Bear Tale

By Rachel Anne Wallace

Lizzie was in a tizzy. Which wasn't like Lizzie at all. But then it was Paul, who had put Lizzie in the tizzy. And Paul, of course, knew nothing at all. At least in this case—all he had was done was to call. It was when he got home that all would come to bare. The real root of the clamor, was the bear, after all.

Lizzie paced, growing madder—she knew what the matter was. It was Paul after all, and that damn stuffed bear. How could he have done it to her? Too that sweet little girl who now called him daddy. Lizzie fumed and fussed—enough was enough. She would give him a good piece of her mind. Then what came to her mind was that Paul, being Paul, had only one thing in mind when he gave her the bear. What he wanted in the end, was her beautiful bare ass. Yes, that had to be it. Of course, why hadn't she seen it—a bear to gain access to bare ass. Her face grew even hotter, her complexion grew redder. The nerve of the man!

Lizzie looked out the window, planning her moves. She would accost him as soon as he arrived. Just let him walk in that door and she would bear her grievances as never before. Men! They could stoop so low to get into a woman's panties. But a bear! A bear for her, not Rosie. It had been entirely too much. He would have to pay for this now that she knew. Paul, not thinking she was shrewd thinking.

She glanced at the clock yet again. She paced and she paced, each step ratcheting up her disgust. He was despicable. That was it—despicable! That he would get a piece of ass from her with the presentation of a bear was simply too much. She glanced out the window again minutes later—it was just like Paul to be late.

But then again, he was never, ever, late when he wanted a roll in the hay. Then he would be all smiles knowing she herself would be warm with anticipation. All the while lying in bed knowing he would take her to cuddle and snuggle. Murmuring soft words to encourage her fervor. That was it, wasn't it? Seduction—he had seduced her with the gift of a bear. Plain and simple seduction and she had fallen for it.

How could he be that way? How could he have made her feel this way? Seduced her, making her eager for his touch, his soft words. Lizzie vowed, not this time, she would confound him. She'd tell him she knew of his vulpine ways. That he had used that stuffed bear to gain her trust when chocolates and flowers hadn't produced the desired effect. It was her flower he sought. How could she not have seen his subterfuge from the start?

Oh, he had been shrewd alright, she thought to herself. If he hadn't given the bear to her it would have been evident from the first. But he hadn't, had he? Lizzie was convinced more than ever of his real intent For sure, that had to be the real reason. It had to be as there could be no other.

That bastard! He knew the vulnerabilities of a single mother. He had taken her dancing, given her small gifts, and had spent hours playing with Rosie. It had made her swell with pride and good feelings to see them together. But, it was the bear that sent it over the top. Rosie clung to that bear from dawn till dusk, she wrapped herself around it as she slept at night. Oh, he had been so vile, so wily to give her that stuffed bear she thought—knowing she would pass it to Rosie at last.

Lizzie walked to the window, still no Paul. What was he up to? He shouldn't be late, not after she had told him she would prepare a special dinner for the two of them while Rosie was with her grandmother. Something he had insisted upon so they could be alone. I shouldn't put up with this she reminded herself—he was punctual any other time.

Lizzie heard the door open and watched as Paul approach with a smile. Oh, how she would give it to him now. She turned to him with a fake smile. He wouldn't know what hit him. Kapow!

"Honey, sorry I'm late, but I had to stop and pick something up. Something I have wanted to give to you for weeks. I'm sorry this isn't the most romantic time or place. But, I simply can't wait. I love you so much."

A box with a ring appeared in full view. She knew it was real as it sparkled like new. Lizzie, felt giddy all over as it came to her finger, slipping on with ease. What a man. What a wonderful man!

"Lizzie, will you marry me?"

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