TW: This story contains scenes of seemingly dubious consent sexual activity. Also sounding (object being inserted into the urethra.) Do not worry, nobody gets hurt, everything is 100% consensual, all characters are fictitious and over 18 etc etc.

Tags: Monster Girl, Slime Girl, Femdom, Orgasm Denial, Sounding, Slice of Life, Urban Fantasy, Lactation, Mind Control, Impregnation

Prokaryotic Love 2

Electric Boogaloo (do Zoomers even get this reference anymore?)

Greg drained the last of his water bottle, wiggling it to get the final few drops as he unlocked the door to his apartment and waddled inside. He'd filled and drained the thing at least five times over the course of the day and finally felt like he wasn't hung over anymore. He still had a limp, but that wasn't from soreness now. No, now he had a new problem - since about lunch his dick had gotten hard as an iron bar and he'd had to tuck it into his pants-leg to keep from pitching a teepee for the whole office to see. Thank god he did most of his work sitting down.

Dropping his briefcase with a relieved sigh, he limped over to the recliner and flopped down. "Christ almighty," he muttered, rubbing his abdomen as he looked tiredly down at the straining lump in his slacks. "What the hell did you do to me this time, babe?" He asked the empty apartment with a huff, unsnapping his pants and pulling his belt loose with a leathery hiss so he could free the python that had taken up residence inside his trousers. Letting out a frustrated groan, he pulled his pants open and pushed them down to his knees, letting his cock spring forth like an angry spire. And it certainly did look angry - slightly red in hue (though he was reasonably sure that was just dyed from being inside Alisson), throbbing and twitching in the air like he'd been edging it all day. He was sure it was bigger this time - not just a hunch, it had grown an inch or two.

He wrapped his fingers around the shaft and gave it a slow stroke, shivering. It wasn't overly sensitive - good thing, otherwise he never would've been able to smuggle it home - but it quickly responded. A bead of clear fluid formed at the tip, and he throbbed in his hand and quickly grew slick. Letting out a soft groan of pleasure, he closed his eyes and sank back into the recliner thinking about how aggressive and sexy Alisson had been last night.

"Oh?" suddenly rang a husky, whispery voice tinged with amusement in his ear, "What's this?" Greg froze, an icy chill running down his spine. His eyes popped open and he looked to his left, Alisson's pink grinning face leaning down beside him from where she stood behind the chair. Greg swallowed, caught red handed.

There were certain ground rules to dating a PAL (Prokaryotic Ambulatory Lifeform - aka a Slime). They had special needs, and one of those needs was gametes. Technical babble aside, they were cells which contained genetic information and could fuse with other cells, for the purpose of reproduction. PAL's used the genetic information of other creatures to stabilize themselves, and frequently resembled the form and function of their most prominent donor species as a result. Long story short, from a man that meant semen, and since he and Alisson were in a relationship that meant HIS semen, if he didn't want her going to get her "genetic tissue" from other men. So, they'd established a ground rule a long time ago - no masturbation unless she was involved. It was the compromise to accommodate his human notions of monogamy, and while at first he'd baulked Alisson had quickly made it clear that if anything her sex drive was way past his and SHE was the one cutting back for his sake. Last night had been unusually aggressive, but not entirely a fluke - and with stamina draining sex like that on the regular (with a woman who could change her shape and appearance to taste and thought nothing of it), he simply hadn't felt the need jerk off for years. Until today.

"Uh- ok, baby, wait, it's not what it looks like-" he started, trying to think of how he was going to wriggle out of this. Alisson smirked and looked down past him at his meat, twitching and dripping in his hand eagerly. "Really? Because it looks like poor Greggy has a mighty need he needs taken care of," she said turning her head to look at him with a lascivious grin. He opened his mouth to respond and instead she kissed him, aggressively, tongue sliding into his mouth and twisting around his like a snake coiling it's prey. His stammered reply was muffled into her mouth, and she reached down to his lap to brush away his hand and wrap her own around his length.

Greg shuddered and bucked, her cool soft fingers making his dick jump. She stroked him lightly, up and down, slickening his shaft with pre-cum as her skin clung to him and dragged- kissing him. For a PAL, every inch of their body was kind of like a tongue (another good reason to wear the hazmat suit outside and why she rarely wore underwear), and whenever she touched him, she was 'tasting' him. Licking the salt and the sweat and the minerals and pheromones and chemicals and loose skin off his body.

For her, it was like a lollypop that let her feel things. When he was happy, she could taste that happy off his body through his chemistry. When he was horny, she could taste that horny. It was one of the reasons sex was enjoyable for her, despite their differing physiology. Her pussy and it's nerve endings were just a construct she made of herself to interact with him, the same with everything else about her mutable shape, but the exchange of fluids and chemicals gave her a hint not just of his mood, but his feelings and thoughts. And right now she could taste the need rolling off of him.

Alisson giggled and lightly brushed the underside of his head with a fingertip, making him suck in a breath and lift his hips. Circling around the chair, she climbed into his lap, sitting down facing away from him. He could see her body (which was naked as it usually was around the apartment) was plush and plump, jiggling as she moved and realized she still had her water weight. "You didn't go to work today?" he asked breathlessly, hands immediately gravitating to her hips as if by tractor beam, squeezing and rubbing the soft flesh there. She looked back at him over her shoulder with a cocky grin, wiggling backwards until his dick was nestled between her ass cheeks. "No. I called out sick, like you were supposed to be you naughty boy. I didn't think you'd slip out of the apartment today."

Greg leaned back with a dopey grin as they ground against each other leisurely, her ass squeezing around him like a vice wrapped in marshmallow. "I uh- thought I should... try to get in," he sighed, running one hand up Alisson's soft body, and the other down her thigh. Alisson braced herself on the chairs armrests and leaned back to give him better access as she slowly rocked in his lap, and Greg filled one hand with the wonderfully firm squish of her breast and slid the other between her legs. He ran his fingertips down the crease of her labia, making Alisson sigh and squirm against his hand as he started to slowly rub her and slide his finger inside. She squeezed around his fingers like a mouth swallowing, and he could swear he felt a tongue licking the tips.

"Well, I've got plenty of work for you to do here, at home with me," Alisson breathed, pressing back against him until his cock was pushed flat against his stomach, wedged between him and her ass. She slowly ground up and down, making him groan and his tip drool even more lubrication. He tried to thrust up against her but she kept him pinned with her hips, squirming underneath her. The only thing he could do in retaliation was stroke her pussy faster and harder, which he did, dragging a moan from her lips as he felt her own fluids trickle out over his hand. He squeezed her breast in his palm and pinched the nipple, tugging and rolling it until a bead of thin fluid like the liquid he had drank last night squirted from it. She cried out in pleasure, arching her back in a contortion that probably would have been impossible if she had a spine.

"O-oh, that's it baby, good... I'll forgive you if you keep making it up to me like that," Alisson panted, squirming against his dick. Greg growled and resumed trying to thrust up against her, but this time instead of pinning him down, she slid away, leaving him humping air frustrated as she stood up. "Fuck! Baby I'm sorry, but I just- I dunno, you left me bone dry last night but by the time I got home I needed to cum so bad for some reason," he pled looking up at her with his best puppy dog eyes, wiggling his hips to make his cock waggle back and forth temptingly. Alisson giggled at his display, reaching between her legs and stroking herself as she slowly backed away, her free hand curling a come-hither finger in his direction as she moved towards the bedroom. "Don't worry, I'll give you a chance to make it up to me," she cooed, "just do exactly what I say... and follow."

Alisson retreated into the bedroom and Greg got up to follow her, helpless to resist with his dick sticking out in the air like a flagpole. It drew him after her like she had a rope around it, and as he pursued her into the bedroom, he found her sat on the edge of the bed facing him, legs spread open, with one hand buried in her vagina. Biting her lip, she held out the other hand palm up. "Stop. S-stop right there. I want you to... repay me," she sighed, stroking herself faster. Greg stopped at her order but watched her hungrily, resisting the urge to bound across the room and pin her to the bed underneath him like he had last night. Alisson smirked at his obedience and pointed to the floor. "Come to me. But... crawl," she licked her lips, stopping her stroking for a moment to spread her labia and display it to him.

Greg's penis twitched, silently telling him he should totally do whatever she said. Normally, his penis gave bad advice, but where Alisson was concerned it had never steered him wrong yet. Eyes locked on her, he pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed it, before kicking off his shoes and ditching his slacks and boxers as well which had only been getting in his way hung about his knees. The socks, unsexy as they were, stayed on as he got down on his hands and knees and crawled toward her. He growled like a dog for effect, making her giggle and snort, but she spread her legs wider and waved him further on.

Crawling between her legs, Greg immediately buried his head between Alisson's thighs, kissing his way up the soft flesh of her inner leg up towards her juicing pussy. Cooing encouragement, she ran her fingers through his hair and guided him home, pressing his face against her junction as he opened his mouth to give her a long lingering lick. She tasted sweet, but not cloying, not unlike what he'd drunk from her breasts last night. Locking his mouth onto her pussy, he suckled on the lips and bathed it with his tongue as she writhed and moaned above him from his oral worship. "Oh- t-that's a good fucking boy, right there... drink it all up," she purred, grinding against his face as she leaked a small river of fluid into his suckling mouth.

Greg struggled for breath where he could, her thighs squeezing around his head and encasing him in the low deafening rumble of his distant heartbeat. Swishing his tongue around, sucking on the swollen lips, and nuzzling the small bead of her clitoris he worshipped there, digging his fingers into his thighs as he devoured her cleft like he was gumming on a peach. Alisson thrashed a bit above him, tossing about her head and her taffy-like locks as she bucked her hips up against him, cumming with a quiet mewl and flooding his mouth with more sweet tasting fluid which he obediently drank down. As he drank, he felt his whole-body tingle, and not just from oxygen deprivation - though he was still thankful when her thighs finally released him and allowed him to gasp for air.

As he caught his breath, Greg looked up at her glassy eyed from between her thighs. His heart thundered in his chest, and he felt... strange. His dick was certainly still into this though, and if anything had only grown more perturbed by the lack of attention being shown to it. Alisson smirked and brushed his length with her foot, making him gasp. "You're ready," she purred, crawling backwards onto the bed. "Come to me." Grabbing the edge of the bed, Greg hauled himself up and crawled across the sheets towards Alisson. As he worked his way up her body, he kissed her, starting with her ankles and trailing leisurely up her calves and thighs, around her hip and up her tummy until he reached her breasts. He paused to nuzzle her wonderful tits for a moment, rubbing the stubble of his chin against the sensitive flesh and making her giggle, before kissing her on the neck and sliding himself between her legs.

Alisson reached down between their bodies and took hold of his dick, giving him a light stroke and lining him up with her pussy. But as he tried to ease himself inside, she held on, squeezing him in her fingers and playing a steading hand on his chest. "Greg, how long have we been together?" she asked sweetly, rubbing the crown of his dick with her thumb making him squirm. "W-what?" he asked in an unsteady voice, confused. "Three years baby, why?" Alisson's smirk widened, brushing his tip up and down the moistened entrance to her vagina, teasing the crown with just a taste of the slick heat there and making him shiver. "Three years, don't you think we should take this further? Don't you think we should go to the next level?"

Greg looked at her confused, not in the best frame of mind due to both how hard he was and whatever all that Alisson juice he'd been drinking was doing to his body. His dick throbbed powerfully, wanting only to bury itself into the warm softness he knew would milk him into mindless oblivion. "I want fission," she explained. "I want to divide." This just made Greg even more confused, and he stared at her blankly while trying to hunch his way into the velvety grip of her cunt. "I- you- what?" he babbled, the PAL talk confusing him, especially now with how much he NEEDED to cum inside of her. Alisson grinned and stroked him, keeping him on edge. "Human terms. I want you to make me pregnant. I need your genetic material to reach critical mass and divide. Can you do that Greg?" she asked in a sweet voice, sliding his tip deeper into her vagina. The lips closed around his crown and squeezed, sucking on him like the lips of a mouth. His eyelids fluttered. "Can you fuck me pregnant? Knock me up? Pour all your cum inside of me until I'm full? Can you do that Greg?" She taunted, fingers stroking up and down his length now. He struggled not to cum on the spot.

"If you don't think we're ready, just pull out," Alisson whispered into his ear. This was - extremely unfair, a part of him knew. He wasn't 100% clear on what fission entailed, but he'd heard 'pregnant' and to his mind that screamed trap, extortion, manipulation. His dick, however, did not care. It just plumped up at the very thought of impregnating Alisson, with her sexy curves, with her welcoming body that tapped him dry every night. His manhood screamed at him to plunge inside, to ravage her, to dump every drop of cum inside his churning and over-active balls into her womb or slime core or whatever he had. Alisson blew softly on his ear before biting down gently on the lobe. "Give it all to me, Greg," she whispered, and let him go.

With a bestial snarl, he plunged inside of her, uncaring of the consequences. Alisson cried out in exultant pleasure as he pounded into her with savage abandon, his higher reason taking a back seat to the denied NEED of his over-active libido and the subconscious, primal promise of impregnating a fertile womb. Her legs came up and wrapped around his back, preventing any notion of escape - not that any such notions were in his head. Teased into a primal rut, instead he just selfishly and recklessly plunged into her repeatedly, locking his teeth onto one of her nipples and sucking up the juices that trickles from the chewy teat. He came quickly - and that was a surprise. He was used to Alisson dragging things out, controlling the pace, making sure he didn't cum until she let him. Instead, his body went to cum and he just CAME, pumping a hot thick load right into her as she babbled appreciation and encouragement into his ear. It was amazing, and confusing.

No less confusing was the fact he was still hard, even after his swift orgasm subsided. Still hard and ready to go even, the usual post coital de-sensitivity and pain gone, replaced with only the urge to fuck her more. So, he did, starting up his thrusts again, rolling his hips up and down as he plowed into her fertile crescent, their hips slapping against each other with a loud and audible PLAP-PLAP-PLAP. Alisson moaned in ecstasy, enjoying every moment of it, clutching at him and caressing his back and telling him in his ear what a wonderful STUD he was, a virile STAG, her wanton BULL. He switched to a new breast and immediately started sucking again as he once more came, this time not even pausing to slow down. The rattling of the bed shaking back and forth and slamming against the wall filled the apartment, along with Alisson's passionate and pleasured cries and Greg's utterly insensible grunts and howls.

Somehow, at some point, his mouth popped off Alisson's teat and he wound up on his back. She rode him enthusiastically, bouncing and rolling onto his shaft and coaxing load after hot load out of his dick. Inside her midsection, her core glowed softly, clouds of white gathering around it. Grabbing onto her hips, he slammed himself upward and delivered another load, adding to them. There was only Alisson, and the feel of her body on and around him, and the intense pleasure in his loins as he came repeatedly - whatever hyperactivity that had been imbued to his body letting him deliver over and over. More orgasms than he'd ever had. More than he should have been able to have. Alisson's eyes took the heart shape in their pupils once more and glowed hypnotically, drilling into his brain as she gasped and panted atop him. The last thing he remembered before he finally passed out was one last toe curling cum, his now deflated nuts dry heaving to force out the last few trickles of semen his enhanced body could muster, and Alisson's exultant orgasmic cry cringing in his ears.

He slept deep and well. & t=35523 & ctid=293619

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