, they were all comfortable with their naked bodies. Each man proudly sauntered in and out of the rooms. They talked amongst themselves, they laughed, they relaxed, all with their fur-wreathed cocks swinging between their legs, sizable penises that put mine to shame.

Many of the men greeted Roy warmly, and I was introduced as his son-in-law. I was not able to keep track of the names of the big-bellied, burly men who shook my hand, all in various states of undress, not a one hesitating to squeeze my hand and slap my shoulder, no matter whether they were in a pair of underwear or had their naked dicks hanging free. The men smiled, chuckling at my nervousness - I must have been beet red. After the onslaught I stripped quickly. Roy locked up my clothes with his then he brought me to the pool.

This was the nicest pool I had ever seen. Olympic-size and immaculately maintained. At the far end of the small slip, fresh water flowed from the mouth of a brass lion's head. Men sat naked, beached on deck chairs ringing the pool, conversing, reading or relaxing with their eyes closed. Above us, the ceiling was painted in gentle shades of blue, a trompe l'oeil sky.

We swam laps for about half an hour. Swimming was the only exercise Roy took, which was common among men his age. My boss's boss talked about how he swam a mile every day, even on weekends. Once in the pool, sharing a lane with Roy and another man, I was able to calm down a bit and enjoy this relaxing form of exercise. Still, when I came up for air or sensed the presence of the other swimmers I felt small and vulnerable, floating among the bigger bodies all around me. And when I came up for air I could hear them, their throaty laughter, deep rich baritones echoing on the marble walls.

Once we were done with our laps, Roy grabbed our towels and led us to the sauna. We passed through an area that contained three large whirlpools, and he stopped to introduce me to several different men, all naked just like us. I looked down between my legs - as was often the case after working out, my already short penis had retreated into my body, leaving just a little acorn of a dickhead poking out from my groin. At the moment I had almost no shaft at all. My scrotum had also shriveled, hugging back up into my abdomen, giving me the look of a prepubescent boy whose testicles had not yet descended. This undeveloped look was maximized by my complete absence of pubic bush or even hair on my thighs - Roy had been scrupulously shaving all the hair beneath my ears for three months now. He took great pleasure in swiping away at any stubble the moment it returned, making me, in his words, "as bare as a boy."

Having to meet a gauntlet of leering old men while naked and in this shrunken, shaven state was overwhelmingly humiliating. My heart raced in panic and I tried to keep a hand over my crotch without making it obvious I was covering up, but Roy instantly objected to my modesty.

"Hands at your sides, my boy. We're all fellas here." He grunted at me, slapping my hands away. This only drew more attention to my hairless groin, and several men all openly ogled my miniscule endowment, leaning over the edge of the tubs to get a good look at what I had foolishly tried to hide.

A wave of belly-rumbling embarrassment rippled through my body, and I felt feverish as I was forced to shake the hands of four strange, older men, all while our vastly contrasting endowments were on plain display. Even the act of touching the skin of their fingers and palms, the mundane ritual of the handshake, felt shocking to do while naked. Each man smiled and got an eyeful, but a man named Ben cracked a jibe.

'Son-in-law? I figured the little guy was your grandson. After all..." He gestured at my crotch, a twisted smirk on his bearded face. Roy clamped his hand down on my shoulder, squeezing and shaking it vigorously.

"Nope, despite his little penis, Billy here is 32 years old, if you can believe it." Roy declared in his loud baritone, and a number of men in the hot tub looked over, grins on their face at the sight of my shaven shorthorn.

"I can't! Looks like he hasn't gone through puberty. Dick shorter than a thumb and no balls at all. And no pubes or hair or anything!" Ben's big hand pointed at my shrunken pecker, then at my retracted sac, his index finger nearly poking my empty-looking ball bag, before gesturing at my smooth belly and chest, all the places a grown man should have hair. I felt the eyes and attention of at least ten men, and heard a ripple of quiet laughter over the hot tub jets. Ben chuckled along with them and continued, turning back to me and placing his hand on my naked waist. He pulled me closer to him.

"Kiddo, be honest. You able to fuck with a peter that tiny?" As he spoke, his big hand scratched at his sizable gray bush, which caused his fat hanging hog to sway back and forth like a grandfather clock.

"You know how to answer that question, Billy." Indeed I did. I swallowed and spoke in as clear and even a voice as possible. The men in the nearest hot tubs were watching me, rapt.

"Well Sir, it is very difficult to fuck properly with a 4 ½ inch penis. It slips out of a pussy quite easily, and always having it come in and out means I come too quickly as well, sometimes well under a minute. I can manage straight missionary, but any other position is impossible. I'm pretty sure I've never been able to bring a woman to orgasm, at least with my little penis, Sir." A new wave of louder, more aggressive laughter echoed throughout the humid room.

As I spoke, I looked straight ahead, avoiding Ben's shit-eating grin as I recited this shameful schpiel. Early on in his training of me Roy had ordered me to describe my sexual failings in detail, made me memorize it like a mantra to be delivered on command, word for word. He had made me repeat this to him over and over again, and into his phone's camera, but today he was having me recite it to a group of strange men. I was also expected to call this man, and really any man, Sir.

"Ha! I'm pretty sure too, kiddo. But I appreciate your honesty about your penis problems." He gestured with his pinky finger, shaking it in my face, then patted me on the head patronizingly. He slapped my bare rump for good measure and released my waist.

After making a fool out of me, the two men became engrossed in a conversation. As I stood there captive at Roy's side, a dozen pair smirking eyes still upon me, I was reminded of the feeling of being a little kid, eager to get moving but stuck waiting for a parent to finish talking with their friends. Shut out from the grown-ups' conversation. Being forced to stand by their side for what felt like an eternity, bored and bound, only now I was butt naked too!

I shifted in place awkwardly, looking down at my bare feet, resisting the urge to place my hands protectively over my crotch. All around me, men Roy's age relaxed while stark nude, strutting around with their heavy, thick penises hanging down from forested crotches. Crowded into the three hot tubs, knee to knee, arms slung over the shoulders of their friends. Their laps just below the surface of the hot, clear water, their fat hogs bobbing in the jets as if pulsing with masculine energy.

Again I couldn't help but openly stare at their private parts, and I felt myself becoming flush at the thought of their animal-thick organs. Roy's attentions over the past three month had made me fixated on men's organs. I felt like a pervert, a pecker checker, sneaking peeks. II brought my eyes back to my own groin.

My slender naked body, completely hairless from the neck down, made me stand out as is. My toned physique contrasted with all of the men's big, hairy bellies and wide hips. But it was my penis, usually small but made even tinier by the exercise and my own nerves at being exposed, which truly gave credence to Ben's jibe. My shrunken genitals, less than half a handful, dwarfed by the dozen or more man-sized cocks all around me. .

When Roy was finally done talking he grabbed my wrist and led me with him. Just as he led me into the steam room, I heard a voice that made me jump.

"Bill! How nice to see you, son." I turned around and confirmed that it was my boss's boss, Carl Lundgren, the owner of the company I worked for. He was a big, solidly built man, but until today I had only seen him stuffed into suits. Now, like me, the 60 year old was as naked as the day he was born, letting it all hang out. His eyes twinkled as he slowly looked me up and down, an enormous grin on his face. I forced myself to speak as he closed in to greet me.

"Hello Sir. This is my father-in-law, Roy. I'm here as his guest." My voice quivered with nervousness and I felt my face bloom anew with embarrassment.

"Oh you don't need to introduce us, Billy, I've known this crazy bastard for ages, though I had no idea he was your father-in-law." Carl brayed and both men vigorously shook hands, all smiles, neither self-conscious in the least to be greeting each other while au naturel. Roy even made a risque joke about whether they should be shaking hands or shaking penises, which made Carl crack up, his heavy form rippling with laughter, cock swaying like a pendulum. He slapped my father-in-law affectionately on the pale flesh of his haunch. Carl's eyes quickly returned to my naked body, and mine were similarly drawn to his. I felt Roy's hands on my hips, turning me slightly. He was forcing me to better display my naked body to him.

Carl had a big barrel chest covered in curly white hair, and a sizable belly, though not as big as Roy's. Between his hairy thighs swung a huge hammer and equally large balls, all crowned in a dense mantle of white hair. While big, my father-in-law still had him beat in the dick department. But it goes without saying that what my boss was packing was much, much bigger than my penis, especially in its shameful shriveled state.

"Carl, little Billy and I were just about to hit the steam room. Why don't you join us?" My stomach dropped as Roy discreetly winked at me. I knew for sure that he had planned this, that he knew Carl was my employer and that he frequented the pool during this time. I was then pushed into the steam room with the two men closely following.

The marble benches were mercifully empty. Roy and Carl sat beside each other, placing their naked rumps upon their towels. My father-in-law laid my towel out between them, and I sat on it where he gestured. They didn't give me much space, I kept my legs close together with my pecker atop like a ridiculous little flower. Still both men wanted more space, spreading their legs so that their naked thighs pressed against mine.

The two men chatted eagerly, sharing stories as longtime members of the club. As I sat silently with them, I again felt like a little boy sitting around detained by Daddy and his friend's grown-up conversation. For the next couple of minutes, the men made no attempt to include me in their dialogue, literally talking over me as I sat there dumbly. Carl would occasionally glance over at me, down at my crotch, then look me in the face with an unconcealed smirk on his face.

"Billy I must say, I'm surprised to see you here, and in the buff, no less. You've always struck me as so uptight." Carl and Roy both laughed at this observation, then Roy answered for me.

"Well, his father-in-law's working with him to help break him of that. No sense in being shy, right son?" He lightly elbowed my ribs then put his arm over my shoulder.

"No Sir." Roy groaned at me in disapproval, and raised an eyebrow. My stomach sank as I realized what he expected of me, his stony face unrelenting. I spoke again, my voice wavering slightly.

"I mean, no... Daddy." I fixed my gaze on the slick tiled floor in front of me. Carl let loose with a loud guffaw and slapped my knee.

"Daddy, huh? Awww, that's sweet. I wish I had my own son-in-law as well trained as you do, Roy." Carl smiled broadly at me and ruffled my hair.

"You know Billy, a lot of fellows would be too ashamed to get bare butt naked and show off a penis that small. But look at you, letting every man here see your little endowment. I admire your confidence, young man." Carl patronized me with a big goofy grin on his face, leaning over and patting my bare thigh. Roy squeezed my naked shoulder and again spoke for me. My stomach stirred as both of these older men touched me at the same time, all three of us stark naked.

"Well Carl, that's another area we're working on. He used to be quite embarrassed by his short little pecker but now he knows that there's no point in hiding it. After all, the poor boy doesn't have much to hide, does he?!" Carl laughed loudly at Roy's jibe.

"No, not much to hide at all, by the looks of it. Now Billy, I couldn't help but notice how red your little bottom was." He paused and I looked him in the eye - Carl was staring me down with a mischievous smile on his face, and continued.

"Did Roy have to take you over his knee? I know the signs of a spanking on a young man's rump when I see them." He asked, his eyebrow raised curiously.

"Yes he did, Sir." I answered quietly. I felt a new pang of mortification at realizing how obvious my red rear end was. Not only was Roy parading me around bare-assed, but the ass in question bore the tell tale signs of the severe spanking that had brought me to tears barely two hours ago. All the men who had seen me so far also must have seen that I had gotten spanked like some snot-nosed brat.

"Boy, get up and let Carl get a good look at that fanny." Roy ordered.

Bracing myself, I stood up and turned away from both men, leaning over slightly and jutting out my hips and butttocks to show them my reddened rear end. Baring my ass to them. I flinched when Carl's fingers grazed over the skin.

"Oh my. He really got a nice shade of crimson on those perky cheeks. I can even see your hand prints, Roy." Carl crowed.

"Son, did you cry when your father-in-law spanked your naked heiney?" I gasped as I felt Carl's hands cup my cheek as he spoke.

"Yes Sir I did." I confessed, staring at my hairless feet on the stone floor of the steam room.

"Good. That's how I spanked my boys growing up. If there are no tears, no lesson was learned. I wouldn't stop 'til they were sobbing! Roy, your son-in-law has quite the nice, round bottom, doesn't he?" His rough hand was now cupping my right buttock, squeezing it and kneading it. I gasped and stumbled in place a bit but repositioned my stance to take it.

"Carl, you've got no idea!" Roy laughed mirthfully.

"A lovely little can. Firm in the hands but nice and soft, and silky smooth like a woman's behind." Behind me, Carl had helped himself to a handful of each cheek, and I just leaned forward, pushing my butt out to offer it to him, letting him fondle me. I willed myself not to get hard but Roy's infiltration of my mind and his deep, oppressive conditioning had reprogrammed me so that a big hairy polar bear like Carl, a fat, swarthy naked man covered in dense white body hair with a big sweaty dick, was exactly the kind of person that turned me on. As his hands kneaded my buttocks like dough I couldn't evict the image of his powerful naked body from my mind, or the fantasy of what his fat cock would look like hard, how big it would get. I felt a stir in my own pecker and before I knew it my little pink rocket was poking into my belly - I had popped a boner.!ku56132/

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