Amy made her way upstairs, and into Alice's room. She detected that familiar smell, and immediately felt a little aroused. She stood in the centre of the room, and climbed out of her suit. She discarded her blouse and trousers, unclipped her bra and let her panties drop to the ground.

She was naked, and her hand drifted to her pussy without a moment's thought.

Amy located Alice's underwear drawer and couldn't decide what she wanted to wear. She tried on every single piece before settling on a body harness set. She'd never seen anything like it but, the moment she'd tried it on, she couldn't get over how natural it felt - how hot she felt wearing it.

How hot would Alice be in it, she wondered?

Underwear decided, Amy opened Alice's wardrobe. She was greeted by an overwhelming sight - so many clothes. Tops, dresses, jumpers, stockings, skirts, corsets, so much leather. Alice's clothes were so beautiful - Amy had to try them all.

A minute later, Amy shook from her second orgasm of the day. By the time she'd tried on all of these outfits, she'd be amazed if she could stand!


When Alice came home that night, she was greeted by the sight of Amy on the sofa, and she smiled. The spray had done its job, and Amy had followed her subtle instructions to the letter.

Amy was sitting in Alice's clothes - she wore some black and red plaid trousers, a black T-shirt and some Demonia boots with a chunky heel. She'd even taken time to accessorise, with a leather choker around her neck and some black nail polish on her hands.

At least, the hand she could see - Amy had one down her trousers and, from the look on her face, it was clear she was enjoying herself.

"Thinking of me?" Alice asked, a big grin on her face as she surprised Amy by leaping into the seat next to her.

Amy was embarrassed, and she quickly removed her hand. Alice took it, and tenderly sucked on one of her housemate's fingers.

"Umm, you taste delicious," she said, before moving the hand to Amy's own mouth, "why don't you give it a go?"

Amy, lost in the heat of the moment, sucked her fingers, and groaned in delight at the taste of her pussy juice.

"Oh my god," she exclaimed, "that's good."

Alice smiled, hitched her dress up and started playing with herself. Amy watched, entranced, and opened her mouth when Alice removed her fingers - she was eager to taste Alice, and Alice obliged.

"It's amazing, isn't it? Once you get the taste, you can never go back, Amy."

"I don't want to go back, Alice," Amy said, lost in pleasure.

"Good, good," Alice said, before rising to her feet. "Isn't it time for your walk, Amy?"

"Oh," Amy was disappointed, "do I have to go?"

"You can't skip a night, Amy," Alice smiled. "I'm going to come with you tonight, though - I need to talk to you about your new wardrobe. We need to buy you some clothes - you look hot, of course, but I don't have enough clothes for both of us."

Alice walked to the front door, and Amy followed, getting a burst of spray as she came.

"Make sure to put on your leather jacket, Amy," Alice said, "it's cold outside."

Amy did as instructed, and was conscious of an unusual weight in her right-hand pocket. She reached in, and removed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

"Are these yours, Alice?" she asked, confused.

"They can't be," Alice smiled. "Those cigarettes were in your jacket, so I suppose they must be your cigarettes." She pulled out one from her own pocket. "See, these are mine. Pull one out, and we can smoke together on the walk."

That made sense, Amy thought, but her mind was feeling cloudy.

"I'm... I'm not sure how..."

She was ashamed to say it, but Alice didn't seem annoyed.

"That's okay, Amy," she said, "I'll show you how."

Thank goodness for Alice, Amy thought - Alice is always there for me. Alice won't let me down.


It was an early start that next day - Alice was keen to get going now the spray had done its job and Amy was rapidly becoming a changed woman. She woke her housemate early and, ensuring she breathed in a lot of spray, got her dressed and ready for a day in the town.

When Alice and Amy returned to the house that evening, Amy was a different woman.

For the final submission, Alice had subtly encouraged Amy to wear the same outfit that she'd had on the first day she'd arrived at the house. The see-through black top, the skirt, the ripped tights, the boots, the leather jacket - Alice had to admit it, they suited Amy well.

But this was the new Amy, the one constructed to be everything she'd been against on that phone. Her auburn hair had been dyed black, with some dark green highlights adding a touch of colour. Amy's face was now full of metal - she'd had her ears filled with hoops and spikes, she'd had eyebrow rings just like Alice and she'd gone for a similar septum ring. There was a cigarette in her mouth, perched between some of the hoops in her black lips - she dropped it to the ground and stubbed it out before entering the house.

Concealed from view, under the jacket, Amy's arms and back were coated with tattoos - flowers, pentagrams and Alice's name. Alice was going to start small, but Amy had proven surprisingly eager, and she was already planning to go back for more.

How much of this was the spray, Alice wondered, and how much was simply a touch of rebellion dying to get out?

One last burst of spray hit Amy's face when she entered - Alice felt she wouldn't need it any more.

"I think you should look at yourself in the mirror, Amy," Alice smiled.

Amy obliged, moving over to the hallway mirror. She liked what she saw - she removed her jacket, and admired the ink on her arms.

Alice grabbed her shoulders, and turned her around.

"You know what you look like, Amy? You look like a goth dyke."

Alice gave Amy a kiss, one Amy eagerly returned. Their tongues battled for dominance, their new tongue piercings tapping against each other, and it was Alice eventually broke the embrace, pulling Amy into the living room.

"Is it true? Are you a goth dyke, Amy?"

"Yes," Amy said, her mind desperate to grasp this new reality, "it's true - I'm a goth dyke."

"You're not straight, strait-laced Amy any more, are you?"

"God no."

"You love having a face full of metal, don't you?"


"You love being coated in tattoos, don't you?"

"Yes," Amy was getting turned on.

"You love smoking and stinking of smoke, don't you?"

"I love it," she was close to shouting.

"And you love being a goth dyke, don't you?"

"Yes, I love it," Amy said, loud and proud. "I love being a goth dyke!"

Alice smiled, and gave her a small peck on the lips. Then, she sat on the sofa, perching one leg up and hitching up her dress, revealing her wet pussy.

"Prove it, then, dyke," she smiled.

Amy didn't need to be told twice. She dropped to her knees, eager to taste Alice, and she began licking. & s=view & id=2985945

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