Chapter 1


It was a bright autumn afternoon, in early October. I was sitting in my Economics Professor's office, blinking back tears of rage. "Are - are you sure it was an exact copy?" I asked incredulously.

Professor Kilburn nodded grimly. "The university takes cheating very seriously, Sarah."

I shook my head in disbelief. I had been working for weeks on this essay, which made up a large part of the final grade for my Macroeconomics course. I had worked closely with Professor Kilburn - she was one of the best in her field - over the course of the semester.

"Sarah," the Professor continued gently, "I know you didn't cheat, I have drafts you sent me weeks ago that show this was clearly your work. However, the university has a strict no-tolerance policy on cheating, which means both of you are going to get into trouble."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had a lucrative job offer lined up next year, contingent on my grades, and that was now being jeopardised through no fault of my own.

"Who - who submitted my work?"

"A student called Hayley Williams? Do you know her?"

I froze again. "Y-yes I know her - she's my sorority sister. We-we live in the same sorority house."

*Hayley Williams. Ofcourse I knew her.* We were both part of Alpha Kappa Mu, a highly selective sorority, one of the hardest to get into. Sorority sisters were picked for their poise as well as their achievements, and most alumni went on to have highly successful careers. We were a close-knit group, there were only about 30 of us in total, living together in 2 adjacent buildings in a desirable part of the university town. The sorority houses were stunning, modern and with the latest facilities built from donations from our wealthy alumni. Each of us had our own room, and shared a bathroom with one other girl. For me, that girl was Hayley.

Despite the sorority's wealth, we had a mix of backgrounds and genuinely respected and supported each other. That's where Hayley stuck out like a sore thumb. She always had the latest handbags, and flaunted her designer clothes. She had been downright cruel to some of the girls, and was extremely close to being kicked out of the sorority.

Professor Kilburn interrupted my thoughts. "Did Hayley have access to your laptop at any time in the past week or two?"

"Yes, I lent her my laptop last week, she said she'd had to send her's off for repairs. That must have been when she stole my essay."

Professor Kilburn sighed. "Look Hayley, I recommend you don't report this, or you'll face disciplinary measures too. I think your friend Hayley was banking on you staying silent to protect yourself, and unfortunately that is the best thing for you to do. What I can do is void both your submissions and allow your final essay in December to decide your final grade. Maybe-"

"Wait that's it? She's not going to face any consequences?" I was shaking with rage now, unable to think clearly. "I - I -"

"Sarah." Professor Kilburn put a hand on my shoulder to calm me down. "I'm really sorry. There is one thing you can do though." I looked up at the Professor, wondering what she would say.

"Hayley is on a scholarship for students from less-privileged backgrounds. It's up to your discretion, but her scholarship board is far less tolerant of cheating than the university is. I could draft a letter for you to send them, it would probably end in them revoking her scholarship."

I leapt to my feet. "What?? She's not from a less-privileged background, she's always wearing the latest Gucci and - and- "

"Maybe she works part time? Anyway, I would caution you to calm down and think about whether this is what you want to do. I'm happy to provide the letter, but you would be ruining her life, and possibly forcing her to drop out of college."

I sighed. I needed some time to think, all this information had been overwhelming. I thanked the Professor for her support, told her I'd think about it, and set off for the short walk home.


The next evening, I was a lot calmer. I had spent ages thinking about what to do, and a plan had slowly formed in my mind about how to exact revenge on Hayley.

I had also spent a good chunk of time on social media, stalking Hayley and trying to understand exactly what her real background was. Turns out, Professor Kilburn was right. Hayley had come from a less privileged family, and gotten in to our university through a scholarship. That didn't matter to me - plenty of our sorority girls were on scholarships - but Hayley had explicitly lied about it, pretending she had wealthy parents who bankrolled her lifestyle. However, I found a couple of sugarbaby websites, where she advertised her services under a fake name. Hayley was stunning - 5 foot 6, svelte, with dark brown hair and stunning blue eyes. She would have had no problem finding wealthy men to buy her luxury goods on those websites.

I slowly gathered all the evidence into a giant email, together with the letter Professor Kilburn had drafted. Taking a deep breath, I walked out of my room, and went down the stairs of our building. Hayley was lying on the couch in our living area, watching TV with some of the other girls. I waved to a few of my friends who were playing pool, then walked over to Hayley.

"Hey, can we have a chat please?" Hayley looked up at me with her bright blue eyes.

"Sure," she said nonchalantly. "Here?"

"My room would be better." Without waiting for her response, I headed back to my room, and heard her following me. It took all my self control to not turn around and yell at her. She was acting like nothing had happened, when surely - *surely*- she knew that I was aware she had stolen my essay?

We walked into my room and Hayley sat down on my sofa. It was a massive room - modern, with lots of light. I had a small sofa and seating area, as well as a corner for a large study desk and shelves. In the far corner, there was another door leading to the bathroom I shared with Hayley. I sat at my desk, with my laptop open beside me, then turned my chair around to face her.

"I had an interesting meeting with Professor Kilburn yesterday." Hayley's eyes widened. "I'm guessing you know what it was about? Did you think I wouldn't find out??"

Hayley maintained her composure. "Look - I needed to submit something to keep my place on the course. I knew you were on good terms with the Prof and you'd be fine, it wasn't personal."

I scoffed. "It 'wasn't personal'?? My grades for that essay were voided, now my final essay counts for 80% of my final grade. I have a job offer that depends on this!"

Hayley rolled her eyes. "Look, ultimately you're still on the course and still have a chance of getting a good grade. What are you going to do? Tell the university? You know that will hurt both of us. I only did it because I knew Professor Kilburn rates you highly."

*Wow, not even an apology.*

"You're right that I'm close to Professor Kilburn. Close enough to have sent her drafts of my essays weeks before you stole and submitted mine. She knows you copied me, and not the other way round. She agreed not to report it to the university, but she is reporting it... to the McCallum Scholarship Foundation."

I watched the blood drain from Hayley's face. *Bingo*.

"Funny, I didn't know you were on scholarship Hayley. You were making fun of Rebecca yesterday for not wearing branded sneakers. What about all the Caribbean holidays you supposedly went on with your family? Those were all lies weren't they? Your dad's a plumber - seems like a decent, honest guy from what I found on Facebook. Does he know his daughter pretends he's an investment banker?"

Hayley was silent now, a look of confusion and horror on her face. "I- I - How-"

"Let's not worry about your dad for now, let's worry about your scholarship and your place on this sorority. The McCallum Foundation doesn't take cheating lightly. Will you be able to afford to stay in university once I send them the letter from Professor Kilburn?"

She was squirming on my sofa now, as the precariousness of her situation hit her.

"What if I also attach screenshots of your sugarbaby profiles to my email? That'll get you kicked out of Alpha Kappa Mu as well - good luck trying to afford an Ivy League university AND pay rent on a dorm not subsidised by AKM."

Hayley was quietly sitting on the sofa now, looking utterly defeated. After what seemed like minutes, she lifted her head and stuttered "Sarah I'm s-sorry. I - I - Have you sent the email already? P-please-"

"Not yet. I wanted to see if you had any alternative solutions first."

Hayley looked up at me quickly. "What do I need to do? Can I convince you not to send the-the email?" She was smart, and had caught on quickly.

"You tell me, Hayley. I'm pretty keen to see you out of this house. You're cruel and nasty, you leave our bathroom in a mess, never clear up your dishes in the kitchen. You stole my essay, you mock the other sorority girls for being poor when you're not well-off either. What CAN you do to convince me?"

"I - I'll clean the bathroom every week, I'll do all my dishes - and your's too." She looked at me, and I remained silent. She contined. "I'll... I'll apologise to Rebecca and the other girls, I - I can even give them some of my handbags! I'll clean your room too, whenever you want and - and -" Hayley was runnning out of ideas, but I was still silent. Clearly, whatever she had suggested wasn't enough.

"Look please," she begged. "I'll do just about anything - just don't tell the scholarship board, don't get me kicked out of the sorority please."

"Anything?" I asked. "Are you sure?" Hayley looked at me with her bright eyes, and I saw a flicker of fear in her eyes. Good. "We could work out an arrangement, where I don't tell the scholarship board OR the sorority about your cheating, about your fake lifestyle, or your sugarbaby profiles. Contingent on your good behaviour ofcourse - break any of the rules we agree on and I will send the email immediately."

"Wh-what rules?" asked Hayley quietly.

"Everything you just said earlier - you will treat the sorority girls nicely, you will clean my room, do my dishes, etc whenever I ask, understand? But with one more condition."

Hayley had begun to look hopeful as I spoke, thinking all she would have to do to get out of trouble was wash some dishes and clean some toilets.

"One more condition, Hayley. I want you to be my slave."

"Whattt?" Hayley said incredulously. "Y-your s-slave?"

"You heard me. I want you to do whatever I ask you to do. I will generally leave you alone, but I want 2 evenings a week which you dedicate to me, and your weekends as well. This means during those times I have complete control over you - physically.. and sexually. I decide what you wear, what you do, when you use the bathroom, everything. We will have this arrangement until the end of the academic year next May."

Hayley was shrinking into my sofa, flabbergasted. I genuinely could not muster up even a shred of sympathy for her. "Y-you're a pervert!" she spluttered. "I'm not doing that. I- I-"

"Fine, I'll just send the email to your scholarship board and our sorority leadership instead. Bye Hayley."

"No! No-" she explained quickly. "Look- maybe we can work this out and d-discuss-"

" Hayley, that's my final offer. I'm sending the email at 9.15 pm tonight. If you agree to the terms I just laid out, come to my room at 9 pm sharp. If not, I will assume you declined my offer and I will send the email to your scholarship board and our sorority. You will lose your scholarship, be unable to afford university, and will be kicked out of this house as well. And before you go screaming to the rest of the girls trying to complain, let me make things clear. Who do you think they will believe, the straight A honour student, or the cheat who lies about everything, who knew I was going to report them?"

Hayley was still spluttering, trying to bargain with me. I held her arm, yanked her to her feet and unceremoniously led her out of my room. "I have things to do Hayley. 9 pm, my room, or I'm sending the email."

I shut the door in her face. I was shaking from the adrenaline, still worried that everything would backfire on me. Still, there was nothing I could do but wait.


Chapter 2


9 pm came and went, but there was no knock on my door. I was extremely worried Hayley had found a way to record my offer somehow, and that I was going to get into trouble.

*Still, it had been worth a shot.* I had hated Hayley and jumped at the chance to exact my revenge on her. I looked at the clock. 9.10 pm.

I turned back to my laptop, and put the finishing touches on my email to the Scholarship board. I had not held anything back, detailing her nasty behaviour, providing screenshots of her sugar baby profiles, and finally, attaching Professor Kilburn's letter accusing Hayley of cheating on the course.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door. I jumped and looked at the clock. It was 9.13 p.m.

"C-come in," I said, voice wavering. The door opened, and Hayley came inside slowly.

"F-fine I'll do it," she said quietly. I could see tears in her eyes.

I held up my finger to silence her. Walking over, I locked my front door, then asked for her phone. I switched it off immediately to make sure she was not recording us.

"What did you say?" I asked her.

"I said I'll do it, okay? Just don't send the email."

I sighed. "Hayley I asked you to come here by 9 pm. What is the time now?"

"I-its 9.15," she replied sullenly.

"I was just putting the finishing touches on my email, I'm not sure why I should bother with you any more, you're not going to be very enthusiastic about things, are you?" I walked over to my laptop, which clearly had the email ready to send out.

"Look please- just give me a chance -" Hayley stuttered, as I sat down at my desk and pulled the laptop towards me. "Don't send the email, please!" She was getting loud.

"90 minutes," I said. "You have 90 minutes to show me that you are going to follow my rules and make it up to me. I will also punish you for being late. Any hesitation, any attitude from you, and I will ask you to get out and send the email to your scholarship board. Understand?"

She nodded frantically.

"I will go through the rules of what I expect from you, anytime you decide it's too much, you can leave. But that means I WILL report you to the scholarship board and the sorority leadership. Stick to our arrangment until next May, and we never have to see each other again after that."

"Okay," Hayley said, earnestly, trying to show me she was serious.

"You will call me 'Mistress' or 'Miss Sarah'."

"Okay Miss Sarah," she said. I saw a faint tinge of colour on her cheeks as she forced herself to say the words. Proud, cruel Hayley was not going to enjoy being at my beck and call.

I stood up and walked over to her, looking her up and down. She was wearing a short, tight plaid skirt, with a plain white t-shirt tucked into it.

"Clean up my room. There's a duster and hoover in the corner. Dust the surfaces, fold my clothes and then use the hoover to vaccuum my room."

"Yes Miss Sarah." Hayley walked over to the duster and started dusting my bookshelves. I sat at my desk, watching her. As I expected, she had to squat down to do the dusting, and her short skirt inevitably started riding up her thighs. I watched her pull her skirt down as she went around my room dusting.

"Hayley, it's not my fault you wore inappropriate clothes. I don't want to see you adjusting your clothes again." She winced, but continued cleaning my room. Over time, her skirt started rising up, revealing more and more off her milky-white thighs. As she squatted down right by my feet, to dust under my desk, I finally saw a pair of red panties come into view. She looked at me, watching me watch her, but decided to keep dusting, trying to ignore the display she was putting on.

By the time Hayley had finished the dusting, her tight skirt was halfway up her buttocks, and she looked almost comical. "Sh-shall I fold your clothes now?" she asked me quietly.

I raised an eyebrow. "Um, should I fold your clothes now, Miss Sarah?" she asked, correcting herself.

"Take off your top," I said. Hayley gasped and took a step back. I don't think she expected me to start playing with her body so quickly. But I was excited to start using my slave, and couldn't wait to start humiliating her.

"Any hesitation and I send the email."

"Yes Miss Sarah." She closed her eyes and slowly peeled her top off. I made her fold it properly and leave it on my bed.

"Your bra too." I could see her struggling to follow my instructions, but she knew she was in a precarious position, and she knew any hesitation on her part could destroy her degree and her career. Finally, she took her bra off and placed it on top of her folded t-shirt, then straighted up and looked at me, hands by her sides.

She had a fantastic pair of breasts, I estimated a good C-cup, perky, with her nipples pointing slightly upwards. Her nipples were large as well, hardening in the cool air as I gazed at them. I would have fun playing with those nipples.

"What are you waiting for?" I suddenly snapped. "Get back to work. And don't you dare try to cover up." She jumped, breasts jiggling and quickly started tidying up my room.

I got extremely wet watching her scurry around the room. Her breasts would hang low everytime she bent over to pick something up, and her skirt would ride up even more. I'm sure it was extremely uncomfortable for her to clean the room bra-less, knowing someone was watching her, and I relished it. By the time she was done hoovering my room, a layer of sweat covered her body, her skirt was bunched up at her waist, and she was panting from the exertion.

"It IS tiring cleaning up for once, eh Hayley?" I chuckled as she straightened up, chest heaving. "We've got 60 minutes left on the clock, do you want to keep going, or should I send your pals at the scholarship board my email?"

Hayley looked at me sullenly. "Can we keep going.. Mistress," she spat out.

"I'm going to spend the rest of the time inspecting your body, I will tell you the ground rules I want you to follow, and I want you to repeat them after me, understand?" I could see her getting antsy about what 'inspecting her body' would entail. "Now take the rest of your clothes, off, they're not covering much anyway."

Hayley slowly stepped out of her skirt. Then, closing her eyes, she peeled her red panties off.

"Wowee, freshly waxed too!" I whistled as she turned a deep shade of red. "Put your hands on your head, and spread your legs wider." Hayley obliged, turning a deeper shade of red as I forced her to expose her body to me.

"First rule - you are always to refer to me as 'Miss Sarah' or 'Mistress', understand? Repeat after me."

"I will always refer to you as 'Miss Sarah' or 'Mistress'," she said, quietly.

"Second rule - You will be my slave on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6 pm onwards, and for the entire weekend."

"I will be your slave on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6 pm onwards, and for the entire weekend, Miss Sarah," she repeated after me.

I reached out and flicked her nipple with my finger. She took a step back involuntarily, covering her breasts with her hands. I waited silently, emanating anger, as she got back into position on her own accord, spread her legs wide again, and put her hands on her head. I reached out again, this time grabbing her left nipple and tweaking it with my fingers. I heard Hayley grit her teeth as the nub hardened under my touch.

"Next rule - You will ask my permission anytime you want to eat, use the toilet, go to bed, or go out to meet friends. This rule applies throughout the week." I reached out with my other hand and tweaked her right nipple. I heard Hayley inhale, forced to keep her hands on her head as I played with both her nipples.











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