"Got it." I reply. I look at the map again and see the blue barrier moving slowly but steadily. I see that we are nearly in the middle of the safe zone. I also note that the number alive is now at 49. "So we are going to sit here, pick off anyone who comes up stairs and win?" I ask.

"That would be nice, but the circle will probably shrink away from us, forcing us out in the open. They like to have the final circle out in open areas. Look outside, not a lot of cover, just open field with some trees and rolling hills."

I look and see she is right. Moving out there could be deadly if any one has a decent position. "I'm guessing the circles are not the same each game?"

"No, each time on a map is different. Different weapons and gear in each house and shack. Lots of times, there is no usable gear at all. Just keep moving and use what you can." She looks at her map again "Alright, we are now on the edge of the new safe zone. We are probably going to have to move in a few minutes. What gear did you get, did you get any energy drinks?"

"I found a couple of the drinks, two packs of bandages and I found a small red dot sight for the AK. I have four mags for the AK and three for the shotgun." I reply. Inge shows that she has about the same amount of gear.

"You are going to need to rely on your ears more than anything. If you listen closely you can hear the footsteps of the others. Especially in buildings. Almost all of these houses are cheaply built and have wood flooring. You can really hear someone walking around upstairs." She tells me.

"Oh, OK. I heard you while we were looting. Heard a bunch of loud thumps. Makes sense, that they were footsteps." I reply.

"Usually in the game, we wouldn't talk this much. I think I have passed on as much info as needed to get through this game. We will talk more after if we survive. I do owe you for taking those two out for me. That would not have been easy."

"You don't owe me. However I'll be happy to talk with you more later." I reply and we both sit silently, watching and listening for movement outside. The number drops to 22.

"I knew it. The circle just shrunk again and is just outside our little safe spot here. This will be round four. I suggest we move downstairs and wait a little in the blue before leaving. Some guys like to sit in the blue sucking down energy drinks to catch people from behind. It's not a bad strategy and we are going to use it."

"Lead on. I got your six." I say as we stand and walk downstairs.

"I didn't get to loot the other houses, so we will go through them quickly. I want you to get a helmet and see if we can find more healing items." Inge says. We kneel near the door leading toward the safe zone. I am watching that door. Inge is watching behind us into the rest of the house making sure no one catches us unawares. I look at the map watching the circle move closer. Inge checks hers and says "Down a drink now." She pops hers and downs it quickly. I try and emulate her but I am a little slower. The electricity flowing through my wrists and ankles tells me the circle has closed on us. I finish my drink and feel the electricity become bearable. "OK, move out. If you see someone and can get them easily, take the shot, but beware their partner."

The number is now 14. I push the door open, I had already switched to the AK. The shotgun is slung on it's friction strap over my shoulder. I exit the building, weapon at the ready. We move to the next small house. I see through the window that there is a helmet and some energy drinks on the floor. We get to the door and I push it open. I go right, Inge left, clearing the room. I quickly don the helmet and we both down a drink as the tazers pick up intensity. "Straight to the safe zone. Don't stop to loot. Head on a swivel. Asshats like to camp at the edge of the safe zone and get easy pickings. Don't be easy." Inge says as we leave the house.

Inge moves to the front, her UMP at the ready. I follow walking backward more than forwards, keeping an eye for stragglers. We exit the blue zone and we are quickly moving to the new safe zone before the timer runs down. I see movement far to the right, too far for me to try and engage. Moments later a shot cracks from our front right, and the number drops to 13. Another shot rings out, it sounds slightly different. Inge speeds up and angles to our right, two more shots fire. "Looks like they are having troubles with his partner. I think the snipers are in that cluster of rocks just there. We will take them out while they are hunting the partner." Inge says.

"Got it." I reply and speed up to match her. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for movement around us. We close on the rock cluster as the snipers keep firing. I see a woman with an old KAR98 bolt action rifle. I let Inge know. I stay in place as Inge circles around the site, looking for the other shooter. My target has tunnel vision. She is not looking any where but down her rifle. I keep my AK trained on her but look around my position, to make sure no one is sneaking up on me!

Inge reports being in position. Just as I pull the trigger to stitch my target across the back, she moves to turn to her partner to celebrate finally hitting their target. My rounds track across her shoulders and then into the side of her head. The two rounds that hit her head ensured she would not move again. "Target down." I report.

"Target down, but I am under fire from the west." Inge says. "I think I hit one, but he's not out. I have two assault rifle pinning me down."

"Got it. I'm moving." I circle to my right around the rocks, clearly hearing two rifles on full auto. "Idiots." I see the muzzle flashes and see they have no cover. Fucking amateur hour. I slip behind a rock and sight in on these two geniuses. They both run empty at the same time. As they both drop their empty mags to reload I send a three round burst at the guy on the right. He drops back, rifle falling out of his hands. I track left and send three more rounds, hitting the buddy center mass and he drops like a stone. "Two idiots down." I report while changing mags. My eyes scan for more targets. I note my numbers have changed 5 kills 4 left.

Inge must have seen it at the same time as I. "Only two more targets. Most likely a team, but could be two solos." She says "Be wary, we are now at the edge of the safe zone. Let's stay near here. For now at least." She pulls the SKS from her shoulder and scans across the safe zone with her magnified scope. I am nearby, watching to ensure we don't get ambushed. I am looking back the way we came when I hear Inge fire. "Target down. Where is his buddy?" She says as her rifle moves slowly from left to right. Just then rifle fire erupts from my left. I spin, bringing the AK to my shoulder.

I see the guy sighting in on Inge and instincts kick in. Time slows as my finger squeezes the trigger. My first round hits him high in the chest and the next three climb and take the man in the throat and face. He drops and fireworks explode in the air as that voice from earlier sounds in my ear, "Congratulations. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner."

Inge grabs my arm and turns me to her as helicopters descend on the area. She pulls me down to her and kisses me deeply. "When we get back to the hotel, I am going to fuck you. Then shower, eat, then fuck you again." She kisses me again. "Then maybe if those two aren't enough, another go around."

"Got it." I say with a smile to the gorgeous, sweaty, dirty, sexy woman.


We were not able to jump right into bed. It turns out Inge was hit a couple times by that last guy. Just grazes actually, but she still had to get checked out by the docs. I got my match report:

Position: 1 Match Winner

6 Kills

4 Headshots (I cringe as I read that. The last guy was pure instinct. And the sniper was an accident.

30 minutes Survival Time (That's it? It felt like all day.)


I have a bunch of paperwork put in front of me. Turns out I got 100K for winning, and another thousand for each kill. One Hundred Six Thousand dollars for half an hour of work. Other than being drugged and kidnapped to do this, I can actually get into being here. The money is put into a Swiss bank account I have to set up now. I am escorted by two large men who are either ex-Spetznas or Russian Mafia, more than likely both, from the Heliport to a large building. As we enter the building I can see it seems to be a cross between a hotel and a barracks building. There is a large desk in the entryway manned by a guy who looks like my escorts' big brother. He is wearing a gray suit with an Uzi hanging on a strap under his right arm. He looks up at me and says. "Name? Team?"

I reply "Sean Williamson. I'm teamed up with Inge Wilhelmsen."

The guy raises an eyebrow at that. "Where is Inge?" He asks aloud to no one in particular and looks at his tablet. He types rapidly and then answers the responding message. "Take him to Team Suite Twenty Three." He tells the escort. "I am Gregor. If you need anything, don't ask me." He says to me as my new friends move me towards the elevator.

The three of us enter the elevator and one of my guards uses a keycard and the elevator starts moving. The doors open again on hallway. There is a door at each end of the short hall. The meatheads take me to the left and one uses his keycard to open the door. "In!" He commands me. I shrug and walk through the door.

I am in a short hallway that opens onto a large well appointed great room. There are three large couches in the center of the room. There is a large flat screen TV mounted to the wall. A fireplace is in the corner. A very small kitchen is tucked in one corner with a dining table with four chairs. There are two halls off of the room each with two doors. I walk to and open one of those doors and see a bedroom. A queen sized bed, chest of drawers, and a chair fill the room. I see a closet and a bathroom attached. I cross the hall and see the exact same thing. I cross the great room and down the other hall to discover two more identical rooms. Since they are all identical, I claim the room that I am in. I cross to the bathroom and strip out of my sweaty clothes. There are clean towels and what looks like a hotel bathroom setup of soap and shampoo. I turn on the shower nice and hot, grab the toiletries and take a long shower.

I grab the towel and dry myself off. Not wanting to put n my dirty clothes, I walk naked into the bedroom hoping there will be something to wear in one of the drawers or closet. "Well, I thought I said sex first, then shower." Inge says while sitting on the edge of the bed. She is naked except for a bandage wrapped around her thigh and a big dressing on her left side. Her blue eyes are flashing as she looks me up and down. "I can forgive you, I guess, if you earn it." She stands in front of me. Her nipples hardening on her small breasts. Her hand reaches for my engorged cock. She grasps me firmly and pulls me to her as she falls back on the bed. Having my full attention, I had no other option but to quickly follow her down to the bed. Inge spreads her legs and I move between them. We are just so rev'd up that there is no need for foreplay. My cock slides over her blond patch and then down into her soaked tunnel. "Fuck me now! Fuck me hard. Fucking use me!!" She growls as I bottom out inside her. After life and death situations it is common to crave the basic need of another body. Simple, hard fucking is always the best medicine after bullets have been flying.

I move us to the edge of the bed. My feet drop to the floor and I stand up. I grab Inge's short, very muscular legs and place her feet on my shoulders. I get a grip of her waist and say "Yes Ma'am. Hold on tight." I pull back so the head of my cock is all that is inside of her. I then slam home hard, our skin slaps together. I continue the deep fast fuck. My hands holding my blond team mate's waist as I pound her soaked pussy. Inge's eyes are closed and her mouth open in a constant moan of ecstasy. Her hands are rubbing and pinching her own nipples. Her moans raise in pitch as she is cursing and babbling in her native Norwegian. I can feel my balls boiling as I am close to cumming. I release her hip with my right hand and rub her enlarged clit with my thumb. She screams as her muscular body and pussy clamps down in orgasm. Her tunnel tightens around me, stopping me in place. The pressure pauses my own orgasm momentarily. As soon as I am able to move again, I pull out of her and my cock explodes, shooting my hot seed onto her heaving six pack, one wild shot reaches high enough to drop onto her right breast and the hand holding it. The last of my cum drips out of me and onto her blond patch, running over her puffy lips.

I fall to the bed beside my Norwegian lover. She is mumbling in her native language. She raises her right hand to her mouth and her tongue takes my cum off of it. Her left hand moves lower, rubbing my load into her skin. Her eyes open and she looks at me. "Thank you. I am going to shower. Meet me in my room when I am done?" She asks.

"Yes, of course. And no thanks necessary." I reply.

She sits up and leans over to kiss me. "Yes, thank you for saving me. That last guy took me by surprise and had me locked in." She kisses me again. "Thank you for helping me win that match." Another kiss. "Thank you for a great fuck." She kisses me again and then hops out of the bed and walks out the open door and across the hall. Soon I hear the shower start.

I push myself up and out of the bed. I open the closet and see a robe. I put that on and check the drawers. They are all empty. The shower across the hall shuts off and I walk into her room as Inge exits the bathroom wrapped in a towel. "Hello, Inge. How are your wounds?" I ask.

Inge drops her towel and lifts her arm and turns her wounded side to me. I see two angry red gashes about two inches long running parallel to each other just above her hip. Her thigh has one smaller gash. "They burn like Hades, but no function loss. I have some painkillers to take before the next match if I need to. They gave me some antibiotics just in case."

I step close, drop to my knee and I run my fingers along her side and I look closely. I don't see any inflammation along the edges, no red streaks or any other signs of infection. Infection is always a danger with gunshot wounds. "Fortunately you are so small. He almost missed you completely. Just three grazes, I'm sorry I didn't see him sooner." My fingers brush along her hip and thigh. I look up at her and see her smile.

"We won. We are here, and now we are an unstoppable team. Our skills will make us a fortune. No need for sorry." She says and runs her hand over my stubbled face. "I want you to hold me now. Hold me and kiss me and love me." She leans down, her short wet blond hair falling forward as she kisses me. I stand while kissing her. I lift her muscular body in my arms and carry her to the bed. I lay her down and she pulls the blankets back and slides under the sheet. I move to the other side of the bed and slide in beside her. My arms go around her, pulling her into the little spoon position. Her body molds to mine perfectly. Everyone of her curves and muscles fit against mine seamlessly. She takes my left hand, the one on top, and she kisses it and then wraps mine in both of her hands.

"That was the closest I've come to mortality. First the two hired killers and then that last battle. Truly, I thank you." Inge snuggles in even closer to me.

"I think it's time we talk about some things, Inge?" I ask "Why do you think they were hired killers and not just some assholes? Why are we here? What is going on?"

Inge sighs softly and says. "I'll start from what I know, then to what I suspect." She pauses then begins. "I had just left the military. We are a special forces unit, but they only used us for recon and intel gathering. I was looking for action and adventure and that wasn't it. I had heard that there was a special event in the back areas of the world. All the action I would want and prize money, lots of prize money, available. I investigated more and heard about this computer hacker from Russia that goes by The Gryphon, had created a live action video game. It has serious backing from those who have much money and no morals. We are like Roman gladiators to these people. They pay Gryphon to watch the match through drones and cameras. I am sure some of them join matches as well. They bet on the matches of course. First kill, winner, who has most kills, all of that."

She rolls over in my arms onto her back and continues. "I learned all this through my research. I also learned they do not advertise widely. As a bettor or a backer you had to be invited. They very much do not want the Americans involved, because they would try to shut it down, or take it over and let Disney run it." We both laugh at that accurate description of America. "They also do not want professionals to ruin their game. So, no military or police. Fortunately, they don't do deep background checks on women, so my forged documents got me into the game. My first match I was teamed up with a guy who did well on his first match. We started OK, but then he was taken out. I kept going for a while on my own. I made the top ten before the blue took me down. That is when they looked harder at my papers. The next match I was paired with a noob. He was put down almost immediately. I again made top ten before I was taken out."

She rubs her chest, center mass, showing where she got shot in her armor. "That is when Gregor, the asshole downstairs, came into my room and grilled me about my military training. Oh, he was so mad. Fortunately for me, I was becoming a betting favorite so they couldn't kick me out. But if I were to die in the game, that would be a shame, wouldn't it?" She shakes her head. "Those were the words he said to me. So the next match I get an American noob. That and those first two guys with the mob tatts. That is when I knew they were out to kill me." She laughs and says "Then it blows up in their face when they team me with an American Special Operator. They are going to be so mad when they figure out their mistake."

"Okay, I understand how and why you are here. Also, I get why you were mad at first. But, if they don't want military, why grab me?" I ask. "I wonder if they grabbed Patrick, too? Would I be able to find out?"

"Here we get into speculation. I've talked to some of the other players a little bit. They try to keep us separated, but in the single rooms on the lower floors you are able to talk a little bit. There are not enough volunteers so they have teams out doing snatch and grabs for 'volunteers'. I'm guessing they screwed up when they grabbed you. I don't know if they grabbed your friend or not. Someone will probably get killed for that. Your first match and you, an American Marine, wins. You would have been able to ask Gregor, if we didn't just piss off everyone running the games." She shakes her head slowly. "We are both proving why they didn't want professionals. You can quit and leave the games at any time, unless you win. If you win one match, you have to play at least five more." I grimace, I think I saw that in the paperwork I signed earlier along with a thick ironclad NonDisclosure Agreement. "Each match you win adds another five to go. You can make a lot of money, but they want to make sure they get the most out of you for the bettors." She shrugs and rolls towards me, pushing me onto my back. She curls up beside me and rests her head on my chest and her leg over mine. "So, we won quite a bit of money, we are teamed up and have this big suite. Four people can team up and they pool their money for clothes, food, and amenities for the rooms."

"I was just about to ask about that. I have nothing in my room but that robe and those dirty clothes." I say. "I am fucking starving. I didn't look in the kitchen but I am guessing it is empty?"











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