Roger's pace ramped up quickly. He looked down, panting, and watched his cock plunge in and out of Ciara's pussy. She smiled up at him, rubbing her ankles against his, urging him on. He turned to meet her gaze, his eyes full of wonder, and she ran her fingers through his hair.

"Yes," Shanti moaned. "Oh, do it."

Roger smiled and glanced at her, and then at Anabella. Anabella smiled back. However intimate the moment might be, she was included, and her heart raced at that thought.

"Sometimes I do have help teasing you," Ciara admitted. "Maybe that means she loves you too."

"I love you both, you shameless hussy," Shanti said. Ciara immediately fell into giggles, and Roger couldn't help but follow suit.

"Which one of us is the shameless hussy?" Roger asked, sending Ciara further into a fit of laughter.

"By the standards of Victorian society," Anabella volunteered, "we are all shameless hussies of a sort."

There was a quiet pause as they each considered this thought, the silence only broken by the soft sounds of Ciara's pussy. Ciara reached up to brush a strand of Roger's hair away from his face as he thrust into her.

"Do you want to show them how shameless you are?" she purred.

He took a ragged breath as he met her gaze.

"Yes," he whispered.

"You can," she replied. She moved her hands back down to his hips. She wasn't grabbing him, or holding him inside her, but something about her grip suggested that she would be happy to do so.

Roger was moving swiftly now, with or without Ciara's assistance. His hips moved back and forth relentlessly, plunging his cock deep into Ciara's eager pussy. Their bodies gleamed with exertion in the moonlight, and Roger's sweat dripped from his brow into Ciara's wild hair.

"You can fill me up," she said. Roger groaned, and Shanti muttered an indelicate word under her breath, and even Anabella heard herself whimper. Ciara's words were witchcraft, and no one could escape her spell.

"Everyone wants to see you do it," Ciara went on, her fingers gliding across Roger's ass. "You brought me to my climax. We all want you to have yours, too."

"Oh, Ciara," he moaned. He leaned in and kissed her, deeply, his lips enveloping hers before he pulled back. He wanted her so desperately, and yet he couldn't bear to silence her. Anabella's own pleasure was rising up as she watched, and she couldn't tell if she'd fall apart before Roger or after him.

"I'll take all of your seed," Ciara went on. "And whatever happens, I'll be here with you."

Roger couldn't decide where to look. Ciara's smiling face held his gaze at first, and then he glanced down at her spread legs, and watched her body open for his cock. He glanced over at Anabella. She couldn't speak, but she smiled as her fingers danced along her cleft, hoping that her feelings were clear.

Shanti was not so restrained. When Roger met her eyes, she moaned as she desperately fingered herself.

"Do it," she demanded. "If you put a baby in her belly she'll have a harder time teasing you."

"No I won't," Ciara chuckled, as Roger looked back at her. His strokes had slowed, and he lingered inside her with each thrust, savoring each moment of her embrace.

"As long as you love me, I will keep being a brat to you," she promised. "Even if I'm a brat with your child in my womb."

Roger gasped. He looked down at her belly, which even after two months of hard effort had an inviting softness to it. He caressed it with one hand, as if imagining what it would look like in half a year's time.

"I know you want that," Ciara said, holding him close. "Do it. I'll catch you when you fall."

"I love you," he gasped.

"Show me," she replied.

He couldn't obey her immediately, Anabella realized. He had never been the sort to rise quickly to his peak. But, once she asked, he could do nothing else. He thrust eagerly into her, their bodies making a soft slap each time his cock drove between her lips. He bit his lip with the effort, and with the rush of his excitement.

She didn't speak as he rose up. Perhaps she had teased him until he went exactly where she wanted, and no further words were necessary. Perhaps she wanted no distraction from his face, and the thousands of expressions that crossed his face as he drew closer. Perhaps she was saving her breath, as Roger plunged eagerly into her, pushing her back into the bed with each desperate stroke. Anabella couldn't tell, except to tell that she wanted him, body and soul, and he was glad to give her anything she asked.

"Ciara," he moaned. He shifted one hand and grabbed her hip, pulling her close against him with each thrust. In turn, she reached up and took his hips, as if urging him on. Anabella knew he needed no urging, but it must have been a reassurance for Roger, that this was what she wanted.

Shanti was whimpering desperately at Anabella's side. She'd moved her hand from Anabella's leg, and she gripped her breast as her fingers tried to keep pace with Roger and Ciara. Anabella kept her hand on Shanti's thigh, to give her the comfort and to feel it when she came apart.

"Oh," Roger said, softly enough that Anabella scarcely heard him. Ciara smiled and kissed him, ever so gently, and pushed him over the edge.

Anabella watched his eyes grow wider as his climax overtook him. He was helpless before his desire, helpless before Ciara's welcoming eyes. He loved her, loved them, and Anabella knew that he had already made his choice. He cried out incoherently and pulled Ciara as close as he could, burying his cock deep inside her as his seed flowed into her.

She hummed as she felt his manhood swell inside her. He couldn't take his eyes away from hers, even as the pleasure overwhelmed him and drove all words and thought from his mind. She held his gaze and smiled, catching him in every way she could.

Anabella couldn't see his cock flexing as it flooded Ciara's cunt, but every moment showed in their motions - Roger crying out and holding Ciara close, and Ciara locking her ankles behind Roger, and the motion of his desperate thrusts pushing them both back into the bed. They fell together, as he thrust into her until he collapsed atop her, panting as he rested his head on her shoulder.

"Yes!" Shanti cried. She was only a moment behind, her leg twitching as her own climax staggered her. Anabella reached out and caught her before she fell over, and Shanti leaned into her, wailing helplessly as her pleasure washed over her like the tide. Anabella held tightly to her, letting every twitch and moan echo through her own nerves.

Victorian society would never let her see pleasure like this, she realized. Her friends sharing their deepest selves, and their greatest pleasures, and accepting the possibility of a child not out of obligation but out of love - nothing she would see back in the rarefied atmosphere of the stellar mansions would measure up.

Ciara and Roger were still catching their breath, their eyes closed as they held wordlessly to one another, but Shanti turned to look at Anabella. "How can I help you, miss?"

Anabella smiled. "Lie close to me," she said.

"I could kiss you if you want," Shanti said, but Anabella shook her head.

"Just hold me," she said. "And I'll be happy."

Anabella lay down. Shanti curled up at her side, one ankle draped gently over Anabella's, and one arm draped across her bosom. Roger and Ciara were still resting together, collapsed, with Roger's cock still buried in Ciara's cunt.

Anabella closed her eyes, and imagined herself in Ciara's place. She imagined Roger moving atop her, his cock filling her up, his moans in her ears. She thought of what it must feel like to reach her peak with him inside her, and to urge him on until he filled her womb with his seed.

Ciara would have been able to tell what Anabella was thinking. She would smile, and tease, and urge Anabella on. Perhaps on another day, Anabella would let her do so. But, just for that night, she wanted her fantasies to be for no one but herself. So she closed her eyes, and let the fantasy move her, until it rocked her to sleep.


The group rose with dawn, the next day. There were perhaps a few more bashful glances than was normal, but they discussed the day's work as they always did.

"Shanti and I can work on the channel from the spring," Ciara said. "It'd be nice not to have to walk so far for water."

Anabella glanced at Roger, wondering if the previous night's events would change the fabric of their days, or put space between any of them. But he nodded.

"That sounds good. Anabella, care to help me with fishing?"

Anabella nodded, and the groups diverged.

"Are you alright?" Shanti asked, when they were out of earshot in the woods.

Ciara smiled. "I am," she said. "Are you worried you've led me astray?"

Shanti looked away for a moment, smiling bashfully. "I might have contributed," she said. "And so I was afraid you might regret it in the morning. I don't want to hurt you."

"Luckily for you, I am just as much of a hussy by day."

Shanti smiled and gave Ciara a playful push. "Lucky for me indeed."

"Do you think you'd regret it in the morning?" Ciara asked.

"You mean, if I was you?" Shanti asked. "I don't know."

"No," Ciara said. "Not if you were me. If you'd done what I did."

Shanti didn't reply. Ciara glanced over and saw her lost in thought. She looked away when she saw Ciara's smile, and shrugged.

"I don't know," Shanti murmured.

"Well," Ciara replied. "I suppose you don't need to know right now."


There wasn't a quiet moment for Roger and Anabella to speak until they'd pulled the fishing nets from the sea and dragged them to a flat rock overlooking the lagoon.

"It's a good catch today," Roger said.

"Quite," Anabella agreed.

He glanced over at her, as he transferred the catch onto the stone. "Did I scare you, last night?"

"I..." Anabella hesitated, trying to sort out her thoughts as much as the contents of her net.

"I don't think you frightened me," she said, after a moment. "I just...I don't want what we've had to be lost. We've all been so happy."

He smiled. "I don't think we'll lose it," he said. "At least, I'll work to keep it. I don't know what will happen if rescue arrives, but...whether it does or not, I want to make you all happy."

He reached out and took her hand, strong and calloused from her work.

"May I try to reassure you tonight?" he asked.

She bit her lip. "You know I what Ciara did."

"I know," he replied. "I wouldn't ask you to be her, or to do anything you didn't want. I just want to keep loving you, as long as that's what you want."

It's more complicated than doing what I want, Anabella thought, when even I don't know what I want. But she smiled, and squeezed his hand.

"I'd like that."


Obviously, matters had progressed beyond what decorum could easily manage. If rescue had arrived in that moment, it would have been difficult if not impossible for Anabella to salvage her social standing.

Perhaps she could have told the rescuers a story about their survival, and how love had blossomed as they survived there. But, to do so, she would have had to leave out significant portions of the story, a task to which she is ill-suited. She would have been hard-pressed to explain things without giving a longing look to at least one of the others, or blushing as she thought of how the love that had blossomed had not belonged solely to Ciara and Roger.

Still, her marriage prospects might have survived. She would have been a survivor with a wonderful story, which is a draw for some. Yet, all of this would only be possible if the scandal had stopped at this moment. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective, a greater scandal still was yet to come.

Anabella and her companions thought little of scandal, though. They completed their culvert, and celebrated their new freshwater supply with a small feast. It was modest, certainly - fruit and fish, with a small amount of chocolate they'd pulled from the escape pod. There were few speeches, only one toast, and no fancy clothing - indeed, little clothing of any sort. And yet, despite their celebration flying in the face of every Victorian expectation, they all seemed content with it. No one thought much of rescue, and when they did, they hoped that it would take its time.


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