Speaking of which, what if I walked up to the front window again. Hmmm? Can you imagine this? Of course, you can, you wanted this to happen. You're seeing yourself now standing in front of my house, and this goddess with huge 38G titties is walking up to the window, wearing a soaking wet shirt, covered in thick suds of soap. Hmm, I'm there now. With nobody to see me. But if there was, they would see that this goddess is... now pushing her soapy tits up in the window... Ahhhhh, that's right. I'm rubbing my slippery tits against the glass. And you would get to see my big nipples, hardening further as I trace large circles of soap in the window. Ahhh, can you hear them squeaking, Eric? I'm so turned on, Hmmm! It's just as if I was naked. Mmmmm My wet t-shirt lets you see hhhh my biiggg titties, rubbing against the glass!

Ahhhh... I'm closing my eyes now, and thinking of you.

Holy shit, I'm spreading so much soap all over the window. Hee hee! I'm gonna have to wipe this up later. Hmmm, but now I'm enjoying this. And I feel like this hot water dripped all the way down to my pussy... Aaahh!! Oh Eric, I'm starting to... get pretty horny, here. Do you hhhear me moaning? Do you hear my hot breath over the phone? Are you...

*ding dong

What the... Uh, Oh! Ahahah! Oh no! I can't believe this. With my eyes closed, I never saw that... delivery truck pulling up in our driveway. Uh oh! Ahahah! I'm a little embarrassed. What are the odds that the driver walked right in front me and watched me rub myself in the window?? Ahahahah! Holy cow, I can feel my face all flushed. Jeez... What do I do?

I mean... what do you want me to do, Eric? One tap, to open the door? Or two, and wait till he's gone?

I'll do whatever you tell me, Eric. Hhhhhhhhh

Okay. So you tapped... once. Hmmm, I'm walking up the door now.

Holy fuck, I'm... I'm shaking...


Wow, for some reason, I'm remembering that time at the restaurant together...

Hi! Yes, please come in, quick! It's cold.

Thanks. Let me close the... oh, you got it. Thank you...

You can just drop it here. Yeah, that's fine. I totally forgot this was coming in today. My bookcases, finally. Yayyy... Well, as you may see, I.. was not expecting you. I... that's right, doing some cleaning, ahah! It got out of hand, a little.

So, do I need to sign anyth..? You what? Oh, there's another box? Oh, ok, go ahead, I'll wait here.


Okay, Eric, he's out, but he's coming back! He has another one of these boxes! Holy fuck, I forgot I had a damn delivery due today. I'm shaking so bad! I feel like I'm flashing him my tits in plain sight! I'm basically naked right now. Plus, he had to see me rub my tits in the window up there. My pussy's burning, I never felt so exposed! Aaahh I feel like a slut, Eric, a piece of meat you can just stare at and handle as you wish. He's coming back soon, and I almost want to give him another show.

Hmmm! I know, quick. I know what I want to do, hang on... I'm... taking off my panties. Holy shit, I'm so wet! I'll toss them back in the living room, and I want him to see my naked pussy through my wet shirt. Aahhh.

Shit, they landed on the rail post. Dammit, he's back already! Guess they're gonna have to stay there. Let me get the door! Here we go...


Hi again. Yeah, it's fine, come on in. You can just... put it on top of the other one... There you go, thank you.

What? No I'm fine, I'm... not shaking. Well, just a little. I don't feel too well today. Ahah! I'm... what?... Why would I be nervous?

...Oh... yeah, I know I don't have the most decent attire. I... that's right, I know. But it just happened that I was doing the dishes when the doorbell rang, and... I've been waiting for these bookcases forever, now. I didn't want you to turn ar... exactly! You're finally here, ahah!

So... pardon?... Oh really, now?... You think I'm... You think I'm pretty?... And you're not saying that because I'm... almost fully naked in front of you?... No? Okay, well, you're sweet, really. Thanks, I... yes, I do, I take care of my body, and work on my shape, but a lot of what you see, I was just born with it, you know?... That's right, I'm talking about these... things up here.

I... no, you must be... mistaken. I had no panties earlier. Sorry you have to see this, I... what? You don't mind? I... no it's okay. Again, I was right in the middle of something when you rang, but I'll go put on underwear when you're gone. Sorry? They're... Oh, would you look at that. They're right there on the rail post! Ahahah Goofy me. You're right, now that I remember, I did have them on earlier.

Yeah, I'm okay. I'm fine... yeah, I'm... no, I'm not blushing, I'm just having a bit of hot flashes, I guess. That's all! Ooof! Ahah!

So, do I have to sign anything? ... Really, now, you lost your pen? Wow, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you lost it on purpose, am I right?... Looks like you... Yeah, right. Ok, hang on, let me go at the end of the hall, I'll grab a pen for you.


Ok Eric, I'm in the other room, and he must have watched me wiggle my ass all the way down the hall to fetch him a fucking pen. That kid is unbelievable, he must be super hard in his pants.

I'm going nuts here, Eric. Hmmmm!! I don't know if the girls are at their desks, where you are, but I'm about to get loud on the phone.

Just listen to me then. I'm... leaning my back against the wall and that driver can't see me from where he is... I just need to touch my clit.

Hmmm... oh, that's the spot. Hmm and my tits want to get some fresh air. Aaah, let's take them out... there you go.


Listen to my breathing... Aaahh...

Listen to me moaning

Oh my God... I'm going crazy. Feels like I'm in heat, or something. Hmmm did you like that I gave a good eyeful to that guy over there? Are ... Are you jealous?

I was completely exposed for you, you pervert!

Aaahh!! You're a fucking pervert, and you're turning me into a complete nymphomaniac!

I'm getting so wet! I'm holding the phone, but I can't rub my nipple with my other hand: it's busy rubbing my cliiiit!

My big, fat... 38G titties are shaking in front of me. It looks so obscene, watching my huge mammaries flapping around for you. Aaahh! They're all squeezed between my arms, they're so fucking huge, and wet! Fuck, I just wish you were here and have your way with them. Aahhh I'd make them all yours!

Ahhhh I'm gonna cum soon! I'm on f... cking fire. Holy shit! I... HHhhhhhhAAAA! Yess!! Yesss! Yssssss! Mmmphhhh! I'm cum... I'm cumming Eric!!


Uggghhhhhhhh, I'm cumming... Ow! Holy shit, I collapsed on the floor... Mmmm I'm still... Cumming! This feels so fucking good... I'm shaking... I'm shaking...

Ooohhhh *cough, cough, cough! Bleh! Stupid cold. Holy shit, I need to lie down... I'm a little dizzy, ahahahah!

Fuck, that was awesome...

Oops, guess I should probably take care of the driver, right? Here's his fucking pen. Ahah! Do you think he heard me? I'm... oh, you tapped twice for yes? Ahahah was I that loud, really? Oh my God!!

A'right, let's... Ugh! Get up and... get back there.


Hi! Okay, I'm back. Sorry, it took so long. Okay, I got your pen. Where can I sign?... Here? Okay, there you go.

Pardon...? I... Oh, whoops! Look at that, how did those get out? That freaking shirt's too large, it just keeps slipping off my... I know, right?... Yes, I think they look good too, thanks.

You... you want me to what? To take it off completely?... And why should... why should I do that?

Right... Uh-uh, yeah...I know, it's... understandable. You know, my tits are out, already, so might as well... Right? And everybody has those kinds of urges... Pretty sure that as soon as you came in, I've been winding you up, anyway. I guess I'd be the one to blame in all this... Okay... well, hang on, let me take this shirt off, so you can... do what you gotta do.


There you go. Completely naked. Just... Yes, please, take your junk out, if you have to.

Okay... nice and slow. Go ahead.

No sorry, please, no touching. Thanks for asking, but... I'm really sick, I wouldn't want you to... that's right. Not that I wouldn't have wanted you to, normally. Ahah! Just kidding. Besides, I must be... probably twice your age, no? I could be your mother, mister.

No, I don't mind. Go ahead... Please, take your time... Who? On the phone? Oh, it's a friend, don't worry. He... he knows I tend to be like that. Ahahah! I'm pretty sure he's enjoying himself, too. Isn't that right, Eric? Are you getting this? This gentleman here is touching himself in front of me, while I'm giving him the full monty!

Ahah! No, don't worry, he can't talk. There's too many people at the office.

Keep... keep going. Yes... take your time... What? Oh, you're close already? Okay. Wow, you were serious... Yeah... Yeah I know they look hot. You... You love big titties? Mmhh? Like mine? Oh, ahah! Look at you, you sure perked up when I said that. Don't worry, I can... what about if I let you... shoot your stuff on these big titties, then? Would you like that?

Ahah! Of course, right... silly question. Okay, here. Let me...sit down, by the door. Wow, you're really going at it, now, aren't you. Hmmm okay, let it go, buddy... I know, right? You look pretty hard from here. You got a nice cock!

Okay, go ahead. Let it all go, hmmm that's right. No, come on, cum on my big tits, it's okay. Shoot it all over my big titties, I'm gonna hold them all up for you. Let's... get them all round, and tight together! Ahahah! You lucky bastard, guess you weren't expecting that this morning when you got up for work, am I right? Yeah, come on!

Nice... there you go, all... over my tits! Hhmmm, nice, oooh! Yess. Wow, you sure had a lot in you. Hmmm look at me, I'm covered with jizz aahhh

Are you hearing this, Eric? He's doing what you didn't get to do yet. He's jizzing all over my titties! Oh... Careful, not the face!.. Hhmmm Wow, it's... It's running down onto my legs, now.


Hmmm There you go. All hot and sticky. Thanks for the load, my friend. Pardon the pun, but... you really delivered. Ahahah! Good joke, right? Wow... I'm all glazed with your goo, just... look at my tits. Ahahah! What a mess... See what you did?... Yeah, you enjoyed it?... No, thank you, really. Thanks for the surprise. I wasn't expecting that kind of visit either... Right.

Okay, well, if you don't mind, I think I'll head upstairs and go take a hot bath, you know? I gotta clean up this m... Oh, I can imagine you'd like to join me. You're sweet, but... Yeah, wrap it back up, that's right... Ahaha, you're still hard, really? Don't worry, it'll find room..

A'right, now off you go, please. Let me get the door for you. Th... Thanks. Ok, have a good day!.. What? Oh, I know I'm standing at my door fully naked. I'm just giving you a chance to stare a little more... Ahah! Yeah, ok, thanks again, bye!


Eric? Okay, he's gone...You still there? You... oh good. There goes the little tap... Well, it was quite a show I just gave you there, wasn't it? You liked it? Hmmm Did you come in your pants? If you didn't, your cock must be so hard, right now. Well, if you still don't mind keeping me on the phone, what do you say I bring you with me in a hot, foamy bath? Hmmm I'm still horny...











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