I took a breath. "Shamhat"

Her assaults on my cock were coming harder and faster and wetter. One of us was going to explode soon. "Yes...the two of them....fucking...for a week..." She took a breath. "And making the ground shake and the trees fall."

She kept grinding against me, my cock warmly enveloped inside her tiny cunt. "I was thinking the beast with two backs," I said, thrusting into her wildly, trying not to come just yet.

She began grinding against me more furiously, her eyes a little wilder, her mouth open, breathing hard.

"Oh, shit, this feels so good!" she gasped.

I was fighting hard to keep from cumming. I focused on sucking on her hard, brown nipples; first one then the other. It was momentarily successful. I was still hard as ever, but the tingling "here I go" feeling had subsided and I began to lift my hips up and bury myself even deeper into her.

Suddenly she let out a cry, grabbed my back tightly, and did something strippers never do - she kissed me, long, hard, open-mouthed, tongue caressing mine, as she came down hard on my cock and, through the thin latex, I felt the throbbing of her tight pussy, the walls gently shivering downward as fluid spilled down on my testicles.

I started to push up and finish inside her myself but she quickly relaxed her grip on my back, slipped down to her knees in front of me, snapped the rubber off, and put my cock into her warm open mouth, her green eyes focused on mine as she sucked.

It only took two or three pulls, her lips not going much father than halfway down the shaft, her soft fingers caressing my balls, before I felt my ass cheeks clench, my prostate swell, and my cock throb as I exploded, teaspoon after teaspoon of my ejaculate emptying into her mouth with each throb.

My dick popped out of her mouth and she looked around, her cheeks puffed out, her mouth full of cum, for somewhere to spit. Finding nothing but the carpet, she looked back at me, smiled a little, shrugged, and swallowed hard.

I handed her my drink as she got on the seat next to me. She took a long sip, swirled it around in her mouth, and swallowed. "Ugh. What is this?"


"The cum tasted better." She snuggled against me, her flushed chest against my arm, and started to caress my limp, sticky cock.

I took a drink myself, and set the empty glass back on the table. "Are you all right?"

I felt her lips, cold from the drink, against my cheek. "Oh, yeah. You know high school girls always have a thing for their English teachers."

"Even old and decrepit ones?"

She put her head on my shoulder, still stroking my cock, which, surprisingly, was getting hard again, a feat that it had not been able to accomplish in years. "What I saw and felt wasn't old and decrepit."

I put my arm around her as she continued. "You just checked off a lot of boxes. First teacher - I mean ex-teacher, first older guy, first swallow -"

"I wouldn't suggest that for other patrons here..."

"No. That was for you. Anyway, first Champagne room..."

"Are you close to Bingo yet?"

"No, we'll work on that next time." She took her hand away and fished around the floor for her outfit.

I reached for my pants and began to get dressed. "What days are you here?"

"Every weekday except Friday." She pulled the straps of the teddy over her shoulders and made sure her breasts were adequately encased.

This could work out, I thought. Vanessa is here on Friday, Jade is here on Tuesday...

I tucked my shirt in, buckled my belt, and reached into my pocket for the rest of my money. I peeled off a few big bills and handed them to her.

"Well," I said, "this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. " She looked at me a little quizzically. "Just an old movie quote," I continued.

She took a few steps toward me, still in here bare feet, which made her look short and pixielike. She hugged me tightly. "Thank you," she said into my chest, her cheeks still a little flushed.

"No, thank you, Jade"

She shook her head. "For you, it's Alonda."










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