As the hot shower washed their orgasms from his body, Tom hummed a happy tune. Having finally achieved Ally's milestone, he was as giddy as a kid who had got a new puppy for Christmas.

In the past two weeks Tom had lost 8 pounds. Ally was as proud of him as he was of himself. Even more impressive, he finally lasted 10 minutes while fucking her before he came. This morning her stopwatch read 10:19 when he came. She inadvertently ruined the end of his orgasm when she began celebrating for him as if he had just scored the winning touchdown.

During those two weeks Ally denied Tom an orgasm until he lost weight. By day 6, he was becoming a bit of a puzzle to her. On one hand he was excited and obedient when they had sex; and they had a lot of sex. Even though he could not cum, she wanted multiple orgasms a day. She also believed his training would be more effective having him servicing her often.

On the other hand, Tom showed signs of losing confidence that he could fuck as long as Ally required. Twice she pushed him off of her after just a couple minutes. He had admitted to her that he didn't believe he could make it. And these two times he just lazily slid his cock in and back out to eat up time on her stopwatch.

Both times she made him finish her off with his face, vigorously smothering him until she came. She would then bark at him for several minutes. A verbal scolding to remind him that her expectation is that he focus on pleasing her and do so for 10 minutes, minimum. Knowing that he got off on being told what to do, the scolding was meant to reignite his excitement. She would yell out her instructions to him, making him kneel and masturbate as fast as he could. At the first sign his orgasm was near, she'd scream, "STOP". These were not true ruined orgasms, but rather punishment by self-teasing. She was determined to build his confidence.

As Tom showered, Ally lay in bed, enjoying the bliss of his achievement and her own orgasm. She had rewarded him by allowing him talk dirty to her as she rubbed herself off. By her rule, during sex, he was not to speak. Except when rewarded to do so, which had not happened before today.

Her mind started to swirl; Ally thought ahead to their busy day. Tom had to meet a repairman at his apartment, and then they'd meet for lunch and an afternoon movie date. Her thoughts moved from their day back to Tom. He was her genuine lover. Their relationship was much more than the fetish they shared, each day they fell more in love. He was also her 'somewhat' submissive.

Somewhat? Yeah, she felt that was accurate. He gets off on the excitement he feels when told what to do. Then, he seems less excited when she is not demanding of him. Thinking ahead to lunch, she knew they would have fun. Yet she worried that Tom's mind quickly wanders outside of the fetish. His thoughts may drift from the present to look forward to the next time she snaps her fingers and takes control. She held up her hand and snapped her fingers ever-so-quietly. If Tom heard that snap, he'd rush to her with hardening cock and an eager anticipation of being dominated. Was he equally happy as a couple as he was as a submissive?

Ally drifted off for a nap. Tom got dressed and decided to let her sleep, he'd meet her this afternoon. When she awoke, she replayed the bits she remembered of the dream she just had.

She sat up quickly with a smile. "That's it!" Ally spoke to herself.

It was a gorgeous day. The noon sky was absent any clouds; just bright sunshine and an occasional breeze. Tom was seated in the Italian cafes outdoor area. He ordered a beer to enjoy while watching people walk by. Ally had texted, she was 10 minutes away.

"Wow," Tom thought to himself. "Ten minutes, the irony of it". Irony or not, his cock stirred just a little bit at the thought.

Tom did a double take when he recognized the hot woman 50 yards away as Ally. He finished coughing through the beer in his mouth as he took in the sight of her. She strode towards him, her brown eyes fixed on his blue eyes. She dressed up for the occasion.

At first, Tom was taken in by the tight and bright electric-blue leather skirt that fell just above Ally's knees. Those toned calves always looked so delicious. Today they looked even more so as they gave way to red leather heels. Not just any heels mind you. These were Steve Madden spiked heels; not that Tom knew anything about fashion let alone who Steve Madden was. These 4-inch red heels held up her feet in luscious red leather completely covered with red metal spikes all the way to the sharp pointy closed toe tip.

As Ally drew closer, Tom's jaw slid down as his gaze moved up. Years of weight training provided Ally with strong, well defined abs and arms. But Tom's stare was not on her muscles. His eyes fixed onto the red leather high-neck cross-front open-back sequin-embellished crop-top pulled taught against her round 34b breasts. More specifically his eyes found her nipples whose perkiness pushed past the sequins.

"This must mean she is not wearing a bra," Tom thought through his wide-open eyes.

Tom got up and greeted Ally with a kiss. He didn't even try and conceal his nearly full-on hard cock attempting to burst through his black denim jeans.

"I ordered you a glass of chardonnay," Tom said as he ran a single finger through Ally's brunette pixie-cut hair. He liked this new cut which she got last week; short on the back and sides with longer hair on top. "How was your morning?"

"Thank you," Ally replied as she sat down. "And it was good. I spent it thinking of you and picking this outfit for you."

Ally spread her arms wide and turned slightly, presenting herself. In doing so, she presented Tom an even better view of her ample breasts and hard nipples.

"Wow," Tom began. "You look amazing. I've never seen you dress up before, but I really like it. I mean, what is not to like - WOW!"

"Stop," Ally whispered through her smile. "You are making me blush, silly." And she was, blushing.

The waiter came over to take their order.

"Please," Ally said. "Take back the white. I have a taste for red wine today."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I..." Tom began to apologize, to explain.

Ally ignored Tom. "Antenor Tangelo," she said to the waiter, mispronouncing the name of the wine. "A glass of that, please."

Ally watched the waiter walk away and then looked at Tom.

"You know I like white wine," Ally reassured him. "Don't sweat it."

They enjoyed their appetizer and moved onto a second drink. Small talk of Tom's refrigerator repair, and where Ally found her shoes filled their early lunch conversation.

"I had a dream this morning." Ally shared.

"Oh," Tom acknowledged. "About me?" he asked with an awkward grin.

Ally let out a quick giggle that evoked a more curious smile from Tom.

"Yes, actually." Ally answered.

Their waiter came back to take their lunch order. While he took Ally's order, Tom caught the price of her wine selection on the menu; $129 a bottle, $35 per glass!

"Are we celebrating something?" Tom asked plainly, moving his eyes from hers to her wine glass and back to her eyes.

"Well," Ally leaned in towards him across the table. "You did go 10 minutes, stud!" She leaned back, leaving a playful grin for him to enjoy.

"Ah, yes." Tom said. "To me then." He lifted his beer bottle and they toasted.

Ally went on to describe her dream. She described a point in the future when they lived together, where he was almost always naked, and always submissive.

"Always?" Tom interrupted.

"Yes," Ally said sternly. "Always."

Ally continued, sharing that she had long thought the right relationship for her was two-fold. One that was mutually caring for each other, but also one that was free of confusion because it was run by her.

"It is called a Female Led Relationship, Tom. Ever heard of F-L-R?" Ally asked.

Tom admitted he had seen references to it in some of the porn he had watched, but just thought it meant female domination.

"Not at all, Tom." Ally corrected. "You should look it up, research it. I am guessing you might find it interesting."

He agreed to do so. Tom found what she had shared interesting. But equally interesting were the distracting glimpses of her cleavage he got when Ally leaned in to take a bite of her salad.

After lunch, and after grimacing to himself as he paid the lunch bill, they walked hand and hand along the outer mall towards the movie theater.

"What do you dream about, Tom?" Ally asked.

"Oh, a lot of things," Tom answered generally. "Since we've been together, mostly about you."

"Me," Ally asked excitedly. "How so?"

Tom stopped walking and pulled Ally in for a kiss. For 15-seconds they kissed like teenagers in a dark movie, right there on the sidewalk.

"Usually about touching you," Tom continued, they resumed walking. "Eating you, tasting you."

"Such a guy," Ally stated playfully. "Dreaming about sex."

This time Ally stopped their walk for another long kiss. She pressed her nipples into Tom's lower chest and rested her hand on his bulging crotch.

"Go on," Ally said, they again resumed walking.

"That is all I guess," Tom said with a sigh. She took his sigh as a sign he wished she kept her hand where it was. "I know that pleases you. And that is when I know you are satisfied."

"Really, Tom!" Ally said, raising her voice as they stopped again. "My orgasm. That is how you know I am satisfied?"

Tom froze. He figured he said something wrong but wasn't sure what. He looked at her in silence, obviously confused.

"WRONG!" Ally barked.

Tom's mouth moved to start speaking, he didn't know what to say but knew he needed to say something.


Ally snapped her fingers, and Tom froze. He stared at her submissively, instinctively awaiting instructions. Ally pulled out her phone. Unaware to Tom she pulled up the movie app and cancelled their tickets. She looked around the mall as she put her phone away.

"There," Ally said, looking in the direction of the nearest mall entrance. She grabbed his hand and pulled him along, walking swiftly.

Ally pulled Tom into the mall and marched 100 yards through it and into a department store. She led him to the men's section and grabbed a shirt off a rack.

"Hold this," Ally said sternly, shoving the shirt into his open hand while pulling him onward towards a dressing room.

Inside the room she took the shirt from Tom and threw it on the floor.

"Kneel," Ally whispered firmly through gritted teeth. Tom complied.

"Lift my skirt, LICK!" Ally commanded.

Tom lifter her skirt up. To his surprise, she did not have panties on.

"I was going to have you eat me in the movie," Ally leaned down, speaking softly. "But we won't be going to the movie now. FASTER!"

With both hands Ally grabbed Tom by the hair and held his face firmly in place. His tongue worked feverishly, up and down, swirling the clit twice each upward lick, just as she taught him.

There was a knock at the dressing room door. Ally pulled his face away from her wet pussy and glared at him.

"Few more minutes please," Tom spoke up for the knocker to hear.

Ally spread her legs just a bit more and slammed Tom's face back into her. She squeezed her thighs a bit to hold his head still as she pulled him in tighter, sealing his nose and mouth off in her open pussy. Tom focused on licking, finding it difficult with his head immobilized and pressed so tight into her.

While Tom struggled, Ally took pleasure from his struggling. She rode her clit up and down his nose, moving closer to orgasm. Her moans were silent, she swallowed them the same as Tom had been successfully swallowing his gasps for air.

Ally pulled Tom's head back for a half-second. That was all he needed to exhale and inhale. She didn't have to pull him back in. She had trained him, and he knew what to do. He slammed his own face back into her now soaked pussy, making it easy for her to reseal his face and resume smothering him.

Just a few seconds later Ally came, hard. She stepped forward, bending Tom backwards as she rode his face, feeding him her cum. A low moan escaped her as she finished. She released his hair, and he fell to the ground, gasping silently.

Ally lowered her skirt and smoothed it into place. She kicked Tom in the thigh. While her kick had little force behind it, he felt the sting of the studs and pointy toe of her shoe.

"Get up, now!" Ally half-whispered.

Ally took Tom's hand. They exited the dressing room and she pulled him back out the way they came in. Back on the sidewalk she stopped and turned him towards her.

"I just had an orgasm, Tom," Ally said slowly. "Am I satisfied?"

Tom stood there, looking at Ally. She looked mad, very mad. He nodded, no.

"No, I am not." Ally confirmed. She let go of Tom's hand. "Our date is over. You will go to your apartment. You will research female led relationships. You will learn why women enjoy it. And men. Understand so far?"

Tom nodded, yes.

"You will write a 2-page paper on the subject," Ally continued. "Handwritten. When done, you will then and only then come over to my place. I will then review what you think you know, and I will then teach you what you need to know. Understand?"

Tom nodded, yes.

"I love you, Tom," Ally said, placing a hand on his cheek. "But I, no, we. We need to know are you happy as a couple, or just happy as a submissive? And if you are happy as a couple, just what kind of relationship will make you happiest. Because THAT is what I'd expect your dreams to be about, Tom."

Ally leaned in and gave Tom a short, quick kiss on the lips.

"Go," Ally barked, pointing in the direction of his car. "Take time to do your homework right. I don't expect to see you before tomorrow evening."

Ally walked back towards and into the mall. Tom walked the other way, his aching erection leading the way. What a day. This morning he made her proud. This afternoon, he made her mad. He grinned as he walked, still the best day of his life!

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