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Alfred the Great

Seymour's friend from school came to visit us one Saturday, and stayed until the Monday. After leaving school they lost touch with each other when Alfred left home and joined the army. It was only a few years ago when my husband, Seymour opened a Facebook account and they got in touch with each other again.

With our kids, Mylene at university and Justin away with his friends, we had the weekend to ourselves. On the Saturday morning of Alfred's visit I got up early to give the house a thorough cleaning. I vacuumed all the floors, paying particular attention to the guest bedroom, dusted around and put clean new towels in the bathroom. When I had finished I got in the shower. I had just picked out what I was going to wear and put it on when the doorbell rang.

Seymour was still in the shower so I answered the door.

"Hi, I'm Alfred," a tall, muscular man said.

"Yes, we are expecting you. Welcome," I said as I moved back so he could come inside. "Seymour is in the shower, he should be right out. I hope you are hungry, I'm just making breakfast."

Alfred did not have a handsome face but he was athletic. His muscles had muscles; big shoulders, biceps, hands; and thighs as big as my 23 inch waist.

I felt his eyes on me as I prepared a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms and toast; a full English breakfast.

During breakfast Seymour and Alfred talked about boring military stuff and then he went to his car and got his luggage; I showed him to his room. I saw in the mirror as I left the room he was staring at my ass.

I left the men to reminisce about old times and went shopping for a few groceries but mainly to stock up with two cases of beer, scotch and gin for me as well as snacks.

When I arrived home Alfred had changed into more comfortable clothes, jogging bottoms and a muscle shirt. The shirt looked hot on his muscular body. He was polite and flirted in a respectful way telling my husband he had a beautiful wife and he should be glad he married me.

The guys started drinking and having a good time as they skipped lunch. I saw Alfred lusting after me when Seymour wasn't looking or busy opening more beers.

Both men were feeling their beer when I had 5 small sirloin steaks outside on our barbecue late in the afternoon. I had changed into my denim short shorts and a tube top since it was hot outside. Seymour had gone to the bathroom in the hallway when I came inside and asked Alfred how he liked his steak.

"Like I like my women," he said smiling, "hot, juicy and pink in the middle."

"I take that to mean medium rare," I said laughing it off.

He nodded as I went to the kitchen to prepare the salads and check the potatoes baking in the oven. My thoughts were interrupted when Seymour called out for paper towels for a spilled beer on the coffee table. I immediately began to soak up the spill and knew my legs and ass were inches away from Alfred as I bent over in front of him. I imagined him wanting to grab me but couldn't with Seymour being there. I knew I was being a tease and I liked it. Back in the kitchen, I decided to treat myself to some tequila and sliced up a lemon.

"Seymour is barbecuing the steaks outside," Alfred came into the kitchen and said. "Oh, tequila eh? no girlie drink for you huh?"

He got a can of nuts that he came into the kitchen for and put his big hand on my bare side as he passed between me and the worktop. I looked down at his hand on my skin and it aroused me.

The guys seemed to mellow out with stomachs full of steak dinner. Each had two steaks and I had one plus salad. A pre-season football game was on TV and they watched it, then went out onto the patio. I found myself cleaning up the kitchen and wondering how big Alfred's cock might be.

I looked outside and the men were wrestling around like little boys; I just chuckled. Soon they came inside and decided it was time for harder drinks. I knew that Seymour was not going to handle mixing scotch with all that beer; but you know how guys are. They were toasting each other with what looked like doubles.

"Honey, have a shot with us," my tipsy husband loudly said.

I poured myself a tequila and turned to go outside.

"Whiskey your ass," Alfred said, "the lady has tequila. Maybe her clothes will fall off!"

"You know man," Alfred quickly said as Seymour stared at him, "the song. The song about tequila making her clothes fall off."

"Oh yeah," Seymour said, "I heard that one. Anita once did a topless dance, you know, in a strip club when she was drunk. Well, we both were really."

I stared coldly at Seymour for telling Alfred about that.

"Oh yeah," Alfred slurred, equally as drunk as Seymour, "she sure has the body for that. Seymour," he added, "I gotta see her tits man."

The silence was broken when Seymour laughed loudly and Alfred also laughed as I turned to go outside and leave these drunk assholes to themselves.

"Oh come on babe," Seymour pleaded, "we didn't mean to piss you off,"

"Hey, a thousand pardons Anita," Alfred joined in. "I'm sorry."

"Besides," Seymour added, "it would be up to Anita, I don't mind if she shows you her tits."

Maybe it was the tequila shots or because Seymour had made me mad when he told Alfred I had once stripped years ago, or maybe I was just wanting to tease more or because Seymour said what he did.

"No big deal," I said, "boys will be boys."

I walked back into the lounge in front of the sofa they were sitting on. I looked at both of them, then back to Alfred whose eyes were getting wider. I stood directly in front of Alfred and took my hair clip out of my hair which dropped down over my shoulders. I then took my tube top and pulled it off over my head and shook my head so that my hair would look wilder.

Alfred smiled from ear to ear as he gazed at my tits. I moved over to Seymour and pulled his head into my tits and rubbed his cheeks. I pinched my nipples as I winked at Alfred.

"Sit on your hands," I commanded Alfred with some authority.

He did and I rubbed my tits over his face like I had just done with my husband Seymour. Then, I bent over and picked up my tube top. I put it back on and walked out of the room.

"Come back, please, thank you, wow nice," they both shouted as I walked out of the room.

I laid on our bed and turned on a movie on the TV. I had seen it before so I went back into the lounge and the men were talking about different friends they knew.

"Come on over here Anita," Alfred said.

"Yeah babe, come join us," Seymour muttered in a drunken tone.

I knew Seymour was not going to feel good tomorrow. I also knew that he was going to either vomit or pass out soon as he staggered to the hallway bathroom. I was surprised that Alfred appeared to still be sober or at least not obviously under the influence.

"So," I said, "I hear you are moving back up here. Are you happy about that? You have been away for what; nearly twenty years now. That's a long time."

"Yes and no," Alfred said. "No because I enjoyed my time in the army but yes because I might get to see those lovely tits of yours again."

"You are so bad, Alfred," I laughed, "but thank you."

"I've just gotta see those puppies again Anita."

I ignored him and went to the kitchen and got a lemon wedge and poured a shot of tequila for myself. Alfred followed me in there.

"Seymour is still in the bathroom," Alfred confirmed.

"I thought as much," I replied.

"Don't you feel sorry for me," Alfred said, "leaving the job I loved. You know I got wounded in Afghanistan?"

"No, really?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'll show you later," he said. "Not a serious wound, just some flying shrapnel caught me in the leg, a few stitches and it left a bad scar."

"Well, I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt," I said.

Seymour then came out of the bathroom.

"Hey," he said, "I'm goanna lie down. See you guys in the morning, OK?"

I helped Seymour to our bedroom and got him undressed and into bed. I put a small bowl by the bed just in case. He was snoring before I turned off the light and left the room.

Alfred was sitting on a bar-stool in the kitchen with a beer when I entered the kitchen.

"Is Seymour OK?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said, "he can't mix beer and spirits. He is dead to the world until the morning. Then, he will suffer all day long."

Alfred laughed.

"Is it OK to go outside?" Alfred asked, "It's cooler now that it's dark."

As we walked to go outside Alfred stopped at our large full length hall mirror.

"I like your wall mirror," he commented as he moved to go outside.

I turned on a switch and clear small lights outlined the mirror. I saw him behind me as I looked into the mirror. He put his huge arms around me and pulled my tube-top down. I watched in the mirror as his big hands cupped my breasts. He used his thumbs and forefingers to pinch my nipples as he kissed my sensitive neck.

"Ummm, we can't be doing this," I moaned halfheartedly.

The image the mirror reflected was so erotic, so sexy; I was hot and bothered. My mind was having a tug of war between 'let him' and 'stop him now'.

His lips on my neck sent chills throughout my body. I thought 'Oh my, I can't have sex with Alfred, not in my house with my husband upstairs in bed'. But, my body was responding and I felt his cock against my right ass cheek moving all by itself.

The tequila probably helped to create the situation I was in. I reached behind my back with my right hand and felt his cock bulging inside his jogging bottoms. My fingers searched the length and width of this bulge. My first thought was that his cock couldn't be that big.

Alfred moved his left arm and slid his hand down between his stomach and my back. He untied his jogging bottoms and pulled them down past his thighs. My right hand held his cock; it was thick. My hand didn't go all the way around it as it throbbed, responding to my touch. His right hand slid down the front of my shorts and I pushed them down to drop at my ankles. I watched his big left hand cover my hairless mound and his long fingers began to work themselves inside my wetness. I gasped as he got two fingers inside my pussy. I squeezed his hardened cock and just had to finally see it.

He moved his fingers as I turned to face him and knelt down. I held his cock with both hands, fascinated with its length and thickness. I played with his foreskin pulling it back over the purplish head, exposing it and then hiding it again with his foreskin.

His huge cock was next to my mouth. I wanted to give it up to Alfred.

I saw his war wound on his upper thigh right next to his cock and I felt it gently, The skin was rough and the scar was noticeable. Fortunately, the shrapnel just missed his cock and balls. I caressed his balls as I opened my mouth to accept his cock between my lips. I licked all around the head after pushing his foreskin back. It was so arousing to feel the skin slide up and back from his crown. It was sticky and tasted salty. I took more of it in my mouth but I could only get about half of it in. I used my mouth to stroke it and slide the skin around, tonguing the head. I had never given a better blowjob. I was focused solely on this big amazing cock.

I felt his big hands on the top of my head as I gave him oral pleasure. Gently, I sucked and licked his testicles and up and down his shaft and back to sucking it. I wondered if it was going to hurt me when he fucked me. I wondered if I could take it inside me or even some of it. I thought 'boy, if our families or friends could see me now', and I chuckled.

I found myself moaning as he grabbed my hair and began to fuck my mouth roughly. Saliva began to form and drip down onto my tits. I gagged a few times and that seemed to turn him on even more.

"Do you like my big dick?" he surprised me by whispering forcefully. "You do don't you, baby? You've never had one this big, huh?"

I tried to answer but my reply was muffled by all that cock in my mouth. Illegible mutters was all I could get out.

I felt his cock throb and then throb again and tense up and I tasted pre-cum. He was arching his back, rocking back and forth and I knew he was about to cum. An excitement came over me with a confidence that I was doing a good job pleasing him.

"I'm cuming," he groaned as a big stream hit my throat with force.

I gagged as his hot cum filled my mouth and leaked down my chin and onto my tits and thighs. But I kept sucking and stroking his cock and swallowing as fast as I could until he finally released my hair.

"Oh shit girl, damn, you are great. the best," he moaned appreciatively as I licked him clean.

He lifted me up and kissed me, with lots of wet tongue. He handed me my shot of tequila I hadn't yet drank and I gulped it down changing the taste in my mouth.

We both laughed quietly.

"I need a cigarette," Alfred said.

"Oh, you smoke?" I questioned.

"No," he laughed, "but if I did I would need one now."

Then he sat down on the stairs and pulled me onto his lap. He kissed me again as his fingers found their mark again. His thumb gently rubbed my clit and I thought I was going to cum, but he stopped. He carried me outside and laid me on my back on the patio table. He positioned my ass hanging over the table edge and put my ankles over his wide shoulders.

He took his cock in his right hand and spanked my pussy lips with it. Standing up, he working the purple head of his cock up and down my wet slit and slowly pushed the big head inside. It went in surprisingly easily and he worked some of his cock inside me up to the thickest part of his shaft, in and out.

I seemed to adjust as he stretched my pussy. I wanted more and more and tried to reach him to pull him deeper inside me. He finally stopped teasing and pushed it all the way in and I had an orgasm that made me shake. My ankles wrapped around his ass and I dug my long nails into his hips and bit my hand to keep from screaming. Then he began to fuck me, slowly picking up the pace. I don't remember how many times he made me cum but it was many I'm sure.

He flipped me over so that my feet were on the patio and he pushed my tits into the table top. He worked his big cock inside me and fucked me doggystyle. He got rougher and rougher and I came again and again. It was so hard not to shout out loud, it was so good.

"Never been fucked this good huh, girl? Is my cock good for you? you like my cock fucking you, don't you?"

I was in such a state of ecstasy I don't remember replying but I knew I agreed. I could tell he was recharged and was about to cum again. I felt him tense up and jerk inside me, throbbing inside my love-tunnel. I was fucking him back, rocking back into him as we fucked in rhythm.

"You know I will be back for more of your good pussy!" he said as he pushed as deep as possible.

I felt his balls on my clit as he filled me up with another load of hot cum. Then he rested on my back.

His cock slowly slid out and I turned to suck and licked it clean, tasting both of our juices showing my gratitude for the best sex of my life. We walked back inside and got our clothes back on and I went to check on Seymour. He was still sound asleep, snoring away. I went back to Alfred and we kissed and agreed it was our secret and vowed never to confess.

He went to his room and I took a hot bath in the hallway bathroom so that I wouldn't wake up Seymour. My body was so relaxed, stress free and tired. It was a good kind of tiredness and my pussy tingled.

After my bath and all cleaned up, I walked down the hall with only a towel around me. I saw Alfred's light on in his room. I opened the door and he looked at me. He was lying on his back.

No words were said. At his bedside, I dropped the towel and he smiled and licked his lips. I pulled his covers off and exposed his nude magnificent muscular body and huge cock. I looked at him as his cock grew harder and stiffer. He took me and flipped me around and licked my pussy as I found his cock with my mouth. His lips felt good on my pussy and his tongue flicked my clit rapidly and I had a small orgasm.

Then I moved on top of him with my hands on his broad shoulders. I lowered myself down working his big cock inside me. I rocked slowly, grinding until I had taken it all. I caressed his balls with my right hand as Alfred sucked, bit, squeezed and pinched my tits and nipples. He began to buck under me and fucked me back as I came hard.

I felt him cum each time because of his thickness, my pussy was so tight around his cock. I lifted myself off him and cleaned him up again with my mouth and tongue. I then picked up the towel and waved goodbye.

I thought I would feel guilt or remorse as I lay next to my husband in bed but I didn't. In fact, I felt sad that Alfred would be moving away and I wouldn't get to be with him again for a long time. My pussy leaked some cum and I got it with tissues from the bedside cabinet.

A few hours later, I was up and showered before Alfred and my husband woke up. I prepared breakfast ready for when they woke up and watched breakfast TV looking out for the weather forecast as it was raining outside.

Alfred got up first, and I heard him moving around. He came to the kitchen freshly shaved and had showered. I decided not to wait for Seymour since I thought he would not get up for a long time. But he surprised me. He showed up just as the coffee was ready and I was about to scramble the eggs. I added 3 more eggs and we had a nice breakfast. Seymour moaned and said little, but we knew he was hungover and hurting.

"Sorry I couldn't stay up longer with you," he said to Alfred.

"No problem mate," Alfred said, "I went to bed early myself after a movie and popcorn. Anita was the perfect hostess."

I asked Seymour if he needed some aspirin and he said he took three already when he got up. He managed to ask Alfred if there was anything he wanted to do today.

Alfred said he would like to go jogging and sweat the whiskey and beer out if that was alright.

Seymour fell asleep again on the sofa when Alfred came out wearing his jogging shoes, shorts and a jersey. I told him I would drive him to the secondary school track nearby. I left Seymour asleep on the sofa and a note saying I had taken Alfred to the school track so he could jog and know how many miles he ran since it is a 400 metre track around a football field.

I took our binoculars with me and watched Alfred pace himself eight times around the track and then ran some sprints. Afterwards he drank a sports drink as we walked back to the car. On the way back, I turned into a small car park. No one was there except us. I parked at the very back by some trees and a stream. I got out and walked around and opened his door and got on my knees and ran my hand inside the leg of his shorts until I had his cock in my hand.

"I was wondering why we stopped here," he said laughing.

I sucked him off and then drove back home. Seymour was still asleep on the sofa. We had been gone about an hour and a half.

I knew Seymour wouldn't drink much that night, but he did drink 2 beers. He and Alfred were talking about football and enjoying seeing each other again after a long time. Justin, a football fanatic, joined in their convert when he arrived home.

I was sad when Alfred left Monday morning. As Seymour hugged his friend saying goodbye, he had his back to me so I flashed my tits to a smiling Alfred before he drove off in his car.



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