Laura saw her husband standing by the sink, washing the dishes. She looked at him up and down before walking closer. He was wearing just regular pajama pants but for some reason today they were clinging to his round ass, showing its outline. She stared at it and started feeling a need to touch it.

She walked closer to James and gave him a hug from behind. She held the hug for a bit and then let her hand move down his back to his ass. She started gently caressing its shape. She has done this before and she knew he liked it. A soft moan escaped his lips. She kept it up for a minute. When she looked at the front of his pjs she could see a tent forming. She took this as a sign of encouragement. She has never gone any further before in this kind of play. But, she though devilishly, his hands are occupied so now it would be a good time to try and be a bit more adventurous.

She kept her hands on top of his pants but she started cupping his buttocks more, squeezing them a bit and letting her hand run between them briefly. He froze for a few seconds and she did not know if she just ruined everything. But then she could feel Steve push his ass back into her hand and moan gently.

She knew this was a green light for more fun. She slowly moved her hand up to the elastic band of the pjs, and gently tugged it down. The elastic dropped down just below James' nice round ass cheeks, exposing them for her to see. She noticed his semi hard cock also popped out, glistening with precum. She ran her finger on his ass and watched his cock jump. She thought it would be only fair for her to play with it a little. She reached with the other hand round and stroked his dick a few times. Precum coated one of her fingers. She was going to lick it but then she had a second thought. She took her lubricated finger and slowly inserted it between his smooth ass cheeks, until she could feel the warm entrance to his ass at the tip of her finger.

She didn't know if it would be too soon to push too hard. James was mostly quiet but his mouth was open and he still pushed his ass towards her finger. She moved her finger in between his asscheeck for a couple of minutes watching his cock continuing to get hard. She no longer had to wonder if he was enjoying this.

As she continued to play with him, she got closer to his ear and whispered "Do you want to cum, my sweet man?". All he could do was nod. She continued "Beg me". He seemed surprised. She repeated it: "Beg me".

He looked her in the eyes and whispered back "Please make me cum". She stood to the side, and reached for his cock. His hands were still in the sink and they both noticed that the water was still running, they had been so distracted. She started stroking his cock softly but urgently. Perhaps he thought she was going to use her mouth. But she had other ideas.

She kept going and after only a minute he started convulsing and cum started shooting out going all over the floor, and a good amount on her fingers. She scooped the cum up with her fingers and brought them behind his back. She took her cum soaked fingers and slid them between James' ass cheeks a few times, depositing his own cum in there. He looked a little shocked but he moaned every time her lubricated fingers touched his asshole. In the last push in and out she let her index finger go into his ass, kept it there for a few seconds, and pulled it out. He moaned in both confusion and deep pleasure.

She knew now where she would pick up next time. But for now Laura left James standing where he was, and went to the bathroom. James was still standing there with the water running, a semi hard cock and cum dripping out of his asscheeks. He was surprised and exhilarated.

Laura has always had a fantasy to try and show a guy what it's like being dominated. She thought this kind of playful role reversal could be very fun as long as both of them fully gave themselves to it. She never knew if Steve would be up to it before, but she took the events that just transpired as encouragement to try to push this more next time she felt like being more in charge.

A smile came up on her face as she thought of the next scenario she would want to try. She knew she wanted James to give into her completely, to be her unbridled slut, as she has been for him in the past. She wanted to dominate him and tell him to do things that he would never admit he wanted done. But not in a violent or demeaning way. She wanted more to see him vulnerable and exposed and finding it almost impossible to do the things she asked, but deep down, wanting it so badly.

For the next week or so they continued their regular sex life without bringing up the kitchen event, as she liked to think of it.

Another week passed by and neither one made mention of the previous act. So, Laura had the idea that she might want to be more proactive and see what he does. On a Tuesday afternoon, she casually asked James if he could please help and wash the dishes. He didn't seem to make the connection at first and just said "Sure". As he was leaving the room, she said "And you need to be naked while doing it". He stopped and looked at her and was about to laugh when he saw the serious look on her face.

With a smirk he replied: "You're the boss." and then he left the room and went to the kitchen. Minutes later she could hear the water running in the kitchen. This was the moment of truth. She got up and slowly tip toed to the edge of the kitchen. Her smile broadened when he saw the sight of a totally naked Steve standing at the sink doing the dishes.

This time she hugged him tightly from behind and reached around to stroke his cock. He was hard almost immediately. She applied some pressure with her body towards his ass and made fucking motions as she stroked his hard cock. After a minute she had him turn around and she started whispering in his ear what a good boy he is for obeying her and she kept looking at and stroking his cock. She kept asking him if he wants to cum. The expression on his face told her everything. She kept stroking while his breath got quicker.

His moans started to get louder. She wondered what happened if she controlled when he fully orgasmed? Could he have multiple orgasms if she just paused at certain points? As his moans got louder and his cock harder, her strokes got lighter and concentrated on the head of the cock. Just as he was about to start cumming, she stopped stroking him. He stopped moaning and shook a little. His face looked surprised. She looked at him and asked him if he orgasmed.

He shook his head no, and whispered "but I was so close". He was still very excited and seemed to want to go on. She noticed a lot of precum dripping from his cock. She used the precum and started stroking him again.

She whispered to him "this time I want to get you even closer. I just want your cum.". After another two minutes of gently stroking his cock head, his breath and moans indicated another orgasm was potentially coming. This time she went a bit further and then completely stopped. His moans were louder this time, and cum started gushing out of his cock and onto her hand. Still without an orgasm. This time she did not hesitate. She took her cum coated fingers and put them straight into Steve's open mouth. She forcefully pushed her fingers a bit deeper and whispered "be a good boy and clean this up". A few seconds later she could feel him sucking all of the cum off her fingers, and moaning. As before she left him there to recollect himself.

She gave Steve a couple of weeks to think about the experience they had. She was also thinking about the next thing that she wanted. She definitely had a desire to see how far she could push the experiences. Both the previous ones have given her such a rush. Part of it was to see how much power she had to get him to try very taboo acts. And part of it was seeing the surprise on his face of how much he enjoyed it.

She had a feeling that his male pride would not yet allow him to ask for the next acts to happen. So she would have initiate and demand from him and see if it continued to turn both of them on.

Laura thought about it some more and about what was exciting her about it. She realized it was about having him be totally open to her and having no limitations to what he would do to please her. She wanted to ultimately see him completely open and for her to have control over all of the parts...his smooth ass...his hard cock...and his willing mouth. She wanted them all at her disposal and for her to be in complete control and to see his total enjoyment.

Steve himself was extremely excited. He was trying to keep his cool and go along with the new scenarios, but deep inside he was excited by the unknown, and what was coming. It got him hard thinking about more dominating acts from his wife.

Laura wanted to try the next kinky thing as soon as she could, but Steve had just announced that he will be on a business trip for about a week. This was actually perfect. It gave Laura time to think about the next scenario, plan it, and get excited about it. This also called for a trip to an adult store to see what is available for more naughty play.

Laura and Steve kept talking on the phone about their future kinky play and Laura found herself getting excited every time she thought about it. She thought she could hear it in Steve's voice that he was getting hot too. Laura did not discuss too many details, other than to find out what Steve was comfortable with. For Steve not knowing exactly what's coming was part of the fun. Him giving up full control would be the exciting part.

Two days after Steve came back from his trip, Laura gave him signals that it would be the night when she would take over. An hour before their play, she laid out on the bed the things she wanted him to put on. An eye mask, so he will not see what is next. Handcuffs so he can't resist, and to make him feel more submissive. And finally a pair of kinky pantyhose that had an opening in the front, where his cock could go, and an opening in the back to give her access to his ass. They served no purpose other than helping him feel even more submissive to her. Like a good slut.

An hour later Laura simply told Steve. "Go upstairs and put on 2 of the 3 items. I will put the handcuffs on you when I get there." His eyes widened a bit. She continued: "And then get in doggy style position and wait for me." He softly said "Yes m'am" with a wry smile and went upstairs. She could hear him getting ready. Now it was her turn to get her stuff.

She made him wait 15 minutes while she was getting ready. This made him understand that she is in charge. She walked into the room and smiled when she saw Steve wearing the panties and blindfold and in doggy position. She walked around him and examined him. She ran her fingers on his ass and gently grazed his asshole. He moaned a little.

Then she stood in front of him and gently grabbed his face and gave him a long passionate kiss. As soon as the kiss was ending she took two of her fingers and shoved them inside his mouth. He moaned at the unexpected move. She moved them in and out a bit. She could see his penis twitch. She took them out of his mouth, knowing that later she would put something else much bigger in there.

Steve could not see her outfit, but he would have been turned on. She was totally naked except for a strapon harness from which hung an 8 inch ultra realistic dildo. In her arsenal she also had a much smaller dildo as she did not think that Steve could take the big one at this point.

She got behind Steve feeling up his ass and spanking it. She grabbed his dick and balls and fondled them. He was getting harder and moaning. After a couple of minutes she took the lube she had gotten with the dildoes and she started to put some on his smooth asshole. He moaned even louder. Next she used her finger to go in and out gently...he was moaning..she whispered "good boy". Next she took the small dildo and teased his ass with it. She asked him if he was ready to be fucked like a good slut. He managed to nod his head.

She started moving the small dildo in and out in a rhythmical way. He was moaning louder and his cock was getting harder. After a while Laura just inserted the dildo all the way in his ass. He moaned really loudly. While holding the dildo in place she moved herself to be in front of him. Her big 8'' cock just inches from his lips. He had no idea what was coming.

Laura said to him "I think you're moaning a bit too loud". Before he could answer her, she took the large cock strapon and slid it in his mouth. At the same time she kept fucking him with the small dildo. At first she could see that he was confused. But as she moved the dildo in and out of his mouth he started to get into it. She told him softly "See that's better. You can see what it's like to be fed a cock. Suck it for me like a good slut. Let's see how deep you can take it."

She pushed in and out and sometimes just kept it in there - very deep in there. He was an obedient and good cocksucker. At one point she took it completely out and he could see from his open mouth that he wanted it back in. She told him "beg me for my big cock"...he hesitated but finally said "Please give me your big cock" She rubbed the wet cock on his face and asked "this cock?" Before he could answer she grabbed the back of his head and pushed his mouth on the cock. She heard a slight gagging noise but he seemed very excited again.

She knew if she kept this up he would cum. And she wanted a bit more play. She took out all of the dildos and put the handcuffs on him with his hands behind his back. Then she had him lay on his back with his mask still on. It was time for her to try and cum, before she made him cum. She removed the strapon and sat above his head.

Her pussy and ass just inches from his mouth. She doesn't need to say anything as she lowers her pussy onto his mouth. He starts licking right away. She moves her clit over his lips and starts to get into it. She starts talking dirty and encouraging him. "Yeah, just like that. Make me cum baby. Next it will be your turn. "

Laura continued squirming and pushing down on his face, and taking advantage of his fast moving tongue. Her breath got quicker and her mind raced as she approached orgasm. A minute later her body was shaking from her cumming. She moved off of his face and relaxed on the bed next to him for a couple of minutes.

He was still handcuffed and blindfolded lying on his back. Laura wanted a kinky ending for him that would let him know she's still in charge. She started slowly playing with his cock using her hands, until he was hard again. Then she whispered in his ear "I'm going to make you cum so hard. You'll be covered by your cum." She could see his cock twitch.

All the encouragement she needed. She got between his legs and pushed her groin into his with strong thrusts while holding his cock. He moaned with each thrust. She grabbed his legs and spread them wide while she started licking his shaft. She could see how excited he was and how close. But not yet. She kept up the teasing for a little bit longer. Then she moved his legs back towards his head and bent him towards his face. His ass and balls were now in front of her face, and his heavy hard cock hung above his head.

She took the small dildo and some lube and put it back inside his ass. All the way in. And she left it there. He moaned hard as she was inserting it. His cock was at its very edge. She carefully grabbed the shaft and gently stroked it. She could see it starting to pulse. His breath quickened. Just as he seemed to be about to orgasm, she stopped stroking and just held the shaft pointed at his face. His breathing was quick, but an orgasm did not seem to come.

Nothing happened for about 10 seconds, and then she saw a stream of precum and cum slowly starting to drip from his cock head and onto his face and mouth. He was very surprised by it, but did not object. Not that there was much he could do about it, tied up as he was. She smiled at seeing him covered by his cum, and whispered "I bet you like that. You want more of it right?"

He just managed to moan. She slowly squeezed his shaft and more drops of cum came out. She asked him to stick out his tongue, as the cum dripped slowly. She could see that he was not done. His cock still hard, since he had not had a full orgasm. She started slowly stroking it again while he moaned harder. She could see his ass opening squeezing the dildo in his ass. He had been in this position for quite a while, so she let his legs down to stretch.

After a dew seconds, she turned him on his belly, still handcuffed, with cum on his face, with the small dildo still in his ass. She started fondling his ass and pressing the dildo into it a bit more. He was moaning and she could see his cock still hard. She reached with her hand between his legs, from behind and started jerking him off. He was moving his hips so he could fuck her hand. She could tell he was close. She let him do this while grabbing his buttocks and spreading his ass, telling him what a good slut he was. He finally moaned really loudly and stopped moving his hips.

She could feel his cock pulsate. She let go of the shaft and put her hand in front of his cock head. She could feel his cum shooting out onto her hand as he moaned loudly. As he finished, she took her cum soaked hand and brought it to her ass. She smeared most of it between her round cheeks. She knew he loved to lick her ass and pussy. She pushed him onto his back, and slowly positioned her cum covered ass over his face. She pushed it within reach of his tongue and ordered him to lick and clean it up. She wasn't sure he would do it. He hesitated for a few seconds.

She said it firmer this time, and then she could feel his tongue licking all around. She moaned and said, "good boy". After he was done cleaning, she left to go to the bathroom and get herself clean. She left him there tied up and covered in cum. She would uncuff due time, she thought as she smiled. & uid=108822

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