It was 10:30 AM when I pulled up to the house where Connie had stopped to pick up her lover. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. A few moments later, a young man answered the door, saying, "Can I help you?"

"Yes, is Billy available?"

"You're talking to him, what can I do for you?"

I sized him up quickly, yeah, this was him alright. I wanted to get the full story, so I said, "Well, it's a matter of some importance that I'd like to discuss with you, in private."

"Okay, sure, the house is kinda crowded right now, there's a coffee place two blocks down, how about if we get a coffee and you can tell me what's on your mind?"

I was happy to do so, and he hopped into the car, and we went the 2 blocks. After getting hot steaming mugs of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, we took a booth away from the other tables, and he asked, "So what is this all about?"

"Well, it concerns the fact that last night, I saw you fucking my wife at the Sky Vue motel. So hot, you fucked her against the door of Room 110, my wife was acting like a rutting animal in heat, before you even got into the room."

His face had gone white, and he said, "She's married?"

His face seemed to have a genuine surprise, oh damn, he didn't know.

He continued, "I met her at school, I was a student at the time, that was almost a year ago when I was 18, and she was a Teacher's assistant in my Economics class. Since we only knew her as Ms, not Miss or Mrs, I didn't give much thought as to whether she was married or not. After school, she asked me to stay and help her out. Helping her out meant fucking her in the classroom, on the teacher's desk, god, I thought my cock had died and gone to heaven when she was spread out on the desk, my cock pinning her down."

I ran that over in my mind, yes it matched the tailing off of my sex life.

He continued, "After that first time, she always wanted to go to the Sky Vue motel, and we'd fuck like crazy. Something about being in a cheap, seedy motel, and cheating on you, although I didn't know she was married to you, really make her wild in bed, she'd pounce on me like a lioness on a gazelle. She was so hungry, so eager for fucking, she wouldn't let me go until I'd blown a load into her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. As you saw last night, she was so hungry for it last night that we didn't even get in the room until I'd blown a load into her pussy."

That answered the question in my mind, of why she had been so hungry for it last night. Still revved up from her three-hole fucking at the Sky Vue, she'd gotten a look at my cock, and all the horny, illicit thrills ran through her body, and I was the cock that she vented them on. If she came home that horny after each motel date, since I was doped out of action, I was willing to bet that her vibrator and her dildo got a lot of use after she got home.

I wanted to hear it all and asked how often.

"Well, two to three times a week, she was always horny, I just thought she wasn't getting any sex of any kind and was just venting her built up needs on me, not that I was complaining."

He fell silent, and then asked, "So what happens now?"

"Well, first off, no more fucking her. I should be the only one that gets to fuck Connie's married cunt, her married mouth, and her married ass. You need to find some girl your own age, she's 35!"

He gasped, "35? Jeez, I thought she was 25 at the most, she looks so young!"

"Yeah, she's always been young looking. She had to show me her driver's license when we first started dating, I thought she was some jailbait!"

"Ok, hands off your wife, it's just hard to find a girl my own age. They all seem to be either stuck up, or snobby, or ball busting bitches. Where's the dazzling beauty, I wonder?"

"I may have exactly what you're looking for, my 18-year-old niece, Brittany. She's about 5'8", 135 pounds, red hair, blue eyes, she's really a knock-out. She's a natural redhead too, two weeks ago at a pool party at her parent's house, she gave me a quick look at her tight little pussy, after I'd flirted with her about whether she was a real redhead, and she is."

"That sounds nice, but how do I meet her?"

I smiled, took out my cell phone, and dialed her number.

"Brittany, hello."

Her pleased voice exclaimed "Uncle, how nice to hear from you? Did you enjoy our party?"

"I certainly did, and I wanted to ask you a question, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Not yet, jeez, guys are so immature."

"How would you like to meet a young man we know, Bill, he's mature, and I think you'd like to get to know him. He's right here, I'll let him talk to you."

I handed over the phone and watched the byplay as they got to know each other a bit. My mind drifted, I'd given Billy just a brief story of Brittany, it was much hotter than that. She'd sneaked in a bottle of wine from a friend, and had got pretty tipsy. Fearing the reaction of her parents, she had jumped in the pool to try and clear her head, then headed upstairs to dry off, and sober up a bit. I'd gotten up a half-hour later, to use the bathroom. Stepping out from the bathroom, the door to Brittany's bedroom was ajar, then it swung open wide like she'd been watching and waiting for me. Brittany greeted me with a smile, holy shit, she was stark naked! My eyes drank in the scene, nice, grapefruit-sized boobs, stiff, hard nipples, and that red pubic hair, nicely trimmed, a red bush is so damn sexy. I felt my cock jump to life, pressing urgently against the seam of my trousers. She stepped out, grabbed and pulled me into her bedroom, locking the door.

Brittany giggled ''There you go, Uncle, as you can see, I'm really a redhead! Ummmm, Uncle Terry, you are so sexy, I have the biggest crush on you. I like to stroke my little pussy, and imagine that you are poised above me, your stiff cock entering me slowly, then sinking in the full length, bursting my tight cherry, making me cum like crazy. I'm still a tight little virgin, and I'd really love for you to do the honors of claiming my cherry. I've been on the pill for 3 months, so I want you bareback, and you can do the honors of giving me my first rush of hot cum!''

I had stripped fast, oh god, I was hard as steel, getting almost no sex at home, and my sexpot 18-year-old niece was offering herself to me on a silver platter. She gazed at my 8 inches, I could see her face flushed, her breathing deep.

"Oh god, so big, so hard, mmmm, I don't care if it hurts like hell to get my virginity shredded, I want that big cock buried deep in my pussy. I want you to just fuck me good and hard, ram me until your cock is exploding and squirting wildly deep inside me, and christen my tight little pussy with your load of hot cum! My pussy is on fire, split me open!"

I pulled her to me, our lips pressing together, urgently, hungrily, I was happy to just take her and I pushed her down on her bed. I needed to just fuck her, my cock was howling for her cunt. I looked around for something I could gag her with, what with everybody downstairs, the last thing I needed was to have somebody bursting in if Brittany was a real shrieker when I plunged into her. She grinned, showing me a handkerchief she was holding just out of sight, there was a big knot tied in the middle, and she opened her mouth, fit the knot between her lips, bit down on it, and I quickly tied it behind her head. I watched as she lay down, spread her legs wide, and her trimmed red bush parted, and I saw the deep coral color of her pussy lips swollen, soaking with her juices. I didn't wait for a second longer, I took the position, nudged against her, and pushed, hard. I quickly came up against her barrier, pushed hard, and felt the sudden loosening as her hymen burst apart, my cock rushing through the torn membrane. Her shriek was muffled down nicely by the knot in her mouth, and I quickly buried myself, completing her deflowering as I was balls deep in the hot, liquid depths of her furnace-like heat.

The gripping feel of her oh so tight virginity around my cock was beyond compare. I hoped it wasn't too much for her to bear, then she wrapped her legs around my waist, pushing her hips up, her eyes had a silent "keep going" glow. I could feel her tight walls gripping at my cock, and her arms went around my neck. I started a rhythm as I thrust into her, over and over, her eyes had a heated glow, and the muffled sounds she was making sounded like all pleasure overcoming the initial pain of her deflowering.

"Brittany, reach down, touch yourself, baby, play with your clit while I fuck you, I want you to cum around my cock when I flood you!"

Her eyes were lambent with sexual excitement as she slid her right hand down. Her fingers found her target and started to stroke at it. Her face was alive with bliss, joy, and pleasure filling it, and I drove my cock hungrily, Brittany had the tightest pussy I had ever had the pleasure of fucking. Her heated juices flowed around my cock, giving me a smooth pleasure ride, making me thrust into her even harder. I watched her tits bouncing up and down furiously as I power-fucked her, making sure her first time was the best time, something she would remember all her life. Her short, muffled cries of pleasure mingled with my growls and lust grunts of pleasure. I could feel my cock racing towards orgasm.

Her muffled cries reached a crescendo, the muffled howl announcing her orgasm, I felt her body tighten around me, her tight pussy started to clench and unclench rapidly on my cock. I was steel hard, at full extension, nudging open her cervix, and I burst deep inside her, squirting wildly. Our bodies shook together in orgasmic completion, the milking action of her pussy eagerly sucking my juices out. My cock was happy to oblige, pumping my sperm deep into her womb, gushing, filling her with a massive load of cum. I slowly, deeply thrust into her until I was finished, her superb teen tightness milking my cock of every drop.

I came back to the here and now when Billy handed the phone back to me, and Brittany cooed, "Uncle, he sounds nice, I'd love to try out a blind date with him. After the wonderful way you plucked my cherry, I know you love me too much to try and hook me up with any weird or creepy types. We are going to get together Friday night, and I'll let you know how it goes."

"Ok baby, love you, Brittany."

"I love you too Uncle," she said, giving me a kissy sound just before she hung up.

Turning to Billy, I said, "Ok, she's my niece, and I have a few rules. One, you treat her right. No groping, no feeling up, and NO FUCKING, until she tells you to do so. You need to be the perfect gentleman, and let her, and only her, decide if and when to go further. Second, I will be keeping in touch with her, and if you try to push her, there will be consequences. Remember, you fucked MY wife, it doesn't matter whether you knew she was married or not, you didn't try to find out, you just went ahead. So you owe me, to treat my niece with respect, and let her lead the way. Third, no more fuck dates with my wife."

"Ok, do you want me to text her, and tell her I can't meet her on Sunday morning?"

"Tell me about Sunday morning."

"As she drove me home last night after our date, she told me to come to the motel Sunday morning at 12:30 AM. She'd rent the same room, and I would drive myself there, and meet her."

I smiled, and said, "No, don't. I will meet her there, and tell her myself!"

A worried expression crossed his face, and he said, "You aren't going to hurt her, are you?"

I snapped, "Not that it's really any of your business Billy, but no, I am not going to hurt her. If she wants to tart around like a slut in a cheap, seedy motel, I am going to give her that outlet, with me!"

Soon, I was driving home, after dropping Billy off back at his house. I had a hot date with my wife for Sunday morning, and although she didn't know it yet, I was going to give her the hot seedy thrills she craved.

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