Conveniently, Tom had rolled to his back but was still dozing. Julie lifted his penis to her lips and started to lick and suck on it, very pleased to feel it re-firming in her mouth. She just loved the sensation of a cock (Tom's cock, especially) growing solid in her mouth. She licked and sucked and bobbed her head a bit, and then pulled the covers down, slowly. She gingerly stood up in her bed and then lowered her pussy to Tom's cock. She rubbed it back and forth along her slit, moistening both herself and his cock in the process. And then she suddenly dropped onto his prick, moaning her pleasure and waking Tom as well. Then the riding began, up and down, around, side to side, thoroughly rubbing on every surface of her tunnel.

"Wha-, who? Jules? What has gotten into you this morning?" Tom asked.

"You, duh! Get a clue, Sherlock! I'm following mommy's orders to ride you into the mattress." Julie using the phrase 'mommy' and looking like Laura subconsciously did something to Tom.

"This was your Mom's idea?" he gasped.

"No, it was my idea but her orders on the method."

"I really like your Mom's orders, then. Oh, God! More, more, please!"

Julie rode Tom until she had had three orgasms and Tom's load coated her insides. They were not very quiet, much to the amusement of Rose. Evidently, there was no insulation between the closet in Rose's room and the closet in Julie's, and Rose smiled broadly at the sounds of passion emanating through the closet walls. "At least someone's getting laid around here," she thought.

Rolling off Tom, Julie was about to roll off the bed as well when Tom halted her dismount. He held her head in both hands and kissed her, deeply. Then he moved down, suckling on her breasts for a moment or three, then headed for her gates to paradise.

"Tom, are you sure you want to go there now?" Julie asked, hesitantly. Never before had he dealt with his creampie left in her.

"Julie, you swallow my cum almost every time. It is only fair, and I was taught to leave a place cleaner and neater than I found it. Kill only time, take only memories, leave only footprints. Prepare yourself, my wench!"

And Tom began his first-ever creampie breakfast, and he loved it. He loved going down on Julie, and he knew where the cum had come from, so he had no concerns at all. Julie was out of her mind with ecstasy. Who knew that she would like being called 'his wench'. It was so medieval! Julie got two more shrieking orgasms out of it before she could push him off and catch her breath. The shrieking woke up Maggie, who rolled over and pulled the pillow over her head to drown out the noise.

Smiling broadly, Tom emerged from between Julie's legs and pulled on some shorts. He grabbed his few toiletries from their bag and poked his head out the door. All was quiet, and he walked quietly to the hall bathroom and shut the door. He washed his face, thoroughly, then behind his ears and his neck all the way around. He then re-lathered the washcloth and washed his arms, chest, pits, stomach, and groin. Not quite as good as a shower, but it should suffice for the return trip to Middleburg. He brushed his teeth and called it good. He departed the bathroom and headed to the kitchen.

The kitchen clock read 6:55 and the coffee was brewed and untouched. He rummaged through the cabinets and came up with two coffee mugs. Finding the flavored creamer, he filled one cup ¼ full of the creamer, then poured coffee into the mugs. He then returned to Julie's bedroom and presented her mug to her, which she accepted gratefully.

"You have got to be the best boyfriend of all time," she declared, sipping her coffee loudly.

"That's me. Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent, every day, all the time. At least, that's my objective." Curiously, when he recited the twelve characteristics, he stood rigidly with his right hand showing the middle three fingers, and his right arm was at a near-perfect 90-degree angle.

"What was that?" Julie inquired, pointing at his right arm.

"I was taught to stand at attention and display the Scout Sign whenever repeating the Scout Law. It's pretty well ingrained in me."

"Well, Mr. Scout, Mom's gotta get going soon and I wanted us both to say goodbye. So, please get dressed and go sit at the table or on the sofa. I'll be right behind you."

Tom dressed, departed her room, and went to sit on the sofa and wait for the ladies while Julie made her way into the hall bathroom to deal with her morning ablutions and hygiene tasks.

Rose emerged from her room in a very nice brown suit jacket and skirt and a cream blouse which showed a generous amount of her cleavage. The skirt did not even come to her knees, and her pantyhose had a high Lycra content and were rather shiny because of it. She had opted for sandals with a 2" heel and she emanated an air of command and control. Stopping in the kitchen for a mug of coffee herself, contaminating or polluting it with the flavored creamer, she stepped out and saw Tom on the sofa, sipping his own coffee. He stared at the beauty that Rose was displaying and burned his mouth as he drank too much at once.

Rose smirked, audibly, and asked, "Do my legs look ok like this?"

"Yes, indeed, ma'am. The whole package looks very ok."

Rose smiled, and stepped towards Tom, almost seeming to stalk him. He could not take his eyes from her. Stopping about three feet from him, she addressed him.

"Tom, I'm truly very sorry for making you upset and uncomfortable last night, for testing you. But I had to be sure that Julie was getting the very best this time. She's made a couple of poor choices before, as have I, and I only want the very best for my little girl. Can you please forgive me?"

"Yes, Mrs. Lawson, I completely forgive you for what happened. Can you please forgive my rudeness for having to walk away for a few minutes?"

"I think we've gotten past the 'Mrs. Lawson' stage, Tom. Please call me Rose. I suspect you will be calling me that for quite some time to come. And yes, I forgive you for needing a few minutes to compose yourself." She set down her coffee, indicated that Tom should do likewise, then pulled him into a strong hug. Her perfume and freshly washed hair scents smacked into his nostrils, and he began to get hard reflexively. Rose noticed this, and pushed back and smiled at him, caressing his face with her hand very briefly.

"Yes, I think Julie has chosen very well indeed. That is the reaction I love to get from a handsome man such as yourself."

Julie walked down the hall at this point, and Tom sat down on the sofa again, holding his half-full coffee mug, his erection still present but not obvious. Julie sat down next to him and casually placed her arm in his lap and found his erection. She looked at her mother who gazed back with a look of total innocence.

"OK, Mom, so just so we're all clear, you and Maggie are coming down tomorrow and staying the night and we'll go 'Black Friday' shopping down in Middleburg, and you'll come back here Friday afternoon. Did I get that correct?" Julie asked.

"Yes, Julie, that was what you and I had worked out. Would you please share that with your sister before you leave today?"

"Absolutely, Mom."

Tom interjected, "Oh, something I think you ought to know then. For holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, my family wears nicer clothing than usual for the meal. The guys will be in nice slacks, button-down shirts, and ties. Mom used to wear a nice dress with a little jewelry. Something like what you have on now, Rose, would be perfect. It's just our custom and I don't expect Dad to stray from that. I just thought you ought to know."

"Thank you, Tom. That will guide our wardrobe choices for tomorrow. You two have a safe trip back to Middleburg, and please text me when you leave here and arrive there." She kissed Julie goodbye and departed for her work.

" & lt;BIG YAWN & gt;," came from behind them down the hall, and they turned to see Maggie in t-shirt and pajama bottoms coming towards the kitchen.

"Well, sister dear, what got you up and out of your bed so early?" Julie teased.

"I'm reasonably certain it was you two. 'Oh, God. OH God. OH MY GOD!' Does that sound familiar in any way, sis? Has Mom left for work?"

"Yeah, she just left. Got any plans for the next few days?" Julie asked.

Maggie had stopped in the kitchen and was pouring a mug of coffee and polluting it with the flavored creamer.

"And since when do you drink coffee, Mags?"

"Been drinking it since last year. You just noticing?"

"I guess so. Maybe I don't get home enough."

Tom was enjoying the byplay between the sisters, not drawing the parallel to himself and David.

Julie continued, "What are your plans, Maggie? I don't know if Mom clued you in, but she has now agreed that you and she will be coming down to Tom's home for a big meal tomorrow and staying the night to do some 'Black Friday' shopping in Middleburg. You can call yourself a 'hostage to your family' if that makes you feel any better."

"We're going 'Black Friday' shopping in Middleburg?" Maggie asked, excitedly.

"That's what I said."

"Cool beans! They have some stores there that we don't have. This could be so cool."

"Ah! Tom informed me and Mom of a little wrinkle for tomorrow, though. It seems as though his family gets dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner, so you'll have to wear a skirt or dress tomorrow. Friday can be jeans, though. Oh, I did not bring anything dressy from school! What will I wear?"

"You still have a closet full of stuff here, Jules," Maggie reminded.

"Come with me!" Julie demanded of Maggie, and they raced down the hall to Julie's room.

Shrugging his shoulders, Tom got a warm-up for his remaining cooled coffee and sat at the dining table while the girls were going through Julie's closet. He found a blueberry bagel and toasted it. Then he got out his phone to do some web surfing.

Meanwhile, down the hall in Julie's room, Julie was pulling out dresses and skirts, one at a time, and asking Maggie's opinion. Not the LBD, although Julie did want to take that back to school with her. Not the tartan skirt. Not the black leather miniskirt; they were going into the coldest months. Finally, a lemon chiffon yellow skater dress got Maggie's two-thumbs-up approval.

"I'll need some hosiery," Julie noted.

"Yeah," Maggie added, "something dark to contrast the dress and match your hair. Oh, shoes, too!"

"Yep. Got them here. Don't want these at school, so can you bring them back with you?"

"Sure. Now, you gotta help me. Come on!" Maggie dragged Julie into the other bedroom and started going through Maggie's closet. They soon settled on a forest green dress which came to Maggie's knees.

"I'll need some hose, too," Maggie noted, "But I plan to wear these cute boots."

"Yeah, that should work really well," Julie noted.

"Oh, Jules, can we run an errand before you and Tom head back to Middleburg? We need new hosiery and I'd like to get something special for tomorrow."

"Well, get dressed and we can grab some Mickey D's on our way back. Wouldn't be fair to Tom not to." Ten minutes later, the girls bade Tom a farewell saying they had a quick errand to attend to. Would he be so kind as to get their stuff packed up including the black and the yellow dresses and the black shoes?

Sighing, Tom finished his coffee and bagel, put the dishes in the kitchen sink, and proceeded to Julie's room to pack up their stuff. Having completed that, he brought the bag out to the living room and lay down to reverify the comfort of the sofa. He was quickly dozing.

As they were driving, Julie asked, "Aside from the nylons, what did you want to get while we're out? You said you wanted something special."

Maggie smirked and said she wanted some colored hair dye in red, green, purple, blue, and yellow.

"You rebel, you. Are you doing that to torment David?" Julie accused.

"Yeah. You were the one who told me of his fascination. I'm just feeding it a little." Maggie giggled.

Julie smiled to herself, knowing what David had in store for Maggie. "Oh, this should be good to watch! Maybe I can sell tickets," she thought, smugly.

They stopped at a beauty supply store and got the colored dye for Maggie, then to Kohl's for the hosiery. Julie explained that she preferred to wear stay up stockings rather than pantyhose, as it made 'things' easier to deal with. Maggie had never tried stockings, but Julie talked her into it. They whipped through McDonald's for breakfast and returned to the Lawsons' apartment.

The three ate their re-warmed breakfast and talked about some logistics for Thursday. The main meal would be served around 1:30 pm, so Rose and Maggie should leave no later than 10:00 am. Tom left detailed directions once they arrived in Middleburg and gave cell phone numbers for himself and for Alan, just in case.

A quick trip to the bathroom for Tom and Julie, and then it was hug city. Maggie surprised Tom a little by giving him a sweet kiss on his cheek and a very deep hug before clinging to Julie. Julie was a little surprised by Maggie's demonstration but accepted it willingly and lovingly.

Climbing into her car, Julie paused to send a text to Rose telling of their departure while Tom texted Alan and David with the same information. Then they were off, returning to Middleburg.

Along the way to Tom's, he raised the question about some of Julie's previous poor choices. Rose had mentioned them earlier in the day, and Julie blushed with embarrassment. She told him of her first boyfriend in high school, Matt Kirkland. They shared Algebra 1 and Biology 1 classes as well as the mandatory Study Hall hour, and he depended on her to pass those two courses. They would meet up in Study Hall, and she would effectively have to teach him the day's lesson and almost hold his hand to get his homework completed. It was a school-only relationship; they never dated, never went to a football or basketball game together, never went to a dance. And the day after the final exams in both classes, he dumped her via text. He had made her feel special during the school day, but in hindsight, there were plenty of clues and tells that he was just using her to get by. So, she swore off all relationships for the remainder of high school and tried to focus on her academics.

And then she told Tom of her first boyfriend at State, back in her freshman year. Scott Turnbull was tall, dark, and very handsome, and as darkness loves darkness, wormed his way into Julie's life. They would hold hands and kiss, they would study their separate lessons together, and they would go out to a club now and then on the weekend. On Parents' Day, he introduced her to his folks as his girlfriend, and the joy in his parents' eyes was stunning. They seemed to be an ideal couple. Until she found him in a liplock with another guy in a secluded hallway in the student center. It turned out he was just using Julie as a beard for the sake of his family. He just could not come out to them. Furious, Julie outed him, as his parents had given her their phone numbers. He did not return after that first fall semester. And she was not looking for anything until she met Tom in that Accounting Lab.

"So, Tom, you can see why my mom worried about my choices in men. But I'm now 1 for 3, and a .333 batting average will get you into Cooperstown," she said, using a baseball metaphor she knew he would enjoy.

"You are, indeed, Jules. You are, indeed," concurred Tom.

"So, how about you, Tom? We never discussed any previous girlfriends you had. Come on, spill."

Tom ducked his head, shaking it. "I never had any steady girlfriends before you, Jules. None of the girls in our Youth Group at church were interested in me, and there were no girls in the Scouts at that time (there are now, by the way, and it's a very good thing). The standing guideline in my Boy Scout Troop is to get the Eagle Rank completed before or as soon after turning 16 as possible, because 'the fumes derail so many would-be Eagle Scouts'."

"The 'fumes'?" Julie inquired.

"Yeah, gas fumes, work fumes, and especially perfumes," Tom answered with a large smile. "Girlfriends were never really encouraged by Mom and Dad. You see, he hasn't told you, but Dad's an Eagle Scout himself, as was his father. David and I are third-generation Eagle Scouts, and that's a lot of legacy to try to buck or ignore. It was much easier and harmonious to complete our Eagle ranks, so we did. David got a little sidetracked as a freshman in high school, but her family moved away and he just couldn't find the right person after her.

"Besides, there is no one else who could complete me the way you do, Julia Anne Lawson. I did try to reject my feelings after our first TA session, but you won me over in the second session, and for that, I am truly grateful." Tom held out his left hand on the car's center console, and Julie placed her right in it, interlacing their fingers.

The rest of the drive was uneventful, and they returned to Tom's home. It was then that Julie noticed that her gas tank was ¾ full whereas she had expected it to be only ½ full. The trip odometer showed 225 miles.

"Tom, did you fill my gas tank in Centreville when you went out for Taco Bell?"

"Ah, you just noticed. Yes, I did."

"You sweet man. Thank you. But you didn't reset the trip odometer."

Pulling into the driveway, it was just 12:45 pm. They sent their respective texts to their parents about the safe trip, then went into the house.

= = =

David heard his name being called from upstairs, so he went to the bottom of the stairs and called up.

"Dad? Tom? Julie? Who's calling for me?"

Julie's head appeared from the kitchen, and she gave him a broad smile.

"Whatcha workin' on, David? Refining the funny picture?"

"Actually, no, that's pretty much ready to go. Are they coming tomorrow?"

"Yes, my mom and Maggie will both be here and plan to stay the night as well. So, you'll have plenty of time to impress her." A small giggle escaped Julie. "So, whatcha workin' on?"

"You might as well come on down and see for yourself. Watch the laundry piles, though."

Julie descended the stairs to the basement, maneuvered around the baskets of clean and soiled laundry, and followed David back to his studio area.

When she saw the second portrait, she gasped in awe and amazement. Huge intake of air. Hands flying to her face. The whole nine yards of shock and awe.

"David! That's AWESOME!! How long did it take you to do that?"

"About four hours, but I had to keep going back to the pictures on the phone."

"So, if she were here in person, how long do you think it might have taken you?"

"Oh, I could probably have knocked it out in an hour or an hour and a half, I suppose," David replied, somewhat cagily.

"David, can you do one of me? Just the black and white one, not the funny one? Your talent is awesome!" Julie gushed.

"I don't know, Julie. I'm about out of canvases, and my car is in the shop..." he temporized.

"Oh, God, please please PLEASE? I'll buy you some replacement canvases and even give you some money. Pretty please, with sugar on top and a cherry?" she pleaded.

"Ok, twenty bucks and you get me six 9" by 12" canvases from Michael's, and we can do this," David bargained. He admitted to himself later that he did not bargain very hard, in part because Julie was so wonderful to look at, looking like his mother.

"Deal! Can the canvases wait until a little later? I can get you the $20 now."

"Sure, Julie. Let me get a stool and fix the light."

"How about we do this in half an hour? We haven't had lunch yet."

"That works. Back here in 30 minutes, then."

Julie practically flew up the stairs, both sets, to tell Tom. She found him in his bedroom. & area=3 & name=board1 & topic=109 & action=view

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