I was so angry at my dad. He'd told me I shouldn't be wearing pigtails anymore because I was too old for them. Just because I'd turned eighteen, it didn't mean that I had to grow up over night I told him. I wanted to still be me, and wear my hair the way I liked and dress however I wanted.

"And you shouldn't be wearing those teddy bear and panties either," he'd said.

"And cover them up for god sake. You're a grown woman now, guys shouldn't be able to see your panties anymore. Especially when they're the kind a junior high girl would wear. And those pink knee high socks. Girls your age don't wear those kinds of socks," he told me.

"But I still like them," I'd said, popping the red lollipop that I'd been sucking on out of my mouth.

"Looking like that you'll only attract a bunch of dirty old men. You'll never get a boyfriend your own age," he snapped.

"But I don't want a boyfriend. And there's nothing wrong with old men. I like them, and they like me." I admitted. I was eighteen now. I could do whatever I wanted, with whoever I wanted.

"You're eighteen, you should have a boyfriend your own age."

"But I like guys your age daddy. And guys your age like me back." I said, twirling in my socks and showing off my panties again.

"What do you mean? Have any old men been hitting on you?" He asked.

"Yeah! Of course they have, because I'm not mean to them like the other girls my age are. All the other girls are like you. They call them dirty old men. But I don't. I like them when they show me and tell me how much they like me." I told him.

"What have you done with them?" He asked shocked.

"I'm eighteen now, I can do whatever I want to do with them, and you can't stop me. If I wanna suck their big fat cocks, I can." I demanded, stamping my feet on the floor.

"And if I want to let them fuck me, they can." I admitted. Now his shock grew past his anger at me. It was clear he didn't even think I knew about the birds and the bees yet. Just because I liked to dress the way I do, it didn't mean I was stupid.

"And if I want you brother Johnny to fuck me in the ass you can't stop him," I snapped back angrily.

"What the...Are you doing things with my brother? If my brother is... I'll kill him." He shouted.

"Go ahead," I threatened. "There's plenary more fish in the sea."

"If you don't like my pigtails," I said flicking them into the air. "Then there's nothing you can do about it."

"Oh isn't there? This is still my house you know and I still have some control over you, no matter how old you are." He whispered.

"Ok daddy, if you really don't like my clothes then maybe I can try to be the good daughter you want. Is that what you really want?" I whispered back.

"Yes, it is. Of course it is." He replied.

"Well how about this?" I said. And as I said it, I rolled down my pretty pink knee high socks all the way off my feet.

"Better?" I whispered.

"Good, now that wasn't so difficult was it?" He asked.

"No! You're right it wasn't. And neither is this." I said as I peeled off my skirt and teddy bear panties, throwing them off to one side, followed by my cute top and bra. Now I stood in front of him. Shocked and open mouthed, he was speechless. My already ample teenage breasts were brazenly naked in front of him, and there between my legs was my totally naked, hairless teenage vagina, beautiful and out on show.

Standing in front of him stark naked was quite the thrilling experience for me I must admit. It was true, his brother had shown an interest in me, but of course he hadn't fucked me in the ass. I was just messing. I'd sucked him off a couple of times and he'd fucked me once in my bedroom, but as of yet, he hadn't even mentioned wanting to fuck my ass.

To be honest, now standing naked in front of my dad, I realised for the first time, that it felt amazing to be naked in front of him. My body was alive with want. I wanted everything and anything, and, I wanted my dad to do it to me. I couldn't really understand why, but deep inside, a perverted, fiendish, twisted urge made me desperately want to indulge in the ultimate of taboos! Incest!

I hadn't expect such an urge at all. In truth, I had only stripped off in front for him to mess with him. Yet now, I knew I was uncontrollable. If he wanted me, he could have me, and I'd gladly let him do whatever he wanted to me, and opening up my virgin ass and using it as his cum bucket was something I would more than happily indulge him in.

"It's ok daddy. Of course your brother didn't fuck me in the ass," I smiled convincingly.

"I've been saving my ass for you." I smiled and winked, as I slid a finger into my mouth to wet it, before twisting around, bending over and showing him my tight teen ass. Then, my eyes glued to his, I slowly slid my wet finger into my ass. Now I had him under my spell, I laughed inwardly.

I couldn't possibly know what would happen next, but I fully expected my dad to go crazy and lock me in my room, only letting me out to go to and from school. Did I think he would actually unzip his pants, pull out his massive cock, grease it up and slide it into my ass, and fuck me with it? No, I certainly didn't.

But of course, sometimes, daddies can be even more rebellious than their daughters!

To be continued!











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