A welcome result of his efforts other than the mind-blowing orgasm was that his member stood again at full attention. He rolled me onto my belly and nibbled my neck, shoulders, and back, working himself down my body, making me squirm against the mattress. He bit my buttocks, spread me, and started lapping at everything, snuck his tongue into my behind, and had me panting and wanting more. I wanted more, I needed release. I shuffled up on the bed to position myself, shifted onto my knees with my chest against the mattress, spread, rotated my pelvis to make myself more accessible, and gripped the sheets with both hands. Glancing back, I admired his once again erect cock and felt the tingle of desire flood through my body. I thought I would encourage him further and did so by blurting. "Your new mommy wants you inside her."

This must-have triggered an urge within him. He gripped my buttocks and spread them, exposing my glistening pink funnel framed by that halo of dark hairs. He plunged into me, I swear up to my navel and began to pummel me as if possessed by an inner demon. He was acting as a stallion and I as a mare in heat when I dropped my next bomb. "Your mommy wants you to cum inside her." Gripping my hips harder, he strove to reach my deepest crevices and began to empty himself inside me as I simultaneously let go screaming, "Yes baby, yes baby. Cum inside your mommy like that" The mommy card worked very successfully but was something we swore to secrecy.


Long days go by. I was looking forward to seeing him again, yet Saturday and Sunday kept him busy with family plans, so it wasn't till Monday when I gave Helen a much-edited version of the events. I told her that he was potentially a great lover, to which she replied that his demeanor had improved considerably over the last few days and that he was even volunteering for outside work. Once both her husband and mine had left for work, and with her complete complicity, I texted him. It read, simply, 'Baby?' And he soon responded, 'Mommy?' I got prettied up, picked a sheer, black gown and matching panties that had cost me a fortune on Agent Provocateur. I had never had the opportunity to show them off before. Suitably dressed, I waited for his arrival.

We sat in the kitchen, where I coaxed him into sharing a cup of white wine and began to chat. Before long, we were making out and, in minutes, I had him by the hand, trailing him towards my bed. I assumed that being the experienced one in the room, I would take control, never suspecting this kid was both inquisitive and had a dominant streak. He had come a long way and had developed into a great kisser. He was also very tactile and loved to explore. We kissed, long, slow deep kisses with our tongues intertwined. He ran his hands down my breasts, my belly, and my thighs. Slowly, he inched the hem of my gown upwards, fingers tracing lines up my thighs as my black panties came into view. He cupped me and began an intense massage, rolling my mound with the flat of his hands through the skimpy fabric. It was not difficult to read me. My skin flushed, my nostrils flared, a sheen of sweat formed on my upper lip. My nipples were painfully erect, and I ground back against his hand.

I felt him pry at the elastic of my panties and gasped as two fingers slid inside. Almost instantly, as he swirled his fingertips inside my sex, he had me panting and begging. My gown came off at some point, my undies too. Mathew rolled me over and started working the back of my neck, my shoulders. He kissed his way down and began to nibble at the back of my thighs and cheeks. I felt his hand prying at my ass cheeks, pulling them apart. Then a finger nudged against my rosebud, and I tensed. It wasn't what I had in mind. It's not that I hadn't tried. It's just that... well... it's just that it was awkward and didn't set the world on fire. I'd experimented and put that one back in its box, yet now I had a decision to make. Should I go with the flow and see where it took us, even if it wasn't what I had planned, or should I insist I have my way. My mind told me the latter, but the way my body was reacting told me something else

'Damn, why do I let it do this to me?' I thought to myself, as I felt his mouth return to my ass, his tongue probing between my full cheeks. My heart was pounding at the thought, not the notion of anal sex, but at the idea of relinquishing my control. For sure he was man enough to simply hold me there and force himself on me, yet there was something so gentle about his manner, so understanding, so appreciative, so... exciting.

Mathew asked me to be still, to relax, that this is something he had been dreaming about. He returned to kneading my buttocks. I had a choice to make. Should I follow my mind or my heart. Actions told of my answer. I complied, relaxing to his firm yet tender touch. There was no resistance as Mathew spread my cheeks a second time and began to lick. Up, down, around, he was pushing boundaries. He began to concentrate on my bud, rimming my tight opening with his tongue, a constant pressure against my puckered hole. I held back a soft moan. The licking and kissing felt good, and I soon found myself getting all excited down below. I could feel the dampness in my pussy as he worked at my rosebud, and I was sure it was more my juices than his.

I gasped as he pushed the tip of his tongue against my clenched hole, seeking access. It didn't hurt, it's just... well, it felt unnatural. He persisted and, more for his benefit than mine, I bore down, relaxing my sphincter as much as I could. This time I gasped as his tongue slipped in. I had submitted.

He moved his tongue in and out of my rosebud, his movements both firm and gentle at the same time. I could feel myself relax, accepting his invading tongue, and before long I began to enjoy myself, eyes closed as I felt him pleasure me.

I didn't mind, when he moved on. The tip of a finger came next. Already relaxed, and slick from his tonguing, the tip slid easily up inside. There was no pain, no discomfort, just a feeling of fullness in my back passage. He let it sit there, then moved it in little circles. The sensation was divine and soon I was breathing hard.

I took a second finger and felt him gradually working both in and out, stretching slightly as he went. There was a tingle in my sex, an aching excitement, as my senses flickered into life. In my mind I longed for him to continue, to work those fingers in and out of my back passage, to fuel the fire which was building deep inside. There was even a touch of disappointment when he removed his fingers. I was desperate for more but all I got was a sudden emptiness down below and the chill of air against my wet rosebud. I glanced back, just in time to see him position himself.

'Oh, god,' I thought to myself, a pressure back against my rear passage. My heart was pounding once more. I didn't need to look to know what was on his mind. All I could think about though was his size. In my pussy he was divine, but in my ass? Could I even take his girth? He had knelt behind me and put his tip at my entrance. I felt him lean in slightly, his hard shaft pushing his head up against my slick opening. Even in my relaxed state he was stretching me wide, a strain now in my sphincter as he pushed forwards.

"Wait, wait, there is some lube on my bedside table" I told him He nodded, pulled back for a moment, returning with a handful of lube. I felt his finger back at my anus, slipping in easily as he coated my opening. What remained of the lube coated his cock.

My past attempts at anal sex had been awkward, a lot of fumbling, misses, and difficulty, but this kid was determined and also stiff, eager, ready.

"Gently," I mouthed back at him, "Be gentle" an apprehensive smile on my face.

Mathew positioned himself between my legs once more and I felt his head up against my opening. I lifted a bit, trying to give a better angle. He slipped a pillow under my belly. Eyes closed, I spread my arms, gripped the sheets, and resigned myself. Steadily, he applied pressure. I asked him not to rush, to keep still, that I would help as I bore down. There was some discomfort as his head stretched me wide. It seemed to go on forever, his head pushing wider and wider at my opening. I was panting hard, yet, wondering if it was just too big.

I asked him to stop while I took a deep breath, then relaxed, and bore down again. I gasped as finally, just when I felt I could take no more, his head pushed past my sphincter.

The rest of his shaft now slid in slowly but effortlessly, maybe only an inch at a time, Skewering me to the mattress. I swear I could feel him halfway up my back. The feeling was so different. If his finger had made me feel full, then his huge cock had me feeling stuffed. My breathing shallow as I got used to the invader.

I adjusted to his huge manhood pushing tight at my inner most walls. It was strange but pleasurable. I could feel the warmth building inside as he rocked against my ass. Before long, the rhythm picked up, longer faster strokes in and out of my ass. I was gasping against each thrust, a definite fire now deep in my loins. He slid his hand below us and began to rub my clit. I didn't want to prolong this for fear of becoming sore, so I spurred him on, and as to force him, I screamed. "Yes, yes, your mommy likes it like this." The effect was immediate. He pumped hard against my opening, at the same time his fingers working magic on my clit. I could feel myself clamping down, pulses of excitement rippling out from inside, when he grunted and leaned into my ass. I screamed as I came, my euphoria multiplied by the sensation of his manly seed as he emptied himself into my bowels, a feeling of warmth spreading deep inside.

As we lay recuperating, my ass gaping and oozing cum, everything felt good, meant to be. My ass had been owned by him. I thought about my husband. He had never gotten away with anal sex but was now in for a rude awakening when I tried to explain how I had found a new outlet.

The following weekend,

It was a beautiful day in South Texas. I was with my husband, basking on a pool chair, lying face up, bare ass naked, letting the sun warm my skin. I let my knees fall apart, and the heat on my belly and thighs felt good. It got me thinking about the events of the past two weeks.

I needed some sunscreen and was going to ask Paul when a thought hit me. 'Hell no, I would rather the kid do it!'

With a mischievous look in my eye, I told Paul I was going to text him. We didn't keep secrets, and Paul knew full well that I had been seeing the kid.

'Your new mommy needs you,' I wrote, then hit send.

Not two minutes later, I got a response.

'On my way,' I read.

I went into the poolside storage box to get the sunscreen and, among other things, found a travel size bottle of silicone-based waterproof lube.

This kid had managed to please me anally. There was something about the kid, his size, his stiffness, his enthusiasm. I am not quite sure what it was, but that made it not only more comfortable, but very pleasurable.

I asked Paul to make himself invisible. I would stay by the pool and he was welcome to watch me from the upstairs window. He just shook his head.

"You are incorrigible," he responded.

I decided to tease him further, so I continued.

"Could you put a little lube on me, just in case?"

'Just in case' meant that I was 100% sure he would have me skewered before long. I rolled on my side, handed him the bottle, and let myself go as he spread the cream over my lips, and then surprised him with my next request.

"Put a bit in my behind."

At first, he looked bewildered, but having heard about his previous visit he spread the cream around my anus, and then with the tip of his finger, made sure it reached deeply inside. Between the massage and the waiting, I became quite aroused.

Paul left to take position at his observation post, whereas I lay down and let my mind wander. There was something about this young man. Oh yes, he certainly aroused me, but that wasn't it. The something was the emptiness I felt when he wasn't around, an emptiness not only in my pussy but now also in my bowels. I remember the feeling of joy, of thankfulness when he finally penetrated me, dilated me and especially when I felt his seed, spurt and bathe my innermost cavity. Now I longed for him to be with me again. I knew my husband would understand—with the age gap he struggled to keep up with the pace these days—and to be honest I suspected he would get off at the idea of watching.

Their ranch must be a mile and a half away, and Mathew didn't have a car; however, not fifteen minutes had gone by when he rode in on his bike. I glanced up nonchalantly at the window. Paul was already there, strategically positioned on the second floor with a great view over the pool. I winked up at him. Whether he noticed or not, I couldn't tell, but now I was going to give him a show which he wouldn't be able to miss.

I was lying on the lounge. No preliminaries were expected, and none taken. Mathew left a trail of clothes as he strode purposefully towards me. He had developed a fascination for oral sex, but when he attempted to dive in, I shook my head. He looked at me questioningly, so I took his hand and guided him towards my ass. A look of understanding came over his face.

"Mommy wants you inside her," I said. "Mommy wants you inside that place that only you are allowed," I continued.

I took the lube, eased his foreskin back, and applied a layer around his head. It made him even smoother.

"Roll over," he whispered.

The chaise lounge wasn't the most comfortable, but I rolled over onto my side and lifted one knee up towards my waist, wriggling back a little, pressing myself into him.

With one hand, he spread my cheeks. I could feel his hard cock nudge up against my sex.I reached back and took hold of his shaft, butterflies suddenly running through my stomach at the thought of giving my ass to him once more and doing it willingly. I turned my head towards him and pouted. As we kissed, I placed his cock up against my back entrance, making sure his lubricated head was exposed.

"Do it," I whispered. "Fill me up like the other night."

He pushed a bit and I pushed back. Whether I was more relaxed, or more prepared, I wasn't sure, but this time it was so much easier. There was no pained moan as he penetrated my dark passage, nor any thought about delaying the inevitable. Not only was it exciting but knowing that Paul was watching him take me where he wasn't allowed, made it naughty as well. There was only one problem; this damn lounger was most uncomfortable and didn't allow him to go fully inside... and really did I want him deep inside.

The discomfort was just too much, and I mean my back, not the feeling of his cock up inside my ass. There was only one thing for it.

"The pool," I whispered to him, "in the pool."

With that, I waded towards the shallow end, stood and flashed an inviting smile'

Our lips locked in a most passionate embrace, tongues entwining as we kissed. Oh yes, I loved my young lover and his well-toned body. Any other day, I'd have him ram his cock up my pussy as I clung on to his muscular torso, but today I had promised myself something else.

"Take me, Matt. Take my ass with that beautiful cock of yours."

I clamped my arms and legs around him, as he shuffled towards edge at the shallow end. Then it dawned on me that there were more than the two of us. I had to consider my voyeur and the view he would get. I so wanted him to read my every expression as my lover took me. I spun around bending over the ledge.

A quick glance up at the window told me that my audience was still there. Another glance, this time over my shoulder, made sure that my lover understood what I wanted.

"What are you waiting for?" I whispered back at him, in a gesture of come and get it.

I didn't have to ask twice. I soon felt the tip of his cock pressing hard against me as he stood behind me. He grabbed my ass and pulled my cheeks apart again. I held my breath, waiting for him to plunge deep inside. His tip nudged at my rosebud, then a little pressure as he leant into me, then... yes, a gasp as pushed through my well lubricated sphincter. (Yes, I had to remember to order a large tube of this stuff.) Once more, he was buried back inside. Once more I glanced back up at the window, a knowing 'I'm about to get fucked' look on my face.

I could feel his strong hands on my hips and his rock hard cock up my backside. I wanted to work him in and out but sandwiched between the edge of the pool and his manly body, I was at his mercy. He could take me long and slow, or hard and fast, whatever took his fancy. I was preparing myself for the latter, when my body shivered with the most exquisite of movements. He would withdraw till I was about to lose him and then plunge deep back inside, spearing my ass in a single slow movement. Then he would churn in circles like he was stirring my insides with a wooden spoon and would begin the cycle again.

I must have cum twice before I felt him stiffen, grip my shoulders, push himself halfway up to my chest and begin to spurt.

Wow, this kid was a blessing. We left the pool, sat on the pool lounge, and chatted. Before long, he was hard again. It was my turn to play a little. I just couldn't resist getting my mouth around that cock of his, and I knew he couldn't resist when I did. I licked and sucked his penis, twirled my tongue around the knob, played with the foreskin—even now an uncircumcised cock is something rather fascinating to me—and gradually worked him into a fervor. By the time I brought his balls into play, squeezing gently as I worked his cock in my mouth, pressing on that hard knot behind his balls. I got just what I wanted, a mouthful of salty cum. Teasingly I held it there , looked him in the face and swallowed.

It was the perfect ending before I sent the young man on his way home.

As I texted his mom to say he was on his way back, I signaled to my husband, who ran down from his viewpoint. Needless to say, he was sporting his own hard cock, and needless to say he found his way into my as yet unused hole. One more orgasm and one more creamy load.

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon.


The next weeks,

This kid had made my isolation not only bearable but most enjoyable. However, I still felt guilty because my husband did not share the fun and had no outlet for his own frustrations.

On Sunday and Monday, I texted with the kid sporadically; he had tests online that week, which kept him away and busy.

Wednesday morning, he began to text back, wanting to visit. He told me he had been dreaming of me all night, that he had not cum since Saturday and had a bad case of blue balls.

'Perfect,' I thought to myself, 'a young guy with a pair of swollen, full balls... mmmmm... all for me.'

I was in a mischievous mood, so I came up with a plan to keep my husband entertained. I sat the heavy chair from our bedroom in front of our three-way mirror and adjusted it, so each panel gave a different view.

I hadn't enquired about this kid's kinks, so I would have to investigate the effect of lingerie. I chose a gorgeous black lace with red trim bustier-the pervert of my husband had mail ordered it for me—and a set of thigh high stockings with a matching garter belt and closed high held shoes. I mulled about wearing a pair of lace panties that go with it, and decided, yes. It would prolong the tease and his anticipation.

ETA was four PM, which was good because it would still be light. I raised the blinds to have a brightly lit bedroom.

3:30 PM, and I went through my ritual of getting ready. As I brushed my bush and put some musk on my inner thighs, I found that the preparations had made me wet. I wanted to be very aroused, so my physical changes would be undeniable. I wanted him to get a thorough look at me. I glanced down at my now puffy lips, the sheen of arousal seeping out from within. Easing them apart, my clit was swollen and sensitive. It took all my willpower not to play for a while, but that joy was going to be his.











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