Okay what the fuck am I doing. This shit head is about to blow his wad after I have been bouncing on him for only about eight times. He's moaning and groaning and I'm not even all that wet. This is only the third and last time I let this asshole fuck me. The first time was at the BBQ my husband had for his company at our house.

David, his best friend and hardest worker was flirting with me. I was drunk and let things go to far. He pulled my thong to one side and pushed his dick into me. He kept saying it was large but it only felt like four inches at the time. The only reason I came that day was because my thong was rubbing against my clit has his pecker slid in and out of me. He did not last long which was okay since my thong was hurting as it rubbed my clit raw.

The second time we did it David called to tell me my husband had been called away to an emergency job and would be busy for the next hour. I had misgiving, and I should have listened to my inner voice. I was a fool. He came over bent me over the couch. Pulled my jeans down. Pump into to me about nine times and was done. Boy was I pissed off. His excuse, his wife had called just as he had parked and wanted him home, so all he had time for was a wham bang thank you mam. Let me tell you that's what I got. He didn't even try and get me wet. Just in the door. Zipper down, panties and jeans to ankles, spun around, bent over couch and try to push penis into vagina. Sad part his dick I now know is so small it never got inside of me so when he came it all stayed all over my pussy lips. Then when he was leaving he says gawd that was good, you where so tight, I must have stretched you out big time. I wonder if you will be able to feel your husband's cock in you. The look of shock must not have registered on him as he left the house.

This last time he called, I have to say I had a mental fart. Why would I take the chance of destroying my marriage with dick-less wonder. I think I need to see a councilor. He is already saying he is about to cum. I am about to slap the living hell out of him. I can already feel my arm start to rise about to land to first blow to his face. Like hell if he is going to cum first without me cumming.

PAIN PAIN WHAT THE FUCK PAIN. Someone has me by my ponytail and pulling me off dick-less wonder boy. I can feel my body coming off him. I look down and see his dick come out of my cunt. Ropes of cum squirt out of it. One then a second and a third come flying out. My hand swings around as it was already in motion to make impact with his face and misses. All this seems to be going in slow motion. Now I am flying off the bed and my shoulder make contact with the wall and more pain. When my head hits the wall I see stars and black out for a few seconds.

As I come back to conciseness I hear angry yelling. A voice that sends chills down my spin. Jason stands over David with a gun in his hand. Oh fuck I have never seen or heard my husband so mad. I'm dead, yup I'm dead. I really fucked up. I can see the tears coming down my husbands face. I can see the newspaper headlines now. Husband finds wife and lover in bed he kills them and then kills himself. Shit what have I done. I have to fix this. Okay my shoulder hurts might be dislocated. Head hurts I feel something warm coming down my face onto my breast. I look down and see it's covered in blood. Fuck did he already shot me? No. I lift my hand and only find my head no big hole but there is blood. I look at my shoulder. It's pressed against the wall and hurts like hell. I must have groaned because now they are both looking at me.

I look into my husband eyes and I see hate and then sadness but then concern. Thats a good sign. Maybe I have a chance. I close my eyes as I hear David beg for his life saying it was my fault I tempted him I seduced him. I was the one coming on to him. He just could not help himself. I've been sleeping around on him. Jason tells him to shut the fuck up, then he looks at me. I stand up. I walk over to Jason on very unsteady feet and I take the barrel of the gun and I place it between my eyes. "I fucked David three times. I have only fucked him. You need to get another wife because the one you have does not deserve you. You can pull the trigger but I am not worth you going to jail. You can kill dick-less wonder over there but he is not worth going to jail." I waited till he brought the barrel down. I look over at David. "now for lying and not being honest it time to pay a price."

I walked over to my purse and took out my cell phone and I called David's wife." Hello Kerran its Beverley. I need you to get a baby sitter for your child. No you need to right away, Why. You need to sit, are you sitting. Okay my husband caught me and your husband fucking, yes fucking. Yes I am a whore. Yes and a slut. Yes he is here. My husband has him at gun point. No he is not going to kill him. If you want him dead you will have to do it, I don't want Jason going to jail for his sorry ass. No he will not let him leave till you get here."

"Hello Kerran" I greeted her at the door. As she came in she slapped the shit out of me which didn't help my concussion I'm sure I had. She pushed me back against the door.

"Where is the shit head you fucking slut?" very pissed off Kerran barked at me, and then spit on my face.

"We tied him up in our bedroom" I replied trying to remain calm, and wiping the spit off my face

She followed me to the bedroom and saw David tied to a chair and gagged. She saw one of Jason's belts hanging on the closet door and took it. Well the next half hour wasn't pretty for David. We just stood back as Kerran went total bitch on him with that belt. We did find out that this was not the first time for him but it would be the last.

Once she looked like she had worked most of her anger off she looked at me and I thought I was going to take a whipping and I even went to the bed and offered my rear for her. She was about to take her first swing when she finally took a good look at me and saw me covered in blood. She dropped the belt took me into the bathroom and cleaned me up.

"Jason beat you up when he caught you?" Kerran ask with some concern on her face.

"No, the wall did this to me. He pulled me off of David and into the wall" I told her. "I destroyed a good man today."

When we walked back in Jason was packing clothes into a suitcase. "What are you doing?" I ask Jason.

"I am leaving. I am not going to stay with a cheating slut whore." Jason tells me with contempt.

"You don't have to leave. I will leave. I destroyed our marriage. I am not taking what you worked hard to make. You owe me nothing." I tell him which makes him stop.

"You know what, I do owe you something." I turn to Kerran and I ask her. "Your husband was fucking me, with his small penis. Do you want to know what it feels like to have a large cock? If so my husband has a nine inch cock and since I took your husbands without your permission you have the right to take mine if you want it. Just to let you know my husband would love to fuck your brains out, as he has told me many times." I can see the shock look on Jason's eyes. David is screaming a no but is muffled by the gag.

"Would you fuck me Jason? In front of shit head" Kerran asked Jason hesitantly not to sure about the idea or his answer.

Looking at Beverly then at Kerran and then David he thought about it. He had told Beverly that he had found Kerran to be attractive but he never thought he would have had a chance to fuck her. He also saw the look of pain in Davids face knowing that someone else was going to fuck his wife, and it was going to happen in front of him.

"I bet David has asked you to have a threesome Kerran." Beverly said before Jason could answer. Kerran nodded a yes answer to her question. "I bet he also wanted anal and you told him no?" again a yes nod. Jason move David's chair into the hallway and then come back. I will then strip Beverly. I will eat her out and get her ready for you. You will fuck her, then if you still want to use or touch me you can for a threesome. Then if Kerran will let you I will get her ready for you to fuck her ass. You can do that in-front of shit head so he can so what he can never have but what only you can have then I will do what ever you want me to do."

Jason got up and moved David and the chair he was tied to out of the room. Kerran walked to me. I sat down on the bed with her in front of me. We waited till Jason got back into the room before I started to take her blouse and jeans off. I stood and turned her to face Jason. I took off her bra and her c cup breasts came to Jason's view. He smiled. I reached around and squeezed her nipples to make them hard. I kissed her neck and pulled her back to me. She rested against my breast and my nipples became erect. My hand then traveled down her tummy. Not hard but it was a firm. She had a small child and had done a good job at getting back in shape. Not sure why dick-less wonder would want to cheat on her. She feels the small stretch marks and then a light tangle of hair. She plays with it. Its been some years since she has had any. Now she finds the nub that will bring intense pleasure. She plays around it but not with it. It brings moans from Kerran and her hips start to grind. She now slides down behind Kerran and kisses her spine on her way down. She sits on the bed and then takes Kerran's panties off.

"Take your clothes off Jason show Kerran the piece off meat she's going to get stuffed into her cunt." Beverly instructs Jason as she gets off the bed and then kneels in front of Kerran. Pushing her back to the bed she makes Kerran sit on it but not until she sees her eyes go wide. She has seen the size of Jason's dick. "That monster is going to be inside of your cunt soon but first I'm going to make sure you can take all of it." She pushes Kerran on her back and then spreads her legs open. Lifting her legs open she latches her mouth onto Kerran's pussy and starts to eat her out. Her tongue snakes out as far and deep into Kerran channel as it can go it swirls, swivels, and slashes. Her moans and groans intensified.

Her hands pushed my head into her. "put your cock into her mouth and into her throat. I don't want dick-less wonder to hear her when I pleasure her. Only you get to get this pleasure." I hissed pulling away from her pussy, and then back once I see Jason getting on the bed and feeding Kerran his cock to her mouth. Next I hear the arg arg arg as Kerran tries to take as much of Jason's shaft into her body thru her mouth.

When I hear Jason starting to make signs that he was starting to cum. I stepped up, reached up to her clit sucked hard and made Kerran cum. That made her let go of Jason's cock. At first he was surprised. Then I reached for his cock and pulled him to her entrance. I placed it at her entrance and waited for them.

They looked into each others eyes and then Kerran gave a small nod and Jason pushed and sank himself half way. Kerran half rose. Gave a few shuddering breaths. Placed a hand on his chest. Her eyes went wide. This was the largest penis she had ever had in her life. It was stretching the shit out of her. She looks at Beverly. Fuck why did she ever let shit head near her. She is relaxing and laying back on the bed. Jason is watching her. When she is ready he pushes the rest of himself inside of her then stops to see how she is doing. This is new to her. David just sticks it in slams away and never check to see if she ready or if she enjoys what they are doing. Jason kisses her. Explores her mouth with his tongue. They play and suck on each others tongue before anything happens. All this arouses her. Then he withdraws, and there is an emptiness. It makes her gasp. She wraps her arms around his body. Her legs reach around his hips to try and push him back in. Then his shaft returns and she feels full again. She relaxes her arms and he lifts up to watch her breasts sway with the rhythm of his thrusts. Beverly latches onto my right breast and lightly sucks on it then nibbles on it which sends me over into a small orgasm. This is heaven. David has never done anything like this with me. He rarely even brings her to a climax she has to do it herself. He is never going to touch her again.

Seeing Kerran shudder, her mouth open, her back arch, and a low moan escape from deep inside her, I know she was going to be a screamer when she has a hard orgasm. I went and lift myself over her head and lowered my pussy over her mouth. This might muffle her screams so dick-less wonder can't hear her. She looked at me, looked at my pussy, took a deep breath licked her lips and started to explorer my sex. She had me shuddering in no time. Man could this lady eat pussy. As she ate me out I looked at where Jason's cocked was pounding in and out of her. I could see a nice creamy froth building and I just had to have a taste. Lower myself to their junction Jason lifted himself more so I could fit and lap up their love juice. I could feel Kerran building to a major climax. I started to finger her clit hard and Jason started to pound away about to release his load deep in her. My climax hit me as I felt Kerran scream into my pussy. She was cumming, Jason was trying to hold back. Once he noticed she was in her ecstasy he allowed himself to fall over the edge and came deep in her.

After relaxing we agreed it was time to bring David back into the room so he could watch his wife give her anal cherry away. When the chair was brought back in we could tell he had been crying and was mad but he had brought this all onto himself. At first he did not want to look so his head was tied so he had to look. When he closed his eyes, his wife took the belt and spanked him till he opened them. Then she got on the bed. She turned and got on her knees with her ass turned to him and spread her pussy open so he could see the sperm come leaking out of her pussy.

"You see that shit head that's what a well fucked pussy looks like. See how red and swollen it is. Now I'm so stretched out I will never be able to feel your shit in me again. Now take a good look at this pussy because that's the last time you will ever see this pussy again. Jason I am ready come fuck my ass."Kerran told David her voice dripping with venom.

As Jason walked up to Kerran I saw he was not fully erect. I got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth and started to suck on it. I also took some of Jason's and Kerran's juice's and started to lubricating Kerran's back door. Using my fingers I started to stretch her anal muscle to help ease his passage into her rear. Once he was fully erect I slathered as much saliva on his shaft as I could. I then place his tip to her entrance and watch as he started to push. His soft tip disappeared into her rear. She gasped with pain and Jason stopped. Kerran nodded to continue so Jason pushed. When her pain came back he stopped again. This was done until he was fully seated in her. Once she was ready they began a slow pace. Since this was her first time he was being slow and gentle. To help her reach her orgasm Jason reached around and started to rub her clit. Kerran pulled me to her and laid her her head on my lap. She started to pant and groan. Jason was starting to groan. I bent down and kissed Kerran opening her mouth with my tongue and playing with hers. When she began to shudder I knew she would climax soon. She pushed back hard went ridged, and howled like a she-wolf as she came. That triggered Jason and he slammed into her with his howling scream and climax.

Going into the bathroom I got some warm washcloths and oil for Jason and Kerran. Walking to get the things I needed I could hear Kerran and Jason talking to David. They were releasing him and telling him to leave. Jason told him he was fired and to collect his stuff the next day from the office secretary. Kerran told him she wouldn't be coming back home. She and her child would be moving in with Jason since he was a better man and could take care of her needs better than he could. She also told him that she was probably knocked up since it was her fertile time of the month and she had stopped taking her pills. Those last words cut deep into my soul. I had been trying to get pregnant for the past eight months. The doctor had told me I had uterus problems and getting pregnant would be difficult. I returned with tears in my eyes but did not let them see me. Cleaning off Jason with the warm washcloth I did lovingly. This would be the last time I would be touching the man I loved. I then cleaned and apply the oil to Kerran's rear. She coos as the oil and Jason's sperm mix. Jason and Kerran start to kiss and cuddle on the bed. I then take the suitcase that Jason was starting to pack and dump it out. I start to pack my clothes into it.

"Beverly what are you doing?" Jason asks me. They are watching me.

"I need to pack some clothes. I know you don't want anything to do with me. So I just need a few things till I can find a place then I will get the rest of my clothes." I say trying to hold back tears.

"I don't want a divorce" Jason asks."Do you want one?"

I look at him. Is he being cruel. My emotions starts to get the better of me and I can feel tears coming down my face. My body is starting to crash. The high from all the things we have been doing is going away, and now the abuse my body took from the wall is being felt. "Jason I don't understand. Before Kerran came over you were going to leave."

"Yes but then you gave me this." Jason said with a big grin, and he pointed to Kerran and me.

"Jason, you don't get it. I am no good. I spread my legs for dick-less. What would have happened if Kerran had said no to you. Or what happens when some other guys sweet talks me into spreading my legs. I don't know why I even did it, which make it even worse. I am a total fuck up and need help. You don't need me I will only hurt you." I say sobbing as tears come streaming down my face. "Hell I can't even give you a child, and she can. As a matter of fact you may have even put one in her." I can't go on any more I feel like my world is about to go dark and then I feel arms wrap around me and Kerran is holding me.

"Beverley you don't look good I think we need to take you to the hospital." Kerran says I look at her and I still have a hard time understanding what she is saying then I feel Jason take me into the bathroom. I feel the shower has they both take me in and help me clean myself then dress me. Next we are in an emergency room. There are police and I am scared they want to arrest Jason but I say no he didn't do anything to me. I explain what happened they then look at me like a slut that I am and wonder why he wants to stay with me but he does. I also wonder why he does stay but he does.

After six hours all three of us are back home. Kerran calls her sister Diana and explains what has happened and she agrees to keep her daughter overnight. Kerran says she will sleep in the guest bedroom but I say no that my place now. They both say no and we all sleep in the same bed with me in the middle.

Waking to the smell of bacon cooking and Jason next to me watching me startles me. Who the hell is cooking then I remember and start to cry. Jason wraps me in his arms and I try and break free but he does not let me. I cling to him and start to chant to his chest. "I'm so sorry I"m so sorry." over and over again till he presses his lips over mine to stop me. Once I am calm we get up and head for the kitchen and see Kerran. She tells us breakfast is ready and looks at me to see how I am doing. She hugs us. We sit and eat. What she has made which is delicious.

After eating she takes me up to shower while Jason washes the dishes. We take each others clothes off and enter the shower we do explore each others body but our main objective was to clean ourselves. We do kiss a few times and grope each other but we don't go any further. Getting out of the shower we dry each other off and then I find clothes that fit Kerran till we can go and buy some for her. Jason comes up and takes his shower and we wait on the bed holding each other my head on her breasts as she runs her fingers thru my hair.











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