23: Thursday, July 16, 0100 hours CST: Touching Base With Colonel Bruno

Zach passed Head A1, Medical Bay A, and Galley A to reach Colleen's quarters. Her hatch was slightly ajar, and he shut it after him. There was a small lamp that made it dim but visible in her sleep chamber. She had set hers up much as Colby had arranged his own, as one big bed. Her small sleeping body look adrift and alone in the big wide bed. Her blankets were down at her waist. Her blonde hair was still nearly perfect in sleep. Her beautiful pert breasts with small pink nipples and areolae emphasized her youth. As he slipped in naked next to her, she roused slightly, muttered something, and put one hand on him. "Zach," she breathed softly. No panties. Gently, he moved her legs slightly apart and found her to be moist. His fingers smelled earthy, intoxicating. He dipped under the blankets and ran his tongue reverently, lovingly over her vulva. She roused. "Oh! I know you don't have much time Zach... aaah... just fill me up, okay? Hmm... I want to feel you fill me..."

The lube was sitting on her bedside, and as she relaxed into snoring lightly, he lubed his cock. He threw off the blankets, and she roused and said, "S'okay." He paused, stunned by her beauty in the semi-darkness. In innocent sleep, she looked like a high school gymnast. Only the voluptuousness of her breasts and hips suggested more maturity. Gently and lovingly, he painted her vulva gently with a warm lubed finger. He wanted to make sure her soon-to-be abrupt ride would be as comfortable as possible. He lifted and spread her legs and knelt between them. He used one hand to start rubbing his cock head on her clitoris. She breathed in a good long breath, and with lidded eyes watched him. She said, "Mmm..."

He popped the head of his penis into her sleepy opening and pressed forward with gentle and continuous pressure. He penetrated her firmly, sliding, sliding, sliding. She took him more easily with a sleepy vagina provided he was lubed up. After reasonable amounts of petting, she was usually difficult. Even her sleepy one did that cum-sucking magic on him, though. He didn't know what it was. The shape? Her muscles down there? He pressed harder and slid deeper, eliciting an "Oh!" Her eyes opened fully. "Thank you for this. I love you," she whimpered.

"I love you, Colleen," said Zach. She grunted as he pushed in further. He lay on top of her, grabbed her ass cheeks firmly, and took his pleasure in her. She whimpered with every stroke. "Yes... lover... I've been thinking about you all day Zach... all evening... Zach!... my Zach... Oh lover... hmm... hmm... mmm yes take me! Mmm yes!" He sped up, sensing she was reaching for an orgasm, "Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh God!" He paused as she writhed and bucked in orgasm underneath him.

Once her orgasm played out, Zach made slower, deeper thrusts. He picked himself up off her. He sat up on his knees. He put a pillow under her ass and set her down on it. He slid in and out of her deeply and felt and explored every inch of her vagina while looking into her eyes. His gaze fell to her beautiful breasts and perky nipples. They smiled at each other, hers a glorious, sleepy smile. He was the luckiest man in the world to have this magnificent, heroic, beautiful woman wanting him between her legs. She wanted his baby. He was beginning to hope that she wanted to be with him long term. Her heavy-lidded deep blue eyes looked back at him, shining darkly in the dark room.

As he explored her in long strokes, he felt the urgency to fill her with his seed appear in him. At first it was light touches of thrill in his abdomen and at the root of his testicles. It amazed him to feel it, given the furious pace at which he had been inseminating his crewmates. He silently begged his body for some staying power. Yet with every new woman under him it seemed, there came a renewed urgency to breed. It now smoldered deeper and deeper in him until it became a need, throughout his brain, in his face, until he had to willfully hold it back. He crouched over Colleen, straining. She felt his need. A thrill ran through her loins, a shiver, an elemental urge to be bred. "Yes lover... inside... yes... yeah... I'm ready!" Zach's strokes shortened and quickened. "Yeah! Yeah! Now! Now! Give it! FILL ME OH GOD!" she urged as she writhed in climax.

As soon as he felt Colleen clip him, Zach was yanked with her into bliss and howled, "RAAAAAH!!" straining every sinew of his being into her. A flood of raging hot semen, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, pummeled the back of her vagina like beating a drum. His semen kept flowing, milked by Colleen's magical cunny to extraordinary feats. In the silence he breathed, amazed. Well, he'd take it, God damn it. That ride was spectacular. Colleen was spectacular. He looked at her, and fell into her eyes deep blue. He was her slave. "I love you," he breathed to her, and stroked her wildly mussed blonde hair.

"Uh-hmm," Colleen confirmed with a smile that seemed to fill her soul. She looked at and ran her hands over Zach's chest. They had been overflowing onto the pillow since he ejaculated. He replaced his cock in her with a towel over her opening. He looked to rescue the pillowcase, but it was totaled. He took it off and wrapped it around the pile of semen in the middle. He lay down beside her and looked into her deep blue eyes once more. It seemed as though she knew everything about him at a glance. "You need to leave soon," she reminded him, "Promise me to take thorough care of Colby tonight. She's my right hand. She's my calm. She's the older sister I never had."

"I promise," Zach replied sincerely. "She's a treasure. I will treasure her. I'll never take her for granted. I'll never take either of you for granted. I'll always be there to support you for as long as you want me and as long as I live."

"I know it, Zach," Colleen said. "I feel it deep in me every time we make love. Now go."

"One thing first," Zach said.


"There's unrest between Khushi and Ayana. As you may have noticed, they fought at the family event. Khushi says it was because she wouldn't introduce Ayana to her parents even as a good friend. Her culture at home is very homophobic. Khushi was terrified that her demeanor towards Ayana would give something away to her mother. Khushi told me this and then cried on my shoulder for a while. And then she kissed the hell out of me for a while. That's a problem only because she has an agreement with Ayana to lay off me for the time being. It's while Khushi sorts out her lesbianism, is my understanding."

"Yeah, I heard about that agreement," said Colleen. "Knowing their agreement, you shouldn't have kissed her."

"Has Khushi ever danced for you?"

"Zach, have some self-control. You're not helping them. Please quit messing around with Khushi."

"Speaking of self-control, as I entered Control Room A on my way here, I saw Alexis sitting facing away from me. By her posture, I assumed she was rubbing one out to pass the time until the end of her shift. She looked close, so I waited to approach her until she was finished, for the sake of courtesy. She orgasmed then, a big loud orgasm. Who should pop up from between her legs but Ayana. Ayana immediately hit the head to wash her face. I waited another minute and then walked out into the control room and said hi to Alexis. Wild night, huh?"

"Did Ayana see you?"


"Well this certainly falls under the heading of potential problem," Colleen agreed. "Those two need some couples counseling or something. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it discreetly."

"I'm afraid of what I might learn if go back out there. Can I hide under your blankets?"

Colleen responded by pushing him out of bed with both her legs. "Begone, knave! And please start thinking with your upper brain. Quit the bullshit with Khushi."

(To be continued)







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