We had lunch, did some grocery shopping and after we took the stuff home, we freshened up, went to a movie and then a karaoke bar where we sang, got drunk, returned home and had a nice long fuck -- no ass play because Kylah said down there was sore. We slept like babies until way after daybreak.

We went to a popular Sunday breakfast/brunch spot at a fancy and expensive mall restaurant where mostly monied folks hung out on Sunday mornings. We ate and chatted for about two hours before returning home. The moment we entered the apartment Kylah started stripping. She looked so totally enticing in her bruise-marked thickish nakedness, that I began getting hard. She dragged me into the bedroom and began undressing me. When we were both naked she hopped across the room and got the jar of lubricant that she had greased me up with on Saturday morning.

She fell to her knees and went to work lubing up my happy stick, then put her hand behind her and smeared her little puckered entrance. She also quickly rubbed grease all over her fluffy cheeks, giving it a nice sheen.

"Brother, ah want yuh cock in meh ass right away. Ah still sore but ah don't care ... I want to feel de connection ah felt with you in there yesterday, it was so fucking beautiful ... no foreplay, not even a kiss ... just stick that sweet cock in meh asshole and fuck it hard," she commanded.

With that she climbed onto the bed, got on her knees and hands and lifted her plump derriere high and inviting. She began contracting and releasing the ass cheeks, messaging the cock that really didn't need further urging. I stepped forward, placed my firewood to the entrance of the creamy fireside and poked it. She yelped as the mini log forced its way in, expanding the lubed up walls. I gripped her thick hips and rammed myself forward, going all the way in. She trembled and groaned but urged me on.

"Yesss, baby ... oh gawd, yesss ... give me that cock ... fuck yuh sister fat ass."

I began stabbing the insides of the taboo tunnel vigorously, inflamed by the thought that what we were doing was double taboo. I pumped her and smacked the shiny ass hard, as she demanded. I enjoyed the bouncing of the grease-shine big buttocks. It jiggled like jello with every thrust. I lifted Kylah by her knees into a wheelbarrow position as I pounded the willing batty. She grunted and snarled and cursed like a street drunk as I piled cock into her. When I let her knees back onto the bed she started a furious winding, proving what I'd heard about her versatility as a club dancer. She suddenly stopped winding and concentrated on working over her clit while I pounded away at the blushing red batty.

She came with a howl and fell forward on her face. Because I'd been holding her hips with a tight grip I managed to fall with her, my feet still on the ground, and keep my cock in her clamping and releasing asshole as she shook.

As she lay on her belly panting, I rose on my hands, arched my back and resumed pumping. She spread her legs wide. They were partly on and partly off the bed. As I frigged the jiggling batty, I lifted a foot and bent it back and began sucking her pretty toes. I worked on both feet, slobbering and chewing the toes. She was game but the pounding and soreness got to be too much, so soon after the introduction the day before. She begged me to switch holes and I did, flipping her onto her back and penetrating the lovely pussy that had been waiting patiently and hopefully for some action. It gripped my tool, and I began hammering away for about another five minutes before my body surrendered to ecstasy and I flooded Kylah's pussy with cum paste.

Two weeks later, for the sake of appearances and privacy we moved into a little two bedroom house just outside of town. I worked nights in my own little office, looking after the club's takings and doing a little money laundering for the boss, every now and then making an appearance among the patrons, and sticking around for a while, so that everyone could see that the big bad guy was around. Some nights I'd fuck one of the dancers in my office, or on a couple of nights a month take home one or two, to spend some time in my bed while Kylah retired to her room, as agreed upon between us, so that there would be no cause for suspicion of funny business going on between me and my sister.











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