08: Sunday, July 12, 2043, 1200 hours CST: Colette

Zach sat on the king size bed in his new on-base quarters and spoke to Colleen on his phone. "It's perfect, Colonel. Thanks very much for arranging this."

"You're welcome. I don't want you going crazy with all the work you have. And I want a workout partner sometime soon."

"Tomorrow, ma'am. We'll meet and work out as we discussed at our last face-to-face. I'll meet you at your office, 2100 hours sharp. I'm your doctor now, remember. I won't take no for an answer."

"Very well. Carry on."

It had that Spartan look military accommodations had, but the bed was a good one, especially for sex, which was its intended function from Zach's perspective. The bed was in an unoccupied temporary building on base that had been partially fitted out to be a dorm. It had the king size bed and some other more standard furniture in a corner of the open area. The rest of the building was empty, except that a few dorm walls had been installed, and a couple of the bathrooms were finished and working.

There was a knock on the door, and Zach went to open it. It was Berte with a big smile on her face, looking down at his dick, which he felt was stirring just at the sight of her, and she could probably see that. She was also glancing at her phone and texting as usual. His phone pinged "Hello lover boy!" He ushered her in, shut the door, tipped her smiling face up with a finger, and tongue kissed her passionately.

They sat on the bed, texting each other. Zach texted, "I have a surprise for you this time."

"What is it?" Berte texted.

Zach texted, "I know you like being held down and pressure, so I want to try holding you down more, okay? But it will involve holding down your arms as well, so you won't be able to text."

"Okay, I'll try it," Berte texted.

Zach put a thick firm pad next to the bed and had Berte lay tummy down on the bed and put her knees on the pad. He strapped her legs firmly to the side of the bed with a couple of wide leather straps. "Not too tight?" he texted.

"Feels good," she texted. Zach lubed up a bullet vibe, gently inserted it into Berte's cunny, and switched it on. She opened her mouth and made some noises of surprise and not discomfort.

Now Zach spoke, "I want to strap down your arms now, okay?"

"Yes," Berte said. This was the first word Zach had heard her say since the hotel bathroom.

Zach used some wide leather cuffs to strap each of Berte's arms to a far bedpost, immobilizing her further. As he did this, he could see that she was responding to the stimulation of the bullet vibe by straining against the arm and leg restraints. He opened a cabinet, pulled out radiological aprons, and piled them on her back. "Huh! Unh-unh-unh-UH!!" She strained and climaxed as the pressure on her back increased. By the time he had all the aprons piled on her, she was cumming again and again before she could catch her breath from the last one.

Zach got behind Berte and lubed up his cock and her vulva for good measure, leading her to scream in orgasm as he slathered her vulva. He slipped out the vibe, switched it off, threw it on the bed, and penetrated her hard, working his entire length into her in a few strokes as she gasped. He took his pleasure in her twisting young puss then, so sweet, while she came in a different way, more grunting and mewing, less whimpering than with the vibe, but still frequently, her muscular arms and legs shaking and straining against their bonds.

Zach silently thanked Michaela, Alexis, and Charisse for their overnight, because he was in the most excited, twitching, snappy bit of girl he had ever experienced, and by all rights he ought to be popping already, but he was able to hang on and pound and pound Berte as she strained, sweated, and mewed through countless climaxes. Finally, his cum was boiling up hard, and, realizing there hopefully would always be a next time, he plugged her hard and filled her with two and a half good spurts of thick baby juice. He actually heard her gurgle as she shook with a final intense orgasm.

Berte was limp as he unloaded the radiological aprons and unstrapped her. She fumbled for her phone, typed something, and then erased it. After Zach had finished releasing her, he sat next to her on the bed, texted her "What do you think?" and then set down the phone and played with her hair and ran his hand over her ass.

Berte replied via text, "I liked it,"

"but tying up people is supposed to be wrong,"

"so I feel a little wrong for liking it."

Zach texted, "Good wrong or bad wrong?"

"I could get used to it if it gives you pleasure," Berte texted.

"I like what gives you pleasure," Zach texted. They parted ways without resolution, but with love, and Berte left with a smile on her face and a lot of semen inside her. He walked with her partway, since the hangar she was headed to was near his office. They walked serenely in silence and waved goodbye when they had to part.

When he got to his office, he gave Aanya a call. "I loved being with you yesterday and last night, and I was thinking about you. Okay, to be honest, I was worrying."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine, fine. Charisse is helping me move in."

"When people make a change this big in their lives, it's predictable that fear will grab them sooner or later. I'm always available to you, and if you don't want to talk to me, you can talk to Charisse, or Colleen, Colonel Bruno I mean. Promise me you'll talk to someone."

"Okay. I already am. I told Charisse that you would forget about me, and she told me she saw how you looked at me last night and was envious."

"How did that make you feel?"

"Kind of reassured, but then I started feeling like, although I'm willing to share you, I want you all to myself too, and ten other women are going to try to scratch my eyes out and climb over me to get to you first."

"You know that's not true, though, right?"

"It's just a feeling. I know we're all highly trained astronauts who will act like adults even under intense stress, blah, blah, blah."

"You get first dibs until you're feeling more comfortable. Do you want me today?"

"Please no. I have so much work to do, and I can barely walk."

"Are you in pain?"

"Muscle pains, chafing, that sort of thing. I'll survive. You are a worrier."

"I'm your lover and your doctor, and we launch for our first dry run in three days. And, I need to see you, I mean we should see each other tomorrow for another try at, you know, making a baby."

"I'm already pregnant. I know I am."


"I have a lot of work."

"I have a place we can meet on base now that's a five minute walk from the greenhouse. If you really want to rush, half an hour, and you're back at work."

"That's the problem. Once I see you, I won't want to go back. Then all my plants will die and my work will be ruined. I'll be reduced to being a bored housewife popping out babies. Pop. Pop. Pop."

"I know you're just playing with me now, but there's a grain of actual concern to every expressed fear. Keep talking to Charisse. You're going to be one of the first twelve people in human history to live out their lives on Mars, Aanya, and we need you every step of the way. I need you."

"You're a sweet talker. What I need is to get back to work now."

"I need you to meet me tomorrow, on behalf of the child we want together. 1200 hours. Building 115 in the annex. Don't be late."

"Fine. Goodbye."

Next, Zach called Colby. "Will you please meet me tomorrow?"

"How many women have you had sex with in the last 24 hours?"

"I love you, Colby. I honestly love you. I would do anything for you."

"I appreciate that and I love you too. You don't need to be worrying about me right now. I don't ovulate for another week and a half or something. The point is I don't want you killing yourself on my account. I knew you would be busy. I'm a grown woman. I'm not asking because I'm jealous. I'm asking because I care about you, you damn fool. Now answer the question."

"Just five."

"Just five? You're killing yourself! How can that be pleasant? I know you want to please everybody, Zach, my Zachary. You'll kill yourself to please everybody. You'll hate your life. You need to talk to Colleen."

"Miss Colby Lincoln, my sweet chocolate aperitif, my sex drive is not your sex drive. Not many women I've known know this about me, because they would probably be scared, but since you asked, here's the truth. I need to cum once in the morning and once at night at the very least. Masturbating more than that takes the edge off better, but only so much of that helps. What really takes the edge off is a woman's touch. If I'm in a monogamous relationship, and she's not up to twice a day, I'll masturbate as necessary to stay calm and happy, which is usually a lot."

"I'm getting plenty right now, so I'm very calm. Even so, I wake up, you know, the three women who have the courage to sleep with me every night, and I do them in the middle of the night as well as before bed and in the morning. My body just wakes me up because they smell so wonderful and I have to have them. I know that sounds crazy to you. Now I'm missing you, specifically, Colby Lincoln. Isn't that clear? I've been calling you every day. Will you not visit?"

"You are a maniac. Will you not take care of yourself? I've been waiting for the dry run, because I know something you don't."

"What's that?"

"I'm going to be the day shift engineer, so we'll be sleeping at the same time. You'll get to wake me up in the middle of the night, Zachary Carson. Oh, I'm going to regret this. You're gonna put me in a wheelchair."

"Yay! I still want you tomorrow. I've been missing you, viscerally, seriously."

"Okay, okay."

"Is that a yes?"

"Okay, I give up."

"Okay, tomorrow, 1500 hours, building 115 in the annex, don't be late."

"You had this all planned, didn't you?" observed Colby. "I'll be there."

Zach returned to his new rooms at a 2:45 PM to clean up a bit in advance of Khushi's arrival at 3 pm. He put away the bondage gear and the radiological aprons, changed the sheets, and showered himself.

Khushi knocked precisely at 3 PM, and he let her in. "Here, have this," she said, handing him a plastic container with a pastry on wax paper in it. "It's supposed to increase sperm production according to my mother."

"That's very sweet of you and your mother," said Zach. He ate the whole thing. "Mmm. Very good. I guess you talk to her about everything?"

"From what little I said and she inferred, she jumped to the conclusion that I'm trying to snatch you away from the others by getting pregnant. I'm not bothering to correct her for the time being. This place is great! Lots of room to dance." And at this, Khushi put on some music, different music than last time, and performed a striptease for Zach. This time she was wearing a severe olive green skirt, below the knee, no pantyhose, her legs being perfect, olive green pumps to match the skirt, a matching olive green blouse, and a little bow tie with dangles that had olive green and other colors in it. The olive green contrasted beautifully with the rich golden brown of her skin.

Underneath that, she was wearing a black undershirt and slip, and under that, she had a matching set of bright red lacy bra and panties. When she removed her bra this time, she held one boob out to him so that he could latch on and suckle it. She held it still while she undulated and danced the rest of her body. Then she switched him to the other boob. It was graceful, what she did, and Zach wished he could have watched it from a better vantage point.

He was seated on the bed by this time, and she stepped up and balanced on his legs, her red-lacy-thonged ass shimmying in his face. Then she stilled, bent in half, deftly pulled down her panties, and leaned back to kiss him on the lips with her vulva lips. He immediately kissed and licked her vulva, and she leaned back on his mouth as the music wrapped up.

Zach held Khushi to him, stood up, and set her gently on the bed. From behind, he lifted her, spread her, and lifted her clit up to his tongue, his nose tickling her anus. He held her there upside down for a while with his tongue and lips savoring her cunny. At the same time, she stroked his cock to hardness with one hand while balancing herself on the bed with the other.

He put her down, and she pushed him over and mounted him cowgirl style. She teased herself to luscious orgasm after luscious orgasm this way, as was her clear desire, until three quarters of an hour later, Zach said, "I'm getting close," and rolled her over to finish. He grabbed her ass and cuddled close to her resting into her boobs, feeling her hot breath on his neck as he vigorously pounded and sprinted towards his climax in her. Then with a "RAAA!!" he tensed and squirted deep in her, sighed, and fell to the side to rest and enjoy their post coital bliss.

As they were still coupled, Zach asked about Ayana. Khushi said they were falling in love, she thought, romantic love. She had brought Ayana back to her hotel room that first evening and danced for her. They had made love and talked about everything all night long. Since then, they had been inseparable. Khushi said that everybody she knew would be horribly scandalized if they knew she was sleeping with a lesbian, and she would probably be disowned, so if he ever had occasion to speak to them, he shouldn't mention it.

At 6 PM, Zach drove up the driveway of a large mansion. A tall, pale woman with long brown hair and a plunging ankle-length black dress got in as a butler loaded her luggage into the trunk. He nearly got out to help, but it was done before he could get out of his seatbelt. Instead, he turned to her. "You are Doctor Colette Alexandre, I presume," he said.

"Yes," she replied, "and you must be Doctor Zachary Carson." They shook hands and she smiled a cute little smile. Her brilliant deep green eyes stood out, struck him, and transfixed him. They made him take a moment just to look at the rest of her as well, knowing what was probably going to happen. She was a tall, graceful, slinky thin woman, though her breasts were good-sized for such a thin woman. Her face was quite beautiful and long, with a long, aquiline nose, intelligent eyebrows over those piercing green eyes, and a wide mouth currently bearing a cute grin. He could easily imagine those teeth gritted and lips pulled back in a snarl of ecstasy. With all these beautiful women having no doubt exquisite babies, he mused, in a few generations men would come to Mars just to see the women!

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was staring," Zach stammered.

"That's okay, so was I," Colette grinned, putting a hand gently on his chest and feeling his muscular body a little.

It was then that Zachary noticed the ring. It was a gold ring on the wedding finger. Probably just a style thing, he thought. He asked, "Where to?"

She lowered her head and looked up at him seductively. "We need to talk."

"Great," said Zach, "It's dinnertime, and I know a good restaurant."

"Please," she said.

They were seated immediately at Mercutio's, even without a reservation. Zach breathed a sigh of relief. They made small talk as they waited for their food to arrive. Colette was a geologist, so she would be working with Alexis. He enthused that Alexis was a very good friend of his.

After their food arrived and they were left in privacy, Colette began to ask questions. "I heard from Colleen that you might be interested in having and raising a child with me?"

There was something detached about this woman. He could tell she was attracted to him, and he was definitely attracted to her, but there wasn't that easy falling together and tuning in to each other that Zach was used to experiencing in similar situations. Even so, she was mesmerizing. "I'm at your service," he said helplessly.

"I'd like that," she said with a cryptic smile.

"Well," Zach sighed with a little smirk, "That's all settled. What next?"

Colette opened her purse, got out an envelope, and handed it to him.

"What's this?" asked Zach.

"It's a letter from my husband," Colette said with a seductive smile.

"I noticed the ring," Zach said. "I guess it wasn't just a fashion statement."

"No, it isn't a fashion statement."

"So you're married?"


"And you're going permanently to Mars?"


"And you want to raise a child with me?"


"And your husband is staying here?"


Zach realized that maybe this was just a kind of sentimental completion thing. The poor guy wanted to implore him to take good care of her or something. Whatever helped this couple cope with what must be a difficult loss for them was okay by him. He opened the letter.

"Dear Doctor Carson,"

"I trust this letter finds you in very good health and in the charming presence of my wife Colette."

"For many years, my wife and I have had an unusual relationship. We can't be together even here on Earth for reasons I won't bore you with at the moment. So instead, we've developed a kind of intimate relationship that works for us. We saw no reason to stop this relationship because of interplanetary distances provided we could find a compassionate man to act as an intermediary of sorts. Would you be that compassionate man? Would you make love to my wife for us?"

"If you accept our request, please use the enclosed public key and address to establish future secure communications with me at your earliest convenience."

"My wife would not find welcome any sexual activity except as set forth explicitly in these or future instructions from me. We've established some ground rules, she and I, which will enhance her pleasure, I assure you."

"1) She is not allowed to have any sexual partners other than you."

"2) She is not allowed to orgasm unless you grant her request in advance; if you grant her request to orgasm, she must orgasm immediately."

"3) She is not allowed to stimulate herself sexually in any way unless these rules or my instructions explicitly require it."

"4) When she is off duty, she is required to follow any sexual command from you without question or delay as long as the command adheres to these rules and current or future instructions."

"5) When she is off duty, she is required to either wear dresses or skirts without panties or to be nude from waist to knees at all times unless her living conditions require her to do otherwise for safety reasons as determined by you."

"6) When she is off duty, you may undress and touch her in any way you see fit except touching her vaginal or anal areas."

"7) When off duty, she is required upon request to pleasure you in any way you see fit except by using her vaginal or anal areas."

"8) When off duty, she is required upon request to stand by and watch passively while you engage in sexual activity."

"9) When off duty, she is required upon request to take your ejaculate down her throat, in her mouth to swallow, or anywhere on her body or clothing."

"10) If she breaks a rule, the punishment is ten forceful stripes with a belt across her backside. These should be vigorous enough to take about a week to completely heal. She will fetch the belt and assume the position if she breaks a rule. If she does not, the punishment doubles. Sometimes she needs to be punished, so don't feel bad if she breaks a rule. It probably just means that she wants to be punished."

"Now, here are my specific instructions for this evening. Suffice it to say that my wife had a pretty rough night last night, so I'd like you to start with something basic and simple that is bound to please her and leave her wanting more from you."

"I'd like you to take her to the Stark Hotel there in Houston. I've already rented a room in my wife's name. I'm aware that you carry various medical supplies in the trunk of your car in case of emergencies. Please take with you any supplies you'd need to perform an enema."











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