It's some very offensive language. Enjoy!


"Do I look like I'm joking." I yelled scaring the employee who was coming up to me with some stupid shit. Apparently he lost the files that told us what was going in and out of different ports. After a few minutes of trying to calm down before I shot him, I told him to call every port and every place we were expecting shipments from.

"N-no." He answered. His knees were shaking and his face turned a bright red color.

"Go fucking do it then and if you fuck up again you're fired." I waved him off. I would've fired him on spot but I still needed him to fix the mistake.

Bassir walked into my office staring after the dumbass who just left. He turned to me with a smirk.

"Why was he crying?" He asked sitting across from me.

"That nigga was crying because he almost fucked up a weeks worth of shipments." I answered coming around from my desk. I quickly shut the door and turned back to Bassir. He scooted out from the desk so I could come and sit on his lap.

I'm sure the office knows he's my boyfriend but I still like to keep the door closed when he comes. I don't want anyone to know that I like to sit on his lap and that I let him kiss all over me. I want them to think he's the one sitting on me and being kissed on.

"Are you in here making your employees cry?" He wrapped his arms around me bringing me closer.

"He a bitch. Don't no man cry if he fucked up." I shrugged. I kissed his lips softly. "Why are you here?" I was happy he was here but I wasn't sure why he was here.

"You want me to leave?" He asked, pulling back from me.

"That's not what I said Bassir." I glared at him, forcing him closer to me. "You just never visit me here."

We've been going together for about a month. We have dates every week and try to go with Romero every weekend but through all that Bassir has never been to my office. He's had a look around one time but other than that he's never come here.

"I just missed you." He kissed my cheek. I glared at him.

"I told you about that cute shit." I stared down at him. He knows I don't like that mushy shit.

"You're crazy." He laughed. "Have you had lunch yet?" I looked over to my messy desk and shook my head. I've been holed up looking over paperwork and fixing the fuck up. "I thought we could check out this new pizza place." He gave me a sugar sweet smile.

"Check it out?" I questioned. He nodded. "Are we food inspectors or some shit because when you say 'check it out' it makes me feel like we seeing if it's up to code or some shit."

"Tyrell, we're just going to eat. Why do you have to be so crazy?" Bassir sighed with a smile.

I shrugged still looking at him. Bassir was handsome in every sense of the word. There is no other word to describe how he looks. The dark skin, the waves in his hair, and his pretty ass teeth. You could tell he was a man who took care of himself. I think when we first met I was taken back by his face and his strong personality. He was an asshole but now he's my asshole.

"I guess it's just how I am." I smirked, giving him a kiss on the lips.


"Table for two please." Bassir smiled at the host. She was looking at him a little too hard.

"Right this way." She smiled, grabbing two menus.

"I don't like how she fucking looking at you." I whispered to Bassir. He looked at me with a confused face. He can act dumb all he want but I know that bitch want his ass. He might not want her but she wants him and that's enough for me.

"Here we go." She smiled and handed me my menu. She handed Bassir his but this time she caressed his hand before pulling back. "Have a nice meal someone will be with you soon." She gave Bassir one last smile before leaving.

"So you ain't see that shit." I turned to Bassir once we were settled.

"See what babyboy?"

"You fucking with me right?" I asked with a blank stare.

"Tyrell I'm here with you. Let's be together and not worry about outside distractions." He groaned.

"I don't give a single fuck. I don't like how she's looking at you." Bassir went to speak but the waiter showed up.

"Hi, can I take your order." The waiter gave us a awkward smile. Maybe he heard our argument.

"Uh yeah, can I get water and the special pizza supreme no olives." Bassir smiled, handing off his menu.

"Same thing." I said still glaring at Bassir. The waiter silently took my menu and left.

"Tyrell." He looked over at me. "What do you want me to do, to make you feel better?" His hand landed on my thigh, close to my dick. I blushed and looked down. I know what he's thinking.

"Bassir." I looked up at him with a blush. "What are you doing?"

"Oops I dropped my fork." He smirked before getting under the table.



I got under the table which was kind of a tight fit. The table here looked like a classic pizza shop with the long table cloth and circular table. We sat at a booth so I had a little space to move around and do what I wanted.

Tyrell was acting crazy over the hostess doing a little flirting. It was nothing to get worked up over but it's Tyrell so that's what I expect. This isn't the first time he's been like this but this is the first time we'll be doing something like this in public.

I quickly pulled out his semi hard dick and started stroking. I could feel his body starting to get hotter and hotter. I'm sure he had a red blush on his face. His hand tried to grab mine but I slapped them away. He pulled his hands from under the table which made me smile.

"Bassir please." He whined. "This is fucking crazy."

He whispered, placing his hands on my head. I know he was nervous but I wanted to do something extra to show him how I feel about him. Tyrell is the only person I want to be with. There's no one else but him in my mind.

I let my breath fall over his dick before I tilted it down to place it in my mouth. I started slowly bobbing my head considering it was impossible to go fast. I would've hit my head if I tried to speed up so I kept it at a slow pace. I didn't have room to play with his balls ethier so I just held them in hand while deepthroated him.

I know Tyrell is trying not to moan. I bet he's biting down on his lip looking down at the table trying to imagine what it looks like. His hands on my head are trying to not force me down but I could feel them twitching.

I could feel his balls tighten which means he's close.

"Here's your food." I heard the waiter above us. I kept up my pace. "Are you guys okay? It seemed like you had a problem with Emily. The-uh-hostess."

"We're fine. It's fine totally fucking fine." Tyrell grunted out. I could feel him starting to cum.

"I uh okay. Have a nice meal." The waiter sounded worried but still walked away.

I started stroking the base while focusing on the tip. I circled my tongues around his head and licked the slit. That was the final straw because soon he was cumming into my mouth while gripping into my head. I let him come down from his orgasm before I got from under the table.

I wiped my mouth and smirked at him.

"That was a delicious appetizer." I whispered in his ear.


"He let you suck his dick in the pizzeria?" I nodded. Charm was laying with her head on my lap. We were watching movies and talking about our lives. It's been a few days since I last saw her and I know a lot has been happening.

"You a freaky ass nigga Bassir." She smirked. "Y'all fuck yet?"

"No Charm we haven't had sex yet." I sighed, rubbing her head.

"So y'all can suck each other dick in a restaurant but fucking is too far." She frowned up at me.

"I mean well yeah. That was just some fun and I've sucked him off before but sex is a totally different ballpark. I mean he still thinks he's going to top me." I confessed.

I like Tyrell a lot but he's still fresh to all this. I don't want to scare him by forcing the whole sex issue. I also want our first time to be special, not rushed. I'm okay with waiting until he's ready.

"Y'all so difficult but I guess I understand. I waited till the ninth date to put it on Chad." She shrugged. "I wanted him to think I was classy."

"You are classy Charm and Chad would love you no matter what." I smiled. I leaned down and kissed her forehead before turning back to the movie.


I yawned and answered the front door. Of course it was Tyrell with some chicken and apple juice. I know the apple juice was for Romero.

"Hi babyboy." I quickly kissed him before grabbing the chicken. "Thank you. I've been drowning in work." Tyrell nodded and set the juice down in the kitchen.

"Rell." Romero shouted running into Tyrell.

"Hi Ro." Tyrell smiled. He picked the little boy and they started talking. I left them alone and went to set up the living room. We're having a movie night tonight so I laid out some candy and popcorn along with the chicken, water, and apple juice.

We all got settled in front of the television but before I could start the movie Romero started asking us questions.

"Can me kiss a boy in me lass?" Romero asked me with a serious face. I looked up at Tyrell who was just as shocked.

"No Ro you can't." I said with a shaky chuckle.

"Why not?" He pouted.

"Because you're too young plus that boy is not your boyfriend and you're too young for a boyfriend." I replied.

"Is Rell you boyfriend? I see you kissing."

I looked at Tyrell with wide eyes. Oh boy.

"Yeah Tyrell is my boyfriend but we're way older than you so it's okay."

"But me like him." Romero fought.

"You have to wait till you're 16 Ro." I replied. Romero was giving me an adorable pout.

"But you was fuck-" before Tyrell could finish I put my hands on his mouth. I already knew what he was thinking. I've been with having sex since I was 13 but that don't mean I want my baby to do that.

"Is no fair." Romero was still pouting. I laughed and kissed him on his head. He'll be fine.


Soon Romero fell asleep. I had already taken him to his room and changed him into some pajamas. Now I was laying on top of Tyrell. He was typing away on his phone. I stared at him with a smile.

"Bassir stop being creepy." He smirked, setting his phone down. "Yo ass is freaking me out with all that staring."

"I was just thinking about earlier." I grinned. His face went bright red.

"What about it?"

"Did you like it? I never asked how you felt about it." He nodded.

"I like it. Never got head in public but I liked it." He shrugged. "You worry too damn much. Imma tell yo ass if it's too much."

"I just don't wanna overwhelm you." I don't want him to feel uncomfortable.

"You must not know who you go with because if I feel overwhelmed imma tell you. Bassir stop fucking worrying." He grabbed my face and kissed me."

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