"Now Rich, just sit there. You need to show some confidence like you belong here. We will be trying on some various items and lingerie and we want your opinion. By the time we are done all the other women here will be jealous and all the men will wish they were you. Just watch."

I sat there, not sure where I should be looking. Thankfully, the women returned with a handful of items and entered the stalls, side by side. Occasionally, a door would open and one of them would be modeling something. First, it was Beth, she opened the door and had on a sheer teddy. It didn't leave much to the imagination and it looked sexy as hell. She did a little twirl and awaited my approval. I gave a thumbs up and she closed the door. Next was Julie. She had on a matching pair of bra and panties. These were pink, with the bra pushing her breasts together and her panties barely covering her vagina. When she turned around, I couldn't tell she was wearing anything at all except for a thin waistband. I also approved of that, she jumped up and down a few times and clapped, then closed the door. Next was Nicole. She was wearing a red corset that had openings for her breasts. It came to just above her vagina, and cinched her waist, exaggerating her already hourglass figure. I think my tongue was hanging out. All I could do was shake my head up and down. She laughed, blew me a kiss, then closed the door.

This show went on, with each woman trying on multiple outfits by the time we were done. The other women in the store either looked appalled or couldn't stop staring at me, trying to figure out who I was. Some men had gathered around behind me also enjoying the show. It didn't seem to bother the ladies much, and they enjoyed the attention. When they finished, they all stepped out, grabbed me by the arms, and escorted me to the cashier. The men all had their eyes on the ladies, and the other women in the store had their eyes on me. I paid for our purchases and we left. On the way out, with a lady on both arms and Beth in back, every man smiled at me, and a few of the women did too. Nicole was right!

We next went to the leather store. I had each try on corsets. I wanted to try to capture the look I saw on Susan and Penny when I was over at their place the other day, and each woman bought one. I also saw some high heel boots on display that were 3 inches in height and came up to their thighs. They were laced from the toe to the top. I had the ladies try them on and they all looked hot wearing them. I bought each a pair. In the back of the store, I spotted leather collars and bought 3. I wasn't sure how they would react to the collars, but no one complained. We paid for our purchases and headed out the door.

I next took the ladies to the clothing store. The same as the lingerie store, I told them to pick out a few outfits that both looked sexy and professional at the same time. I told Julie to pick out 5. Beth and Nicole each owned a few outfits, but Julie owned none. I was sat down outside the changing stalls and a repeat took place, just this time with less skin. After trying some on, switching out a few I didn't like, we finally finished. We paid and out the door we went. I must have spent about $800 in all, not bad considering, and I was able to catch some sales. That left some money for dinner.

I asked the ladies where they wanted to eat, and they all said the Dessert Emporium. It wasn't anything fancy, but I found out they were all fans of desserts, so off we went. We took the purchases out to the car and returned to the mall where the restaurant was located. We had to wait for about 15 minutes for a table. As we stood there I felt like the king of the world, escorted by three beautiful women. I'm sure people saw us as a boy out with his girlfriend and their mothers, and I didn't mind. Once we were seated, we ordered our drinks, put in our food orders, and the ladies continued talking. Nicole spoke up.

"Well Beth, that was interesting today. We went to visit Reuben. Did you have to go through that?"

"Not right away. All that stuff came after I was already in. I had to get everything done eventually, but that was years later."

They were talking in vague terms. Each of us understood, but no one else that overheard us would. Beth spoke up.

"Nicole, how did indoctrination go?"

"It was long and boring. I took tests all day. There are some things I'll discuss with Rich later but suffice it to say I am all tested out. I will return tomorrow for more, but I think I'll start to get into some classroom time. That's what Susan was saying."

"That's good. Julie, when do you start yours?"

"I was told I needed to come by tomorrow after school. It should take me about 2 hours each day, but I'll be there all day on Saturday. That's going to suck!"

I was just listening to the ladies. This was becoming more normal for them. Julie was talking about it like she had to attend extra classes for school. Neither woman showed any worry or concern. I hoped they didn't run into anything that would cause them to doubt their decision. Very shortly afterward our food came. We all ate, including dessert, and when we were finished, I paid the bill and we drove to my house.

When we walked in, I instructed the ladies to put on their corsets, boots, and collars. They went back to the master bedroom and changed. When they walked out my eyes almost popped out of my skull. All three women were in identical corsets. They came up to just below their breasts, but it was high enough to push them up. The bottoms came to their waists, and their boots came to mid-thigh. This gave the vision of their bodies covered in black leather, except their breasts and about 12 inches from the bottom of the corset to the top of the boots, perfectly framing their vaginas and drawing all attention right to the bare skin. Each lady wore a black leather collar, about two inches in width. It was small enough to not cause discomfort but wide enough to make them keep their heads straighter. Each woman had her hair teased out a bit and they looked like three tigers that were intent on devouring me. I didn't know whether to be turned on or scared. I think a little of both.

They all walked in front of me, knelt at the same time, and placed their hands on their heads. They looked up at me, waiting for me to say something.

"Damn! That has got to be the sexiest sight I have ever seen in one room. All three of you are gorgeous. This will be your wardrobe at home. You will only wear this unless I tell you otherwise. Tell me what you think." Beth spoke up.

"I think you just turned us into walking sex. I have never felt so hot and so exposed in my life. These outfits look sexy, especially on Julie and Nicole; I can barely keep my eyes off them. I love the boots. I've never worn anything like these in my life. They make me feel sexy, yet powerful at the same time." Nicole spoke up.

"I know what you mean, and don't put yourself down, Beth. You are also looking hot in that. I also like the boots. They just give me confidence, but at the same time, the collar makes me feel submissive. Wearing this I'm just feeling turned on." Next Julie spoke up.

"I wasn't sure what I would feel about this, but I love it. I love all of it. I like looking sexy for you Rich, and I love it when you look at me like that. I like the feel of the collar. It reminds me that you're in control, and to be honest, I like that feeling. I've spent way too many years feeling lost like I had no one. I'm sorry Mom, I know you did everything you could, but I just felt so alone. Rich, you make me feel so wanted. The fact that you are telling me what to do makes me feel safe like I can give everything to you and remove all the worries from myself, knowing you're looking out for me, watching me all the time. To me, this feels like I'm wrapped, love." Nicole answered

"I'm sorry baby. I also felt alone. I was adrift in a sea of misery for so long. I had you, but you were just a kid. I spent years feeling no one would ever love me again, no one would protect me. I had given up hope, then we were saved. I know it's only been a day, and I know we will have some issues to overcome, but I am so happy right now. Wearing this I should feel ashamed, but I'm not. I just feel loved, like Julie." Beth spoke up.

"I had a long talk with Rich this morning and told him about my past. Since Brian died, I too felt alone. I had Rich, but it wasn't the same. I'm not equating my troubles with what you two went through, that was horrible, and you should hold your heads up proudly for surviving that. I'm glad I'm not alone anymore. Rich slept with me last night and it was the best I've felt since I lost my husband." Nicole broke in

"Rich slept with you! When do I get my turn? I haven't had a man in bed in years!" Julie spoke up.,

"Hold on Mom, I'm his girlfriend. I haven't slept with him yet!" I broke in.

"Calm down ladies. You will all get to sleep with me. We are spending the night here together."

All the women smiled and looked at each other. Julie gave her mother a look as if to say, 'See, he is sleeping with me." Nicole laughed when she saw her daughter. Beth just looked at me and smiled.

"Ok Nicole, you only had one orgasm last night. Come here, you get to start."

She got up and walked over to me. I had her undress me, which she did with enthusiasm. When she removed my underwear, she pushed me back in my chair and immediately got down on her knees and started sucking my dick. When I was hard, she climbed on my lap facing me, straddled my legs, and mounted. Like her daughter, she took her time, also grimacing on her way down. When she got to the bottom she said,

"Damn Rich. You feel amazing. I don't think I've ever had a dick this wide. I can feel you in my throat!"

The other ladies laughed, and Julie replied,

"See Mom, I told you it would fill you up. You said there was no way."'

"Well darling, I'm happy to say I was wrong!"

She started to fuck me, slowly at first, then picking up speed when she was confident that I wasn't going to hurt her. Julie was good, but her mother could give her some lessons. She had a strength in her vagina that was squeezing my dick like a vice. It felt amazing with her riding up and down on me. I reached up and grabbed her breasts. She was enjoying the stimulation and began to ride faster. I looked down and watched her vagina ride my cock, first down, devouring all 8 inches, then rising to the top just to make the return trip. I looked back at her boots; they were sexy as hell kneeling next to my legs. I wanted this feeling to last forever, but my dick had other things in mind. She yelled out,

"Cum in me Rich!"

I thought, like mother like daughter, then I exploded. When she felt this she let go, climaxing, and waves of orgasm began to rock her. She tensed up and I thought she was going to rip my dick off. She kept tensing, pulling out every bit of sperm that she could. If I didn't know she was on the pill I would swear she was trying to get pregnant. Eventually, the orgasm faded, and she relaxed. When my attention returned to Beth and Julie, I noticed they were also busy. Julie was behind Beth with her hand reached around and playing with Beth's pussy. Beth had her right hand behind her head, pulling Julie's face down. Julie was kissing Beth's neck, sucking on it while she continued to finger her. I saw Beth tense up and I knew she was having an orgasm.

Nicole got up and returned to the floor in her resting position and I called over Julie. Julie climbed in my lap and slowly started trying to get my dick hard. While she did that, I pulled her close and started to kiss her. I reached down and started fingering her clit. She started to grind my hand and tried to ride my arm up to my elbow. She was ready to go! My dick finally got hard after about 5 minutes, and when it did, she climbed on top. She had an easier time getting it in tonight and looked like she was proud of herself. She looked back and said,

"Watch this Mom, bet you can't do this!"

She started to lean back, so far that I had to use both hands to hold her up so she wouldn't fall. She was on my dick and bending it backward. When it bent to the point that I thought I would have to lean up, she started to push her hips forward, then pulling back. She took her legs out from under her. I saw her do it, and I still don't know how she did it; that woman is flexible. She lifted her legs and draped her feet over my shoulders, her legs on either side of my head. I had a clear shot right down to her vagina, and I could see my dick going in and out clearly. She placed her hands on the chair arms for stability and used them to lift herself slightly, riding my dick back and forth. I couldn't do anything but sit there; all my strength was used to keep her from falling. The result was she was doing all the work, and I got to sit there and enjoy the show. She looked me in the eyes and winked, breaking out into a big smile before she closed her eyes again and redoubled her efforts.

I looked back at Nicole and Beth and they were wide-eyed watching Julie work. Both were kneeling with their hands on their heads not moving. After a few minutes of this, I could tell Julie was close. She called out,

"I'm Cumming Rich!"

That sent me over the top. I came for the second time tonight. I don't know what Julie calls that position, but it was incredible. Just when I think her mother has more skills, Julie came up with something that surpassed her. I was hoping this rivalry would continue since I would be the real winner! When Julie was spent, she returned to the floor and gave her mother a smirk. Nicole just smiled and nodded in approval at her daughter. I didn't know if I had a third in me, but I was going to try. After talking to the ladies for 10 minutes I had regained feeling and it was starting to get hard again.

"Ok Beth, it's your turn."

Beth turned white. Fucking me was crossing the last line. Sucking my dick was one thing, and some would not even consider that sex. Intercourse, however, could not be mistaken.

"I don't know Rich. That may be too much. Couldn't I just suck your dick for you?"

"Beth, I've just been fucked twice, both amazingly I may add. This isn't for me; this is for you. When was the last time you orgasmed from a real dick?"

"Not since your father."

"Then get that sexy ass over here and take a seat."

Beth hesitated. Nicole spoke up,

"Go ahead Beth, it's amazing. You're going to love it!" Julie spoke up,

"Yeah Beth, you need this. You won't regret it." Beth hesitated and said,

"It just feels wrong. I've slept with his father and raised him"

Nicole looked at Julie, and without speaking a word, both stood. They grabbed Beth under her arms and pulled her up. They walked Beth over to me and stood in front of my chair. Nicole started kissing Beth and massaging her vagina, and Julie leaned over the chair arm and started sucking my dick. Once it was hard, Julie pulled back and lifted my cock up. Nicole guided Beth forward until she was straddling me, all the while continuing to kiss her, lowered her down, and Julie guided me into my Beth's opening. When her pussy met me, she opened her eyes wide for a split second, then closed them again. She had a look of concentration while Nicole lowered her down. I had become familiar with that expression, as all three women wore it when I entered them for the first time.

After Beth hit bottom Nicole and Julie stepped back, knelt back down, and resumed their position. Beth's eyes opened, and we made eye contact. Without saying a word, I wrapped both arms around her waist and lifted her. I slowly lowered her back down and lifted her again. I repeated this motion slowly for about a minute, all the while looking Beth directly in the eyes and never losing contact. She was looking in my eyes, but I could tell she was concentrating on her vagina; she had that faraway look. After a minute had passed, she reached up and put her arms around my neck. She slowly started working with me, lifting herself and lowering back down. The rhythm slowly sped up over the next two minutes until she started riding me with intensity. Her grip on my neck got tighter and she closed her eyes. She kept fucking me harder when she said,

"Oh Rich, Oh my God! You feel so good. Fuck me harder, harder!"

I obliged her. I picked her up and brought her down. She responded by moaning, and each time I would pull her down hard the moaning got louder until she was almost yelling. She called out,

"My God, I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming! Oh my God!"

And she tensed and stopped. She went perfectly still. She stayed like that long enough for me to start to worry about her when she suddenly cried out in pleasure,

"Oh yes, yes, yes. Oh my God, yes. Oh"

That's when I felt the waves start to rock her small frame. They started down low and worked their way upward, finally erupting out of her shoulders causing her head to be thrown back. I thought she might be causing herself whiplash, but it was sexy to watch. That's when I came for the third time tonight. When she tensed up it was like her pussy was grabbing my dick and squeezing. Beth continued to orgasm for well over a minute. She just kept jerking backward every time a wave rippled through her body. When they all subsided, she went limp in my arms, my shrinking dick still inside her.

Nicole and Julie, who had been watching the entire episode, smiled and got up. They came over, stood on either side of the chair, and picked Beth up off my lap. I stood up, scooped Beth up in my arms, and carried her back to the room. I carefully placed her in bed, cleaned her up, and went to clean myself up. By this time Julie and Nicole had wiped themselves down and returned, carefully undressing Beth. All the while Beth laid there, eyes closed breathing peacefully with a smile on her face. When she was undressed Julie and Nicole followed suit.

I set the alarm and laid down in the middle of the bed. To my right side was Beth, who had rolled up to lay next to me. On my left was Nicole who had done the same. I had my arms behind each woman, wrapping around their shoulders and holding them close. I was starting to wonder where Julie was going to sleep, but she already figured it out. She climbed right on top of me, kissed me, and laid her head on my chest. I was covered in a blanket of women and never felt more satisfied in my life. I kissed both Nicole and Beth on the forehead, closed my eyes, and fell asleep.











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